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Arsenal transfers – Szczesny out – Striker in!

It is an excellent bit of Arsenal transfer news that Wenger is sending Wojciech Szczesny off to Roma for next season and hopefully keeping David Ospina as backup if (God forbid!) Petr Cech gets injured. This is the obvious solution for all concerned but admittedly many Gooners were worried that Szczesny would be retained while Ospina was going to sold.

Szczesny gave us the good news himself on his Twitter page. ‘Good evening Roma fans.

‘I’m very happy to be signing for Roma tomorrow. Ciao!’ He tweeted. Good luck Woj, and stay away from those strong Italian cigarettes!

Meanwhile, Jeorge Bird, who is an expert on the Arsenal Youth website, has revealed that the Gunners have agreed a deal for the young Ajax striker Donyell Malen. Arsenal have already sent Yaya Sanogo over to Holland to work under Dennis Bergkamp, and it seems that the favour has been returned in spades.The Dutch U17 hitman has been described by the Italian agent Mino Riola as ‘phenomenal’.

The report says that the great Barcelona tried to tempt Malen over to Spain, but the Gunners will sign him up for the youth academy, probably helped by our association with Bergkamp and Marc Overmars at the Dutch giants.

Malen will join the rest of our promising summer recruits in the Arsenal U18 side alongside Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Yassin Fortune, Vlad Dragomir, Kostas Pileas and Jordi Osei-Tutu who were all acquired recently…

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal transfers – Szczesny out – Striker in!

  1. RedReigns

    Good for Szczesney, nice to see we’re going with the 2 solid options in Cech & Ospina. Academy really looks like it’s getting some heavy investment, and some really talented kids are getting brought in, hopefully they can make it into the first team in the future.

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    1. wizardry

      some young players only need confidence to perform. They might gain more experience in a playing single game for the senior team than playing on loan in a lower league. Sometimes they need the trust of their manager. Wenger might give opportunities to iwobi and Adelaide. And I hope he does. He threw fabregas and wilshere in to the starting lineup and we all know how that turned out.

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  2. ArseOverTit

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  3. ButtFlaps

    Two top top top goal keeps. Now we need top top top striker: REUS!!!!

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  4. Real Gunner

    Sounds like Wenger means business this coming season. Sending Sczhney to loan is a big desision by wenger. Let’s hope he shows us magic from his hat on the 12th hour

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    1. davidnz

      Is Szcz going to be first choice
      at Roma or bench sit?

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      1. Sacrificial_Pizza

        At Roma
        The keepers are
        A bit older but they are
        Still pretty good
        Woj will have
        To compete but he should
        Get some game time

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  5. fred cowardly

    Good Luck to Szczesny. Hope he improves and finds success

    I’m happy we have Cech AND Ospina though

    Malen sounds like he could be a starter in the future. Looks very promising

    But that’s the future. I hope Wenger signs a top player for the present

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    1. quantic dream

      lol! we gave up trying to get admin to focus on quality rather than quantity of articles. I just flip straight through to the comments..unless the article is by Adam Kemp ofcos..I miss the guy. Id also like to see an article from Champaigne Charle and that good old AKB Big Gun..though I dont alwys agree with them, they talk sense in an articulate way.

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    2. Sacrificial_Pizza

      I mean if you’re using this site as your primary news source for the team you’re kind of an idiot anyway and deserve to be fooled

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  6. Sam, need a striker

    If Szczesny is gonna be on Roma’s bench, then it’s meaningless loan deal …

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    1. josh37

      Long-term.. I’d agree with you. But a loan move will be good for him

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  7. fred cowardly

    I think with all the money United, City, Chelsea and even Liverpool spend, it’s vital for our future to get the best youth talent.

    We need to grow WC players as well as purchase them to compete with the big spenders

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  8. Tas

    Szczesny go as a boy and come back as a man and lose your loser father his not helping your carer

    moving on, obviously i would live to win the EPL,FA,CL but wont change the way Arsenal play football its so exiting its almost orgasmic at times HAHA more tissues pls

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    1. Sacrificial_Pizza

      He hasn’t talked to his father in years. His father just happens to have a voice to be on TV

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    2. k klin

      Hahaha… Adelaide is quite a talented young chap, I’d say his future his f#cking bright…but that’s for the future – let’s come back to 2015 – wenger has made his intentions clear for the coming season… I think he wants to imitate Ferguson & leave while the ovation is loudest which means a player to slot right in to the first XI will be signed b4 window closes

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  9. Robertthegooner

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    1. goonerwineverything

      nah the budget is at about the £70million mark at an educated guess, but if wenger doesn’t get anyone in and we dont keep up this great run in the long term, his head will be on the block, like i said before even if he panics and buys hugain for the allotted £62million. i would be down with that, because he scores goals and lots of them, or just says to dortmund here is £60 million for reus to make the deal sweeter, it should be done wenger would be massively deluded to believe there is no better players out there, than what we already have in certain positions. and he will pay the ultimate price if he carry’s on living in fantasy world.

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    2. sylvainwiltord

      That’s a lovely selection of homegrown players there !

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    3. jonnhirons

      Hummels 40 mil
      Pogba 75mil
      Martinez 30mil
      Reus 40
      Cavani 50

      Do the maths mate, even if our budget is 200 mil (its not) we still cant afford your list

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  10. goonerwineverything

    best thing for all involved schez gets a season as number 1 guaranteed, also this boy malen looks the absolute business on the videos i have seen of him, could be real coup getting him in ahead of barca, they are usually the premier choice all all youngsters, as la maisa is famous but just shows our academy is getting high fame and recognition, now as much as any academy in the world. thank you jonker you are making a big impact already you seem t know what kind of talent you want to work with and how to shape them the arsenal way. just a one off big name c/f and we are sorted even more, if wenger just blows the full budget on this name it will be recouped in shirt sales alone, am sure the board wants a big name on board as well as it makes good business sense too.

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  11. leo

    Fernando Llorente has rejected Arsenal’s offer as he awaits an approach by Real Madrid acc to media reports while benzema has a thigh injury

    wenger should go all out & get reus he is the best option

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    1. goonerwineverything

      yeah he is the most flexible option as a player can play in any attacking 3 positions, not so fixed to one spot like the benz although wenger could mold him into the ultimate number 9. ala henry just the right age for it too. REUS REUS REUS REUS!

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      1. goonerwineverything

        go on wenger chuck £60million dortmunds way am sure they will sell for that

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    2. Gigi2

      This is what I am talking about. Llorente rejects. …maybe fees between clubs were agreed but the players rejected

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    3. Sam, need a striker

      Italian version of Giroud, no thanks we already stuck with one …

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    4. Sacrificial_Pizza

      Only thing reporting this is Metro. Which means it is made up.

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  12. davidnz

    I wonder if Cech
    will play v Chelsea?
    I hope Wenger does
    not play Ospina to protect
    Cech from Jose’s mind games.
    Surely Cech at 33 is way past that.
    If not it’s a worry.
    Besides this is the last game before the
    season proper gets under way so
    time on the park is important for Cech.

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    1. Sacrificial_Pizza

      I think Wenger will
      Play his best lineup in
      Order to ready his
      Team for the first game of
      The season
      And also to hopefully
      Beat Chelsea

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  13. leo

    Benzema not starting today because of ‘discomfort’? Interesting…….

    injury or arsenal move ???????

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  14. josh37

    Our youth squad is pimpin’! Highly curious who’s going to be sent on loan this coming season.

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  15. wizardry

    Heck, why not go all out and buy Ajax FC. I read somewhere that we can with our 200 mill. And with 7 mill to sphere too.

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    1. goonerwineverything

      our bonds with ajax are strong enough without having to own them we are the English ajax, this is a team and philosophy that wenger loves, wenger worships at the alter of rinus and cruyff total football utopia temple. we should get in bergkamp in the future though as assistant, maybe after wenger goes/retires he has a football brain like nobody else, and his coaching skills are apparently top class. also am very surprised that wenger has never brought in Dragan Stojković in as an assistant before now, he speaks very highly of him and terms of coaching skills and management skills. he would make a fine coach in our set up somewhere even if as under 21 coach or reserves to begin with. and remi garde would also make a great coach at the club

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  16. decee

    if we canot sign a 20+ goals striker, then i wonder what they are smoking at the emirate

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  17. k klin

    …Ok so, arsenal are ready to up their bid for Karim Benzema (at £35.3m ) as Real madrid have declared that they are ready to sell at the right price

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  18. Ks-Gunner

    Tha kid is the real deal. But we fans cant think of the future all the time we need the now to be happening. We need good players now and win.

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  19. goonerwineverything

    what a nasty surprise that would be for mouriniho, if we rolled up with in the big benz on sunday he would freak out. we would have the best chance in a while of besting him in battle if this move happens.

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  20. butters

    De Sanctis is horrible last season at Roma. Wenger and Woj would not have gone to roma if they knew he wont be firdt choice

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  21. kev

    Listen there are some facts people wont accept but its true.Listen i have said it here and i stand by my comments Ospina is not part of arsenal’s futute he wont last long term because he is not good enough at the most important thing shot stopping.He is ok but will never be world class at that.What people dont know is that Szcz and Ospina have already developed.Szcz shot stopping is up there with the best keepers but mistakes and some stupid exposing has not allowed him to grab the first choice.I dont judge a player by one match i make sure i watch and analyze them.I cant see Ospina being arsenal number one for 5 years.He does not have what it takes.As Roma should have made Szcz deal permanent after all he is useless aint he? as peeps here say.The guys shot stopping is world class where as Ospina shot stopping aint that good.Everyone hates the one who speaks the truth and that is the reality.

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 18

    1. Tony

      No offence mate but that’s your truth not everyone else’s.

      I rate Szczesny highly as well his only flaw, is he seems to confident so is prone to mistakes hopefully this loan might give him a reality shock. As for Ospina I think your being a little to quick to judge, he’s only been at arsenal for 1 season and been our number 1 for half of that and in that half he did a better job then Szczesny

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      1. kev

        In terms of what?Listen i am going to say this again and i hope yoyu will still be here when it happens and cannot be arsenal number one for years.,People woill deny.Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but i still stand by the truth Szczesny is a better shot stopper than Ospina and more error prone and thats the truth

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        1. Tony

          If the league was played from Jan we would of been champs. That’s not just because players coming back its also have Ospina in goal. I think most fans felt more comfortable with him in goal.
          I’m just saying your basing you opinion on half a season, now that’s your opinion and I respect it but I don’t completely agree. As I said I rate Szczesny highly but to claim his a better keeper am not sure you can make that call until you see Ospina have a full season as number 1, Unfortunately now we have cech I don’t see that happening anytime soon. If Szczesny gets his head in gear and stops cocking up on and off the field then, yes he’ll be number 1 and one of the best goalkeepers in the league but I don’t see that happening ether

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  22. kev

    Soq wil people continue to deny the facts then when it happens they will criticize a player who was never good enough

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  23. kev

    Tony i get what you are saying but at least when the time comes we will know who was right.,As a person it is better to be honest and take responsibility for your mistakes.I still stand by my opinion Szczesny is better than Ospina.

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    1. Tony

      I hope you’re right mate I truly do but as you said we’ll see

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  24. kev

    We will determine who will be better.Watch As Roma take him away once they realize his goodness.He will be gone for good.At least he will play behind a very good backline that is hardly changed and have so many good defenders.He will be different trust me.I can just see it.

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