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Arsenal transfer rumours-Mbiwa, Roguljic and N’Koulou

Arsenal have been linked with the 22-year old Cameroon international Nicolas N’Koulou before and are keeping an eye on the talented defender who signed for French Ligue 1 side Marseille last summer. He has continued to improve and is drawing the attention of quite a few big clubs, including Chelsea and AC Milan.

If Arsene Wenger is keen on signing the player, he may have to make his move soon, as Barcelona are said to be thinking seriously about him to supplement their back line, according to Talksport.

With Carlos Puyol and Gerrard Pique being injured at the same time, Barcelona have realised that they need more defenders. The club have had to use makeshift defenders in recent weeks, including Alex Song.

Another defender playing in France that the Gunners are known to be interested in may soon be off the market. Montpellier are about to offer a new and improved contract to their captain, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa.

The 23-year old has less than a year left on his current deal, so if he does not sign a new deal then the club may be tempted to sell him in January while they can still receive something for him.

The Sun reports that Wenger is about to offer around £1.5 million for a 16-year old Croatian called Ante Roguljic. The youngster currently plays for NK Adriatic Split and the Croatian under-17 team as an attacking midfielder.

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumours-Mbiwa, Roguljic and N’Koulou

  1. jk

    Mbiwa is a quality versatile defender bags load of experience and a captain at just 23 he would be a superb buy.

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  2. imran

    ppl Forget abt 2morows game….. 😛
    i dont want to say, but whn ever we expect too tooo tooo much from team, thy let us down :'( 🙁
    fans must nt take UTD light n so our Arsenal Players, There is hell of difference btween READING n MAN UTD….
    we nedd great great improvement n very Good Team to beat them, n beating thm is nt tht much easy!
    I dont remember, since m watching Arsenal, thy Beat MANU!!!
    M nt degrading Team, I believe this time we can… but dont take thm light!
    i just want to say, WE N PLAYERS MUST NOT B OVER CONFIDENT!
    UTD, never ever gonna b a simple WIN, It Demand very very much ESPECIAL n GREAT Hard Work, n we r doing it this time!
    I Believe, It will b 2-1 or 3-2 victory!

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  3. leo

    we need a striker,mf like jesus navas, a cdm like m’vila + keep theo walcott & sign pre season contracts with huntelaar/holtby for free for next season coyg

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  4. leo

    there is an interesting article on rvp of how he told wenger & gazdis which players to sign appoint an outsider as wenger’s assistant in place of steve bould (rumored to be bergkamp) because steve bould was considered a yes man + he demanded change in transfer polciy & wage structure when these talks failed he decided to leave he wasn’t happy about podolski’s signing his attitude changed a bit after cazorla’s signing but still didn’t made much difference

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  5. Gundam

    let’s just go and side becks… just for a few games so we can rub it into united… oh did you know he bent his last goal playing for arsenal haha….

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  6. Gundam

    @leo… sounds made up… because the article was quite secretive on its super secret source

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  7. leo

    @gundam everything about arsenal is secretive none of us here knows what really happens at arsenal when arsenal fails to win a trophy or loose a match some of us critcise wenger others the board does wenger really have the money or is it that he doesn’t want to change his philosophy no one knows

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  8. Forde

    We need a performance tomorrow like we did at the etihad except no stupid goals given away !

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  9. tintin afc

    fergie wAnts arsenal fans to applauded van pussy tomorrow. I got an idea what about if dench f***s him up then we will applauded him when he’s on a stretcher. F*** fergie man ure and and van pussy. Arsenal for life.

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  10. jk

    We are the best counter attacking team in the league we can beat united provided we defend well. Giroud is getting better game by game and has a hammer of a left foot!

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  11. realist

    I think all 3 would be good signings. the 16 year old will be an academy purchase so has no impact on the first team budget he would be part of bradys budget. the 2 defenders would be great replacements for squillaci djourou and santos with currently no more academy defenders looking ready yet to make the step up.

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  12. jk

    Speaking of liam brady can ADMIN do a piece on the youth set up we dont seem to have been producing much i mean eisfeld,ryo,gnarby have all been bought along with bellerin and toral. With the set up we have id like to know what local kids coming through apart from yennaris cause from the outside it seems quite bare.

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    Never heard of Rogulic but i hope we sign him, just coz he is a Croat, ever since Davor Suker i would love another hopefully in the same mould, he had a bit of ian wright about him when shooting inside the box and a bit of a bergkamp about him when shooting outside the box, also he was so calm and collected also being tall and brave with not being bad in the air, it were a shame that we couldnt sign him younger as Arsene wished

    as for Mbiwa i believe he will go to Italy as he will rarely get a game with ourselves, he done a great job at keeping Giroud in his pocket when we played them, but that just might be coz of them training together and knowing eachothers game, he does look a very strong and quick player though

    then there is Nkoulou, i would much prefer Arsene to do his talent spotting in Germany and Spain as we missed out on getting some of the best players from Belguim wich for us were unusual, we need to be quick in pouncing on the very best talents as we have done with the French wich now looks exhausted

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  14. Hafiz Rahman

    If Arsenal were to sign Mbigwa.. i wonder who will be out?

    Per? Kos at the moment is already finding it hard to find a first team place…

    will they be happy to warm the bench and play FA and League cup games only?

    they will get more games unless there are major injury to CBs..

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    Well..its true to the fact..Mbigwa will hardly can get games if he was to sign for ARsenal…

    Kos, Per, Verm, Mbigwa………..

    This is not Fifa 2013

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  16. james

    out kos 16m dj 5m squid 0m santos 4m 25m
    in baines 11m N’Koulou 6m Yanga-Mbiwa 8m

    sagna mert verm baines
    jenks n’ko mbiwa gibbs

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