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Arsenal told to pay £24m for transfer target! Should we pay?

There have been some Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few days that suggested that the deal to bring the young French midfielder Adrien Rabiot from PSG to Arsenal was all but done and dusted. However, it now seems that this is not quite the case, because his current club are demanding much more than Arsene Wenger wanted to pay for their talented player.

According to a Daily Star report, the French champions are demanding a massive £24 million fee for Rabiot, despite the 19-year old having entered the final year of his contract with them. So Wenger knows that he could possibly sign the central midfielder for nothing next summer, but that would leave Arsenal a bit light in midfield for another season unless we go for someone else, with Newcastle United’s Chieck Tiote being mentioned as an alternative.

Maybe PSG are playing tough because they know that we cannot really afford to wait, with the injury to Mikel Arteta sharpening our minds. There is no doubt that their asking price is too high, because of the contract issue, but if Wenger feels that Rabiot is the right player to add the energy and steel that we have missed in midfield, and his stats and videos on Youtube suggest that he is, should we not just cough up the cash?

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66 thoughts on “Arsenal told to pay £24m for transfer target! Should we pay?

    1. eXonic

      A few Millions more and we could get freakin’ Rollls Reus!

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        1. Gooneristic Truth

          No… Balotelli to Liverpool while we have Giroud & Sanogo is an example of Wenger being a big joke.

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    1. juhislihis

      Are we short on topics to write about? £24 millions for Rabiot who’s free next summer… reported by Daily Farce.. SMH

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  1. AYZAY

    If wenger thinks he’s worth it then let him pay, ( u all know wengers way)or?

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  2. rock88

    Carvalho can play CB and is big strong CDM
    Cavani may not be Ronaldo, Messi or Suarez but he can score more than 25 goals a season.

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  3. Jimbeam

    No way. Today there are some super players still available. Vidal, Khedira,Reus,Carvalho,Di Maria, Falcao and Cavani. We should get at least one of the above. Khedira seems to be available for 10M, add to that Reus at 30M and you got yourself a team. Ozil-Khedira-Reus would make a great Panzer Division.

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    1. rock88

      If Rabiot is worth 24 m with only one year left then useless Giroud is worth 100m.

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    2. SaveArsenal

      Why do you have the perennially injured Khedira on your list?

      Do you not read a players stats and just follow the press lead sheep?
      He missed 68 games for Real through injury, don’t want him.

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  4. rock88

    Manolas, Carvalho, Khedira, Reus, Cavani, Di Maria, Falcao plus many more might be available.

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  5. Twig

    Well, I don’t work at Arsenal’s Finance department. All I’m worried about is, is he a top, top, top, …., top player?

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    1. rock88

      Why because we will sign Rabiot for 24m. Giroud’s price surely must be 100m then.

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        1. Mesut O-thrilled

          that’s def something to be happy about, but just make sure the zipper works.

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  6. rock88

    Why not pay 15 m loan for Falcao with 35 m offer next season to sign permanently?

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    1. Me

      Clearly not because PSG would have tied him down to a big contract surely.

      We need defenders and a striker not another bloody midfielder.

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  7. Twig

    Is he a top player? Yes
    Can we afford it? Yes
    Would there still be money left for bibs and boots? Yes
    And protein shakes in the gym? Yes
    Click “Buy”
    Tomorrow will sort itself

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  8. Cal

    Slightly Off topic.

    As far as I can work out we have one foreign player slot available and that will be a center back presumably so surely any talk of Reus, Khedira etc is pointless until we lose someone. I’d happily be wrong about that if someone can correct me.

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  9. RSH

    24mill for a 19 year old with one year left on his contract? Sadly I do believe the report, because PSG are desperate to buy Di Maria, but need to sell first. But for 24mill, nobody will touch Rabiot, and he will go for free, so they better lower.

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  10. Kataza Markleon

    It’s just ridiculous to slap such huge amounts on a teenager who hardly got in the PSG first team due to the presence of Motta, Veratti, Matuidi and Cabaye. Arsenal should rather go for Chiek Tiote who is cheaper and better.

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  11. indiangooner

    de jong and axel witsel are ideal
    zenit just bought javi garcia so we could try for axel witsel
    mulumbu, jedinak, tiote, diame are also nice and cheap options

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Good shout on Witsel. He’s a battler, but whats his wage?

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  12. Ronny331

    @cal. Poldi will go for sure, and others to make way for CB, DM and maybe dare I say it Reus if we can pull it off!
    Got a gut feeling our DM could be British, (James McCarthy?)

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

    Just sell Podolski he has never been a 1st team player anyway……………. F*ck I hate to say that as I love him but he has never and will never be…………….

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    1. atid

      So who would you rather shift from the champions league A list, podolski? Or diaby, coquelin, miquel, zelalem, sanogo
      Or from the epl squad podolski? Or ryo, coquelin diaby.
      I want us to strengthen these squads, not weaken them. At the moment we have 1 place in the epl 25 man squad and too many weak players in both to even concern ourself with selling podolski.

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  14. Ronny331

    @indiangooner. Tiote would be okay, bit card prone though. I really like Jedinac, (<5m) leadership quality and physical in the middle of the park.

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  15. haywill

    usps has just delivered my new ori arsenal puma jacket 😀 😀 😀 form arsenal dot com shop oh oh and thats awesome

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  16. Ronny331

    Rabbiot – 24m, one word hilarious!
    Surely this is a nonsense rumour, no?

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  17. haywill

    its kinda expensive its 66 bucks 🙁 🙁 🙁
    and a little to big 🙁 🙁 🙁
    but thats okay cuz my chelsea and united fan mates got their jackets made in china and mine is from arsenal dot com 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Darwin

      write a letter to Arsene saying, “no more 40,000 + 1 million. now bid 40,000 + 66” and remember to show your receipt.

      on a serious note, congrats and enjoy the jacket bro…

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  18. Moreno

    He’s going to wait the last second to sign one more player so the press won’t be on him about signing more players …. smh… he knows we need 3 players to be competitive but he doesn’t care.

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  19. Archangel

    Double quiz:

    Who would you like the most lars bender khedira or carvalho

    Plus: thumb up for reus and thumb down for cavani

    Try to ela orate your answers

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  20. goonerwineverything


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  21. forever-Arsenal

    No thanks. We could get top experienced players for that amount

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  22. atid

    To complete the jigsaw

    Manolas Khedira cavani reus and a left sided Dm ala petit, that can also play left back.

    Loan out miquel, ryo, diaby, coquelin, sanogo, zelalem

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    1. forever-Arsenal

      If we get Cavani, we don’t really need Reus and vice versa as we have both Walcott and Sanchez. Wenger would never get both unless somebody was injured for the season.

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    2. Archangel

      So to complete the jigsaw you would just buy half of the first 11..write a letter to abramovic, maybe he has an opening for a football consultant on his team…

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  23. sanmi.marvellous

    ….with Haywill; never a dull moment
    ….with Arsene; only 2 signings still possible
    ….with God; everything is possible

    I don’t want to build high blood pressure for myself in advance before my darling team Arsenal starts dishing it out in the season proper. I am enjoying the transfer so far….

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  24. forever-Arsenal

    The three craziest rumors I’ve read
    1. Wenger to pay £80 million release clause of Higuain.
    2. Wenger set for double swoop of both Carvalho and Khedira
    3. Messi wanted to come to Arsenal this summer.

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  25. Invincibles49

    All i read in the article is ” BS BS..LOL..LOLWUT..WHAT A JOKE..MORE BS..BETTER JOKE..ROFL..LMFAO..NEXT PLEASE” . This is the same club which bought one of the world’d most mediocre Defender for 50 mil. Now they are demanding 24mil for a rabbit. I AM SHOCKED!!!

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  27. Kentox

    Life and its ” Ups & Down”
    We don’t need World class players to win trophies, we need a *”World Class Psychiatrist”* to help wenger !!!
    That’s the bitter truth.

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  28. Invincibles49

    I can wish Wenger could be a bit daring and practical against Everton in his team selection.
    1. Play Campbell upfront in place of Giroud. I am not going by his potential/talent. But the fact that this guy want to prove himself that he would give his 150% and that is what we want. He is a hungry tiger and a not a sleeping donkey or an awkward Giraffe.
    2. Play Ox from the left. His pace would wreck the Everton’s left side. And his high work rate would provide weak Monreal some assurance and protection. Both of which Cazorla can’t do.
    3. Play Santi behind Campbell. Santi is magical when played through middle and worse when played out wide and would leave Monreal dangerously exposed.
    4. Ramsey+Flamini in the middle,Sanchez on the right and the back 4 is obvious. So no thinking there.

    But i could only wish. We all know what would be Wenger’s team. Copy paste from the one he started against Besiktas except Arteta of course. Sigh!

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  29. rock88

    Arsenal need atleast 2 signings. CDM/CB playing player and a striker who can guarantee goals.

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  30. ronniec

    Another French player… another youngster.
    Good job Wenger. You are the only manager to do that. Good Job.

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  31. pubgooner

    Oh man! I am really panicking because the transfer window closes in next week. Seeing the last two games with current squad and what the opposition have it will be very tough even to finish in a fourth place. Somehow we have to get our message across to AW, there are are some steps to be taken. We are not too far away from achieving something, at least two world class players required, especially a striker. A good striker brings in confidence to the whole team. If you watched the Chelsea game, Costa was dominating the opposition side of the half with crisp passes and by creating spaces even if the midfielder were not able to. He kept on coming back to the half line to collect the ball. I just wish that we would sign somebody like Reus or Cavani, our 90% of problems may be solved.

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  32. ras911

    Haha hilarious farce this one. If Wenger wanted to play with a ”deep playmaker” like Arterta in DM, he should have simply bought back Fabregas. However he didn’t and he is trying to play Wilshere in that position where he obviously cannot play.

    Most of us including myself got our vision clouded by the signings of Sanchez, Debuchy and Chambers but it so clear now more than ever that we need a good striker and another player like Chambers who can play CDM/CB.

    To me, a loan or purchase of Remy would be fine but if we can bring in any top striker let’s do it. At this point i don’t even care, bring in Balotelli even! I’d rather see him score goals and get a silly red or yellow card here and there than clench my buttcheeks every time Giroud has the ball.

    I have long defended Giroud but after that performance against Besiktas, i apologize to all those that kept saying Giroud is sh*t. Yes he has helped us secure wins but he is not the kind of striker we can count on to lead us to a major trophy. I always hope he finds his spark and proves everybody wrong but that ship has long sailed.

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    1. Gigi2

      so…the guy has ONE lousy gam,e and you apologize for thise saying he is sh*t?
      I am an ARSENAL defender, that includes Giroud.
      But I have slammed palyers that are lousy, Gervinho for example.
      But, hey, Giroud slaters are NOT right.
      For ONE game they were, and if he KEEPS on playing like that, they WILL.
      but FFS, the guy scored 22 goals last season, didnt pick ONE INJURY, passed the ball for Ramsey to END our TROPHY drought, and put the game TO BED WITH HIS GOAL vs CITY for another silverware.

      hasta cuándo cirticando a Giroud FFS?

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      1. The Bounty Hunter

        Roma, and, Eden Hazzard do not agree with your opinion of Gervinho either.
        Problem with some fans is they make up their minds about a player and then ridicule him however he plays.
        Same went for Ramsey as well, now Jack.
        We have lost decent players because of the crowds responding badly when they play, and that, just makes them play even worse.
        Have some patience and support the team.
        All the vitriol does not get to Wenger, and, more importantly, will NOT have any effect on his opinions
        I know some do not rate certain players, but, it is getting a little tedious to read the same rubbish on EVERY post, even when the post has nothing to do with those players.
        Just please, try commenting on the post, and not just repeating the same thing over and over again every post that comes up.

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      2. ras911

        All that is very true. I always defended Giroud but realistically do you see him leading us to the EPL title alone? He is a decent striker but he hasn’t proven enough to be one to lead an attack. I am an Arsenal fan and a fan of Giroud but i won’t be deluded into thinking he is the right man for the job. He would be a quality sub or play well with support alongside him or a false 9. Last game simply showed all his weaknesses at once. Before it would be the miss of a siiter or not showing enough strength or pace. Last game he showed everyone how bad he could be. Count on future opponents to use this to their advantage and it is over. Pressure Giroud just enough and his game is ruined.

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        1. NY_Gunner

          You pressure”any” player “just enough” and their game is ruined…

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  33. arsenal-steve

    Absurd. He is not even the finished article. He is OK but not a very alpha, tough, dominating player like Sami Khedira and William Carvelho. Waste of time.

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  34. Gigi2

    I think Tiote is cheaper, has BPL experience, is a hard worker, is a starter in his national team.
    Oh and Wikipedia does list him as a DEFENSIVE midfielder…

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  35. gunnerup

    If we had paid wat Higuain was worth last season as our marque signing. And this season got Cesc back, although Ramsey will perfectly fulfill that. We would have been sorted. Only CDM wouldv needed improving. Another season of low goal tally it seems. . .so far. Hopefully our midfield will bear that burden.

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