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Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup Betting – Get On Big Arsenal Win!!!

So the big day is finally here and we will all be glued to our TVs in a couple of hours, except for the lucky ones that actually get to the game, or even watch it live at the Emirates. I am not so lucky but I am really confident of getting an easy win for the Gunners and will be having a few bets to give me some added excitement.

Arsenal have already beaten Villa 5-0 and 3-0 this season, so I am going to have a small 2 quid punt on 4-0 (in the middle!) at an attractive 18/1 although Arsene Wenger doesn’t think the earlier games will have much effect today. “You don’t know if it will have any impact,” he said on “You are always in a position where you just think, ‘It’s the quality of your game on the day that matters’. You can beat a team 10 times but if you don’t turn up with a good performance on the 11th then you can lose the game.

“I believe the final is a 50:50 and then of course you want to win it and take advantage of your strengths. I just think you focus on preparing the team well for the day because a good preparation breeds confidence and from that confidence you are in a good position to win it.”

Wenger may think it is 50:50 but the bookies certainly don’t agree with him as Arsenal are very hot favourites and not worth betting simply to win, unless you are putting on thousands of pounds. I am afraid I am not rich so I am looking for a few value bets. First off I do believe it will be an open game with lots of goals, although I have just seen a tweet from Free bets Odd News recommending a simple 1-0 win for Arsenal. I can’t see it myself and I’m looking at Arsenal to win 3-2 or 4-2 at 25/1 and 50/1 respectively. Again these will just be small stakes.

Back to Wenger’s words, and he is obviously impressed with Aston Villa’s scoring potential. He said: “They are dangerous in the air, from set-pieces, from crosses, with Benteke who is absolutely magnificent on set-pieces,” Wenger warned. “They have good quality in midfield as well, where they all played very well against Liverpool (in the semifinal).

“Grealish, [Fabien] Delph and [Ashley] Westwood – they also have [Charles] N’Zogbia, players who can make a difference. Overall they are a team who have had a bad spell in the league but, when they need it, they have shown that they have the quality and they have done that against Liverpool.”

We all know just how good Arsenal are when they are in full-flow, but with the occasional defensive lapse. It may well be that Arsenal are the team defending early, on after the shock they got last year against Hull, but I expect the game to open up a lot more after half-time, or if one team scores early. So my (reasonably confident prediction is Arsenal to win, but BOTH teams to score at a very generous 5/2.

Have some’o’that! Get in you Gooners Goals! Goals! Goals!

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup Betting – Get On Big Arsenal Win!!!

  1. Greg

    Lets start theo and let him continue what he did to west brom on the last day, against aston villa! Another hattrick from him will do this gooner just fine! Coyg!

    1. KickAssFan

      I love fast cars, u arrive ur destination very fast with them. We need a fast front three, no Giroud.

  2. ArseOverTit

    Happy Viewing fellow JA gooners!
    Let’s hope it’s a good one.

    3-1 to the Arsenal!


  3. JAmerican

    Starting to lose count of how many beers I’ve had already and looking at the time I still have a good 2 hours before kickoff. Wishing today will end in a very good drunk day lol.

  4. No10

    She wore, she wore,
    She wore a yellow ribbon,
    She wore a yellow ribbon,
    In the merry month of May!
    And when, I asked,
    Oh why she wore her ribbon,
    She said it’s for The Arsenal,
    And we’re going to Wembley!

  5. Robertthegooner

    I don’t bet on Mickey Mouse trophies
    In fact Disney should sponsor the FA Cup
    Real trophies ard PL and CL

    Last time I was excited about an Arsenal final was playing Barcelona in CL final

    We have sunk so low that you guys are getting excited like girls at Justin Beiber concert for the FA Cup. Ridiculous

    1. No10

      Football is about enjoying yourself through your team and give tem support through good and bad. I am excited because I think the near future will be great and the FA cup record will be another record broken by Arsenal.

      I don’t buy the “I only enjoy CL finals” attitude.

  6. No10

    Anyhooooow, off to the Public House (Pub) to join the lads.

    Stay safe gooners and enjoy the game!

  7. Raja Danish

    Arsenal official line up for the final:
    Scz bellerin kos per mon coq caz rambo ozil alexi theo… Whats your thoughts guys? I m optimistic we will win it 2-1 but it will be a tight match never ever under-estimate any team in the fa cup final… Coyg

  8. Robertthegooner

    Its good enough to Win. That’s the important thing.

    Can’t wait to see Alexis and Ozil in particular holding the trophy with huge grins. Alexis winning a trophy on his debut season would be great reward for his hard work

    Hopefully we will win

    12th FA Cup = History
    12-11 over United
    back to back FA Cups
    This is a HUGE match.

    COYG Make us proud
    I’m soooooooooo excited hehehe

  9. TioMoses

    In the 2 games we’ve played agianst them this season, 2 things have really stood out:
    1. Our pace has been impossible for them to cope with
    2. Ozil has been excellent finding space, and hitting passes in stride. He’s score in both games against them this season, hopefully he gets a 3rd today.

    Come on you gunners!

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