Arsenal v Blackburn Player Ratings – Where was Giroud?

Wenger did the right thing by resting key players for this game. Indeed most of us praised the lineup when it was announced – we were simply unlucky. However, Podolski, Walcott, Cazorla and Wilshere are our most potent players and at least one of them should have started. It is a very disheartening result going into the week where we face Bayern Munich. Player ratings follow:

Szczesny: Was largely untested until the goal where he parried to the onrushing Kazim-Richards. Should he continue with these inconsistent performances, he really could find himself on the bench next season. 4/10

Coquelin: An energetic display, but was lucky not to get a card. Some of his challenges were full-blooded and reckless at times. He’s probably better in midfield. 5/10

Koscielny: Made one impressive run in the first half nearly setting up a goal. 6.5/10

Vermalaen: There was nothing he could have done to stop the goal, except perhaps use his hands! Nearly scored a goal with a header. 6.5/10

Monreal: Was solid and steady on the left back. However, he left much to be desired when going forward. Not bad by any measure, but I would tip Gibbs to take his shirt back when he comes back. 6.5/10

Arteta: Nice range of passing. He seems to go forward more often these days. Should really have buried that chance late on. 6/10

Diaby: A difficult-to-assess performance from Diaby. Had a shot and header saved. However, he seems too ponderous and doesn’t release the ball quickly enough. Uninspiring. 5/10

Rosicky: Brought urgency whenever he had the ball. Set up Gervinho for a goal that he must score and nearly scored a cracker himself. 8/10 (MOTM)

Gervinho: He didn’t have a terribly bad game (he wasn’t falling all over in the grass for example), however, his bad miss in the first half ultimately proved costly. 5/10

Oxlade-Chamberlain: Poor crosses, poor shots, poor corners. What’s up with the OX? 4.5/10

Giroud: Arsenal lost the game because they didn’t have a world-class striker up front. It’s time for Walcott and Podolski to be given a chance for the centre-forward position, starting with the game against Bayern. 4/10 (Flop of the match)

Wilshere: It’s clear to see how important he is to Arsenal. Almost caused the equalizer when he came on. 7/10

Cazorla and Walcott: Annonymous. N/A

Do you agree?


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76 thoughts on “Arsenal v Blackburn Player Ratings – Where was Giroud?

  1. SADarsenalian

    I’m goin to church today, to pray for our team coz what lies ahead on God knows

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  2. Darule

    All it takes for teams playing against Arsenal is stay tight at the back and one counter attack the game is over. This has happened before at times we been luck to win. But teams are matching Arsenal in terms of tactics they don’t mind giving us possession as far as we don’t penetrate towards their box. AW needs to change tactics Arsenal have been getting read out quit easy and our defense needs improving. GK from hero to villain showing how inconsistent he can be, Giourd was not getting enough service should have subbed Diaby in the 46th min not really impacting the game, we just were not ruthless in front of goals this has been the story this whole season. AW should have bought in one more attacking reinforcement but no!! the adamant twat!!

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  3. Sank

    The curse of “B”


    now we can concentrate on wengers made trophy 4th place.

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  4. blah blah blah

    giroud really had nothing to do… he didnot even try to get the ball when it came near to him he just stays at a fixed place waiting for our winger who cant even cross ball …….. i dont know wy ppl hate gerv so much he was marked by 2 to 3 plys and had a decentt game and missed a chance but everyone does u know how many giroud misses?? if podolski was stared then we wud probabley win that game by 3 or more goals

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  5. Shah95

    We were never gonna win the cup anyway. So get knocked sooner better than later.

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  6. BalancedView

    All you need when watching an arsenal game is a balanced view. The result can go either way. This is what is sustaining me, and my blood pressure isn’t rising at all. Please let’s all watch the next game against Bayern with a balanced view. Please don’t be over optimistic!

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  7. Sammykit

    This Bs words are ringing in my fear,Im praying should nt knock us out of ucl. Gosh that makes it 8 years of trophyless seasons

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  8. Sammykit

    Wishere was wonderful on the left i wish he could play there more often even against bayern. Bench giroud nd play poldi at the striking role.

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  9. ripple

    for the first time i generally agree with the ratings

    rosicky was excellent after playing only a few minutes this season – far better than ramsey has played in any of his 33 apperances this season

    so why has wenger tried to move heaven and hell just to get ramsey on the pitch, even choosing a failed tactic and benching one of his best players (podolski) just so he can squeeze ramsey into the lineup somewhere, while leaving the proven performer rosicky to rot, unused, often not even on the bench?

    now that is coaching

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  10. Ricardo

    Its crazy , that starting lineup should beat Blackburn at home any day. I reckon we must have the worst shots on goal, to actual goal record in the whole British Premier League.

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  11. mohawk35

    the one gunner who could have changed the game, who is a deadly finisher, who recently led the league in assists, who is able to play as a winger or more centrally, who has the most powerful leg on the team, who can score from running play or set pieces, who is unselfish in setting up his teammates, who, while still young, has over 100 caps for the team currently ranked #2 in the world, and who was fully rested from not playing much recently….

    this player was apparently not needed and certainly was not used in the Blackburn game (Podolski)

    but Wenger, we are told, is a genius.

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  12. ivan

    paaaaaaahhhh aaaaaarghhhhh,f**********ck…

    am gud now..looking forward to bayerns game..will win,am sure..wont we?

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  13. Acon

    Giroud is not to blame for gods sake. Wenger shouldnt have replaced rocisky. We played nice football but luck wasnt in our side

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  14. seriousgooner

    Ox was given an improved contract too soon before he could be a consistent performer..he’s now enjoying his salary like the rest of em..he got heavier too.flop of the match too

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  15. ripple

    @darule: thank you

    It is nice to know that there are some fans out there who can recognize the plainly obvious.

    If you are failing with good players the problem is either motivation or tactics or both.

    And you can’t convince me that many of these players who are good enough for some of the top national teams in the world, are not good enough to win for Arsenal.

    Arsenal may have little depth at defense especially, but the 1st team should be awesome.

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  16. dilla

    I am f*ckin depressed after that game. But hang in there gunners. Our team might just be weird and unpredictable enough to beat Bayern

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  17. leo

    when bayern faces arsenal on tuesday it will be battle of similar philoshphies but different level of ambition both clubs are self financed make profit but difference is that bayern has a manager who cares about the club a board who hates loosing more than anything else like arsenal they make profit difference is that profit goes back into the squad unlike arsenal

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  18. mohawk35

    Giroud did not have a good game at all. But that is only 1 game and not only the reason Arsenal lost. Also, Wenger could have subbed for Giroud, but Noooooooooooooo….

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  19. Ymer

    My flop of the match was Diaby – I don not understand why Wenger keept him on the field. He was holding the ball far to long, he lost to many balls trying to dribble omg. But the most annoying thing. He interrupted the play in the final third. And closed down the space, leaving no room left to our offensive players.

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  20. leo

    bayern transfer
    ribery 25m
    robben 25m
    mario gomez 35m
    neur 22m
    javi martinez 40m

    & they are not owned by a russina/or a middle east petroleum owner they are just like arsenal but have different approach read the article in guardian 2day about bayern on arsenal page

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  21. obi

    The truth is that wenger is shitty.u start with strong team then make substition later when the game is won.

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  22. Alex

    I told everyone not to get excited about giroids performances in January. We didn’t buy a striker and now it is costing us

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  23. Darule

    Arsenal must have had a million corners this season we have only converted two of those, teams who find it hard to break defense work on their set pieces, but at Arsenal AW’s vision one touch football starting from the keeper ending with the striker who scores a goal through a combined team effort. Aesthetically pleasing and this is how football should be played but some one need to tell AW we can also score goals from corners and free kicks should solve most of our current problems.

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  24. leo

    i wish we had an owner like Uli Hoeness (bayern prsident) we would 2day be on a whole differnt level

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  25. Marley magic

    What a joke we are becoming soft goals being conceded,man of the match Rovers goal keeper had a blinder and showed plenty of heart,biggest mistake made should’ve left gervinhio on and taken of Girroud and I’m back on the BP tablets.
    “C’mon Arsene for F sake I’m right Behind you like a true Greek get it together”

    “Aussie Gunner for life and the next “

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  26. dilla

    I don’t blame Giroud. He would have been better if he actually got accurate service from the thousands of misfiring crosses and corner kicks

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  27. Arunavameister

    Giroud has a great header on him and his shooting is also pretty good but he is awfully slow for my liking…he just cannot run/dribble past defenders which is very essential for a striker…Rosicky was a beast yesterday…hopefully we will see more of him..Coq was a also pretty good imo…how o how did we manage to lose the match yesterday..hopefully we will get things right against Bayern and turn up for real

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  28. Aussie Jack

    Thomas Rosicky always injects a sense of urgency when ever he plays, I`ve never seen him play a poor game. Why Wenger doesn`t use him more and get value from his experience whilst he`s still got the pace and the puff I don`t know.

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  29. mohawk35

    After being overlooked all season Rosicky played better than Ramsey has in any of his 33 appearnces all season.

    Now I would like to hear from those undying, unthinking defenders of the Wenger-Ramsey love affair as to why Ramsey should ever play again when Rosicky is available.

    (And don’t give me any nonsense about Ramsey really being DM. Rosicky can tackle better than Ramsey any day of the week)

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  30. Gunnersince71

    Don’t blame Giroud. Our playmakers, with poor service, could not get him into the game. Arsene Wenger totally misread this one and should have put the big guns on for the first half to try and be 3-0 up. he could then have made changes and rested them for the 2nd half.

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  31. Kayboy

    We fans are the major problem of this club. reason is the fans know that as long as wenger is the coach, no more trophy for arsenal, yet deluded fans still believe in wenger. i tell you, every lover of wenger is an hater of arsenal. arsenal fans have powers,but they dont know how to use it. that is why wenger wont go to madrid,cos’ their fans know their rights and know how to use their powers. but he choos to stay in cos he believes arsenal fans dont have guts. if wenger should sign a new contract with arsenal,then it shows that he’s a thief who does not love the club genuinely. they believe everything is okay, so far some fans still keep paying the highest ticket price to watch craps. mind you, i doubt if its only arsenal fans commenting on this site. there are manu,chelsea,liverpool,tottenham,even mancity fans on this site,pretending to be arsenal fans, raising comments in support of wenger,bcos they believe arsenal has a coach that has lost his vision for the club. adam kemp,where are you?

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Adam Kemp article will be up around 10.30 UK time)

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  32. eef bee

    wenger wz nt supposed to gamble as he did yesterday, he was supposed to start with a strong squad than he did, dis could hv helped to hv very early goals en later he could hav substitute in da final 1/4 of da game……..da manager needs to rest nw en another one to take over.

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  33. robbie

    this is the worst arsenal team i can remember

    im 28 and supported when we had linighan and rocastle (rip) even but i was too young to really appreciate football then I just cheered.

    The fact arsenal have struggled so often to break down a basic deep defensive strategy is really pathetic. I genuinely do not know what wenger was working on all week. I feel he has no real tactics just hopes for an open game, Whether its bradford, blackburn, schalke, chelsea we actually have the EXACT SAME tactics. Today there was no need for the 3rd midfielder better to put him pup front but wenger does nothing. And we are almost in MARCH and we have 1 striker. How can we only have giroud to play central striker seriously where is the squad depth.

    It is time he left he has not evolved and can’t even spot a good talent anymore his tactics are rigid liam brady is leaving, pat rice left, stan kronke does not care and gazidazis plotting who to sell next its a shambles

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  34. Brad

    People around me in the ground weren’t impressed by the tean selection at the start of the game , start with your best team , then hopefully bring players off poor poor stuff wenger out

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  35. ams

    tv5 to barca next season..and follow by wilshere,walcott,..and maybe carzola will go some where..

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  36. mr lean

    i want one question answered,did the board give wenger money to spend in Jan ? if yes wenger needs to go as yet again he missed the oppurtunty to strengthen the squad,if know stan/ivan out and usminov in

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  37. mr lean

    sad times at my beloved arsenal,fans arguing and fighting each other and all one mans fault. STAN = you are responsable so for the good of OUR club f#ck off and take your Manc bitch with you.

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  38. mr lean

    did not read that Stan and ivan have signed a sponsorship deal with knorr as they are turning AFC into laughing stock,yanks and mancs out of AFC today !!

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  39. leo

    @mr lean the board did give wenger money around 20m wenger wanted to sign monreal/diame & villa villa was price out barca wanted 24m a board member confirmed at AST meeting as for diame west ham wanted 7.5m (confusion over his buyout clause) then monreal for 8.2m so there was limit over spending but still wenger should come out & tell about the board heard wenger could get contract extension i hope usmanov/henry & dacid dein some how pushes for a place if they enter the picture will get clearer

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  40. naga

    GIroud cannot be our main striker.we need better quality next season.Our chance of winning a trophy is over

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  41. mr lean

    @leo so why did the bord not push the price for villa doen by demanding our 8m back,the board have not got a clue we need to ge thenm out today and agree usminov/dein in

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  42. eef bee

    should we be watching an arsenal game with ambulance waiting 4 us outside the theater or should we be carrying medicine to reduce blood pressure to take when an arsenal game ends………we nid immediate changes

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  43. titansticky

    Are you crazy admin?
    Giroud couldn’t do much yesterday match coz there was just a little cross that will feed him upfront.
    Chambo cross were too bad yesterday and there was no decent cross for Giroud.
    I think yesterday loss is because of Gervinho n Diaby.
    Gervinho is too selfish n he didnt try to create chance for Giroud.

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  44. mohawk35

    I have been screaming about Rosicky since December of 2011 when I recognized the reality that, depite all the accolades and the love of his many faithful fans, Ramsey was not helping Arsenal at all – he was a drag on the team, and Rosicky was a far better choice.

    In Feb 2012 even Wenger got tired of the critics and Ramsey’s poor performances. Wenger replaced him with Rosicky and magically Arsenal won the next 7 in a row. It should have been no surprise

    Now it seems that Wenger has gone even deeper into denial to the point that the poor-performing Ramsey nearly leads the team in game appearances while the always-energetic and creative Rosicky rarely gets a look – often not even selected for the bench.

    This perplexing situation has become a very visible although often-denied wart on the face of Arsenal football. It both represents and contributes to Arsenal’s slow but steady spiral downward as well as Wenger’s dive into the depths of ego-driven insanity.

    It is time, my friends; it is time to end the madness.

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  45. mr lean

    when are the financial results published because on that day we should rise up as one and force a change of board,need our american brothers to start protesting against Stan,while we should not let Ivan get away any more and give him as much verbal and if needed physical abuse every time he appears at the emirates

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    Do u mean 2 tell me dat out of d over 250,000 soccer players in d world Wenger didn’t find a good striker 2 buy? If not becuz gunner fans no dey wld go 2 purgatory if dey commit sucide, most of dem wld ve attempted it.sucide is d the only tin worst than watchin arsenal loose.

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  47. snakeoil

    I see the fans blame various different playes for the poor result vs. Blackburn

    Some blame Giroud while others blame the service of Ox and others. Some blame Gervinho for the miss others admired his movement at least. Some blame Verm for the goal – others Coq or Czeser. Some think Cazorla was good – others not.

    You are all right. There were many failures from many players.

    There is one apparent consensus and reality however. The best gunner on the pitch is only one that Wenger will simply not recognize or use this season even though he is a proven quality player and many critics and fans have called out for him – Rosicky.

    It is clear that Wenger has often failed to select the BEST players and the BEST team possible this season. He has selected players for other, more selfish or more flighty reasons.

    Wenger should simply be ashamed.

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  48. JohnCp

    Arsene reminds me of Brian Clough in his latter years. A genius who has had his day. Please go and take the BOD with you.

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  49. Fabalien

    ! The article says Wenger did the right thing resting players, no he didn’t, we lost the game. Wenger made only mistakes, didn’t buy on january, took Rosicky off and didn’t resign when his honour was still intact.

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  50. Vincent

    Wenger must go, and should take along his gervinho, squilaci, giroud, ramsey and diaby.

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  51. azi

    giroud needs quality service, he is not a striker who will go past 3 players and smash the ball in, he is a target man, who needs good service from the wings. When this doesn’t happen he can be quite ineffectual, and even if there are a lot of crosses from wide it will be hard for him because he’s the only arsenal player in the box against 2 or 3 defenders. We should’ve played 4-4-2 yesterday, with giroud and walcott/poldi upfront to wrap up the game in the 1st half, but know Wenger sticks to his stubborn ways

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  52. Nkosazana

    Wenger’s tactics and team selection is awful! On the final whistle I saw Walcot’s face in great sadness, disappointment and probably was blaming himself for extending his contract with this miserable coach. We need few player with character, call them bad boys if you like but they have winning mentality. M’Villa is in this category, Rooney is bad boy all the way, very mad sometime high tempered who makes Man United tick. Mario Baloteli has been centre of winning streak for AC Millan recently. Our team has full of ‘Yes Boss, Yes Ma’am ‘ type.

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  53. tom

    that has pissed me off the fact that people keep saying giroud is not a world class striker we know he isnt but neither is walcott or podolski why are all arsenal fans so quick to call a striker shit.

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  54. Steve


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  55. vyash

    all who critic wenger at stupid
    henry support wenger and he said we must sack the borad not wenger

    yesterday it was the fault of the team and not wenger

    70 per cent we had the pocession

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  56. Big Gun

    @snakeoil I often agree with what you say. Rosicky is far more consistent than most of our players – its consistency that will win us games. But you cannot have a player like Rosicky surrounded by clowns who are just not good enough. I have always said Diaby is overrated, we should get rid of him asap. Ramsey is another one just riding the gravy train. Oh but he has 96% pass rate say some fans. Sure, that is because his passes are a few meters in length. Something even I could do. He does nothing prolific. I could also work hard at twiddling my thumbs but it gets nothing done. I also have had my share of things to say about Giroud. He is the type of player that if not fed, does not do much. He is slow, lazy and never chases. We need a Rooney/Tevez type player up front, who pressurizes and is always dangerous. Giroud would be my 3rd choice striker as he is great in the air, but that’s it. I would try Podolski up front from now on.

    Sigh, this team has just gotten worse and worse over the years. I feel so sorry for players like Jack, Rosicky, Cazorla who play their guts out every game but are dragged down by inferiority around them. The buck has to stop somewhere – Wenger needs to pack up and go. End of.

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  57. GGG

    Wenger’s biggest mistake: 3 subs at the same time although there is no need for it.

    Second mistake: playing Ramsy every game.

    Ramsy is realy not good to play for arsenal or even lesser teams. just put him in the selling list in the summer and I bet no one will try to buy him. he is useless

    Rosicky, on the other hand, is a great player. I don’t know when Wenger will realize that he has a one of the best midfielders in the world although he is 32 now. Anyhow I really enjoyed watching him playing and hopefully will see him more!! HE IS REALLY A JOY TO WATCH

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  58. GGG

    Wenger has become very systematic. I’m sure that most of the fans have expected who will he substitute and who will go out. He makes same subs at almost the same times. Substituting 3 players at once is a big mistake that is a shame to make considering he is one of the most rated coaches in the world.
    Your team was dominating and making chances but you take out the best player on the pitch and two energetic ones (although the missed a lot) and keep the dead ones. Giroud was awful, yes our crosses were so bad, but he was lazy and almost all of his passes and final touches were wrong. Same goes of AOC he was full of energy and go through defenders but without brain. At some times I feel he just runs aimlessly and don’t consider the better solutions and his final touch was always wrong.
    For Mr. Wenger, I don’t know when he will stop depending on luck and start to prepare a plan for every game. His style of playing is really fantastic and enjoyable,however, other teams can play defensively and ruin our play especially when we miss most of the chances every game.

    More training on the final touch in front of the goal and on crosses are required, because ours are shambolic for a team like arsenal

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  59. Give him a break

    Giroud has 14 goals and 9 assists in all competitions and 9 in the premier league. He works hard is good in the air and is learning how to play with everyone. Diaby didn’t pass it to him at the end of the game on a clear through ball that he would have scored and we could not get a cross or corner in all game. When Wenger finally gets people to play a style that suits the club, which he won’t, Giroud will impress even more.

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  60. Ryan

    This is when u play Walcott upfront!!!!! Teams like Blackburn who just come and sit cannot handle the pace of walcott, it was shown when we broke the lines and gervenhio almost scored, against smaller non physical sides walcott should start upfront your basically using Giroud as a battering ram against a team that’s just going to soak up the pressure and hit u on the counter where as balls over the top and through balls that break the line with someone pacey to run onto them would if beaten Blackburn

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  61. RSH

    I hate how everyone directs their anger at the same players in every loss even when its not their fault. How is Giroud a reason why we lost? Cause when I watched the match I saw two terrible wingers giving horrible service and I also saw about 25 corners, about only two of which were actually threatening.

    So before you insult Giroud how about we realize that no striker is going to score goals if they get terrible service. Giroud got none all game. How is it people don’t realize that Giroud is a target man, and a finisher. He’s not going to make an amazing run like RVP and score. Some articles just make me shake my head.

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  62. greg

    Every game rosicky does not play for some reason when he is one of the best on the team at Centre attacking mid position. Wilshire plays well he is great and sometimes i dont like cazorla but he should be on the wing. However giroud is to slow, it is great that he can head the ball but the crosses just arent working. Chambo is a player i havent seen in a while so i wouldnt expect him to be perfect but he gotta get better soon. sczney is playing very blah and needs to get back to old form from before his injury. Finally i would like to see walcott get more chances and podolski get more chances as well as rosicky

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  63. ljgomez

    I think giroud waas worse than gervinho how many corners did we have??? 300? or something like that, and he couldnt get on the end of 1!!! he did nothing atleast gervihno was running and getting in good positions, he’s a wing he suppose to create chance first score second, that’s what he did, giroud is suppose to score, he didn’t even get close, also the ox was worse than gervihno to. soo dont just blame gervihno

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  64. Gooner Tim

    I was at the game and here are my conclusions:
    - Rosicky is a very underated player who actually has a ‘footbal brain’ and one of the few players we have who is actually prepared to attack with the ball. Wenger should play him more to get him truly match-fit – he showed last season that he can make a difference.
    - Why did Wenger take Rosicky off and leave Diaby and Arteta on who were simplay awful by always taking the pace out of our moves?
    - Rosicky constantly creates space for himself but by the time one of our other clowns has seen it, a defender has closed him down.
    - Apparantly, Roz and Santi get on really well in training, so why not try that in a game Arsene?
    - Chesney is a good keeper but he needs decent back-up to put pressure on him.
    - If I can see that Gervinho and Ramsey are not up to the job, why can’t Wenger.
    - Giroud is generally a good finisher but needs quality assistance otherwise he’s ineffective.
    - Podolski should play up-front alongside Theo with Giroud as a Plan B when we need it.
    - Wenger should go now whilst he still has some respect.

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  65. Rob Woods

    All this bollocks about giving players a rest is stupid. Back in the day teams played so many games more than the teams today but they still played every game. It’s not a big ask to play 2 games within 4 days, these are meant to be the fittest professionals and work on fitness nearly everyday it’s a stupid excuse to rest players!

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