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Arsenal to win battle but lose war with Man City?

When the smoke clears and the dust settles after the final whistle of the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Man City this evening, there will still be a couple of match days left before we even reach the halfway point of the season.

And with just a single point separating the two clubs before kick-off at the Emirates stadium, it would be daft to say that this game was a potential title decider. But it could certainly have a say in the eventual destination of the EPL trophy, especially if the Gunners win.

Three points for Arsenal would open up a four point gap on our big rivals and so it is encouraging for us fans to see that even pundits that are not usually very keen on Arsenal, such as the former spud Jamie Redknapp, are leaning towards a home win tonight.

In a Sky Sports report he says that the current form of our team and especially key players like Giroud, Ozil and Ramsey will be too much for the injury hit and out of form Man City.

Redknapp thinks it will be an open game and one that will suit us more than the visitors and let’s hope he is right. But before you start thinking that the pundit has been convinced by our quality, he also stated that he expected Man City to prove too strong for Arsenal over the course of the season, whether we win tonight or not.

Do you think Redknapp has a case or will Arsenal win the war as well as the battle?

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal to win battle but lose war with Man City?

  1. Twig

    We need to play a fast paced counterattacking game. I actually fancy starting with the OX to tire them out, then bringing on Campbell to finish them off in the 2nd half.

  2. Twig

    Although Sanchez is not as match fit as Walcott, Wenger will start Sanchez ahead of Walcott. Let’s see if we can read Wenger’s mind 😉

    Thumbs up if you think Wenger will fall for the charms of Sanchez and give him a start
    Thumbs down if you think Wenger will do the right thing and start Walcott instead

  3. Twig

    They say Wenger is unpredictable, so maybe he’ll start Sanchez and Walcott instead? 😮
    Thumbs up if you think Wenger will do the unpredictable 😀

  4. SoOpa AeoN

    Arsenal will beat Citeh Tonight………… And i will use this article as a Toilet Tissue paper


    Goodnews is ….i’ve Jinxed citeh

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      You best be asking Father Christmas to bring you a new phone then! ???

      ?+ ? + ?= @#@#ed ? and a soar ass!

  5. Nokia810

    By May the league title will be stripped off those ugly blue ribbons and replaced with the red and white ones!!!
    3-1 to the arsenal tonight.

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