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Arsenal transfer debate – Higuain or Dybala?

Although Arsene Wenger brushed off media questions about Arsenal transfer interest in the young striker Paulo Dybala from Palermo is Serie A, we all know that this does not mean that the Gunners are not interested. The Frenchman may well have been trying to calm all the media talk down, which the Palermo president seems intent on whipping into a frenzy.

Dybala himself suggested this week, as reported by Metro, that he would be moving on at the end of the season and Arsenal are still said to be one of the clubs in the running. But his transfer fee of nearly £30 million seems a bit steep, although he is said to have great promise.

Another option from Serie A has now presented itself according to another Metro report. And we know from two years ago that Wenger is an admirer of the Argentina international Gonzalo Higuain. In fact it was reported at the time that the deal to bring him to Arsenal from Real Madrid was done, before Napoli stepped in and offered well over the fee we had agreed.

But Rafa Benitez has failed to challenge Juventus for the Italian title and this season is not even in a Europa League position and so Higuain has had enough and is keen to move on. The report claims that Napoli want almost £35 million for him though.

So what do you think Gooners, should Arsenal be going for either of these strikers and if so, which one?

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer debate – Higuain or Dybala?

  1. rickrocket

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      1. jonestown1

        I think the thumbs down were for stating the bleeding obvious without attempting to answer the question.

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      2. Straussie

        was watching palermo vs milan a few hours and dybala looks fantastic.movement,pace,ball control,agility and for a little guy very strong aswell,hes young and oppisite to giroud and he wil most def be fantastic in 2years time if for us or another club but i think if we could get him we should but what do i know im just a fan

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        1. KickAssFan

          I agree with you. Sincerely, I’d go for Diabolic Dybala (yeah, I know, cool, isn’t it?). Just that I think they are asking for almost too much. But, hey, we all know he would cost a fortune if he were English.

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  2. juhislihis

    Higuain, no thanks. No resale value and £35 million for him is insanity.

    Dybala will enter final year of his contract next summer, he won’t cost +30 millions. Anyways I would play it safe..

    Buy Lacazette.

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    1. KickAssFan

      Lol! I like that “Verdict” stuff.

      Verdict: I like it.

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  3. fred cowardly

    id prefer Dybala or lacazette

    They are younger and very promising. Lacazette has scored 24 goals out of 27 League matches

    Higuain has scored 13 out of 28 League goals and 22 goals out of 44 total matches. He is also 27 which isn’t old but isn’t young either

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  4. GoonerG1

    Only two kinds of striker worth signing (1) a young guy who isn’t the finished product signed on potential or (2) someone who is clearly better than Giroud. There aren’t many guys who meet criteria 2 that we could realistically sign. Higuain is not better than Giroud and not worth anything close to 35 million.

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  5. andyarsenal05

    Dybala is good since he can start by playing on the right while maintaning Giroud as CF for next season. If Giroud dip in form then he can play as CF. I really like CHarlie Austin and so does Wenger. Wonder if Arsene going to go for him. HAHA

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I think Austin or Ings would excel in our set up…

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      1. Mick The Gooner

        Austin looks a really good striker. 16 pl goals at a relegation club like QPR is outstanding. Harry Kane has 19, but he’s at Spurs and has the likes of Eriksen feeding him chances. Austin has to feed on scraps, and still gets the goals. He’s a goalscorer, plain and simple. He’d score so many with Cazorla and Özil putting chances on a plate for him.

        Don’t think we’ll sign another striker this summer. Remember how reluctant Wenger was to buy a striker before Giroud’s broken leg forced his hand in buying Welbeck?

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  6. illiterate

    Off topic! Now for only Liverpool to loose their replay F.A Cup match against Blackback Rovers.

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  7. hunter

    Higuan ?Do we ever learn. If there ever was a mercenary .Higuain don’t care about any club. He wasted his career at Madrid trying to better Ronald and Benzema while clubs begged for his signature. And now that his position in the national side is being threatened by Tevez Whom in my opinion was always better than him, he’s feeling desperate again.

    He’d agree for a medical only to ditch you at the first sign of a better offer. Besides his stock will only go down from this moment in his career.

    I think I’ll pass

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    1. YingYang69

      Higuain never held anyone to ransom, he was at madrid since he was a kid and left at 25 or 26.. what about that seems unreasonable to you. Until one or two season before he left he was starter… hence he left, what about that is unreasonable. He had a strike rate of one in two for a long time… seems pretty reasonable to me.

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  8. Ks-Gunner

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      I do hope one day Wenger’s work will actually be appreciated for what it is. Compare us with Liverpool. Both big clubs with famous histories and great old stadiums. We moved to the Emirates, Liverpool stayed put at Anfield. Through 10 years of tough times Wenger kept us in the top 4. Could he have won more trophies? Probably a couple. But could we really compete with Chelsea and United and the money they spent? No, and any argument otherwise is deluded.

      Top 4 isn’t a trophy, but it’s invaluable nonetheless. Liverpool didn’t get the financial benefits of a new stadium, nor did they have a manager that could keep them in the Champions League. They fell out of it and they still haven’t been able to get back in regularly. What does that mean? They couldn’t sign top players. Rodgers admitted yesterday it will be difficult for them to sign top talent without CL football, and it’s difficult to hold on to their top talent like Sterling and Henderson. Even this year, being in the CL, they spent £100m and still couldn’t bring in the big names, because everyone knew they wouldn’t be able to consistently qualify for the CL. That’s why Alexis joined us instead.

      Compare that to us. We stayed in the CL and are widely known as a good team around Europe. Not a Barcelona or Bayern Munich, but a good team that every year qualifies, and where young players get a chance to play in a team with a unique style of play. We have a new stadium and top class facilities, we have enough money to pay the wages of top players and we’re now progressing and looking to compete for trophies again. A good, safe prospect for a top player to join, isn’t it?

      We could still be at Highbury dwelling in the past, like Liverpool are at Anfield. But because of the transformation the club underwent, we have a future. So what’s the point living in those 10 years? They’re history now. Wenger failed to win as many trophies as he could have done, but by no means has he done a bad job, he’s done a very good job. I questioned whether he should leave this summer, and if he had continued the way we were at the start of the season I’d have still said it was time for change, but he’s demonstrated that he has changed and we have a lot of promise moving forward. After delivering us through the tough times, he deserves his chance to take us through the good times again.

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  9. g00ner4lyf

    Higuain had his chance, we’re the ones in charge now.

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  10. French

    I’d prefer dymbala. Higuain is a fantastic striker. He’s an Özil type player, in that it’s the little things he does throughout a game that make him so special, but I think we need a younger type player with upside then an established star right now.

    With Giroud in such good form I wouldn’t replace him with Higuain and I doubt he’s a player happy to wait on the bench.

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  11. ArseOverTit


    Higuains powers lessen where as Dybala’s can only get greater and more potent.

    Sign him now before someone else gets out the cheque book and starts a bidding war.

    Cheap @ €30 mil IMO. sooooooo much talent.

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  12. Wilshegz

    Dybala and Lacazette = One season wonder, unproven at the highest level for club n country.

    Higuain = Consistent performer, Proven at the highest club and country level consistently,
    played and shone in two different leagues.

    I’ll take Higuain; he is a surer bet not to flop unlike Dybala.
    His experience is invaluable combined with him being better than Giroud, forget form…I’m talking class.

    Plus we alrdy have one for the future in Welbeck we dnt need another. What we need now are proven worldclass players not potential-stars or one cson wonders.

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    1. GoonAR

      One season wonder? He scored 15 goals in 2013/14. I don’t argue that he is young and relatively unproven but a one season wonder is a bit harsh when referring to Lacazette.

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      1. YingYang69

        Wilshegz… i dont no why the negative responses unless its Gooners sticking up for Giroud but almost all Gooners admit a need for another striker and reasons you gave of choosing Higuain over the young pretenders is true. They (young pretenders) may well prove to be exceptional in time but like you say Higuain is a surer bet and experienced so am at a loss?

        I read someone on here say with some people all they want is the shiniest new toy, going by all the calls for previous gossip/transfers over the last two three seasons has taught these people nothing.

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  13. V.uren

    Stuff higuain !!!!!

    He had his chance to sign, he chose a substandard Italian league instead …. Go sit on the bench for Chelsea ya cretin !

    We got GIROUD anyway !

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  14. Banga11

    I think the name that’d make everyone smile is Marco Reus!

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