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Arsenal transfer target dubbed the Korean Muller

Arsenal are keeping a close eye on the South Korean striker Son Heung-Min who plays for the German Bundesliga side Hamburg. The 20-year old is a goal poacher whose skills have led to him being nicknamed `Korean Muller` by his team mates after the legendary German striker Gerd Muller, whose long standing record of 85 goals in a calendar year is currently under threat by Lionel Messi.

Son joined Hamburg as an academy player in 2008 and quickly impressed but his early progress was held back by a few injuries. In the 2011-12 pre-season, the young striker scored 18 goals in nine games, then two in three league games before injuring his ankle. This season, Hamburg manager Thorsten Frink has given him the opportunity to show what he can do, and he has responded by scoring six goals in his 12 league games.

Frank Arnesen is the director of football at Hamburg and believes the South Korean international can be a real star for his team, if they can persuade him to renew his contract past the current 2014 termination date. With Arsenal and Liverpool showing interest, that may not be easy.

“He is a real poacher. Chance, boom, goal.

“He is one of our key players for the future. Our pain barrier concerning Son is gigantic. We do not want to give away players who make us better, under no circumstances.”

The young striker is happy to have finally broken through into the first team, but is aware of growing interest from other clubs.

“(I feel) very, very comfortable (at Hamburg). The city is amazing and the fans are really terrific.

“I still have a contract until 2014 and I have to talk about it with my dad and my agent.”

He sounds to me like the sort of player that Arsenal need, but he is maybe too young and inexperienced to join the first team at the minute. I am sure that Arsenal will be watching his progress very carefully.

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35 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer target dubbed the Korean Muller

  1. Gooner Cape Town

    Too young too inexperienced. We need proven quality in Jan. Not players with promise as we have those already.
    Arsenal needs 2 or 3 real stars.

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  2. the gun show

    Definitely the right type of player, a goal poaching forward, but not just yet. He needs more time to prove himself. I like Huntelaar, but if a goal poaching striker was available (someone like Suarez, but definitely not him) they would be my preference

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  3. Gunner4life

    i havent seen him play but judging by your article he sounds like a goal scoring machine and the bundesliga is the second toughest league in the world currently sounds epic for a 20 year old

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  4. ran

    This guy is a real poacher. He’s pretty good, but he might be too expensive, Hamburg wouldn’t want to let go of the prized asset so easily.

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  5. leo

    we have enough kids gazdis is deperate 2 sell more shirts in asia so that it can fund his new vaccation trip in asia only south korea will be buying his shirts the rest os asia i am damn sure will be buying falcao/cavani/ etc kind of shirts

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  6. leo

    no more poacher no more kids first give chance 2 the already available kids then sign 4 future what about hiesfeld/myachi/ganabry/henderson/aneke when will there chance come heard llorente is going 2 leave in jan for 5m get him & huntelaar switch 2 the formation 3-5-2 + a cdm/a lb keep theo & sagna then we can win something

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  7. tom

    Really??? We are talking about a kid that’s not a regular for a bottom half team in Bundesliga.

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  8. Briano

    Buy him and loan him back.He can get his experience.Id like to get Huntelaar and a proper DM as well.Arteta has done well but its just not his natural position.I would also like to see Arshavin getting more game time.Since hes been at Arsenal he hasnt played in his natural position once,which is behind the striker,thats where he plays for Russia and is affective.But hes not the only one.Podolski and the Ox never play in their natural positions!!!Why????

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  9. Partuchio

    Why the fook would we look for another Korean striker when we already have Park Chu Young who is criminally under-utilized?just focus in buying Huntelaar if you must but stop mucking around with unproven talents . If we really had purchasing balls we would be looking at the likes of Benzema or Goetze but we know the club goes not match their class and we have to settle for cheap youngsters or near over-the-hill, aging ones (sorry Arteta, we still love ya).

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  10. S.H

    Flavour of the month is Huntelaar. Next month it’ll be someone else. Nothing changes. Fans will talk, but the real business people do all the work! Enough said!

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  11. Sunny

    Oh my god.. Another unknown player.
    Just buy huntelar and finish this story..
    But wenger knows best

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    @OX15 Its EISFELD,not EISFIELD,atleast learn the spelling before correcting others

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  13. cryme d shatter


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  14. nikk

    Like to see the board putting a ban on signing a player under 23 yrs old, unless he is exceptional ie like Ox, for next 5 yrs.
    We have enough bleedin promising youth players in the reserve to last us next for 5 yrs!!!!

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  15. leo

    @ox15 jee thanks for correcting my spelling mistake i think any avg arsenal fan will know who thomas eisfield is +@Gunnerineverylife yeah we are favorites 2 sign huntelaar it seems he is a huge arsenal fan + we are also looking to sign llorente as well & there are rumors we could make a move for fellaini 18 + a player could be anyone & for lb arbeola or madrid is considered thank god better than downing 4 sure & the media says we have 40m let’s see if wenger spends it

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  16. leo

    Wenger to Journos: “You forget what you wrote last September, October, November. You have a little bit of Alzheimer’s.” Classic/vintage Arsene wenger (there is only one)

    love this one

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  17. leo

    i don’t want the korean muller i want the real thomas muller /enough with this sh*t korean muller a while back that swansea player ki was called korean gerrard then we had the swiss rooney/grrek messi/french ronaldo who’s next
    + i wish wenger had signed pablo hernandez & michu the 2 combined cost 8m for swansea

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  18. Theo

    Winning formula for arsenal:
    1. sell djourou, squillaci, chamack etc….
    2. SORT OUT the wage structure
    3. buy yann mvila, tello and jovetic. or others. FFS not downing. PLEASE
    4. destroy everton

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  19. George

    Surely this is not a rumour if it ha sbeen in EVERY realiable source for the past 2 weeks::

    Arsenal are interested in Huntellar, and Huntellar is keen on playing for Arsenal as it is his dream. He would cost in the region of £6 million (BARGAIN!) with his agent’s other client stating that ‘Huntellar will be gone in the Winter, Arsenal are favorites.’ This is great news!

    Huntelalr would be a great buy, but we still need 1/2 more players as-well.

    An effective CDM – Moussa Sissoko of Toulouse.

    A left back – Understudy to Gibbs, but still a good player.

    Re-new Walcott and Sagna’s deals, and we have a very strong looking side!

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  20. ynk1307

    I watch german bundesliga every weekend cause i am from belgium and just living 15 km from german boarder..i swear you forget about this son!! Just another average player who hasnt proven anything up to right now..this sort of players are not the solution to our problems

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  21. bc

    For me the most important striker signing will be walcott as it would finally send out a message. The way i see it is we play 4231 meaning we play with 4 attacking players. Our best 4 are with out doubt
    walcott cazorla podolski
    a quartet that has already yielded 27 goals this season
    our back up quartet is currently
    chamberlain arshavin gervinho
    a quartet that has yielded a further 9 goals, yet 3 of those players have started only 9 matches between them. I am merely pointing out here that this team has goals in them. sure the back up quartet could be improved upon and we all know who where improvements could be made.

    For me the issues lie with players who are simply drawing a wage yet giving us nothing, very little or very bad displays. fabianski, shea, santos, djourou, squillaci, diaby, rosicky, arshavin and chamakh. These 9 along with the likes of loanees, denilson, park, bendtner, eastmond, henderson, watt, galindo are simply draining our resources. If all 16 left tomorrow would we really notice the loss? we could use all the saved wages and potential transfer fees to fund moves for the half a dozen first team players that would really make a difference.

    at the moment its not attacking players that we need, though obviously if chamakh, bendtner, park, watt, arshavin, rosicky and walcott were to all leave then we would need attacking players, especially with gervinho off the the acon in january.

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  22. Robin Van Payslip

    To the striker in question –

    DON’T DO IT. WENGER WILL JUST PLAY YOU ON THE WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. JustJoy

    Another NETWORK NEWS.. Just add the money to TW14.. And change formation, alow AA23 TO play atleast 30mins. Everton 0:2 Arsenal. Remember everybody plays his right position.

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  24. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo Don’t think Wenger will go for both Huntelaar and Llorente. What will he then do with Giroud? Fellaini would be FANTASTIC, real class and would suit Arsenal style. LB still think Luke Shaw or if we want to afford him Baines, but won’t get 2 from same club. Gibbs is our man and will still grow plenty. Still think we need a serious playmaker to assist Santi as he will be dead soon with all the games. DM is also a concern- Wanyama/Capoue anyone?
    Maybe we can offer Bendtner, Squallaci, Mannone and Arshavin plus cash for Fellaini….!!!??? LOL.

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  25. gazlar

    We don’t want this muppet. What Korean has ever turned out any good. They are all shit, that’s why they play for Korea. The only point in having him would be to sell shirts over there, if that is the case then just bite the bullet and buy the best player they have got.

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  26. Jarlath

    Sell all our deadwood arshavin, Rosicky , chamakh, squilacci etc
    Buy Huntelaar an holtby in january and maybe a leftback
    Win capital one cup
    Then in summer get a Dm ( preferable Yann M’villa)
    A GK and a young winger ( tello , zaha etc) and experiment in pre season
    With new formations to include 2 strikers so that we don’t have
    Players like podolski and Walcott who are really strikers playing on the wing
    An challenge for the Premier League, Champion league etc

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  27. dan

    please leo give your transfer news a rest we heard enough in the summer and not one you predicted came true all you do is read stories and repeat them on here please get a life you and paul are clueless you have no iside info so stop your silly rumours please!!

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  28. Gundam

    We are all saying too young.. let’s wait etc etc… didn’t we do that for other players… e.g. Hazard… and how high did his price and talent go.. sometimes you have to take risk… not saying this is the guy… but how do we know.. risking it on young player is how u get global superstars in your team…

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  29. KoreanFan

    Arsenal will not get another South Korean. The KNT is a tight-knit group (especially the Euro-based players), and Park Chu Young is well-respected. No South Korean will sign for a manager who treated Park like shit.

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