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Arsenal transfer rumours about Llorente keep popping up

Arsenal are after Fernando Llorente by KJ

It’s weird talking about transfers when the window has just closed, but it seems there is some solid news coming that Arsenal are going to step up their interest for the Spaniard. Now, I would usually dismiss this, but I’ve read from a few reliable sources that Arsenal are definitely interested in him. The main reason is that his fee will be relatively low because of him being free next summer.

There are a host of clubs after Llorente including the likes of Juventus and Manchester City. It definitely will be difficult. but not impossible, for Wenger. It’s easy to persuade a player when using logic. Serie A is a broken league that has become uncompetitive. Manchester City already have 4 top quality strikers and hence, Llorente won’t get any game time for the Blues. Arsenal on the other hand only have one conventional striker at the moment in Giroud.

I’d expect the Euro 2012 winner to cost the Gunners £9-£10 million. It’s a bargain considering the man’s talent. He holds up the ball but has an amazing eye for a pass and has lethal goal scoring ability. He’s the finished article at 27 and will definitely relieve the pressure on our newly acquired Frenchman, Olivier Giroud.

I generally wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to this but I’m optimistic that Wenger will try and sign a couple of players in January. He said as much in his press conference before the window closed. He may act like it was his decision not to spend as the window closed but he’s just bluffing. He enquired about Cabaye, Tiote, M’Biwa, Dempsey etc. during the transfer deadline week. He was actively seeking a lot of players but couldn’t get business done in time for various reasons.

Don’t be surprised if these Llorente rumours pick up over the winter. I can see him playing for Arsenal providing everything goes to plan (however unlikely that may seem).
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37 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumours about Llorente keep popping up

  1. ArchieBarchie

    We don’t need him, he plays a similar style to viroid and chamakh, if we did buy a striker it would need to be someone smaller and quicker

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  2. S.H


    Yes highly agree. We need someone more mobile and robust.

    So what if the rumours about a certain player keeps popping up? It doesn’t mean Arsenal will sign him. It could mean the tabloids have nothing else to work off, which is most likely the case. And if writers here are getting their latest news from, you couldn’t have chosen a worse or more unreliable source for information!

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  3. Opio silver

    Some times we arsenakj fans are the ones making life difficult for this players.why is it that when anew player is bought we the to forget the old brooms,now like Llorente i think we need him because remember we loan out Bendter,Chamakh,Park,andthey are supposed to be sold,so for me i think we need him but no body is final than Wenger,if he doesn’t sign llorente then he should promote young lads like Sanchez Watt.because i remeber Wenger saying watt is thenext walcott upfront.If u feel like talking to me u can call +256771425862 or +256701500321.

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  4. craig2500

    And we still only have loaned out the other strikers, doubt we will get involved in a bidding war for another. Arsene maybe interested but doubt we would pay any more than about 6-7 million for another striker specially when he has so many Youngsters to bring through.

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  5. northwestlondongooner

    llorente is absolute quality!! and would more than replace the traitor himself rvp!.. he would b much better then grioud and i think would actually b the difference between winning the tittle or not. Seriously hopes this happens can only imagine him, cazorla, podolski and ox linking up not 2 mention whilshere, ramsey, arteta and diaby! with a solid back 4, one ov the best mids in the prem, bar maybe manshitty and a lethal striker upfront. not to mention the best manager in the world!! we could be looking a DOUBLE IF NOT TREBLE THIS SEASON!!!

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  6. Henryesk

    In an ideal world Soldado.. Was watching Ian Wright’s goals today we could really benefit from an out and out striker who plays off the shoulder of the last defender.. Yes Llorente is talented and probably better than Giroud but to buy him would be a spit in the face of Giroud as they’re just too similar and Hiroud would become another Chamakh.. Maybe the Striker we need is Theo Walcott???

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  7. gunshow

    A good striker, but similar to Giroud. Seeing him link up with Arteta and Cazorla would be great, but if we move for a striker I would prefer a “fox in the box” type player. Still, if he is available for cheap and there are no better alternatives then I would be happy to see him come in. Although city are the other team supposedly interested, I expect chelsea to be interested given that they have only Torres and Sturridge, and several teams are looking at the latter

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  8. AYJ

    We have Giroud.

    We need another striker, however in a different mould, e.g. Doumbia, Remy, Ba, Sturridge etc

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  9. OhToBeAGooner

    Majority of you people saying Llorente is better than Giroud obviously have not even seen him play a full game lol , HE HAS THE SAME MOVEMENT AS GIROUD AND ABILITY . However, he has a very good left foot but is quite slow and will only hang in the box (like Mario Gomez) HE IS NOT NEEDED . I’ve watched him in the europa final last year , and yea there’s the same type of player in him & giroud

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  10. ojikiti

    The only player i want Arsenal to sign in January to add competition upfront with Giroud is Llorente, he has pace, fast and eye for goal

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  11. dilla

    I’ll pass on Llorente. Too similar to Giroud. Theo is NOT going to play striker. As much as I want him to play there, it seems like Theo will be on his way out in January unless something changes. I say a proven striker who is mobile.

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  12. gunnerzgooner

    We need good and experience striker it will bring us an edge toward the final push and cope with the match pressure. Allowing young striker through wont give us this maybe to be 4th striker or we have very,very,very exceptional youth striker.

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  13. sethgooner

    we should sign a more robust striker unlike llorente, one player that really comes up to my mind is ba, he has alot of experince in the bpl and a proven goal scorer.

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  14. Praksh

    If Girouds performances from now on are good, than we don’t need him. If Giroud doesn’t play well, we definetely need him. If Giroud plays well and gets injured, than Gervinho will take his place as Centre Forward with Chamberlain on the right and Podolski on the Left. Giroud or Llorente.

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  15. Mike Dellar

    If we are going to strengthen & purchase more strikers or whatever player…let’s do our business early before our rivals cotten on to our potential targets & thus outbid us(REMEMBER WE WILL BE LOSING GERVINO & POSSIBLY SAGNA TO AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA IN FEBRUARY)

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  16. callum

    what is wrong with you? he will cost more like 20mil cheapest and wenger wont pay that much, he would be a player chelsea would buy more than us as they prefer the big centre foward and have the money, even though i would love him to be a gooner there is little chance we will get him, like most of the other usual garble we get linked with

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  17. Mike Dellar

    @S.H. Caught Offside is as unreliable as a blindman searching for a needle in a haystack…for real transfer news check out Fanzone & the U.K’S Football Today Shows

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  18. seannnnn

    Arsenal should go for cabaye his reputation is becoming higher and he has excellent vision

    another striker would be nice

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  19. Gooner#10

    llorente is absolute quality.last weekend he played a match for the 1st time this season.he had been benched because he was a contract rebel(like walcott).anyway he came on as a substitute.hes 1st touch was great control and he scored with what was literally his second touch of the ball.only world class strikers can do that

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  21. Invincibles nice 1

    Other than the obvious feeling’s of euphoria and excitedly dam proud i think it will be interesting if/when we get back to realistically challenging on all front’s again, coz i really would like to hear the reasoning behind player’s wanting moves to the Chesters,Chels and so on, will they admit to having no loyalty to the club and manager that invested years of fine work making them the player’s that they are, or admit to pure greed to the people who stood beside them through good and bad even if they where to be plaqued with injuries, people with 0% loyalty and 100% greed dont deserve the home/lifestile we gave them and that the rest of us do only dream about, so the next time they should be honest and instead of kissing a badge they just show how much they care by spitting on the badge then kiss their bank book.

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  22. arsenal fan

    I honestly don’t think arsenal need any new signings, especially in midfield (even if injuries occur as usual), or then ramsey, coquelin, rosicky, and frimpong won’t get enough games. I also think up front Arsenal are excellent with podolski left, gervinho right, and giroud center. Ox, and Theo to replace the fatigued or injured (even Cazorla can play). I also think Wenger should use Chamakh against teams like reading, wigan, and west bromich albion as I think he’s good but he just needs a boost of confidence, he only had a few appearances last season (cos of RVP’s spectacular form) which is not enough games for fans to call him a flop. I also think Arshavin is a high quality player with experience and should be deployed in center attack midfield to utilise his true abilities as we have seen him play in Euro’s 2008 & 2012, and he was amazing in counter attacks.

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  23. Arsenal Fan

    I wouldn’t give any credit to this because, how well would Giroud do knowing some replacement is coming in right in January? Additionally, I find it hard to believe Grioud will settle for second place, and Llorente probably would demand a first team place. They could compete, I’m sure, but that’s like bringing in another centre back.

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  24. Somtee

    I agree Giroud is good in the air but being good in the air doesn’t mean scoring goals aerially,Llorente is an aerially proven goal scorer,last season Giroud scored only one goal from his head.Secondly Llorente will cost around 10 million pounds in January as he wound have 6 months left on his contract and as I have said competition brings out the best in you,who knows may be Giroud can pick form when Llorente arrives

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  25. Ryan

    Adrian Lopez better option may not be a outright striker like llorente but is fast and has a good pass can see him in the gerviniho role as a false nine plus he can play on either wing so can also fill in if needed

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