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Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Destro, Perin, Gomis, Bielik and Carvalho

We are nearly two weeks into the winter transfer window, and we are appear to be close to the signatures of two stars.

We have widely acknowledged the fact that we are attempting to sign Legia Warsaw youngster Krystian Bielik. The recently turned 17 year-old has admitted he made the decision to join us this month, but Arsene Wenger has been trying to play hard-ball in the market previously, but with the emergence of Hamburg as rivals, we now appear to be taking the Polish club seriously. The Times are claiming we have sent a key member of our back-room staff over to Poland to shore up the deal.

Another defensive midfielder who we appear to be closing in on, is 22 year-old William Carvalho, who has been on our radar for some time now, and is desperate to seal a move to England. Arsene Wenger has been a keen admirer of the Sporting youngster, and has the opportunity to bring him to the Emirates this month for £25 Million, although I’m not certain that Wenger believes he is ready to take up a place in our first-team squad just yet.

A new one for me, is the latest rumour linking us with a move for Mattia Perin, who is being described as the ‘new Gigi Buffon’. We are claimed to be lining up a £12 Million move for the 22 year-old to take over from Wojciech Sczcesny in goal, who has put in some questionable performances this season I wouldn’t be surprised however if this latest rumour was simply thought of after the similarly-named Loic Perrin’s signature was ruled out…

Roma striker Mattia Destro has admitted he is considering a move away from the Serie A club, after months of being linked with our club. The forward has operated as the club’s third-choice in attack, behind Gunners flop Gervinho and veteran 38 year-old Francesco Totti. Having allowed Yaya Sanogo and Lukas Podolski to leave on loan, with the expected departure of Joel Campbell also, does this mean we will need to bolster our options?

Bafetimbi Gomis has claimed his agents are in talks with various clubs for his signature, and mentions ‘one very big club’ are interested in him. The 29 year-old is a little old for Arsene Wenger to be considering buying in reality, with the French boss unlikely to invest on a short-term fix.

If you believe the reports, we will be signing Carvalho and Bielik in the next fortnight, although I’m not so sure on the former’s arrival. As for the rest, I don’t believe Wenger is shipping out three players on loan, in order to bring in more headaches for the end of the season, and he has claimed he is not interested in bringing in any goalkeepers in recent weeks already.

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Destro, Perin, Gomis, Bielik and Carvalho

  1. SUNNY13

    Can not say wheather Carvalioo would be good or bad signing. Morgan Schliderine should be the one for me. Although Morgan would not be available in this window, I would rather wait for him in the summer, he will definitely move to a new club and Man U are interested in him. It would be another painful pill to swallow if we need to see in Man u shirt dominating the midfiled.

    Right now we are in dire need of a Center Back.
    Wenger can be little tuff and cancel Jenkinson loan move.

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    1. antiwenger

      Wait for him in the summer after we have finished 6th,and you think he would still want to join us?Hilarious. If we don’t strengthen now,we won’t make top four,that’s the harsh reality.

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    2. supertuur

      We have a chance of signing Schneiderlin in summer if we stay in the Top 4 and Man United stays out of the top 4. Then we can offer CL football.

      However another scenario I could see is ManU making a ridiculous offer now, £40 mil for Schneiderlin to secure their place in top 4. This would weaken Southhampton and give us also a better chance for top 4 position.

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      1. ArseOverTit

        Man U are some other team will but Schneiderlien this window and will pay a slightly inflated fee to do so.

        Why wait? Always waiting, looking to see what happens and falling behind like some passive bystander. Quick and the dead.

        Anyhow whose to say his price won’t be hugely inflated come summer anyway?

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        1. ArseOverTit

          Put another way , we paid what £42 mil for Ozil. I like Ozil and he is no doubt talented but I bet if we signed Schneiderlein for somewhere there are there abouts he would have a bigger and quicker impact on our season than Mesut has had..

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  2. cheeterspotter

    The only player I want to see we’ve managed to buy is Done Deal.What a relief and change that would be.

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    1. vijaygunner

      DONE DEAL arsenal resign Kim Kallstorm and this time on a 5 yr contract

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      1. Ozzy AFC

        WHAT????? Kallstrom?? has he ever played for us??and while I’m at it what the F@ck are we doing keeping Diaby on the books ? the man will NEVER play consistent competitive football again

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    comparing arsenal’s transfer rumour of yesterday to today’s…… Player list for YESTERDAY:
    sissoko (OUT)
    schnerderlin (OUT)

    PLayer List for TODAY:
    Perrin (IN)
    gomis (IN)
    destro (IN).

    Don’t worry, we’d bring you another edition of the rumours tommorow…..stay Tuned!

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  4. rpk

    Out of all rumours, I like:
    Bielik: Young and looks promising. Obviously cheap.
    IIkay Gundogaon: This would be our best buy. Superb ball control, long range pass, good athlete and played vital role in BVB’s CL journey to final. He’s German.
    Morgan schenderlin: Awesome player. Playing pivotal role in southamton success in two successive season. Not a fluke. He will not leave Jan for sure. Unless someone pays huge huge offer.
    Wanyama: Most ppl wanted him to come to Arsenal in the summer. Most ppl suggested he will not be successful in EPL., he proved them wrong. Good athete, powerful, good ball control. I would like us to buy him rather than Morgan, he is bit in shadow bcoz of Morgan, but he has immense talent.

    Remember, next season, we will not be having Arteta, Rosicky(I would give him another year) and Flamini. We should replace him with great players not the average ones if we really want to win trophies.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Beilek to replace Ollssen
      Coqulan should get a new deal to take over from flamini
      Gundegan is a perfect arteta replacement
      Sissokko is a perfect diaby replacement
      If we can’t keep Rosicky I would go for Roberto firmino/falqkir from Lyon
      If podolski is sold aswell as ryo then Lacazette would make a great replacement.
      Nkoulou for cb
      #serious competition for places#

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  5. rpk

    I bet wenger will go for loan. Bielik’s is almost done as per Independent and Telegraph. Not from Dailymail or some crap newspapers.!! Wenger is clearing forwards, Poldi and Sanogo gone. Will he be getting cavani loan?? Cavani looks frustrated, PSG even fined him. Lets loan him and try out. If he is succesful, we can buy him otherwise ManU will go for him.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    2. Usmanov

      So Cavani is unsettled at PSG, eh? Usually we know what happens afterwards in situations like this. Read somewhere that he bought a new house in Italy. And people are saying he could be part of a deal that might see him move to Juventus and Pogba moving the other way to PSG. Pogba will only move (if ever he moves at all) in the summer ofcourse.
      I’m not so obsessed with Cavani any longer. Alexis Sanchez has taken that special place in my heart. Now I am obsessed with ALEXIS F**KING SANCHEZZZZ!

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    unless we pay 30m or more none will be available in Jan…..

    Wanayama is a world class and very experience player at 21yo….every top club is interested in.him real barca bayern chelsea etc….

    hes so good that he can make multiple tackles at once, break ankles, fly, block goals and score goals and many more…..

    simply must sign player….theres nothing he cant do….

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    1. rpk

      Dude you aren’t sarcastic today?! wat happened? Without ur sarcasm, this website looks awful………..

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      1. Usmanov

        Hafiz Rahman is the ultimate king of sarcasm and trolling… there’s definitely no one badder.

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    2. Ozzy AFC

      Wasn’t Wamyama in the frame for us several seasons ago? judt proves that Wenger has no real eye for talent, instead we go “Yaya Nogoals”

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      1. jermaineBryan

        Wanyama wasn’t starting material then he is at a team were he plays week in week out and will learn the prem better.

        Sanogoo is a talented boy and just needs composure infront of goal.

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  7. davidnz

    4th in the League.
    Winning the FA cup.
    Going deep into the ECL.
    Thats my order.
    What is your order.
    (Free chips with all orders)

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    1. ArseOverTit

      5th in League
      FA Cup final
      Knocked out in quarter final of UCL

      Pessimist or realist?

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      1. jib

        Neither, that’s just your opinion. Football (especially the epl) is completely unpredictable. If someone had told me this time last year Liverpool would be challenging for the title at the end of that season I wouldn’t have believed it. If not for a slip (against Chelsea) and a slip up (against palace) who knows. Who knows with us, we could go on a Liverpool second half run, or end up finishing like utd.

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  8. rotimi

    with all your comments.definitely wenger knows best…we aint spending mega in January on rubbish……wenger is not going to panic buy some rubbish in january only to shoot up our number of deadwoods….hence hes going for youth in Bielik for the future and probably a CB in Reid(OBVIOUSLY WAITING TILL CLOSE TO DEADLINE TO BEAT DOWN D PRICE OR HE’S NOT EVEN INTERESTED AT ALL)….nevertheless am sure he’l get some CB dis January and like he hinted…..someone with experience. Am sure Wenger knows deep inside that we need a defender and he must av really tried signing in d coach is daft to go into the season with 6 defenders……give AW a break…….he’s trying to increase quality not quantity..He’l do what’s best for the team….either by ‘penny-pinching’ or not

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    1. ArseOverTit

      “He is trying not to add to the deadwood?”

      What? You mean the deadwood that he created!?

      Young player For the future!??? What about now? Are we and have we not been in need of certain players for an eternity?

      Increasing quality and not quantity? No chance of either of those things happening..

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  9. Ozzy AFC

    Are you living in an alternate universe ??
    Dead wood was added by Wenger such as
    1) Kallstrom
    2) Santos
    3) Park
    4) Bentdner
    5) Sanogo
    yet he lets a goal scorer go (Podolski) and plays Ozil Out of position, and cant seem to get certain players to act in unison.
    we need quality and quantity and we need it now or yet another season will have disappeared with nothing to show, Building a team for the future? lol how long have we heard that and when will the future arrive?
    If your happy winning nothing and becoming a mediocre club then hey ho be happy cos we’re not far from that now!!!

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Pold has been deadwood this season but at the same time should have got more of a chance

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  10. NickTheYank

    The next two weeks are going to be vital to our season. With the Debuchy injury/layoff unknown and our already thin defense and upcoming game against Citeh (who’ve just overpaid for Bony because their squad is thin). The Debuchy injury reminded me of the summer when we were all hit for Serge Aurier, where’s he now?

    I do hope that the Carvalho or Gundogan transfer happens. Read somewhere we put in a bid for Van Dijk who would be a great backup and long term investment.

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  11. Arsenal Fan


    The only name from this list we will buy; Bielik. Carvalho the reckless midfielder stopper who only offers brute force tactics isn’t want Wenger wants.

    Wenger is a modern Tactician, he gives his players the choice to make decisions on the pitch, there call. This is a modern theory in modern warefare being adopted by Government States.
    But the ppl need to be reliable…The list is currently too raw to offer reliability. But Bielik I like what I have seen and offers better value than Carvalho

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  12. fred cowardly

    If we ended up getting Carvalho and Destro only, I wouldnt complain. If we just got Destro and a decent defender I would not complain. If we just got Carvalho, I would not complain because he can play both defensive midfielder and CB.

    I must say that with us loaning Podolski, Sanogo and perhaps selling Afobe in addition to Bony going to City, perhaps United and Liverpool buying a top striker, it seems to me that getting a Top striker is as important as getting a DM and CD.


    1. Anyone of

    2. Any one of:

    3. Any one of:
    Van Dijk

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