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Arsenal v Coventry – AH’s Player Ratings (and Highlights)

Arsenal v Coventry player ratings by AH

Martinez 7 – A solid debut for the Argentinian. Not much he could do about the goal and he was unlucky not to keep a clean sheet. His handling and kicking was good and he looks like a very promising keeper.

Angha 7 – Looked nervous at times but who wouldn’t be when making your Arsenal debut. Angha quickly settled through and looked quite solid throughout.

Djourou 7 – The skipper for the match and he put in a worthy display. Not his greatest match but he won most of his ariel battles and was decent on his tackling.

Miquel 8 – Looking more and more promising every time he plays. He was commanding, strong at tackling and is good on the ball. He scored Arsenal’s 5th goal of the game.

Santos 6.5 – not the most impressive game from the Brazilian as he was dispossed several times during the game. Clearly lacked match fitness.

Coquelin 8 – Dominated in midfield making several great passes and goalscoring oppotunites. He was involved in a few of the Arsenal goals and he looked like he was playing slightly higher than his usual defensive midfield role. He faded out of the game in the 2nd half.

Yennaris 8 – Along with Coquelin the pair dominated the midfield. Like Coquelin, Yennaris’ link up play was good as he made several good passes. He kept the ball well, was quick to close down and did his defensive duties admirably.

Arshavin 8 – What to say. He likes to be inconsistent. Two different Arshavin’s played for Arsenal last night. First was the Arshavin of last year but then he turned into the Arshavin of old and gained 2 assists and a goal in the process. Looked at his best in the CAM position.

Chamberlain 8 – What a performance. He dragged his opponent all over the place last night, was involved in a lot of link up play and was rewarded with a magnificent 25 yard strike.

Walcott 8.5 – If he continues to finish like he did then I can see his ‘Striker Dream’ come true. 2 well taken goals as he slipped past the tiring Coventry defence. Was frustrating at times but his performance overall was good.

Giroud 7.5 – Scored his first Arsenal goal and could have had a second but his penalty was saved by the Coventry keeper. Made his mark on the game by opening the scoring but he tended to be quiet at times throughout the game.

As for Man Of The Match, it’s a difficult one with many players impressing, for me the Man Of The Match was Arshavin – despite his lack of action in most of the first half. But 1 goal and 2 assists show that he was one of the most important players on the pitch for us last night.

***Arsenal v Coventry Highlights***

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal v Coventry – AH’s Player Ratings (and Highlights)

  1. Irish gooner

    The Arsenal midfield is such a high standard this season it is pure class! 😀

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  2. jumper

    i could not watch the match cos there was no telecast here.but i am sure the lads had put a great performance.i have seen the goals and watching those few moments,i felt arshavin was the man of match.

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  3. mightygooners

    I can actually see us going all the way this time!!!
    The road to glory starts now

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  4. jk

    gnarby, eisfeld, coquelin, wilshere, frimpong, ryo, ox and miquel we have possibly the best young talent on the planet at the moment. Joel campbell looks promising also although he got sent off for betis other night!

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  5. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    A pity I couldn’t watch the match.
    Second scoreline of 6-1 ds season with juƨτ six matches played!!! Ђoω many more wiιι we have??? I hope τ☺ lose count..

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  6. true goon

    arshavin was involved in 4 of our goals including the first 3,yennaris also put in a great display.ur ratings are a bit strange you gave arshavin man of the match,fair enough,but you gave theo 8.5 and you admitted he was frustrating at times, how can he get 8.5? more like 7.

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  7. No more excuses

    Theo took his goals great . Wenger finally came out and said his best position is behind the striker – like most people knew already . Give theo a chance at striker and keep an open mind on arshavin (just not on wing) . These 2 players shouldn’t just be forgotten altogether just yet . Fair nuff Coventry ran outa steam – but we still put the to the sword !

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  8. Laurentkboi

    I always thought to myself that we may be so fortunate to buy llronte but we do have giroud who is not as good yet but similar, while we need a more faster striker to link such as an aguero.

    But why buy when we have a player who loves the club, gives 100 percent all the time and wants the striker role, this may be a great option if u ask me.

    Strikers + possibilities
    – Olivier giroud
    – theo Walcott
    – lukas podolski
    – gervinho (fake n9)

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  9. KickuPtheArsene

    Great performance from our boys. Especially the young debutants. Well done. BUT … We were playing an average Coventry side. Kind of a little unfair really. They were just totally outclassed. Like watching adults play against the under 14s, not a real hard challenge. Having said that, it is fantastic exposure to the young lads at our club. I remember seeing Miquel, Coquelin & Yannaris in around the same time last year, and I am well pleased at their progress. If the same occurs with the likes Gnarby, Martinez & Angha, we will have an amazing team for years to come – without needing to always buy our talent already developed. COYG!!

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  10. Pires.nuff said

    interesting how all the pundits have seem to have shut up about the fact that we wouldnt be able to score without Van Pussy.haha fools.

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  11. GoonerHOOT

    Arsenal are haemorrhaging talant all over the pitch. We seem to have options everywhere atm. Could the injuries from last year have helped fastrack our youth development? Jenkinson, Coq,Ox Miquel, Yennairis are all excellent squad players and are only gonna get better, yet they’re samshing (granted, league 1)Coventry all over the place. What happens Wilshire and Frimpong – ryo? get back /fully fit? What happens to Arshavin when Rosiicky comes back? And how can they leapfrog Santi? Where do we fit all these players into an 11 man team? I’m Effing Excited by this Arsenal team in front of me.

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  12. Gooner#10

    I dont see why people are emphasising that coventry is a lower league side.we didnt field a strong side,just our youths and reserves.a win is win so well done to boys

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  13. Hafiz Rahman

    why do we need to sign players when we have heaps of talent….just hope that other clubs do not sign Arsenal players

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  14. Amol

    Arshavin wasnt good in first half….

    like theo or ox score or create goals everytime they get the ball…

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  15. adminho

    8 for chamberlain??? yikes i think that should be more like 6 (maybe a low 7) kept losing ball not best control either. arshavin theo and Miguel were best 3 players prob arshavin as MoM.
    good to see giroud score home the penalty miss doesn’t dent his confidence

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