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Would Arsenal fans prefer Giroud or Vardy next season?

In the build up to Arsenal facing the reigning Premier League champions Leicester City at the Emirates, Arsene Wenger was asked by the football press about his transfer bid for the Foxes striker Jamie Vardy last summer, and how much he regrets the decision of the England international to turn down a move to the Gunners.

The Frenchman did not want to go into too much detail, as the Arsenal website reported, but put it down to a normal part of his job, but you have to assume that he was a little surprised that Arsenal could not attract a player who came from the lower league and who probably has just a few years left at the the peak of his game.

Wenger said, “Transfers, successful or not successful, are part of it. You accept you are in a job where you have to accept the decisions of the players and he made that decision, that I respect completely. After, you move forward and you look at something else.

“It was one of the strikers we had [in our mind] but when you come to a big club you cannot guarantee [being the main striker] to anybody.”

Vardy had a very slow start to the new season as the team struggled to reach the heights of last year, but the new Foxes’ boss Craig Shakespeare thinks that Vardy is back in top form, and was not affected by Wenger’s bid for him in the summer. “Thankfully he chose us and I don’t think it [the Arsenal interest] was the reason for the slow start because he wasn’t the only one,” Shakespeare said. “At the moment, he’s banging in the goals and we need that to continue from now to the end of the season.

“I’m reluctant to say he’s back to his absolute best as I want more from him, but his goalscoring of late has been very good. I think strikers go through purple patches, then there are the dark times when whatever they hit doesn’t go in. Now you see a player full of confidence and full of running, we need a Jamie Vardy threatening defenders, getting on the shoulders and being a goal threat as well.”

In the same Arsenal article, Wenger also spoke about Olivier Giroud and the Arsenal transfer rumours linking him to the French club Marseille, declaring that he had not been contacted and that he wanted the big centre forward to stay. “I have had no approach from Marseille and we want to keep Olivier Giroud at the club,” said Wenger. So does that mean that he is not looking to make a big striker signing this summer?

I would hope not and be surprised if that was the case, but I wonder if the boss is thinking of trying again for Vardy. We know that he is a fan or he would not have bid last summer, and Wenger would not have to win the jackpot at a real money casino to get him this summer as the price should be greatly reduced, considering that Vardy is now 30 and has only scored 11 League goals in the current campaign. I also think that as much as Wenger may regret Vardy’s decision not to come to Arsenal last season, the player probably does even more so and may well be more willing to come to north London this summer after the problems Leicester have had this year.

Do you think Arsenal should try to sign Vardy again?


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24 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans prefer Giroud or Vardy next season?

    1. Break-on-through

      500/1 for st. tott day to happen this season. That’s only half the odds all those fans got with Leicester. I know what a Leicester fan would do if they were in our position, I might put forty quid on it just in case, because I’d be sick if it happened and missed out on that. I don’t think it will happen, not in the slightest, but neither did the Leicester fans.

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Can I pick neither??
    They are both ?? and we need someone a lot more exciting,if that’s possible? ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Now Mbappe would make me Happy!
      His Young,strong, Fast, quick feet and has already proven that he can do the business in the champions league too.?
      This kid is a beast in the making and has the potential to be better than Henry.

      ???? ” If your Mbappe and you know it, clap your hands” ???

        1. Frank


          To be honest I think the only way Wenger can win back some of the fans (not me) is if he makes a statement of intent and signs either Mbappe or Griezmann or Aubameyang ok Lukaku or Messi

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    We should get another forward who is better than either of them.

    To win the PL you need at least two top quality forwards.
    Chelsea has both Hazard and Costa

    If Alexis stays then:
    If Alexis is our CF get a Top winger
    If Alexis is our LW get a prolific CF

    If Alexis leaves then get two top forwards

    And for the love of God get a Top DM
    12 years is long enough wait

  3. ThirdManJW

    Neither! Although there’s probably a worse option out at there, who I’m sure Wenger will find if he stays.

  4. Break-on-through

    There seemed to be little in the way of choice last season. Higuain, Hernandez, Lacazette, seemed to be the most attainable ones. I would have went for each one of those in that order.

    Higuain too expensive for a thirty year old come summer.
    Lacazette we tried for, didn’t offer enough and don’t know if they’d have sold him anyway. Hernandez would have been a good buy, he’s a team player and he knows how to bide his time.

    I wouldn’t want Vardy now, he was on a free last year that prob made it a little more appealing to Wenger, I think he (Wenger) wanted more players but wanted to not go over our budget also. I would have been keen to see Alexis and Vardy hustle some defenders off the ball, now we need to aim allot higher though.

    Lacazette seems to have improved, the one in Scotland knows where the net is too, and there’s the next Henry as they say. Italy has some good strikers, Juve are prob regretting spending all that money unless Higuain helps them to the CL trophy, I’d say they have their eye on Balotti. There could be movement at the biggest clubs too, Aubameyang, Muller, Greizmann, so a game of musical chairs could pursue. We need to have our target then go in quickly, don’t scrooge, and not take no for answer.

  5. I elect Vanpayslip presidential MC

    No more Giroud please. Watching him all these years is now becoming torture.

  6. John0711

    Imagine a front 3 of Mbappe Sanchez and Lukaka

    yes i know its not fifa and we wont spend that much but just imagine

    a BIG club would imagine it, yet we imagine Walcott, Giroud and Welbz

    personally i dont want Ozil to stay, my reasons are hes lazy, and doesnt track or have enough heart

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      That’s Dreamteam material mate. ?
      And you wouldn’t get much change left over from that supposedly £200 million war chest, that’s supposedly available ??
      But hey, I would blow it all on those two strikers.

  7. Yossarian

    No thanks. Going in for Vardy again would show a real lack of ambition. There are much better strikers that Arsenal can afford to buy. Giroud scores some useful goals and I’d be happy to keep him, but only as a back-up / super-sub type player.

  8. Janssen

    There was time I considered us a top club and having had the privilege of watching some of the world’s best strikers albeit all a bit different in Ian Wright, Dennis, Henry, RVP, (even Anelka was not bad) I assumed we would continue to look for the world best strikers.

    Now I realize that we are not that club and expecting us to bring strikers of the caliber mentioned above simply is not realistic under Wenger. He has had the money in recent years but clearly doesn’t rate the position.

    I would like neither Vardy nor Giroud but if I was forced to chose between only those two options I would chose Vardy simply because his game is more complete that Giroud’s IMO.

  9. citrenoogeht

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been impressed by Mbappe so far this season but for what he would cost plus his lack of experience, I think that it is a risk too far and would rather go for an experienced proven striker like Lacazette.

    1. Tony

      for a player who scoring goals for fun?….how did the likes of messi,ronaldo,rooney and sanchez start?…you just need a good coach who can turn this guy to a world class beast and sorry to say buh wenger is not.


    Giroud and Vardy are not good enough Arsenal need a TOP Class Striker not another cheap want to be Striker. WENGER and the BOARD OUT.

  11. Inkfight

    I’m assuming we manage to hold on to Alexis Sanchez for the coming season.

    Out of Giroud & Vardy, the choice is very straight forward – Giroud, with the right manager / tactics, he is one of the best options to bring off the bench.

    Looking at our other strikers / forwards:

    Walcott – Once again a good option to have in the squad, but have given up on him to find any sort of consistency or maturity. At least we have seen something from Oxlade-Chamberlain this season, he performed well in both mid-field and lately as a wing-back. If anything, it shows he has the desire to grab his chance.

    Welbeck – Pointless keeping him around. Doesn’t really offer goals despite his pace and strength and is hardly ever fit anyway.

    Perez – Injured lately and not given a fair chance by Wenger. Would be surprised if he wants to be at the club next season.

    Sonogo – No.

    Potential signings:

    While we all want us to sign Henry’s heir, Mbappe, I just don’t see us being in the race with the player’s profile going through the roof this season.

    Strikers: Realistically, at least one, or ideally two of the following are definitely worth considering – Icardi (24), Lacazette (25) & Moussa Dembele (20).

    Left-back: Apparently we have signed Kolasinac (sp?) on a free, otherwise Rodriguez (Wolfsburg) is a good option. Monreal will be more useful as a squad player going forward, but we cannot count on Gibbs anymore. Hasn’t progressed and hardly ever fit for any prolonged period of time.

    Mid-fielder: Bakayoko (Monaco) would be the popular choice, whereas we are allegedly interested in Goretzka (Schalke). If it is just a Coquelin upgrade we are looking at, Romeo (Southampton) would be a decent option.

    Dream signing: Even though we’re well stocked at CB, if there is a chance, we must at least try to sign Virgil van Dijk, arguably the best CB in the PL.

    Out: Debuchy, Gibbs, Ospina, Sanogo, Welbeck, Coquelin.

    Recall: Szczesny & Wilshere.

    In: Icardi / Lacazette, Dembele, Goretzka, Kolsanic and van Dijk.

  12. gooner4life

    Vardy NO THANKS!!! We the fans want A WORLD CLASS striker. But we know we will not get one and will end up with some unknown wonder kid who will go out on loan and never pull on the red and white arsenal top.

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