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Arsenal to start EPL campaign with Giroud and Walcott?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger will be hoping to take a lot of positive things from this weekend, when the Gunners take on the current champions of the English Premier League. The biggest hope will surely be that the summer striker signing Alexandre Lacazette starts to show the sort of form that made Arsene Wenger break the club’s transfer record to get him, but I have a feeling that it will take a bit longer for that to happen.

There is good reason for us to be positive ahead of this clash, though, as the Gunners put in one of the best performances of the season to beat Chelsea in the FA cup final at Wembley to earn us our place in the Community Shield clash.

And I do believe that the signing of the new French striker has put the old guard of Arsenal forwards on their toes. The recent performances of Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud in particular have struck me as those of players fighting for their places in the team, so I( wonder if we might just see Wenger start the EPL campaign at home to Leicester City next Friday with these two in the starting line-up.

Not only do they have plenty of EPL experience and ability between them but a home game against the Foxes should be well suited, especially for the big target man up top. If Lacazette finding his feet and with Arsenal desperately needing to kick off the season with a win, will Giroud and Walcott be the men to get the Gunners going?

Sam P.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal to start EPL campaign with Giroud and Walcott?

  1. black powder hunting

    We won’t be ready for the season. Wenger messing around with line up when we should be going for consistency.

    1. black powder hunting

      Off topic: Next time you eat your big Mac getting all fat, remember an animal died just for you to gain a few kilograms.

      So stop the whinning little girls.

      1. Napersie

        Lemar to Arsenal done. Just look at Stuart’s twitter and instagram messages.
        Just followed Lemar and dropped this message :

        Last job of a long day. Setting up for tomorrow’s #Arsenal photocall in the home changing room at #Emirates

        I think that is a clue

      2. gmv8

        You are deluded – humans are omnivores, while we can survive without meat, nature has not equipped our bodies to efficiently do so. I, myself am trying to survive on fish, and am even more encouraged since this Kroenke episode. However, in nature as well, carnivores / omnivore animals do hunt to eat, what they do NOT do is hunt for the perverted pleasure of torturing a magnificent animal. Whilst not wanting to be in any way way sexist, you are the smallest girl of all, if you think supporting the torture of animals emasculates you.

      3. gmv8

        On this topic, Kroenke is so much of a burden on this club. Many of our players support and fund wildlife conservation – how will they feel about having a tool like this as an owner? Also, will it influence people wanting to join us? Before, he was just useless and negatively affecting our bank balance, now he could affect our ability to progress

      4. ZA_Gunner

        People eat to survive, it’s the basic needs of a human being. Hunting for entertainment is not.

  2. amb98

    OT- Emi Martinez has signed for Getafe on a season long loan. Hopefully he can get a season of first team football under his belt.

  3. waal2waal

    …im hoping we don’t concede early in the game whilst both players are busy with their hair-dos. Although giroud goals have proven critics wrong the same cannot be said of the other player who has carved a spot for himself somewhere in footballs no-mans-land. Believe it, or not, i like the kid but arsenal should not be a space for mediocrity.

    *we need quality and we need it now – announce thomas lemar

    1. GO

      I thought he scored more goals than Giroud last season and even in Pre-season. What more do you expect of him? To play as a central defender or goalkeeper?

        1. GO

          Sorry he was not trusted as your main striker. So wasn’t featured regularly. It was a bad season for him and every other player but I will take 19-goal attacker in a bad season everyday. THAT IS 100m Pounds in today’s market. More so we didn’t miss the top 4 for lack of goals, we lost it to conceding useless goals.

  4. ruelando

    If we are judging from preseason i would agree with that selection of Walcott and Giroud to start, both seem up to speed, but judging by the community shield we will get the better understanding of who we may kick off the league with.

  5. Akan

    GOOD GOD PLEASE NO NO NO. Have learned nothing over the last 5 years ? They are perennial failures, mediocre, poor quality, they are not the standard required of a top club. Nobody wants them that’s why they’re still at the club running down their huge contracts.
    By the way I like them both but they have proven that they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    The words Giroud and speed are diametrically opposed he couldn’t run down a sloth hanging upside down eating its lunch.

    1. Jim A

      No but provide crosses into him like France do and he can put a team on it’s back and while he never may be a 30 a season goal scorer he could give you plenty of goals and allow the other forwards (once again like Greizeman from France) to prosper with many goals. The way he recently set up Iwobi is a prime example. Back to goal drawing numerous defenders and laying off a little ball to Iwobi who placed it up high in the net.

      1. Akan

        When was the last time a club won the title without having a top striker who scored in excess of 20 goals ? Giroud hasn’t got to that number yet hence no title for Arsenal.

  6. Jack reacher

    Na, lacasette to start for me big buzz Friday nite lites we need fast start in league but wenger will prop ease him on but sead kolosonic watever he’s name will start he’ll give Leicester props getting forward and I’d love see wenger start surprise and go with nelson just let and shake da players up and that places are there be won . Love us have lemer aswell just give us something get excited about and Sanchez bang in hatrick and for him tap da crest after he scores and while I’m at it love wenger to zip up he’s jacket first go and would it be refreshing to see Steve Boulding get up and start barking at players now that’s change I’d settle for that 2 nil arsenal to win and mahrez to miss pen that’s my prediction

  7. Danny

    Omg only Arsenal can do this. Guys the day when I see Arsenal spend 46.5 million I hoped for more then lacozette. Now you are saying Giroud should start ahead of him. How messed up. We have to start with Lacozette what message would that be sending by putting him on the bench??? Who will be our front 3 be if Sanchez does go?? If Sanchez does go Wenger will suddenly put the money down for Lamar. Where does he plan to play Oxlade??? In the front 3 with Lamar and Lacozette??? For me it’s not looking good. If we loose Sanchez we should get Dembele from Dortmund. But we no there’s no chance in that. What I’m mostly saying is I see us getting Lamar just to replace Sanchez mark my words. For me this is a fuc…. disaster. We need to buy Lamar and if Sanchez leaves replace him. Next season is a top 4 battle at best. This sickens me.

  8. Jadon Spirit

    The Sad truth is that, Lucas Perez is the best striker currently at the club. Only Arsene Wenger can explain why he doesn’t like a player he signed himself. This dude has delivered each time he is been called upon. Looks hungry, plays with his heart, yet Wenger doesn’t like him.

    1. Abel

      Where do you come up with this drivel? “Lucas Perez is the best striker at Arsenal” what are you smoking?

  9. Yossarian

    At least we now have the option of changing our game up-front to get goals, depending on the circumstances.

    Giroud is a good target man, whilst Lacazette is a faster, more mobile striker. Overall Lacazette should be No.1 choice, but Giroud will be useful too in some situations.

    Still hope that a better and more consistent player can be brought-in to partner Xhaka instead of Ramsey. Hopefully Lemar or Seri can be signed to fill that role (In a 3-4-2-1). Please not Ross Barkley though! Then I reckon things will look good for a better title challenge than in recent times.

  10. Viera Lyn

    If we start this season with those two in our starting 11 it will be a clear sign from this organization that nothing has changed and that we will never get it right until both Kroenke and Wenger are gone…neither one of these players should still be with our club at this point because they represent the settling half-measures that have plagued this team for a number of years…this is what I call the “no man’s land” of the soccer world, where teams don’t have enough talented young players, unlike a Monaco or Dortmund, because they have lost the plot from an organizational standpoint…they are so reliant on one individual to run the whole operation that their once relevant scouting department has become so antiquated that it can no longer find those hidden gems it once had…furthermore, when you leave all decision-making to a manager who despises any dissenting opinions, your management team becomes little more than a stagnant group of “yes men” and no new ideas emerge…so instead of developing a team with the qualities necessary to excel in a particular system, you continually make half-brain purchases year after year to stifle dissent from the ticket-buying public, then try desperately to finagle together a lineup regardless of what would make positional sense…have you ever heard of a team who plays players out of position so often…of course not because that manager would likely be fired and never work for a team of any consequence ever again

    1. Akan

      True’!!! Remember how great Arshavin was playing for us out on the wing, then Wenger played five foot four inch (5’4”) Arshavin as centre forward, it was a disaster and he was never same player after that experience.

  11. Akan

    If Tottenham can finish second that proves last season was short on real quality. Chelsea were not that good its just that the rest were that rubbish. Arsenal could have no should have won at least 3 out of the last 5 championships had the manager improved the team where it was need. Unless something drastic happens over the coming weeks We will be going into this campaign with basically the same set of players plus a new striker. it’s not the formation its the quality of players we have that will make the difference between winning and also ran.

        1. Jim A

          I think they had the fewest goals let up. I get what you’re saying and you are right, however for the past 3 years he and Kane but mostly Lloris is the reason why I think they have ascended up the table.

  12. Aussie Jack

    Maybe the latest venture of out intrepid leader has coloured my thinking, if it hasn`t it should have, but I get the feeling Arsenal will start the season in their usual way by dropping points against Leicester.

    1. Nothing changed

      He is not really Walcott, he has a completely different look. Really is like a new signing.

      (Giroud is probably doing his hair now with Walcott the only one hope Giroud will not go to West Ham or Everton because it would ruin his do)

  13. Andre_cadabra

    Let us learn to appreciate what we have, today i was shocked that Neymar had only 13 goals last season , we should accept Giroud and Walcot in reference to how much we bought them, Giroud scores 18 or more goals every season, walcott score like 13 with only a handful of minutes.

  14. Simon

    I agree with original post – and would start with Giroud & Walcott

    As Wenger has said many times, the price tag does not make the player. He’ll come good, but currently still learning team

    1. Akan

      For those of you with short memories the first player Wenger got rid of when he came to Arsenal was a big target ma, John Hartson, and he was way way,, waay better than Giroud. The reason he got rid of him was that even back then that kind of caveman style football was becoming dated. He ushered in an era of revolutionary quick passing sexy football at the club in which we played attractive attacking football won titles and could compete against the best teams in the world. We won wrld wide admiration It felt great to be an Arsenal fan

      Since the re-introduction of lumbering “oaf ball” we have gone backwards, we do not play attractive football we have only won 2 FA cups, we have become a laughing stock, and we definitely can no longer compete with the best. Mr Wenger please go back to the footballing ethos you originally came to the club with. What we have now is slow and ugly. Bring back the beautiful game please.

    2. Nothing changed

      Hard to learn the team and the PL from the bench. He had the benefit of a full pre-season and should start immediately every game like Sanchez and Ozil did when they started.

      If he is not ready to face Leicester after a full pre-season we have a problem. For a player of his caliber there not substitute for learning on the job and the sooner that starts the better.

  15. Nothing changed

    Makes absolutely no sense to not start Lacazette as our central striker. The sooner he gets used to the PL the better. Why spend 52 million on a striker to start him on the bench or to move him to the wing? Foolish!!!

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