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Arsenal transfer target back in favour at Real Madrid

The list of possible signings for Arsenal in the next 10 days is one name shorter today. There were rumours from Spain that Arsenal had expressed interest in taking Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid, and the club and player might have been open to the transfer. That seems to be off today, however, after he got a rare start for the Spanish champions and scored two goals.

The 24-year old winger had been off form this season, and it came to a head with Jose Mourinho last week. The manager laid into his player about his poor performances and the two had a fierce row, apparently. Yesterday Mourinho gave Di Maria a final chance to prove himself and he grabbed it with both hands, setting up one goal and scoring two more as Madrid cruised to victory over Valencia.

There is no way the club will sell him now, as he can be devastating when on form. Mourinho’s assistant has revealed that Di Maria’s problem was in the mind rather than physical and the argument last week seems to have done the trick. Wenger is running out of time, but has already suggested that most of the transfer business will be done in the last few days of the window. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer target back in favour at Real Madrid

  1. Gunners

    Di Maria lol wenger wouldnt even buy callejon. Face it we will only buy cheap players.

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal wanted him previously but were unable to sign him due to visa problems

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  4. mukund

    Slowly the transfer window will come to its closing date and still we will be talking about signings. I feel we are incompetent in the transfer market. We already lost a host of useful signings. In the end it will be a cheap buy for cheap players or we are going to have a surprise.

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  5. Invincibles nice (1)

    Di Marias a classy player but the mad player i want us to sign is Higuain.

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  6. Malik

    hahahaahahhahaha oh my fellow arsenal fans we have all fallen into the arsene mentality thinking our team is only one or 2 players away from challenging hahahaahahahahahaah, yesterday chelsea fans were screaming for torres’s head at the pub and as the game unfolded, i looked and i realised Giround is just as bad as torres, ability wise, his sh*t at dribbling and finding space, his first touch is horrible and the only reason his scored goals is cause walcott has become a top quality crosser, in fact his ruined arsenal system and turned us into stoke all we now do is push through the wings and cross looking for someone who is terrible at finishing and extremely slow to get into positions to score. whats more digusting is if arsenal had the same approach for chamakh+bendtner we never would’ve needed giround but because they weren’t french tough-luck, CLEAR favouritism right there. sagna is having a bad run of form and needs to learn that his not untouchable and should be benched but oh yeah his french, abou diaby has played same amount of games in his arsenal career as walcott has done in a season why is he not axed? oh yeah cause his french. squillaci makes 50k a week, why? cause his french. i’m not saying there is anything wrong with french people, there are several WORLD-CLASS french players that arsene hasn’t bought over the years e.g. benzema, ribery, lloris exc. it’s arsene that’s dragging this club to the ground no t the board

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  7. clarks

    Capoue, Mbiwa, Wanyama, Diame, and yes a top striker. But Angel Di Maria is not the player for us. Wenger wouldn’t spend 7.5 on Demba Ba, wouldn’t really put in bids to sign Huntellar or Llorente. Baulked at spending big on Mata or Hazard, two top players that would have a massive difference to our squad.
    Truth is, we need Cavani or Benzema.

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  8. Marley magic

    Sign someone who can concentrate for 90+ minutes, also when there playing crap replace them and I guarantee u there form will improve in no time……..

    Aussie gunner for life and the next

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  9. craig2500

    So how much did we bid for him?,nothing because this is yet another paper talk transfer. Why are you wasting our eyes with more rubbish than the press?

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  10. paul

    So, i read that Arsene is concerned Arsenal may not finish in the top4… well, no S@it !!.

    could it be the chronic under investment in the team??..
    could it be the signings we have are just not up to it?
    could it be the continuous selling of our best players?
    could be the inept way the contracts are arranged, and allowing players to run their contract down?

    We have 10 days of the transfer window remaining, if Wenger is really concerned, he should spend some of the millions we have apparently ‘allocated’ for signings.

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  11. leo

    Arsenal have made a bid for Diame this morning. The bid is set to rejected as arsenal have not even met the buyout clause.
    for goodness sake just pay 3.5m & get him what a stingy board

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  12. Jah gun dem down

    We don’t hv to buy anyone. What we need is for cazorla to step up his game and get rosicky back so that we can get giroud off the first team.. Le coq was gud and he only needs game tym. Oh and jenks shld b starting games coz sagna’s off the mix

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  13. ams

    d maria LW
    j navas RW
    but i know we will never get them as long as wenger and board still here…. 🙁

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  14. Henry

    I have always been a Wenger fan and have always been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, but my patience is starting to run a little thin. I’m not going to join the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade just yet as he still has some time rectify the situation which i really hope he does. I will just have to wait an see, although if he leaves it too long it might be too late.

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  15. mac11gooner

    I’ve also jus heard what leo has just stated!! 3.5 buyout clause and we want too piss about… WHAT A JOKE!!!

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  16. John-Legend

    Arsenal targets aяe different from “Media targets foя Arsenal”

    Please, post reasonable articles. Di Maria never was a target.

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  17. Hafiz Rahman

    lol true,….media are always wacking any random players name to sell to Arsenal….

    Arsenal targets are carefully screened, monitored, checked before they are signed…..

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal are currently down to 23 man squad after the departure of Chamakah and Djorou….

    of coz theres a possibility of adding another 1 or 2

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  19. Doris

    Your all full of it, Arsene has just broke the bank! We’ve just signed Benzema, Messi, Nani and our the first club to promote one off the ladies team players into the mens squad! Kelly Smith is all over it and showing Giroud a few things about scoring goals!!! 🙂

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    At current, Djorou and Chamkh have both left…

    djorou is considered home grown…

    Arsenal cant sign more than 1 foreign player…

    due to FA rules…unless another 1 leaves….

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  21. GOONER 23

    ive got feeling david villa is on his way to the emirates but it will probably be a deadline day. giroud wont come good in this season maybe next and podolski should be given a go through the middle hes a clinical finisher it baffles me why he hasnt played there yet for us wake up wenger he could of got us more goals from that posistion than giroud or walcott imo

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  22. Tron

    As for zaha ….. How is he going yo help our situation now , get real lads , the ox isn’t even considered starting 11 !!!

    Zaha wud b a signing for the future , he wud DIY on the bench got 12 months , time to get real boys , we need goals , we need them now !!!

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  23. aab

    we need top new players to give everyone a lift as much as we need them to improve our squad. For example in the first half against chelsea there was no belief, a top new player or 2 will give them this.

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  24. aab

    @hafiz rahman arsenal have pleanty of spaces left in the team for foreigners as U21 players dont have to be registered leaving us quite a few spaces.

    anyone who has played with arsenal on football manger will know this. 😉

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  25. benteld

    You know what Arsenal after this coming year should have a whole host of money to spend. The stadium is almost paid off because of the ridiculous amount that the arsenal faithful pay week in and week out to see what used to be a team of greats now languish to the bottom. Wenger needs to put Sport Psychology into play and scare the players by not allowing for inconsistency by showing that players are not safe. Bench Sagna and give Jenkinson a run of form, I am sick of seeing such pathetic defensive frailties and absolute anarchy in attack, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Arsenal have good players well teams like Man United, Chelsea and Man City have exceptional players and that is Arsenals problem, we have taken 5 steps forward and 6 steps backwards. It is time to bring in Stars… With the stadium being paid off and the brand new sponsors and the crazy profits Arsenal are making, I expect a world class central defensive midfielder and a world class striker. If Arsenal mean business I would like to see Marouane Fellaini in, he brings that big physical presence that we sorely miss from the legendary Viera and as for a striker we need someone in the likes of Falcao but players of this caliber wouldnt want to join a team that has to fight for Champions League survival so that being said all this is just a dream that will probably never come true.

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  26. arsenal fan man

    Listen guyz we need 3 players: A defender a defensive mid and a striker. The chances of Wenger even buying 1 right now is a big deal because everywhere he goes he gets shut down. Theres no point in hoping we get a player like cavani or di maria because the stinginess of the owners of our club will always shine through. If the owners of our club actually had an interest in football maybe we would be somewhere right now.

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  27. arsenal fan man

    You look at Abramaovic and to be honest i h8 the guy so much because he gets rid of managers and doesnt really give them a chance. The point is although he’s an idiot he still wants success for the club regardless of how much money he might have to spend. You look at their team now and it seems much more powerful than our squad. Theres no point in trying to buy these crappy players from a french league like gourcuff. This is the toughest league on the planet and he wants to get some1 no one knows into the team. Personally im inclined to think that the owners need burn their money.

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  28. San

    No decent player will come to Arsenal because of the weekly pay they get here, why do u think even EPL players like Cahill, Dempsey, Ba have snubbed us to go to other clubs. And whats this addiction of Arsene to buy only French players most of the time

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