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Arsenal transfer rumours – Reina, Matri & Kuzmanovic

Many Arsenal fans would agree that the Gunners are in need of another striker, a defensive midfielder and a quality keeper to push Wojcicech Szczesny for the number one shirt. I am not sure that many would agree that Pepe Reina from Liverpool, Alessandrod Matri from Juventus and Zdravko Kuzmanovic from Stuttgart would be the first names that spring to mind.

The three have been linked with possible moves to Arsenal in January, so we better have a look at them. 28-year old Matri has played for a number of Serie A sides and his form at Cagliari led to a loan move to Juventus, which the Italian champions then made permanent. After doing well in his first two seasons, he has hardly been used this time, and is thought to be looking for a move.

The Serbian Kuzmanovic is in a similar situation with his German club Stuttgart. Her seems to have fallen out with the management at the club and has only played seven times so far this season. His contract is due to expire, which may account for the fall out, but should mean that the club will be willing to sell in January. He is a strong and talented midfield enforcer who has got 45 caps for his country at just 25-years old.

30-year old Reina should be well known to Arsenal fans from his many years at Liverpool. At 30-years old, he has got plenty of good years left as a keeper. The problem may be the amount of money that Liverpool would want for him and whether he would be content to fight with Szczesny for top spot.

I feel that, especially in the striker department, Arsene Wenger should have learned his lesson with Bendtner and Chamakh. Arsenal need quality players who will not be sitting on the bench for years collecting a salary that makes not other team want them.

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67 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer rumours – Reina, Matri & Kuzmanovic

  1. Fish

    Id rather get Fellaini, Baines and Huntellar and sort Walcotts contract out. I agree that we need a top keeper aswell.

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    haha Hilarious…every month every year there are all these rumours coming up….

    and sales bots are busy promoting these players..

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  3. joer22

    Not Reina. He’s been terrible this year. As for the other two, they’re not exactly “top class”…

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  4. Hafiz Rahman

    Not Baines tooo…

    if Baines was that good SAF would have sign him to provide competition for Evra…..

    Barca, Real, Juve….or EVEN Man City would have sign him

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  5. Mr Lean

    over the next few days and weeks we are going to be linked with loads of players from all kinds of sources but as we all know the only activity will be us selling 2 players and the greedy board making more money with us signing nobody

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  6. Gunner_Nation

    They say they got cash now, go and SPEND BIG. These guys are no where near class. Arsenal can do way better than this. Is this what we are really reduced to, cheap leftover talent?? And now I have a bad feeling with Walcott and Sagna. I dont get how we are not willing to pay one our best players over 100K but Gazidis and Wenger are two of the highest people in their positions, bit of a double standard if you ask me. If we lose them, then its another step backward for Arsenal.

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  7. green gunner

    All Wenger haters, fcuk off!
    He will buy in January. He will get us 4th. He doesn’t have oil Barron sugar daddys. He hasn’t ‘lost the plot’. Chelsea n city are ruining football with wages. That’s loosing the plot. He gets dogs abuse in every ground around England and now from the emirates? He is a bigger Arsenal fan than YOU will ever be. So please either support this team through our bad patch or else just fcuk off!

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  8. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner

    IN: Vorm, M’Biwa, Baines, Capoue, Navas and Huntelaar


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  9. Harris G

    Where did you get this information from??
    It can’t be true. Arsenal’s real targets are klaas huntelaar and wilfred zaha.

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    its not about spending big…its about signing the right players…for the right job….

    GET A REAL JOB !!!!!

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  11. Al Bundy Weed

    This is why I love Arsene Wenger and think he is the greatest manager in the world… Nobody has a bad word to say about him. Over the years, we have heard former players complaining about the methods of Ferguson etc. But nobody has had anything but PRAISE for Wenger.

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  12. wilkainho!

    Breaking News : Emirates Airline confirm 150 million has been directly sent to Stan Kroenke’s personal account in US which he plans to invest in Walmart

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  13. k

    I think we should buy a good left sided player with a good cross.
    Podolski is more effective through the middle and, if we choose to play 2 strikers (hopefully), he can rotate with Walcott and Giroud.

    Then a defensive midfielder would be great to help us hold on the the 1-0 scorelines and provide steel in the midfield.

    A versatile defender would also be great to provide that extra bit of cover.

    Left midfielder (no idea who is available)

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  14. Theo

    Hey people, if everyone keeps asking for:
    Maybe ARSENE will get the message somehow.
    And actually buy class with all the money
    We have from the new deals..

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  15. aussie gunner 247

    I like huntelar if u give him a chance hell score but we have heaps of strikers podolski Walcott giroud. But then again it might be beast with giroud and huntelar and cazorla/ rosicky wilshere behind them

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  16. Sharkseven

    @Theo Do You Think Wenger Will hear what the fans want it transfer window?? So U should Keep Dreaming.Wenegr Wont Hear Anything from us.

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  17. Theo

    I agree with you, but maybe if we all explain to him that,
    Replacing mvila with Ramsey, tello with Walcott and giroud with jovetic,
    We might ( WILL) be better off, I know it’s wishful thinking but tbh I would be happy with any 1 of these players. What u think?

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Theo

    you must be a Mvila lover…

    no clubs are interested in him…go look at his performance in Ligue 1 this season and not just stick to youtube edited clips….

    If Arsenal is interested in a DM..they will get someone better or good…

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  19. Somtee

    I don’t know why Wenger cannot just make our squad complete in one transfer window instead of buying 1 or 2 players in every transfer window and the same time selling our best players in every transfer window

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  20. Theo

    Mvila maybe slightly overrated, but he has lots of room to improve
    And if he is put in the same team as players like cazorla, wilshere, arteta rosicky
    They will be allowed to push up the field rather than have arteta defending although he is good at it. I understand performance is not always up to scratch ( just look at cazorla recently he is a class act but is not always on the same wavelength to most others he plays a different style).
    I personally agree others are better but mvila is an incredible athlete, fast, strong, hard tackler, he will perform well again and will be snatched up. Which is why ARSENE must get him while hype is low. But that’s just my opinion

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  21. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Theo

    if he has lots of room to improve..the same can be said to Coqueline, Frimpong and Anke…they knows the system, knows the style, and they are familiar with the environment the team……

    Players need games to improve…..

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  22. Joe

    The problem with Mvila was never a quality issue. Plenty of teams where interested in him and he was a regular in a very talented french midfield at the age of 20, ive watched him play a few times for france and for rennes and he looks better playing at international level very composed on the ball and reads the game well generally does a good job at protecting the back 4 he’s strong and fairly quick all in all he has the makings of a top defensive midfielder.

    He however clearly has an attitude problem he’s been banned from the france squad on more then one occasion and has numerous reports chalked up against him. If he can sort his attitude out he could be one hell of a player, i think Wenger should have taken the risk last summer. RVP was the same when wenger braught him from feyanoord.

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  23. Hafiz Rahman

    Coquelin and Frimpong can do the same job as good as Mvila…

    They just need games…consecutive games…

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  24. Gunners

    If we get baines, villa/huntelaar and wanyama, we are automatically one of the best teams in the league. Plus I think holtby is a done deal so we have lots of good competition

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Gunners

    WOW automatic best team??

    are you playing Fifa 2013????

    why not add another 10 more…and win all 38 games be the first club to do so?

    or add another 20 more names…

    and win 38 games 2 consecutive season….

    Automatically and magically…..

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  26. Steve

    we don’t need a striker;we have Theo give him this £100k. He deserves it. And to replace him on the wing, we have Ox, or Gerv, or we can buy Gotze. as CDM , i’d pick Tiote, or Capoue. for the GK I don’t know; but everybody knows that Reina is a shit!

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    giving Theo 100k??? might as well invest in Zaha

    why sign Gotze when Arsenal has Eifeld???

    Tiote is struggling at Newcastle

    Sign Capoue might as well let Coquelin and Frimpong play….

    Arsenal is full of Goalkeepers

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  28. Theo

    We have great youngsters and they will be good with the more games they play ( loan them out would be good)
    What I think jovetic, mvila and tello would give us is:
    Mvila is what the arsenal team needs, somebody who can help us hang on to results and yes who hangs back and let’s playmakers do the work.( he also has a killer pass)
    Tello plays for barca enuf said really but he would give us skill and speed combined with experience even at a young age of playing with players like messi, xavi, iniesta, He would be on the same wavelength as cazorla and arteta.
    Jovetic, another class player slippery a bit like Suarez good skill can hold the ball up and most importantly will score goals and he will also combine well with our midfield as he is on the same wavelength as cazorla and is not afraid of taking players on. ( I have watched fiorentina play with him)
    So these players may not be within price range but if he is willing to put in the money it may prove a wise investment

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  29. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Theo

    Loan them out when there is no space for them….field them when you have the opportunity….

    players are humans they need to gel and know their team mates….

    Barca players can pass around the ball with their eyes closed…coz they know their team mates inside out and been playing since together since 16yo…..

    Wilshere was loan becoz there was no space for him at that time..but the following season there was a slot and he played and improved…

    Fab Henry and Viera didint go on loan….they played and improved…..

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  30. Theo

    I haven’t watched many of the youngsters play, but do you really think playing frimpong, aneke, eisfeld, gnabry, Coquelin are going to win us a title this year, although they have undoubted talent and may be good in the future, they need more development, many youngsters can have the odd amazing game, but arsenal need professionalism not youth, we have plenty. We need players who know how to control a game and can read a situation well.
    That is why fergie brought back scholes and giggs to first team. He has to complement brains with energy, youngsters with experience.

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  31. Theo

    Players do need to gel, I’m sure many England players have played together but our current England squad find it hard to beat average teams whereas a Spanish youth side would have destroyed Sweden as there stlye of play and skill means they are more comfortable in possession than many England players who go full on attack or hoof it up field and loose the ball.

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  32. Hafiz Rahman


    Frimpong Anke Eifeld Gnabry may not be able to win Arsenal title this year but they can stronger, improved, get better…they may win Arsenal title next year onwards….

    signing jovetic, mvila and tello may not win title this year too…considering they are not much older and experience than Frimpong, Anke eifled and Gnabry…

    not to mention they are not free and they do not play for free…..they will stagnant the development of the rising youngsters….even OX may be affected….

    Bringing back henry is a good thing..which i agreed with your part on Scholes and Giggs…

    Wenger wanted to bring back viera to inject experience….but he rejected Arsenal for City’s Cash….

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  33. Hafiz Rahman


    current England side would be hard to destroy Spain…

    thats back to basic football skills like ball control….passing etc..

    Spaniards are train and educated at a very young age on the very basic of football skills…

    if you look at Cazorla…hes ball control is outstanding both left and right foot…he hardly lose the ball…when he pass he look for the player and do a basic pass straight into the foot path..

    if you look at Walcott…he cant even control the ball properly…

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  34. Theo

    Really didn’t know wenger wanted viera back.
    Essentially I agree with you, it might be good for OX to have competition as Walcott does not even compare to OX.

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  35. jd

    i think AW should at least buy 2 new player to help our front and back line..santos,it’s time to say good sorry to say that,from my opinion they should get rid of him,take the money and invest for quality player..pleaseeeeeee AW.huntelaar is the best choice but he will not feature in least we have a new firepower up front to help giroud@walcott..myb we can consider to bring back flamini from milan…and possibility Fabregas also good addition to the team.anything its possible rite..anyone agree with me??

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  36. true goon

    the board aren’t getting any better,they haven’t got the message,the fans are gonna have 2 unite sooner or later 2 kick this board out.

    Just saw some more stories about arsenal putting clauses in all the new contracts,stating that if we dont finish in the top 4 they should take a pay cut,is this the reason Theo won’t sign?

    And if so,how will we be able to attract top players to get back into the top 4,if we can’t pay serious wages because we’re not in the CL.Things look bleak with this board,they’ve even managed to drive Wenger mad!.COYG!

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  37. S.H

    Ramsey out – Eisfeld in – That’s like a transfer in itself. One player fans are gorgetting is Ryo Miyaichi. I much prefer him on the wing than Walcott. He’s only o.3 secs slower than Walcott in the 100M, but has loads of technical skill and crossing ability. More than Theo or Ramsey will ever have combined!

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  38. S.H


    It’s like the standard for a Spanish player is technical ability, good ball skills and sharp passing. Typical English players are more renowned for defending, aggressiveness and a lack of what these Spanish possess as a standard. Walcott & Gervinho are both our best headless dribblers with no direction or purpose. These are basic skills team England can’t even manage. The only player in the English team that I believe can make it to the Spain side if he were Spanish is Ashley Cole. Yes I hate to admit it, but IMO he is still the world’s best left back! Many top players in the world state that Ashley Cole is one of the hardest guys to play against. He’s always in your face.

    As far as comparing Team England to Team Spain – There is NO COMPARISON! The Spanish are decades ahead in football than the English!

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  39. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H

    good point…almost forgotten about that jap lad….he was excellent at feyooond….

    hes not getting games at Wigan..that is bad for development…

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  40. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H

    I agree..English is all about Size, Strenght and Speed….

    RVP united got ran over by a mid table spanish team last season….

    Cashley Cole another one of Arsenal Arsene Wenger Youth Academy school of football product is world class but what a pity he left…

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  41. mikegooner


    Arsenal players have to take paycut if they dont make CL


    Everyone will leave! and it doesnt get any funnier.
    F*cking board. F*cking C*nts.

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  42. Gooner Cape Town

    Wenger wants loan with Henry in Jan and to buy 2 players. Who will they be? My guess- Huntelaar and Zaha, but hoping for a top DM like Fellaini or Capoue.

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  43. Ashendren reddy

    Arsenal true targets: Rosicky and Diaby because they are like new signings. Maybe Henry to fool us.

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  44. leo

    i think the henry & zaha are already done deals huntelaar looks likely wish we could get lewandowski matri could be swapped with either bendtner or djorou & for cdm i prefer fellaini but that is unlikely to happen Zdravko Kuzmanovic would also be a good signing better than m’vila & capoue 4 sure he has got the attitude just like vidic holtby will join in summer for free heard that we are looking to sign a dortmund player as well

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  45. leo

    Arsenal stars to face wage cut if they miss out on top four
    guys what do you make of it i think the board finally has found a way to get rid of the likes of denislon/park/bendtner but it may also drive away some of our stars like cazorla i think the arsenal first made a mistake by not replacing rvp & song now the team is payin the price either way you look at it,it has it’s pros will teach the deadwood not to mess around & has it’s cons

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  46. leo

    Sagna has been offered a one-year extension by the Gunners. Sagna’s deal expires at the end of next season. He is said to want a longer-term deal and discussions are ongoing.

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  47. Goonerzz

    Check out Andres Fernandez currently plying his trade at CA Osasuna in Spain. Extremely agile and brilliant reaction. Casillas type. Might not be very well known but worth a look.

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  48. ddelul

    will be glad to have fellaini, but is that going to be reality? NOT if everton has a better chance to finish top four.

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  49. Uche

    Arsenal is a very confused club. I have never seen a club that values their players and fans the least and gloat about it. Now they are threatening to cut wages for players if don’t make champions league. Good one. That is a very effective way of driving away your players enmasse since driving them away two at a time isn’t fast enough. Silly club. Do you want to stay in the top four? Then stop selling your best players and play your inform players! You stick with an out of form ramsey and now the whole club has to suffer from it? Everybody gets a wage cut, the fans pay the highest ticket prices while wenger and gazidis, get bonuses? Wow! And they still manage to get the fans screaming in wenger we trust. Please give me the address of your hypnotist. He is really good and perhaps can help solve the Israeli/palestinian conflict. I actually would prefer arsenal not to qualify this season. Maybe then they will get the kick up the arsene that they really need. What nonsense…

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  50. Dan

    “Rumours” remember guys. You’re kidding yourselves if you think we’ll sign anyone decent in January

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  51. Tim

    hunterlaar and a CDM(M’vila or S.Bender from bayer Leverkusen) and ill be happy. people keep going on about bringing in the youth. one problem, they grow up and get bored of waiting for others to develop. then leave and the process repeats

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