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Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Morata, Manolas, Bentancur, Gundogan, Szczesny future

Leicester City tightened their grip on the Premier League with a win today, so with very little to excite ourselves about this term, we though we’d look ahead to the upcoming transfer window.

Wenger is claimed to be eyeing Morata’s signature, and Alexis is now claimed to be pushing for his arrival in the coming window. The striker talked up a potential switch to England in the future, but in reality, he is still early into his Juventus contract, and I don’t foresee him moving before the start of next season.

Kostas Manolas is believed to have been on our radar for some time, and is now said to be a priority signing for Wenger, but he confirmed recently that he has a number of players in mind, but he is not set on any particular player as of yet, and centre-back is not our weakest position currently either.

We are also claimed to be keeping tabs on Boca Juniors’ wonderkid Rodrigo Bentancur, who is enjoying his first-team role in the Argentine top division. Juventus are said to have first refusal on the 18 year-old’s signature, so I wouldn’t get too excited about our chances of bringing him to North London.

Gundogan has long-been linked with a switch to our club,but now Pep Guardiola is said to be putting the moves in to bring him to Manchester. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder is believed to be keen on moving clubs in the near future, but we all know that Man City don’t generally task their managers with transfer dealings, so the bulk of this story can be ruled out.

The most realistic story stems around Wojciech Szczesny. The goalkeeper is claimed to have decided that he wants to stay with Roma until the end of next season, before returning to challenge Petr Cech for a first-team role for the following season. The Polish international has revealed his love for our club on more than one occasion, and refuses to give up on his hopes of earning a regular role in our team.

I would love to see Morata join our attacking line, but i think we are relying on too many occurrences for that to happen… Can you see any of these rumours becoming truths?

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Morata, Manolas, Bentancur, Gundogan, Szczesny future

    1. almostawinner

      i wont believe any of this. happens every year at this time. when we’re out. to get AFC sucker fans to buy season tix. when we see the players play, then i will believe.

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      1. RedLondon

        Everyone and their mum knows we need a new CB, new DM and a CF, ironic how Wenger has been spending yet we STILL lack the players in the same positions.

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        1. Arsenal007

          Arsenal has continued to do the same old rubbish every year.
          We’ve always lost our seasons from the transfer window.
          I promise you…give it a while, and Wenger will come up with a statement of how he nearly signed Vardy…NEARLY MAN.
          Arsenal is doomed as long as we continue in this path. Immediately we are out of the contest, we start getting liked with high profile players. Same rubbish different year.

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  1. Aussie Jack

    What`s the difference between Leicester and Arsenal? Maybe Leicester have two things Arsenal don`t…..a captain and a striker?

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    1. ArseOverTit

      Two more:

      A good manager (system, man management and motivation)

      A board that wants the club to succeed on the pitch and is why they have put millions of their own money into the club to try to do so.

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  2. kzm

    My heart is broken,I can’t believe how I lied to myself that we still had a chance. mxm. I don’t know what hurts more seeing Tottenham succeed or our own downfall. Yesterday I tunned in at the exact moment Vardy scored Leicester’s first goal ,second time in two weeks it has happened. It hurts being an Arsenal fan

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    It’d be fair to say Arsenal are not ready to change

    spoon fed same Bs season by season!

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  4. ArseOverTit

    Wenger out , then let’s talk about building a ‘new’ team/s for the next 12 years..

    Otherwise FO

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  5. ArseOverTit

    Leicester story:


    Well done (presumptuous I know) Leicester!

    I envy:

    – your board
    – your play
    – your togetherness
    – your TEAM
    – your manager (tactician)

    Not quiet at the scale of Nottingham Forest and Brian Clough but still a gargantuan effort.

    Hats off!

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    1. Trevor

      Lets see if you’ll still say that after the next two seasons. My guess is they’ll be around the Southampton mark. Iv been paying close attention to them lately, and I can honestly say that their is a serious lack of quality in the team. You watch us and the quality is there for people to see, mistakes are another thing though. Leicester basically play hit and hope football, hitting everything forward and mostly long then having Vardy run after it. Yesterday I was amazed with what I was watching, this is whats going to win the league?, but it worked again. They just fire things forward and then hope the bobble or bounce is in there favor or that the other side make a mistake in trying to stop or control it ..seriously amazed with these fingers crossed type tactics and headless chicken running along with good work running. If someone wanted to stop Leicester winning the tile all they would of had to do is injure J Vardy when they got a chance, it’s been done to us over the years.

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    and add to it……… Leicester are proof that a Team can go 6 games unbeaten in a row (not just unbeaten, but winning em all)

    so hats off to em……Lets see if they would succumb to pressures from westham (same team we crumbled like a pack of playing cards against)

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    1. ArseOverTit

      It’s possible but I doubt it. They are made of stronger stuff!

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  7. infumous25

    I would love to see Morata at Arsenal we should look to get him anyway possible (would be a good asset)

    I stand by what I have said about Szczesny he should go and we can get a better younger keeper to bread into the squad.

    I have read that we are looking at Marquinhos who I would prefer over Manolas. Marquinhos is everything Gabriel will be now (Fast, Understand more english, tackling, awareness)

    IF Gundogan is going we NEED to put a Serious offer down for him, he is game changing CM/ CDM alot of experience young and eager.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Gundagan is the perfect arteta replacement and he is an upgrade to a similar player in wilshire

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  8. SoOpa AeoN

    Boy……….i dn’t want any more player shopping under this man (wenger)

    He’s already shown his inconsistency in the transfer window…….with all his sanogo-prototype signings and sometomes neglecting the whole window….
    Pointless relying on a camel and hoping it one day runs like a horse!

    The board may be only after the money (we don’t care)…. Give em the money, but not performing in the areas of football(Tactically, player management, motivation) or getting the desired players needed to bring in trophies is Unforgiveable and un-understandable!

    U dn’t need to spend millions (Leicester us proof)
    U need tactics (Leicester is proof)
    U need the desired players in key areas (Leicester is proof)
    U need cohesion in the team (Leicester is proof)
    U need manager motivation (Leicester is proof)
    U need to set a target/mark (Leicester is proof)


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  9. BUR

    No use posting about the “probables” that Arsenal might buy next season until you get rid of the problem which is wenger. Until then don’t waste ink.

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  10. Gooner Craig

    Gundogan is going City, Manolas is going Chelsea, so forget them 2 rumours! All the others are either media talk

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  11. supertuur

    Xhaka is what we need in Midfield. Bring Toral and Hayden in as backups. We should sell Theo and maybe Ramsey to get funds to buy a Striker and Central Defender. Also get 2 young ones fro LB and RB. That is 5 in total.

    * Lukaku
    * Morata
    * Lacazette

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  12. Midkemma

    Depends on sales is my guess.

    I would guess that Wenger will be given around ¬£40 mil on players BUT he won’t actually do the negotiations, that is what Gazidis is for. Dein done it when Wenger arrived and that is why we done so well in transfers in Wengers early years, Dein is a true Arsenal man.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Theo and/or Ox move on if we do get a couple big names in.

    Otherwise I would guess we get 1 marquee signing and about 3-4 fringe players.

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  13. jermaineBryan

    St lukaku, Morata, lacazette
    Fwd yarmelenko or mhikhytarian
    Cm xhaka or Gundagan
    Dm Idrissa gauye
    Lb ghoulam or amouvi
    CB umtiti, van dijk or manolas
    Gk yan sommer

    Out= Sanogoo,Walcott,Rosicky,arteta,flamini, Gibbs,debuchy, Mertesacker, ospina, szezney

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