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Arsenal to swap Bendtner and Miquel to secure Cahill?

There is a very interesting report today saying that Arsenal are very close to signing the Bolton defender Gary Cahill, and it is being said in Bolton that the deal will include the Spanish youngster Ignasi Miquel going the other way, and possibly Nicklas Bendtner as well!

If true it is great news for Miquel, as it is obvious he has far too many centre-backs ahead of him at Arsenal already even without the arrival of Cahill, but he will have far more first team chances at the Reebok.

As for Bendtner, he may just be relieved that he has found a team willing to take him, but is it likely that he may rrefuse in the hope that a better (I mean Champions League team) offer comes along?

I hope he realises that to play regularly in a mid-table team (and score lots of goals!) is more likely to be a springboard to further success in the future. It didn’t do Cahill any harm, and look at how Daniel Sturridge did at Bolton last season.

Talking about Chelsea didn’t a certain Nicklas Anelka get his chance at Stamford Bridge through playing his heart out at Bolton as well……

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43 thoughts on “Arsenal to swap Bendtner and Miquel to secure Cahill?

  1. Gaz

    Good point about Anelka, but Bendtner’s ego rivals that of Ronaldo. I can’t see it happening, even though I am certain Bendtner would become a better player if he did make the move.
    Kevin Davies might not be everyones cup of tea, but he is an effective player that the “not so Great Dane” could learn a few things off.
    As for Cahill. I think he is just the type of player we have been crying out for, for what seems like forever.

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  2. gunner4lyf

    I am just waiting for Arsenal FC to announce the signing of G.Cahill.This would be a fantastic signing.

    Still awestruck by the attitude shown by Fabregas regarding his future.He is going to leave this summer with barca and Arsenal interested in a deal with Fabregas ready to add a 5 million buyout to 30+ million offered by barca and also the fact that he was neglected from the promotional material for the launch of Arsenal’s new away kit.
    If this deal halts or breaks this summer,that would further unsettle Cesc and even effect other players.
    Nasri has a higher probability to stay and extend his contract,because he just needs a hike.Wenger should conclude that before pre-season.
    Just to conclude what is Denilson still doing at Arsenal,his stay would mean halt in the progress of some of the youth stars like Frimpong.No buyers for some of the players shows how hollow our back up was..

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  3. Roque

    New GK-Baines,Cahill,Subotic,Sagna-Wilshere,Song,Gotze-Nasri,Walcott,New St…I like how milfield look with Jack Wilshere and Mario Gotze…this will be the best mildfield in the world in 2 years…this two players have very powerfull characters and will be who Lampard and Ballack was…if that will be our mildfield we will be champions again…GO GUNNERS!!!

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  4. chisomemego

    pls dis is all bullcrap.. lets wait n see if our manager signs a player after all the promises he made about finally spending big dis transfer window.

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  5. Mudi

    Indeed, why would je sell your best young defender prospect? Give them Kyle Bartley in stead of Miquel!

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  6. Tobey

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Miquel is not going on a full transfer but send him on a loan he is only 18 and in 4-5 years time either Thomas Vermalen or Djourou or someone would be sold due to Age and rise for youth
    he can fill that hole if any of our top defenders leave
    He plays like Pique ie Attack during the last quarter of the game
    send him on a loan to Bolton for next year
    as for Bendtner just send him to Bundesliga

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  7. mystic

    Comon mate until Cesc goes (assuming he does) can’t everyone simply stop their speculating. Let the papers scratch around for headlines, don’t encourage them.

    Bolton’s more direct route would probably suit Bendtner – and in his defence with the right kind of football being played around him he might well prove to be a good player – but unfortunately his ego is unlikely to let him go there.

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  8. gunnerfromblood

    If true best blog of all times – fed up of seeing last minutes goals ! But then i guess samba will stay at blackburn

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  9. luke prince

    hope this is true but we will still need samba and tv5 as our left back and give sagna a danny alvez role!!! i can see a 4.4.2 coming back with walcot and rvp up front but what will the centre look like? jack has 2 be in the team somwhere and so does song:/.
    sagna samba cahill tv
    gervinho song jack nasri/mata?
    wallcot rvp

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  10. Salim

    I found chips was follow on the black send and one of my friend pick up all and put in the plate and he tell me just wait I will find some one who want it, after ten menute he get one but before he buy he ask what this black thing? He said, that is black paper, he reply, oh yes. He take it.
    That how u look arsenal fans today, the media create some thing “arsenal interest” and u start moaning and swearing the maneger and his board, his players. My question to u ugly arsenal fan, why u beleave the white lie? Are u crazy? In which world are leaving?
    Now if b52, roscekey, arshavin denilson is not sold to the wright price who to blame? Is u fans who drop the value of them by moaning and bleming them.
    I hope arsene he will do what is wright and not want u want, I want to tell u guys if tv5 was not injury we will never have a promblem at the back, that it mean a patner tv5 and koos it shold be stronge enough and have dj for back up. We need cahill or samba only if clichy go a way and that u shift tv5 to the left and u have cahill and koos first choice and dj and bartely for back up.

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  11. S.H

    Wishful thinking but hope is always a virtue. Cahill’s addition regardless of the mechanics behind the transfer would be a valuable asset.

    Fabregas’ transfer is the pivotal point and all transfers will depend on this movement alone. I hope we sell him for 40M+ and invest in players like Mata and Alvarez, introducing more size, speed, and versatility in the midfield. If Fab stays then his inevitable move only slows Arsenal’s progression in improving as a team. Remember this current squad is built around Fabregas. We need to rebuild, familiarising new team members with the key players in the group. This will take years but in usual Wenger fashion, as much as we doubted him at the time of his inception, he created a new legacy in Arsenal history. Now is the time to view that beginning again and not dream, but believe trophies will come and sooner than we think.

    We’ll romance with another Barca DNA fiasco in 5 years when Toral-Harper and Bellerin mature to become world class players hopefully. Until then let’s bow to Fabregas for his years of service and highlights to remember.

    Out with the Old, In with the New!

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  12. nicky

    Can’t imagine a good prospect like Miquel being other than on loan. Like Tobey, I think he is one for the not too distant future. One of Wenger’s better buys.

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  13. Me-Basil

    mmm, so we sell Bendtnar and Miguel. Bring in Cahill.
    Will that solve our defensive problems?
    I do not believe this is sufficient. We might need on more defender.

    Selling Bendtnar will basicaly confirm that we are bringing in an attacker. Probably Lille’s Gervinho.

    Then Fabrags goes and is replaced by Nasri.

    Despite all these changes, I do not see the star player that we need to lift the team up.

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  14. Homer

    Some people are unbelieveable.

    Come AW sign Cahill – you all shout. So he’s apparently going to do it, then the nitwit patrol says NO!! don’t do it that way.

    What a bunch of women you act like.

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  15. TrueGooner

    Are you kidding me, one of Arsenal best prospects being used as bait for an overrated defender. I really hope this rumour isn’t true.
    I really hope they don’t get rid of Iguel because he’s similar to David Luiz; confident, skillful, fast and a great defender.

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  16. Nii

    is this player going other way going to be a loan deal i will be so much happy if it loan deal

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  17. bc

    By all accounts it is 13m plus these 2 on loan. bendtner can be recalled if an offer comes in.

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  18. brotherjohn

    I prefer samba he is stronger and he would be up for a fight with vermelen at the back….samba vermelen at the back I m dreaming

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  19. shaddy kenya

    I hate this speculation which at the end never give us anything we end up signing unknown idiots i.e squilacy after a 1000 links wenger sign players and stop headache.

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  20. goonersal

    Fab is worth at least 50 mill yet barca can’t afford that. Look at torres Andy Carroll etc,etc. If barca has only 40 mill to spend this season and can only afford 30 mill for fab if they want him that bad, how about agree in giving that 30 and pay the remaining 20 next season with interest?

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  21. adamski

    bendtner + rosicky straight swap would be better.. and send them miguel on loan..

    and give blackburn denilson and sqallaci for samba…

    get rid off the deadwood..!

    swap diaby for gervinho and transfers wouldnt have cost us a penny !!

    then if cesc goes for £40m+ invest in nasri contract..
    scott parker (£10m)or lass (£15m) and spend £25m on falcao or benzema..

    bring back from loan and into squad j.e.t, vela, and frimpong (from injury)…

    also bring in chamberlain… £8m + sanchez watt + bartley (both on loan)

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  22. Gubonic

    @Roque, you are the only poster I have seen mention Subotic. I think he would be a brilliant signing. Do you know something? Wish there were more shouts for Subotic instead of Samba, Cahill et al. I would rather see Wenger spend on a defender who can be a centerpiece on the back line for the next decade.

    Keep Miquel

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  23. Docbrody

    The whole situation with Bendtner bothers me. I know most of you think he is just an arrogant prick who isn’t half as good as he thinks he is – and I don’t disagree. But there is something in the back of my mind nagging at me. For one, his goal against Ipswich is probably my favorite Arsenal goal of the past season ( Check out that first touch, not to mention the cut back, and then the perfect placement of that shot. Ok ok, one goal does not a striker make, but maybe – just maybe – we havent been using this guy in the right way.

    Let’s just say for laughs that Bendtner was given some regular playing time to truly get match fit, and then lets say we reverted back to a 4-4-2. The combination of Bendtner and van Persie up top, playing together on a regular basis, could potentially be lethal.

    Anyway, it will never happen and it’s time for Bendtner to move on, but I won’t be surprised if he flourishes elsewhere.

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  24. Anders

    I wouldn’t mind as long as miquel comes back in two years. If we nab cahill we will have no
    need for samba, who I’m not too fond of. Besides that, if everyone stays we will have a very solid squad, really counting on silverware! The only other signings should be gervinho/eden hazard because Walcott still needs time to develop. I honestly think a loan move would be great for him, to add different aspects to his game other than sprinting pass the defender and cross to no one.

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  25. R van persie

    the only tin is 2 nail the deal of gervinho, alverez, cahill and Vidal we ar ok

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  26. S.H

    This is all SPECULATION! Wenger won’t be that silly to simply let Bendtner and Miquel go for exchange of Gary Cahill.

    If you cut a watermelon in 2 halves, you always make more money than selling the whole. SALES 101

    If this miraculously happens then I think only Miquel would go as Bolton will need a defender to replace Cahill. i understand Bolton require a strike force as well, but Bendtner believes he’s something special so he won’t opt to go there. What salary could they attract him with. No champions league football as well.

    Another BS rumour!

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  27. nigerian

    Bolton get the better of †нє deal if they get Bendtner and Migule for Cahill. Bendtner will fit in well into their style and miguel is a decent defender just lackin in experience. If we can sign samba and cahill, i think we will have the best defence in the league. That will give us what we have not had in a very long time

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  28. elvi

    cahill will be gunner’s at the end just for 12m…..and would like to see vertoghen from ajax as wenger missed ibrahim alffey the chap was really talented barca paid only 3m.

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  29. NickW

    Can’t see the best striker in the world, Nicklas Bendtner, agreeing to that move. He doesn’t seem like a pie and mash type of bloke to me. God knows what his aristocrat wife would make of Bolton?

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  30. daouit

    Don’t sell bendtner. He is probably one of the few best players Arsenal has.

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  31. kingmuzzie

    They should sign both cahill and samba squilacci is useless he needs selling pronto. Miquel looks like a really good talent it would be a shame to lose him he’s reserve captain so he must have something about him to hold that role as for bendtner he needs to exit quickly all the best to him but he simply isnt critical enough in front of goal for a massive club like arsenal .

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  32. gabriel onyeabor

    Chaill is okey , but with miquel is bad deal,better bentiner and cash,for miquel he should go on loan.MAY GOD BLESS ALL ARSENAL FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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  33. gabriel onyeabor

    Please after cahill next is SAMBA.the equalizer Tottenham,Liverpool,Newcastle united,shows that arsenal need two quality defenders,both cahill and samba is the answer to our problem.

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  34. Shepherd

    We have already lost one great youth prospect this year in Nordveit and losing Miguel would be even worse. Have Arsenal not learnt they need to bring players from the youth squad in stead of buying these half baked players that don’t understand the Arsenal tradition?

    Clichy is disappointed at what the club has become with players like Nasri, Diaby, Fab, Chamakh leading the team when they have no heart for the fight

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  35. Gunnerguy

    We’ll get Cahill one way or another, Samba too. Here are two guys who have Prem experience and most importantly, unlike our team captain, they WANT to play for Arsenal. Offloading two unnecessary players in exchange for an instant starter like Cahill would be an exceptional triumph for Wenger and I hope it happens. As for Samba, just up the transfer fee and we’ve got him, he’s worth it.

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  36. Gunnerguy

    @ Sheppard,
    I’m sure Miguel will be a one-year loan where he will get first team experience in the premier league. If he stays at Arsenal this season he doesn’t get that. Loaning him out would not be a mistake, it’s a great idea. And I don’t know a Gunner alive who isn’t tired of watching Bendtner NOT kick ass and chew bubble gum.

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  37. OPG

    I don’t think Bendtner will be part of the deal knowing he wants to move to a fairly big club and his wage demands he will leave for cash rather than a swap, it’s more likely probably Lansbury and or Miquel.

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  38. chipmunk

    I’d rather see Ignasi loaned out but I wouldn’t miss Bendtner.. So maybe Bendtner + Ignasi on loan + some money –><– Cahill 😀 Won't happen but just an idea

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  39. InvincibleForever

    We shouldn’t let Ignasi go.. a loanspell would be perfect but don’t let him go for real. Great talent just like Kyle Bartley. This could be our future back four


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