Arsenal transfer targets-Zaha or Taarabt?

Arsenal are one of a number of Premier league teams who are looking at the Crystal Palace youngster Wilfried Zaha. The 19-year old is also attracting interest from Chelsea and Tottenham, but Palace are either trying to put off buyers or seeking alot more money than he is currently worth, stating that around £20 million is the price tag for a player untried in the top division.

Arsenal are reportedly planning an opening offer of around £9 million in January, but if Palace are going to hold out for double that, the Gunners may switch their focus to a player who has already proved his worth in the Premier league, Adel Taarabt of QPR, according to the Daily Mail.

23-year old Taarabt never got his chance when playing for Tottenham, but has been very impressive since moving to QPR. He was their star player as they won promotion from the championship and has looked at home in the Premier league, scoring twice in six games with a struggling team.

Both players can operate as wingers or as support strikers, but have different playing styles. Taarabt is more forceful and direct and has a better goals to games ratio, whereas Zaha is still learning his game and has very quick feet and dribbling skills.

One problem with Taarabt is that he is a Moroccan international and will be flying off for the African Cup of Nations in January. Also, the QPR owner has plenty of money and may not be willing to sell. I think that the talk coming from Palace is mostly bluster, and they would sell for much less than £20 million. Perhaps that is why Dougie Freedman decided to abandon Palace in favour of a struggling Bolton Wanderers.

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer targets-Zaha or Taarabt?

  1. Gunner

    She said no robin. She said no. She said no robin. She said no. Ohhhh robiiinnnn sheeee saaaidddd nooooo.

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  2. Gunner

    Taraabt is a quality players he’s got skill and and pace but its gotta be zaha for me. COYG

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  3. Gooner Cape Town

    Zaha as Taarabt is too individualistic and selfish a times. Alsoa b of a head case.

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  4. Baz

    Neither!! We dont want a young talent!! We want a proven goalscorer who will score 20 goals plus!!

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  5. sank

    No for both.
    we want a pure top class winger. we should realy go for erikson, goetze, schurel, arda turan of athletico madrid.
    someone who is proven and has creative capablity like cazorla.

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  6. youngold gunner

    Btn zaha and tarabt i choose tarabt because he a proven EPL performer but if there is other options like navas,lewandowski,adrian and jovetic id take them.Because at times tarabt seems clumsy{inconsistent} but maybe it just the quality of the players hes playin along with.but he surely add quality in our attack.

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  7. Gunners

    We dont need either…we need classy players like lewandowski, huntelaar or david villa. All within our budget and any would improve our attack….hasnt wenger learnt?

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  8. abel

    Apparently wenger scouted falcao at river plate and was asked to cough up £4m but he chose to buy vela for less than £500k.take a look at the two players now.

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  9. Arsenal-999

    We do have quality CF its just that their being played out of position…!

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  10. synsix

    i wil tell u who Arsenal transfer targets are- sellin Theo Wallcot and raisin the value for Santi Cazorla for 2013 summer transfer

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  11. Amol

    tarabaat would be good over zaha

    coz he has the epl experience

    he can fit in quickly

    tarabaat is versatile which provides wenger with options

    tarabaat would be good as the right wing to provide crosses n through balls

    also he’ll good as the box to box midfielder
    providing more creativity

    also wenger can rest cazorla
    n play tarabaat as playmaker

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  12. raj

    WTF have arsenal become like this. Instead of going for the quality players they are going for mediocre players. At this rate we ait gonna even compete with the spuds. We need our arsenal back especially Mr Arsenal himself David Dein. He would sort the mess gazidis and hill wood have caused. Get rid of silent Stan and bring in usmanov. Why are we getting left behind. We were supposed to be the secon d most successful team in premier league. Know we are a joke. All it is about know is finish4th and well done. Should we really be talking about zaha or the spuds reject we should be talking about falcoa mvilla etc etc. that’s the sort of players we need.

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  13. Kingbong10

    Hunterlaar and a defensive mid to get arteta playing where he should on the park next to Santi

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  14. bongumusa

    ben arfa is skilful last season he scored an increadible goal against chelsea falco is too expencive 4 us ,but it`s ok to dream gunner 4 life

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  15. DrPepper

    Taarabt is one of the worst players I have ever seen, the guy wasn’t good enough for tottenham why do any of you want him at Arsenal?

    Zaha is too much of an expensive risk, just use the 10mil to buy a decent player.

    @ everyone who said Ben Arfa

    Why buy an injury prone player who when combined, scored less goals and assists than both Walcott and Gervinho?


    He’s Just a dutch jimmy savile…dutch jimmy saaaavile

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  16. Dan


    But we definitely need another pacey winger aswell as him. Someone experienced like Ben Arfa or Navas.

    I don’t think we’ll need another striker as we have Giroud (who with 2 pacey wingers will score a lot of goals), Podolski who today said he wants to play in the centre. And maybe even Walcott if he stays.

    So Wenger, buy some speed for the wings.

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  17. floosa

    Zaha hasn’t proven himself and i think he’d be a flop, and Taarabt has proven that he’s useless in the top flight, neither, get Adrian and Jose Callejon

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  18. floosa

    isn’t it weird that the one time we cough up and buy a proven player (Cazorla), in 1 game he became our best player, i think that undeniably shows that quality is better that youth POTENTIAL

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  19. bojan arsenal

    Arsenal strikers now:Giroud,Chamakh
    Arsenal strikers in January:Podolski,Walcott,Giroud,Chamakh

    Arsenal wingers now:Walcott,Podolski,Gerv,OX,Arshavin
    Arsenal wingers in January:Cazorla,Navas,Gerv,Ox,Arshavin

    Arsenal AM now:Cazorla,Rosicky,Arshavin
    Arsenal AM in January:Willian,Rosicky,Arshavin

    Navas(20 millions) Willian(15 millions + Andre Santos)


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  20. juhislihis

    Falcao although will never happen, is the worth of price. Why? Well myself I think the market is inflated BUT Falcao is the type of player who can change games all by himself.

    I haven’t watched a lot of games for Athletico Madrid but I did see them play against Chelsea and he SINGLE HANDEDLY (for reals) destroyed Chelski but 3 SUPERB goals. We can only dream about him but I do understand why some clubs are willing to go nuts on him – because he can make the difference.

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  21. Tiko

    Wengers gonner say we have a new signing in all the new injuries blah blah blah then summer comes when were 7th in the league and then no one is gonner join NO ONE

    Which player wants to join arsenal FC unless ur 16-18 and havent got 1st team experience. Exactly WENGER tell the board to fund you or u will walk out. UR THEIR MOST PRISED ASSET

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  22. Simurks

    I was at the palace game on tues winning 5-0 over a poor ipswich side, but let me say Zaha is the real deal although not yet the finished article he is a great talent. Id welcome him with open arms to join the ox and jack in creating a team with the best english talent there is. I believe we need proven stars but theres nothing wrong with adding great young talent with that.

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  23. hamid

    As much as I agree with all of you rooting for the likes of Lorrente to become one of the Gunners, I must admit that it is in Arsenal’s nature to always be on the search for young talents, so I would say Zaha, without a doubt. Zaha is the next big thing. I see the major Arsenal names in a couple of years – Jenks, Gibbs, Wilshie, Eisfeld, Frimpong, Zaha. A strong squad, one might say. We just need a couple of CBs, maybe one or two midfilders and two major forwards and we are set for another round of the invincibles. That is if we get rid of Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood. I hope they die in a slow and painful deaths by the time these lads come to their fullest potential. Death to the board and COYG!!!!

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  24. TKC

    I wish Wenger would stop being so stubborn and buy Wanyama/Fellaini, Goetze/Holtby, and a left back like Abidal. Then he could also sell Santos, Chamakh, and Squillaci.
    With those players, our line up would be unstoppable…

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  25. Thala

    Players Out- Fabby, Squid, Djouru, Santos, Chamack, Bentner,park,denilson,arshavin[ I love him,but wenger has no faith in him]
    we dont need another Striker . We have Giroud, Poldi and theo.
    Players 2 Buy- 1CB, LB, CDM, 2 Wingers[left and right].total 5 players.
    we can compete only if we buy 5 players and sell the above players.
    Wenger Save Arsenal , we r Bleeding!!!

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