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Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Destro, Paulista, Dybala and Suarez

We are just past the half-way stage of Arsenal’s winter transfer window, and as we await final confirmation of 17 year-old Krystian Bielik’s long-awaited capture, we look to our other targets who could give a more immediate boost to our first-team squad.

Gabriel Paulista claims that his agent is in talks with the Emirates club in a bid to thrash out a January move from Villareal, with the club reportedly keen on Joel Campbell arriving on loan as part of the deal.

It would not be the first time an agent had lied, but I think there is substance behind reports. The £5 Million fee however seems rather low for a first-team player of a club chasing the European qualification places at present.

Campbell’s possible loan to Villareal is what leads us to the move for Destro. Mattia Destro has admitted previously he may have to force a move away from Roma in order to further his career, having been forced to play second-fiddle to favoured pairing Gervinho and Francesco Totti, despite having netted more league goals than the pair. However, with the Ivory Coast international away at the African Cup of Nations, I believe the Italian is highly unlikely to be allowed to move on until at least the summer.

The Palermo president has claimed that English clubs are interested in Paulo Dybala, with various reports crediting us as one of those clubs, but also insisted he would only be available in the summer, for over £30 Million. Dybala has been described by Zamperini as the ‘new Aguero’ and as the ‘best striker in Europe at the moment’, but with his sale ruled out until the the end of the season, we will have to come back to this at a later date.

Mario Suarez is a player who I would love to see move to the Emirates and take up the deep-lying midfielder role, and The Express thinks this is now likely. We have lacked a star (until the recent renaissance of Coquelin) who can link midfield to defence for some time now. With the La Liga holders considered to be in financial difficulty, we might just be able to persuade Atletico Madrid to sell at a reasonable price.

The only negative for Mario, is that he turns 28 next month, which is near the limit for an Arsene Wenger signing usually. Paulista’s possible move will most likely be ruled out or furthered by the weekend, while our hunt for a first-team holding player will most likely drag until deadline day, or until the summer…

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Destro, Paulista, Dybala and Suarez

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    well we are lucky to win…

    City has 2 players unfit and another 2-3 players out injured……

    come next big game fans will be shouting Wenger out and Coquelin not good enough…..etc

    We still need to spend and Wenger still have to leave with immediate effect

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      How did you guys miss this transfer TRUTH.
      “A strange claim in the Italian and Spanish media on Monday was that Hector Bellerin could be heading for the Arsenal exit door, that’s if Getafe get their way”
      Source:Sports Witness

      Damn Bellerin, we just learned to love you.

  2. SUNNY13

    Can not say much about these players as Wenger and staffs are the one who can identify talent of teen ager, we can only comment on experienced players by seeing their videos.
    In Wenger I trust to unearth raw talents as he has been doing for many many years.
    Buying raw talents is also a very important aspect of a successful club

  3. butters

    If Wenger were to leave the club, can anyone name a manager who would replace us? and are available?

    1. Hafiz Rahman


      Klopp, Simone, Blanc,Moyes, Martinez, Rogers, Mourinho, Pellegrini, Ancelloti etc……

      these are world class championship or medal winning managers

        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

          Hey he put Brendan Roger in there as available. Rumours?

          I think Hafiz is the person who gets jealous if his neighbor buys a new car

      1. carmiran

        Moyes?,Martinez?, Rodgers????…really? even Klopp is putting his qualities on doubt lately…rumours from germany are that he thinks he’s bigger than the football club…be careful what you wish for, sometimes ” the remedy is worst than the illness”…

  4. Hafiz Rahman

    a transfer window is meant for a club to spend and strengthen the team…..

    to catch up or to maintain their position….

    till now we have yet to spend a single cent…….

    time to go Wenger !!!

    1. lewiswhittaker

      @ hafiz rahman, you make me laugh. every manager around the world respects wenger and what he does. top players like Ozil and sanchez want to play under him. yet all you do is slag him, you must be awesome on football manager.

      his reputation of buying players(with limited funds) has been the best in the league, if not the world. if anyone knows how to buy and what he has got within the squad already then he does.

      he needs a defender but he has stated that himself, I’m sure he will buy someone who is right and what we need.

  5. ArseneIsYourDaddy

    Jan 19: 11:41PM….No transfer news
    Jan 19: 11:42PM….No transfer news
    Jan 19: 11:43PM….No transfer news

    What is the hell is Wenger waiting for …

    Aaaaahh see, David Dein would have hired Hafiz Rahman and bought 18 players by now.

    1. bomber

      Yah – Hafiz…he was once a Leeds fan but ummm that didn’t turn out to well. Then he moved onto the Rangers….and ummm…

      I’m going to start compiling the names Hafiz has wanted and have been absolute garbage. It’s a lengthy list.

      Hafiz is secretly a Chelsea/City supporter…but with gas prices falling…that might change soon as well.

  6. cheeterspotter

    If you don’t agree with a blogger ignore him/her or put your side of the argument. Don’t resort to those tossers that spew out bile.Leave that to the sado dickheads in the world.

  7. supertuur

    Martinez might be available soon the way that Everton are playing.

    Top dogs for coach: Simeone or Guardiola. Doubt they will join.

    Long term I would love to see someone like: Frank the Boer with Bergkamp. The Koeman brothers are doing great work as well at Southampton.

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