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Arsenal to tempt Vieira back to Emirates?

When Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal back in 1996, he had already requested the signing of the French international midfielder Patrick Vieira from AC MIlan. That would turn out to be one of the most successful transfers ever, as Vieira was an integral part of the Gunners for the next nine seasons, the most successful period in Arsenal history. The 36-year old could soon be re-united with his mentor, apparently, as Wenger has spoken to him about the job of replacing Liam Brady as Head of Youth Development and Academy Director, reports the Daily Mail.

Another former Gunner, Dennis Bergkamp, was being talked about for the role last week, but I think that Vieira is the better choice. The Senegal born Frenchman does not seem to be interested in a management career, but more of a development role. He is currently the Football Development Executive at Manchester City, but his job involves a lot of meeting and greeting, whereas he would be much more hands on at Arsenal.

Vieira and Wenger have kept in close contact since he left the club for Juventus in 2005, and he will hopefully jump at the chance to work with Le Prof again. He was always a leader on the pitch and an inspiration to the players around him, qualities which would it would be great to bring to the Arsenal academy. As captain of the invincibles team, and winner of three league titles and four FA cups, he would command respect from everyone around him, while knowing what it takes to be a winner.

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal to tempt Vieira back to Emirates?

  1. Jambo

    Would be fantastic to see him back at the club, I think it’s a shame we don’t have more ex arsenal in arsenal hierarchy. Adams has shown interest again and again, why doesn’t he come in, even if it’s just to help Charlie George pull pints?? Bergkamp would bring a fantastic link to tap the potential of the Ajax youth academy.

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  2. gift

    Please plis @ admin or anybody can u tel me for the past 20 yrs or 30 yrs the amount of trophy arsenal, chelsea, manu and mancity hav lifted, someone is bragging dat chelsea and man u hav lifted more trophy dan us plis i nid the stat @ admin or anybody, or u can tel me the site were i can find the statistics plis i nid it. Tnkx

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  3. Kjacko

    Viera should be working for Arsenal it angers me that he is at Man City and Arsenal dont do enough to get ex-legends working for the club. Bergkamp also.

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  4. Allan

    I was gutted when Wenger didnt allow him to return to the club when he retired.

    Viera might not be a nice person but hes a total winner he will not take 2nd best.

    We also need more ex arsenal players to install the clubs beliefs in our players.

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  5. Jambo

    @cut – Charlie George does the tours of the Emirites – he is one of the Ambassadors of the club.

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  6. Gunner

    The same guy that was pushing for a move in his last 4 seasons with us? The same guy that made stupid comments after we didn’t give hima role at the club? The same guy that joined City? The same guy that told Fabregas he should leave? The same guy that said Arsemal won’t win anything any time soon. Well I say NO. Go Fu*k off back to France or wherever we don’t wanna see ya u greedy stingy m o t h e r f u c k I n g p r I c k.

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  7. Briano

    @Gunner…shut up you dickhead!!Vieira gave honest options when asked about things.And he was right on nearly all of them.Some gunners like you hate the truth!!!

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  8. craig2500

    Dut be stupid they pay him a fortune at City and off the books he probably gets back handers with help signing french players. Didn’t Bob say it was a mistake getting Dennis when out of the two he has been begging to join Arsenal with no luck, Viera picked a side and he will stay their reaping the rewards in his bank balance like all the other former Arsenal players, for me this role should go to a true gooner, Dennis B.

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  9. craig2500

    @ Gift, trophy stakes are

    Man Utd

    then miles behinds are Chelsea and Man City, although Chelsea do have the champions league which provides a gaping whole in our trophy cabinet.

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  10. Steve H

    Sorry to some of you. i agree with gunner!. great player for us, but a tosserhe had he’s chance to come back to us,and shafted us again for money. yeah loves this club he does!!.for me it’s Dennis class as player class as a man.full stop

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  11. Vlad

    Bergkamp is a much better choice in my opinion, as he already plays a similar role at Ajax. And, I would really love to see him managing Arsenal down the road, so it would just make things easier and more natural.

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  12. PatLloyd

    Bergkamp should be Arsenes assistant (Boulds made the defence even worse), and viera ‘footballing director’ to encourage Wenger to spend. Wouldnt mind seeing Tony Adams as a defensive coach either, he’d soon whip em into shape

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  13. arse

    cmon i hear sum fans ar goin at viera cuz of his comments he said in the past but who cares cuz he was an awesome player and won trophies i would rather hav viera talkin crap about arsenal than stuart robson who is a nobody

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  14. dan

    Pat loyd your being harsh on bould he has not been able to work with the defence as much as he would like wenger still runs the show and lets him have very little input thats why they fell out still believe given the chance bould could make the defence defend better as a unit he just needs wenger to give him the chance!

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  15. Jeff

    Bould is doing fine with the defense. It’s not our shape causing problems, it’s a lack of coordination. Players are falling all over the place, that’s not boulds fault. They need to stop watering the pitch as heavily as they do before games maybe??? It’s not just sanga falling over either, they are all doing it.

    The only shape problem I see is when both fullbacks go forward at the same time. That needs to stop but I think that’s wenger trying to be too attacking. Need to sort that asap

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  16. TrueGunner82

    what should happen is Lehmann to be the goalkeeper coach, Adams/Keown/winterburn as the defencive coach, viera as midfeild coach and henry as striking coach. their all young-ish and could spend 20 years+ at arsenal develping the team.

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