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Arsenal to swap Theo Walcott for Daniel Sturridge?

It is definitely one of the more outlandish Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds today, but if it is true it would seem to be an excellent deal for Arsene Wenger right now.

With it now seeming extremely unlikely that Robin Van Persie is going to extend his contract at Arsenal, the Gunners are going to be in desperate need of another prolific centre-forward to fill his shoes, and Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge certainly has the promise to do that with aplomb.

According to this morning’s Sun, the young Englishman has let it be known that he is not happy being stuck out on the wing at Chelsea and is said to be looking for a top team where he can be fielded as the main striker, which would be a certainty if Van Persie is not at the Emirates next season.

Walcott is also entering the last year of his contract with Arsenal and if he also decides to move on then Wenger will have no choice but to let him go at the end of the season, and if Chelsea are that keen to take him to Stamford Bridge then Wenger should bite their hand off if they agree to swap Sturridge.

I would be very surprised to find an Arsenal fan that would prefer to keep the inconsistent Walcott than swap him for the Chelsea youngster…….

Anyone care to disagree?

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77 thoughts on “Arsenal to swap Theo Walcott for Daniel Sturridge?

  1. rocky

    I’d rather both of them. Ox will be challenging Theo for RW next season. We usually play Gervino on the left or supporting RVP, so would be good to have strength in depth.

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  2. kabiru nigeria

    that is going to be a good deal. Walcot cannot fit into current arsenal style of 4.3.3.formation. I believe he can do better with 4.4.2 if he can improve on his crosses. I think liverpool is the ideal team foe walcot.

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    i thnk we can all agree some major change is needed here with our current squad. i thnk we should trade van for hulk or sum1 of that quality just to mix it up… as much as id like rvp to stay i highly doubt it will happen now… but how about hamsik, im sure he doesnt want to be with 7th place napoli (even though they beat chelski). we need a big change to happen here… cmon wenger take a risk or two, can we really get a worse squad than we have now??? i damn hope not!

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  4. kevin cook

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  5. Zak

    I think it is a decent trade but I am worried that walcott may hit his potential at another team and would be a constant threat to any team chelsea play. I think if walcott is sold then psg should be his destination, but wouldn’t mind sturridge coming as a back up for our main striker or to partner him depending on the formation.

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  6. Danny

    Lavezzi,Hamsik,Cavani,Sow,Doumbia,Rami,Sakho,Gotze,Higuain,Mata,Vertonghen,Chiellini 4 of these Arsenal need:D

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  7. kinzang

    i don want either…..the later is so selfish that he cannot find his team mates even wen they r shouting frm his behind to pass them the bal…arsenal is gone if we bring this selfish guy as replacement to our god van….

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  8. Ibro vc

    Indeeds exchanging these two would be a big gamble, Theo is far better than sturridge, having both would be better.

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  9. Ankit

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  10. Red DB 10

    Sturridge is no where near as good as walcott.
    The other thing is where would we play sturridge on the wing?
    the 4-3-3 formation means we will always end up playing strikers as wingers to put in crosses for a team that is not good in the air?
    Seriously the more you think about it the more ridiculous it sounds.

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  11. Big Gun

    The very fact that we are all already at ease with RvP leaving is total b*llshit. Are we all just going to sit back and do nothing and let another one of our great players just leave? It’s almost like we have come to expect this from the board and Wenger and just happily move on without question. F*ck THAT. I want to know why RvP is not signing a new contract, and if he doesn’t all hell needs to break loose over this. Fabregas and Nasri was one thing. But this is pushing it too far.

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  12. mr fact

    yes please…it would be the deal of the decade…..sturridge reminds me of ian wright…..although no-one was more determined to score than wrighty, sturridge runs very close and will probably be a better all-round team player. Walcott is just a sprinter that sometimes uses the ball well……i would think there would be a 5-10 million fee going to chelski, based on performances this season.

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  13. Tristan

    Sturridge is far better than Theo. even he plays as a winger. how many goals he scored? get the deal done asap!

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  14. j

    Sturridge is 3 times the player wallcot is and always has been, he is quick, strong, clinical and has the right fight and attitude needed to be a top striker, all he needs now is the football we play.
    Wallcot is just not good enough, and will never be at arsenal.
    6 years.. 6 years and the ball manipulation skills are not there, running the ball off the pitch.. Running ahead and leaving the ball behind.. !?!? WTF Come On..
    We can do better.

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  15. JL

    Why didnt we hust buy him when man city was selling him. Personally i would have swapped toure for him and i would also have included richards in that deal. Also guy that adil rami the french centre half. we wanted him last season but valencia bought him and now apparently barca and mun u want him for an estimated 20 mil. we miss out on players to many times.

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  16. j

    I would swap RVP and Wallcot for Torres and Sturidge any day.
    Yes, even with their respective form. We would gain more than we would lose.

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  17. chife

    the problem with our team is that the likes of theo, ox, and co.. have no mentors at the club for their posistions,ITS VERY WELL BRINGING TALENT THRU THE RANKS , BUT THERE HAS TO BE EXPERINCED PROVEN PLAYERS FOR THEM TO AIM FOR AND RELATE TOO.. Man Unt do it all the time(which would creat a team with togetherness),carrik had schols and butt, they had keano…johns and smalling hav ferdy and vidic…. Nani had christiano ronaldo to learn his trade from, look at him now?? we have enough KIDS with potential, we need world class men! dosent matter if there slightly past there best fitness wise (eg Henry) we should buy the likes of RONALDINIHO, who would be cheap as hes 31 but in training would show the kids how to beat a players and give them confidence, TEVEZ WOULD BE A GOOD BUY FOR US, WE ALL KNOW TORRES CAN DO THE BUISNESS BUT HES AT THE WRONG CLUB, MAYBE HE COULD DO SOMTHING 4 ARSENAL..ESISSIAN SLIGHTLY PAST IT BUT SAME CONCEPT, TAKE A CHANCE SPEND BIG ON Ignazio Abate….. COME ON WENGER STOP TRING TO FIND POTENTIALY GOOD PLAYERS , JUST BUY PROVEN GOOD PLAYERS…PS. ARTETA IS NO REPLCEMENT FOR FABRIGAS, NOR IS WALCOTT FOR HENRY, NOR GIBBS FOR CLICHY, NOR RAMSEY FOR NASARI, NOR CHEMAKA FOR ABYBAYOR???? NEXT SEASON I WANT TO SEE THE LIKES OF EDEN HAZARD…TEVEZ…TORRES…ESSIAN…RONALDINIHO…IGNAZIO ABATE…XAVI ALONSO… ON TOP OF , WILSHER, RVP, OXIDE ETC.. IV GOT TO STOP DREAMING HAHAH..WASTING MY TIME HERE..

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  18. lawrence gf

    I pray this is true.

    I would swap Walcott for 2 packets of chocolate digestives.

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  19. imi

    lol, when people talk about walcot being terrible i simply pity them because Walcot as we know is a deadly winger. Yeah he needs to work on his ball control but he’s deadly. Why get rid of him? any team would gladly have him in their team.

    Also, If we have the ox, walcot and gervinho all wingers atleast we know we don’t have a problem in depth in that area, so no don’t get rid of walcot. Arshavin/Rocisky/Djourou/Squilaci/Almunia/Fabianski and actually sell Bentner and Vela. Then bring the same number of players into this squad, We definetley need a re-shuffle but mainly to our players that are being paid to do nothing i.e. Sit on the bench or loose us games.

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  20. samuel

    Theo Walcot is woeful always has been always will be while
    he plays professional football,a woeful first touch woeful
    shooting ability,woeful crossing ability ,woeful is his nickname but why Arsene persists with woeful Walcott only
    he knows ?

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  21. abiola

    The problem is not who to buy,it’s WHO WILL BUY I can’t trust either wenger or the board any longer I think they are enjoying themselfs,they are just playing the fans.infact with WENGER arsenal situation will be getting worse

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  22. imi

    Theo walcot is woeful? lol wake up, did you forget the assists he gave RVP this season? did you forget that this season is the first season where he’s been playing full-time? Last season he was used as a sub. Seriously, wake up and understand that walcot has actually done well for arsenal so far, and he’s still really young and still room to improve. What annoys me is rocisky, He’s good with his passes, looks dangerous on the ball, but when he kicks the ball at goal he seems to forget where the Goal is. Terrible aiming constantly i don’t know why…

    But to every 1 here, please cut the crap about walcot being crap because we know for a fact that he isn’t just watch him on highlights and see what he’s done so far. It’s his first full season debut as a fulltime player and not just a sub.

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  23. AidanGooner

    I would swap them in a heartbeat, but I don’t believe that Chelsea would. AVB has said some great things about him in the past, like he is a young English Hulk, and he has been far more consistent than both Walcott and many of Chelsea’s players- so I think this is definite media invention from the fact Sturridge complained about not playing centre forward. Shame though, if we could bring him in- we could sell Chamackh.

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    sturrige is different class from walcot….
    we got ox and ryo who are better than walcot even if they had 1 leg between them..

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  25. bole

    Well Sturridge is an Arsenal fan,so we should get him,but Walcott is still young and can get better.Buy Sturridge and keep Walcott.

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  26. sammy

    It may seem to be a good deal but Daniel sturridge can never be a perfect replacement for RVP. He can not be even a quarter of a replacement for RVP. Wenger and the board should device means to coerce(if necessay) RVP to stay and strengthen the team with more competent players rather than seeking to replace him when he’s gone. We are fucked should RVP leave!

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  27. ANAS

    get essien and mata then sell djouru squilanci,diaby,chamak,park,………..add hazard and samba play 442 when in difficulty

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  28. Gary the Red

    Sturridge a much better goalscorer than Theo no doubt about it. Just got the feeling if we got rid of Theo we would live to regret it, although hard to believe I still think Theo will become a top player, he needs the right coaching and motivation. So I would keep him and try to buy Sturridge. Finally people say about kicking out Theo well I reckon the likes of Almunia, Fabianski, Djourou, Squillaci,Diaby,Rosicky,Benayoun,Song,Arshavin,Park,Chamakh and Gervinho should all be shown the door before Theo.

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  29. ANAS

    433 needs a very skillful attacker in amongs the 3 top men who can creat and score goals wenger is using error prone-average players for a very promising attacking formation.Please wenger get the board to understand that we can also ask for the price of players like hazard,messi,ronaldo,etc not average non-class players like squilanci,djouru,diaby,and even rosiscy
    Stop experimenting…………

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  30. ANAS

    Baines,samba,hazard,Essien and podoski….IN

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  31. John 3:16

    In the summer we MUST sell: Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh, Walcott, Park, Bendtner and Vela.

    To make room in the squad for new top-class players like: Baines, Samba, Vertonghen, Gotze, Hazard, Podolski and Demba Ba.

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  32. zak

    Chelsea would be stupid to sanction this deal! It’s like them agreeing to exchange Cahil for Djourou! The clueless Walcott is nowhere near the hugely talented Sturridge. In fact, Sturridge is one of the most underrated players in EPL

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  33. Gooner Cape Town

    No swap, sell Walcott and buy quality, like Hazard. Theo is a showpony! If there is no proper shake-up,by getting rid of all the deadwood costly players who don’t even make 1st team, there will be no trophies, no CL, no FA cup, nothing. There is NO debate-AW has to be given the cash to buy top class- Podolski, Gotze, Vertonghen, M Villa and Hazard. I am truly mortfied after 40 years a Gooner, that the board are so stubborn, non professional and total money grabbers. So sad for the mighty Arsenal. I am praying it will change at the end on season. Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. budgie

    think we should swap theo for that lady physio that runs on the pitch for chelsea, no wonder drogba spends so much time throwing himself on the ground!

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  35. kevin cook

    enter walcott in the london marathon, and tell him its 26 years long, not 26 miles, lol.

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  36. John 3:16

    Here are 10 things that HAVE to change at the Emirates in order for Arsenal to return to it’s former glory.

    1. Wage Structure
    2. Big-Name Signings
    3. Excuses
    4. Culture of Mediocrity
    5. Style of Play
    6. Formation
    7. Set-Piece Struggles
    8. Defensive Lapses
    9. Inconsistency
    10. Injury Concerns

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  37. John 3:16

    And here are 5 players, that in a perfect world, we would sign this summer!!!

    1. Eden HAZARD
    2. Yann M’VILA
    3. Lukas PODOLSKI
    4. Neven SUBOTIC
    5. Edinson CAVANI

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  38. stew

    I would trade Walcott for Sturridge in a second. Sturridge scores more goals from the wide position and If he wasn’t passing to Fernando Torres who can’t score a goal to save his life then he would probably have more assists than Waslcott too. He is consistent and Walcott is not. In the center position as a backup to Van Persie he would be much more suitable than Walcott as well.

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  39. Aaron

    This would be a brilliant Deal,Sturridge Is such a clinical finisher,Walcott Is just a waste of space who dont even use his pace at the right time.

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  40. rvp

    no- one can replace vanpersie i suggest arsene should strt spendin rather losin (players of course) coz if van persie does stay and sturdige comes aresnal should play a more defensive 4-4-2

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  41. gunner4life

    we should buy hazard to support rvp wallcot should go sturridge comes into the box rather then buy side of the pitch and sturridge is also a good stricker and that would be a good front 3

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  42. Gooner Cape Town

    I suppose he is better than Walsnot currently. At least he has some vision and passion. Good bye Theo Theo Theo………

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  43. Franklin

    All these fans complaining that Walcott is crap, Walcott is woeful, Walcott is useless, Walcott is a Wallcrap…, how good are you in your respective professions? I suggest that some of you should take a good look at yourrelves before slagging off another person. GET A GRIP!!!

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  44. d.k.

    This is the best transfer idea in a long long time. In my opinion 4 really easy steps would make Us a top top team again.

    Step 1 – Exchange Walcott for Sturridge
    Step 2 – Buy Adam Johnson from Man Shitty (Max. 10 mln)
    Step 3 – Sell Arshavin (Max 10 mln)
    Step 4 – Buy a proper left back, really, anyone!!! (Max 15 mln)

    That gives Wenger a top squad:

    Sagna – Kos – Verm – Proper Left Back
    Ox – Song – Wilshere – Johnson – Gervinho

    For only 15 mln.
    And that is a team only 1-2 other teams can challange.

    It really is easy and it doesn’t involve spending 40 mln on unproven young pseudo talents like Hazard and Goetze.

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  45. Zak

    Why do people want M’Vila. We have Songinho, all we got to do is put a top CAM infront of him so he can get on with his job instead of being a CADM. Not saying M’Vila isn’t a good player, I just think it would be a waste of money considering we have a quality player in his position. We need strength in other places. I am determined to see Cissokho in the red and white of the gunners.

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  46. Hamishthegooner

    All of u who keep saying Walcott is a good winger should wake up and listen to the man himself he keeps saying he wants to play through the middle and he is not a winger. The Ox is already as good as walcott if not better we should rip of avbs arm for this deal an go back to 442 with RVP and sturridge upfront.If not sturride why not Torres he would be a great asset for us.

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  47. LordZeus11

    The problem is our formation. 433 requires very dynamic wingers who can beat players with ease and can float inside and and play a killer pass. Ox has this but he is too young we cant rely on him at this age. Our other wingers dont have these features. 433 also requires a very talented playmaker in CM. This formation was played for Fabregas. Since Wilshere been out all season i have no idea why wee have even tryed it. Maybe to ‘develop’ Ramsey i dont know.

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  48. max .power

    never going to happen where do some of these rumours come from I reckon there some guy locked in a room somewhere making up stories. GIVE IT UP.

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  49. arselona

    Open ur eyes and see walcott is rubbish all he can do is run. Gervinho is a waste of muni arshavin needs to leave. Onli gud winger is the Ox. Sturridge for walcott any day.

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  50. michaelch

    I am in Argentina n football is IMMENSE here , you see games from every league including Brazil, italy epl dutch league serie ..flamenco Ronaldinho HE

    STILL HAS It.. great passes sublime n inch perfect
    he still has that freakish magic..
    keeping his head in line..thats another matter

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  51. lawrence gf

    Simply put Walcott has been at Arsenal 6 years but still plays like he is just breaking into the first team for the first time.

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  52. daniel bromley

    i wouldnt mind sturridge at arsenal but not as a replacement for van persie or a swap for theo, if van persie leaves edison cavanni would be a good replacement but in an ideal world keep van persie and theo sign a world class striker in the summer, a creative spark for the midfield and a worldy left back and centre back too and we should have enough to challenge for top honours next season

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  53. Johnny

    Theo is the worst player iv ever seen wear the arsenal shirt!! Over rated English player!!!! He can’t pass!! Shoot or even run with the ball!!! He’d not a premier league payer!!

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  54. mahoosi

    he is ten times the player walcott will ever be!! snap his hand off for sturidge and if we can swap him AND pay 7-8 mill; BARGIN!!

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  55. Abu

    Thats a bad exchange, you cant compare the two. The best replacement for RVP is HULK HULK HULK. He really made Man C run. Walcott is a big investment for Gunners and England in general. He is still growing yet to reach the pick.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

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  56. brooklyn

    to leave walcott for sturidge no way….we dont give walcott any credit because he is incosistent but when arsenal play any other team their supporter just think we cant let walcott play open..he should be double checked..etc they are frightened of him then any right wingers in premier league (except nani)….no one will pay more than 20 mil at max for sturridge with 5 yrs contract left but others will pay same for walcott with 1 or 2 yr contract left… Add another player to give competition to walcott but there are only 4 or 5 players with whom i may think about exchanging walcott

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