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Arsenal v Chelsea Betting Preview – A serious affair!

Any top gambler will tell you that you should never bet on a “friendly” football match as absolutely anything could happen, but one thing you can be sure of tomorrow is that Arsenal v Chelsea will be anything but friendly, and Arsene Wenger agrees with that!

The bookies are making it a close call with Chelsea being favourites at around 6/4 and Arsenal are priced at a very reasonable 15/8 to win the game outright in 90 minutes. There are some bookies offering much higher promotional odds and you could get 9/1 for an Arsenal win if you check out this Enhanced Bets website.

Anyone basing a bet purely on the pre-season form would have no choice but to back Arsenal who have been imperious in their warm up games, winning all their matches and scoring for fun. Meanwhile Chelsea haven’t won a single game, although beating both PSG and Barcelona on penalties is no mean feat for any team. But forgetting the current form, you have to remember that this is always going to be a grudge match when Arsene Wenger faces Jose Mourinho, with the Portugese bus conductor aiming for his 14th game unbeaten against Le Prof, which makes it difficult to back Arsenal with any real conviction.

Arsene Wenger has hedged his bets and although he thinks it will have no effect on the title race, he is definitely looking to win the trophy for the second year in a row. “We have to accept that every game is decided and judged as definite,” he said on “But you know that in real life it is not like that. The tribunal is out there and will draw conclusions from Sunday.

“But no matter, positive or negative [result], we have to continue our way and focus on ourselves.

“It’s a game that is important but it is still preparation. We want to win it and overall it can just give us that little bit more confidence before we go into the season.

“You know, it will not be a friendly as it is like that and it is good like that.”

I would love Arsenal to start the season with Mourinho stuck for words after being massacred tomorrow, but I am going to be a pragmatist. Obviously neither side will be wanting to lose face in the season opener, so I am going to recommend a wager on the draw at 90 minutes which is available at 5/2, and then a little extra on the 1-1 draw at around 11/2.

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20 thoughts on “Arsenal v Chelsea Betting Preview – A serious affair!

    1. plastik Fan

      “But no matter, positive or negative [result], we have to continue our way and focus on ourselves.
      “It’s a game that is important but it is still preparation. We want to win it and overall it can just give us that little bit more confidence before we go into the season.”

      hmmmmmmm!!!!…i smell fear….
      someone i wont say who is not confident enough

  1. leo

    Benitez is thinking of having Cristiano as strikerIsco behind him, James on the right and Bale on the left

    benzema ……………….

    + hope wenger gets lars bender has 10m buyout clause (acc to bild)

    1. muffdiver

      rafa ..mate… mourinho dissed ur missus an your weight- wanna get back at him?
      sell to us! stregnthen us- that will really upset him!

      an if lars buyout is 10..offer 15 so theres no messing. i would remove my welcome mat from my front door an have it waiting for u at the airport…
      so many bender and coq jokes. plus two quality dm’s……this site would have a field day!

    1. plastik Fan

      Bender given enough chances will surely replace coq as of now as he is more established…theres no way wenger will buy such a close competition for coquelin as he does not want him replaced…everyone loves there creations and would do everything for them to be the best…wenger knows arteta or flamini will offer no competition to his precious creation

        1. seancali

          I agree too. But this kind of thinking is wrong from Wenger. We need a direct competition for lecoq. Bender comes at a cheap price and offers quality. This is why I keep on saying Wenger out. He is not ruthless. He always wants to protect his players,if bender can be better than lecoq we should not hesitate. Arteta and flamini are not arsenal material

      1. themadhurata

        bender is good but I have never seen him play as good as coquelin last season. he offers something different and I’m a fan of playing two DMs in difficult away matches.

    1. muffdiver

      that wasnt a trick, what… he knew mesut would fall out with madrid right at the end of the window….it was a poor window until that opportunity came
      ur super optimistic…i like that…but come on greg

      1. seancali

        Wenger has no trick up his sleeve this time around. Ozil was one hit wonder. We will never be in a same situation again.

  2. chinaka1

    I think for us to sign a new DM, we would need to offload 2midfielders because if Mr wenger decides to buy a new DM, it would be an upgrade to the ones we have which will mean him(the new DM) being a regular. And considering he would be a starter would annoy alot of our midfielders because if we start with him and le cog that would leave all these midfielders;Ramsey, Wishere, Rosicky, Cazorla, and Ozil all fighting for the No.10 position. I didn’t Add Arteta and Flamini because i already said we need to ship-out two. Now if we sign a new Dm, who would you start and who would you bench?
    We would have a divided house in the dressing room. And please don’t tell me you want Mr wenger to play our midfielders as Wingers.
    Honestly to be a Manager/Coach is not a Days Job. I think i am being Reasonable or am i being emotional?

    Am sorry the comment is too long , it could have been an article titled WHY ARSENAL WON’T SIGN A NEW DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER. If only i had been an Admin.

    1. seancali

      Good reason why we won’t be signing a spoke the truth. Sadly I have to agree with you. But man we need a DM so badly.

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