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Arsenal v Aston Villa Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Match Preview: Arsenal v Aston Villa

Aston Villa are Arsenal’s last opposition of a truly disappointing 2015-16 Season, which had promised so much more for the Gunners. Although to be disappointed with Arsenal’s situation, you cannot help but think about how the fans of Aston Villa must feel right now!

This will be Aston Villa’s last game in the Premier League for at least a year so normally you’d expect that a relegated club would put up a fight as a means of send off, but I just can’t see it from the way that Villa have played this year. Arsenal should beat them comfortably (fingers crossed – not jinxing) so long as the game doesn’t have that ‘end of season’ feel to it, because Arsenal being Arsenal, we can always let our guard down.

Although Villa have nothing to play for, Arsenal on the other hand can still achieve second place in the league, if they win and Newcastle manage to beat Spurs at home. It is a possible scenario, however unlikely since Newcastle’s relegation from the Barclays Premier League was also confirmed this week.

In terms of team news, Arsenal’s only returnee is Mesut Ozil, who Wenger has confirmed is back in training. The usual suspects remain out of contention for the match. Obviously there will also be no Danny Welbeck this week, a big blow for both the Gunners and England.

Although Ozil has returned to training, if he is not entirely comfortable and at full fitness, I can’t see Wenger risking him for the whole 90 min when Ozil will be cautious about the Euros less than a month away. We can also expect to see Rosicky, Flamini and possibly Arteta in the match day squad too, as confirmed by Wenger, who we will be saying goodbye to this Sunday.

Therefore I would expect something along the following lines to be Arsenal’s match day squad this Sunday:

Bellerin Koscienly Chambers Monreal
Elneny Ramsey
Alexis Wilshere Iwobi

Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Rosicky, Ozil, Walcott
Arsenal v Aston Villa Odds
These odds are taken from Paddy Power – read more

I can see Wenger giving Chambers some game time at centre back, whilst Wilshere may be given 60 minutes as a starter to show if he is fit enough to go to the Euros. The rest of the team remains the same, with Ozil possibly a starter if the midfield shuffles around a bit. Expect to see Flamini and Rosicky late on if The Gunners are in control, which they should be easily. I am going to push my luck and predict a training game and a score of 3-0 to the Gunners.

Last game of the season ladies and gents, make sure you show your support for the team, because even if you feel differently towards the club and the manager, the team still deserve a good and loud send off at the end of the season, before we see them return again in August.


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal v Aston Villa Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

  1. Uzi Ozil

    And so the season ends today. We have poured out our hearts this season and most times are disappointed.

    Here’s wishing Arsenal a better 2016/2017 season.

    Special Shout Out to all Arsenal Fans in the building. What makes here unique is the fact that different people come up with different logic and opinion.

    I don’t think I have ever abused any fan(s) commenting here but sometimes you just never know so if I have offended any fan this season. Please I’m sorry. I’m only human. Lol

    Let’s do this again next season’ At least we have Euros to look up to…

  2. Tamkin10

    Off topic:
    As much as we have our favorites on the leaving list: Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky – we should give all of them a warm, lovely goodbye. They all know they’ve been down the pecking order and took this in a professional manner, unlike Debuchy who complained to the media. Arteta took a pay cut to join and help Arsenal to 3rd that year, playing the CAM role behind RVP. Flamini came back for his second spell at the club and we all remembered how good he played vs Man City. He had a small but bright initial impact. He always gave his best of his abilities, screaming at his team mates and giving his 100%. And of course our Little Mozart… The one I’ll miss the most! His goals vs Spurs, vs AC Milan, that team goal vs Stoke and that banger vs Lloris! What a player he was! Always direct, running towards defenders, dribbling with speed. 35years? NO, he plays like he’s 20! I remember Fabregas calling him a great partner and friend and Wilshere calling him his mentors. 10 years at the club, through and thick, while all the other snakes left.
    All 3 of them have reasons to get a standing ovation tomorrow. So let’s all be there tomorrow and give 3 fellow servants of our beloved club one last, deserved goodbye.

  3. SoOpa AeoN

    Last game of the season and i don’t feel too excited bout anything…..Looking at the Line-up(especially our midfield and centre forward)…..and it’s even annoying

    we may finish ahead or behind the spuds but at least we got the ugly monkey (UCL playoff) off our backs far a while….not that it matters anyway

    wish the boys Goodluck against the villains …don’t let a new record be created against us (Last one was on August 17th, 2013)

    and this whole player sentimental Nonsense must not be carried over into next season……players should be made to work their way up and earn their spot… all stops here

  4. davidnz

    Arsenal should hammer
    relegated Villa 5-1.
    Been a poor league
    this season.
    Leicester shocked the footballing world.
    making all the rich teams look silly 🙂

  5. Bolly from Borehamwood

    Good luck Gunners and best wishes for a happy and peaceful close season for all on here at Just Arsenal.
    OT but if you haven’t yet seen Danielle’s goal that won the FA Cup yesterday, take a look, it’s a cracker!

  6. BUR

    I hope the the board has seen the dismay in Arsenal fans and the carry on of the last 8/9 years will not be tolerated in the future. Wenger does need to be replaced with a younger dianamic manager with a new view to games. This was the most dissapointing season for years, struggling in the Champions league, no leadership in the league, beat by a much lesser team in the league cup and bowing out of the FA Cup with a whimper. Not good enough for Arsenal. The common denominator, that is wenger, was the cause of it all. Things have to change for the forth coming season.

    1. jonm

      I agree but unfortunately I suspect that Kroenke does not agree. From owners prspective this has been a sucessful year,
      1. Top four achieveg
      2. Last sixteen in CL
      3. Protest by fans a damp squid, its only a very small minority, if they leave there are plenty more on the waiting list for season tickets.
      4. Brand and investment maintained.

      After all kroenke has told us that he is not “involved” to win championships. Jack on let slip that aim is top four in PL, not to win it.

  7. Trevor

    I would like to have seen a couple more of the youngsters get a shot for this game. They done well to get promoted, so it’d be nice to further reward them and give them a taste or an extra incentive on the future. My choice would be from Bielik, Willock, Mavididi, Adelaide. Even sit them on the bench to see how this game and the other game pans out first. I’m sure some of you could probably come up with some other deserved candidates, must admit that I didn’t see enough of the u21 games that I would’ve liked to have seen. Seen lots of highlights though.

    If there’s a member of this site who lives near the club and watches the youngsters somewhat regularly, I would like to have your take on these lads from time to time. Mentioning that you watch them live, and hearing how you believe they differ from other older kid generations/individuals would be appreciated. I bring this up because before about two or three seasons ago I never got to see our youngsters, read a great deal. But that is always wonderkid this and next whoever that, then your left wondering where did it all go wrong. Would be glad to hear from someone who has experience/knowledge of the field.

  8. Okayblack

    Rosicky, pls come visit any time au are in London. we Love U much…Arteta, U are one of a kind…U are a true leader…. and The Millionaire Flamini, thanks for trying Ur best, U are also funny to watch many times with Ur Kun-fu kicks….
    Giroud, Thanks for qualifying us to R-16 with Ur hatrick, But that’s all abt it, Honestly U made me more angry than happy. Goodluck to U all… @Theo, pls leave, it’ll help Ur career and create Space for Us too to improve. @Wenger… hmmmmm… God help me to forgive U…

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