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Arsenal transfer rumours April 4th – Rodallega, McCarthy and Chamakh (groan!)

It wouldn’t be Sunday without there being a few bits of Arsenal transfer news in the papers, and it seems every week there is another report about Marouane Chamakh. This time the Mail has categorically stated that the Bordeaux hitman has signed a four year deal with the Gunners worth £12m. I wish Arsenal would make an official announcement on this one, because all this endless speculation is becoming a bit tedious now!

The other two main rumours of the day concern Wigan players for some reason. The young Scot James McCarthy has been linked with an Arsenal move for some time now, but he has said today that, although flattered to be linked with bigger clubs, he doesn’t want to move on from Wigan so quickly after only arriving last summer.

“I am happy here,” he said. “The most important thing is to get games under your belt. Wigan have been great to me and I just need to keep working hard and not get carried away.

“I’m not concerned about our situation. We’re good enough to stay up. I just want to keep Wigan in the Premier League and get as many games under my belt as I can.

“It is great to be tipped to go to places, but I’ve got four years here. It was hard moving away from Hamilton but Wigan have been great. Because I’ve settled down well I’m not up the road as much as I was.”

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McCarthy bears the hallmark of a “typical Wenger signing” and he is very likely to mature into a very classy player, but the other Wigan player Arsenal are being linked with, Hugo Rodallega, is looking like the finished product already.

Wigan seemed to get a great deal when they bought this Columbian international striker for under £5m just 18 months ago, and he has settled into the Premiership quite well, with 12 goals in 46 games, but has hardly set the world alight.

But the fact is that if Chamakh really has committed himself to Arsenal, is it likely that Wenger would still be on the lookout for another striker, especially one that doesn’t seem very exciting? I think not!

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10 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumours April 4th – Rodallega, McCarthy and Chamakh (groan!)

  1. armagharsenal

    We need atleast 4 signings but i would like 5. And keep Gallas n Cesc..

    Hazard/Suarez/Di Maria
    Chamakh/wouldnt u love Higuain but not likely

    Just 1 from each list please..

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  2. Tangledleads

    We don’t need anyone. Maybe, a clone of The Verminator, but that’s it. Our squad is good enough, and constantly imroving. Next season they will only be better. Age is on our side.

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  3. SouthAmericanGooner

    It’s ‘Colombian’ FFS, NOT ‘Columbian’
    Colombia is a country, Columbia is a city/name/university. Please change to reflect this!

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  4. Dec

    Even the slightest bit of research would tell you that the ‘young Scot’ James McCarthy is in fact the young Irishman James McCarthy. James won his first cap for the Republic of Ireland in the recent friendly against Brazil at of all places….The Emirates.
    If you’re going to write it at least be accurate, please.

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  5. Donnyfan1

    The Muppets wanting a dozen world class players are at it again. Arsenal could cope with one striker and one central defender. That is all. Any more than that will stifle the development of 20 youngsters who need some first team exposure next season. Traore, Djourou, Gibbs, Walcott, Vela, Merida, Eastmond, JET, Wilshire, Coquelin, Frimpong, Simpson, Lansbury, Bartley, Nordveit etc etc are all potential stars. In two years, Arsenal will be able to field 2 different teams capable of getting in the top 4. That is- provided they are protected from the reckless and violent assaults called tackles by Brum, Sland, Wolves, Stke and others. Pool played Brum today. Did Gardner manage a neck high tackle on Gerrard or is he saving it for the next time he gets close to Rooney? As Custiss the Hack said today- only the VP injury has stopped Arsenal winning the title this year. I would add only injuries have stopped Arsenal from winning the title twice in the last 3 years. It is- BY FAR- the biggest problem facing Arsenal– and also English football. Most Euro refs will not tolerate the rugby employed by most Prem teams. You will see our representatives being less and less successful in Europe unless they start playing Barca style football. When the FA wake up and instruct our Refs to sort out the cheating- perhaps the leg-breaker tackles will stop too. We don’t need more players- we need the ones we have got to be fit!!

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  6. admin Post author

    Dec says:
    April 4, 2010 at 9:08 pm (Edit)

    Even the slightest bit of research would tell you that the ‘young Scot’ James McCarthy is in fact the young Irishman James McCarthy.

    LOL Dec, you should have had a word with Ant before embarrassing yourself.

    James McCarthy was born in Glasgow, which is still in Scotland last time I looked! Like most Irish players, he chose to play for them because of his family history…..

    Apology accepted!

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  7. Dec

    No embarrassment here and no apology. When he pulled on the Green shirt and accepted the harp on his passport he’s Irish, through and through. Where his mother happened to be located when he was born is irrelevant.

    I can see why you might be a tad red-faced at the glaring error but be grown up enough to accept it and learn from it.

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