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Arsenal v Crystal Palace Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

The last time Arsenal won a game was when they narrowly beat Crystal Palace away on the 28th December, since then the Gunners have failed to win again during which Arsene Wenger has called the ‘most disturbing transfer window ever’ and we have dropped to an incredible 8 points behind the Top Four, and are in real danger of dropping away further if we don’t start putting a run of wins together. Our away record has been absolutely awful this season with just 3 wins from 12 attempts and just 13 points from a possible 36…

But the Gunners have a great home record, except for a few draws lately lol, and they are currently hot favourites to win the game at around 1.5, but I personally wouldn’t back them at that price unless I took advantage of the Bet365 bonus code via which can get you up to 200 quid of their own money to bet with! I do believe the Gunners will win, but you can’t help worrying when the Gunners haven’t won any of their last 4 League games, while Palace haven’t lost any of theirs. Not a safe investment at all at that price as far as I am concerned.

Just like our last game, when the Gunners threw away a winning position again at Bournemouth, and Granit Xhaka has explained our position succinctly. “We’ve got three games coming up now which are hugely important and will show which direction we are going in.” he said. “We need to wake up. We need to improve the small things, the small details and if we do that, I am sure we will get on the right path again.

“We are happy to be back [at the Emirates]. We have got a lot of points this season at home. Palace are a good side and they are doing well. They are on a good run.

“They made it difficult for us recently when we played them. They are solid at the back and up front they have got talent as well with the likes of Zaha and Benteke. For us, we are at home, we need the three points and that is very much the objective.”

We can’t expect today’s game to be easy though as Palace are unbeaten in the League since our last meeting, with a draw against the runaway League leaders Manchester City and wins against Southampton and high-flying Burnley. They are in good form and have been heartened by the fact that Arsenal will be without our two best players. Mesut Ozil is still out with a knee injury and everyone knows Alexis Sanchez is on his way to Man United. This has particularly cheered up Wilfried Zaha, who said: “Not having Sanchez there on Saturday is going to be like having a weight taken off our shoulders because he makes loads of runs in and out.

“He was one of the main players who made us struggle the last time we played Arsenal.

“It’s won’t be easier but it will be one less person to handle on the day.”

Christian Benteke is also a boost for them as he missed our last matchup through suspension, while Arsenal will also miss Giroud and Kolasinac as options. But in our favour Arsene Wenger is hoping that our returning defenders Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Monreal can help cut out our errors at the back, which could be crucial against an attacking Palace side. We could really do with a clean sheet as we have conceded silly ggoals in each of our last five. Perhaps the return of our captain will make the difference today.

Anyway here is how I think we will line-up today without the outgoing Alexis Sanchez…

Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka Maitland-Niles
Iwobi Welbeck

I think our biggest problem today will be our lack of confidence at the moment, which seriously needs to be addressed, but I’m hoping the news of Alexis’ departure will make our players want to go out and prove that they don’t need him and get back in the winning groove.

It won’t be easy though, so I am going for a decidedly nervous 2-1 win to the Gunners. What do you think?


26 thoughts on “Arsenal v Crystal Palace Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

  1. Robin Vanpayslip

    I wasn’t going to be sarcastic and put Sanchez in my predicted line up but instead I’m just going to cry into my pillow.

    1. Muff diver

      Better than biting ur pillow
      Like u usually do when ur landlord asks for rent
      Hard times for us gooners

  2. Waal2waal

    with the imminent departure of sanchez – looking at the team today the impetus is on welbeck to be in with a goal or at the very least an assist. its not too much to expect from an england stiker (international) playing for arsenal against c.palace. 3-0 WIN everyone will be at their best today, i hope – seeing as the trap door is a reality for under-performers and before they know it those who fail to be consistently effective on the pitch will find themselves playing for teams like…. c.palace.

  3. Ray

    Can’t help but feel less interested today. I can’t help but feel we are also selling players to balance the books again. The fact we are taking a financial impact with less CL football must be hitting Arsenal by now. I wouldn’t expect the big name players we’re being touted with! Just selling again (starting with Ox, Sanchez, Theo and Coq)..

  4. Waal2waal

    OT: im sure that if mhkitaryan doesnt wanna come – he won’t be coming… something stinks with this rumour. i really don’t expect his arrival is on the cards. there’s always a twist or turn to annoy fans in as much as final transfer day mischief.

    1. GoonAR

      IMO it’s done along with Auba but appreciate your skepticism as Arsenal transfer windows are always unpredictable!

    1. Muff diver

      Why u asking him.
      Lemar wrong SAnchez wrong

      Ask ur pet chinchilla ….and if she doesn’t answer….make a fur coat

      1. Me

        Giving him a nickname is a form of endearment.
        I can him a useless, overpaid, lazy, pointless waste of space…

  5. Me

    Can someone remind me exactly what Wenger does to earn his eight million a year please?
    This transfer window has been beyond a shambles
    Beyond an out and out disaster.
    And that useless, incompetent, dithering, senile dinosaur has done nothing except made our position even weaker than it already was.
    I enjoy watching him fail, watching him screw it up.
    Some have said “but who could replace him and who is available?”
    I say that does not matter – no one could possibly do a worse job of it.
    And there could not possibly be a worse club owner than Stan Kroenke..

    1. jon fox

      Totally agree. As I have passionately wanted this dinosaur gone for a decade already, I firmly hope for a defeat today and a bad one too. Further chaos and a tsunami of raw fan hatred across the whole stadium and demos against him, is the quickest way we will get the club to sack this fossil. I am prepared and indeed welcome , more short term pain to give our future next season at least a chance of improvement. Chemotherapy for cancer is painful but it usually works and my fello wrealists, among Gooners, -as it is only you I hope to engage with- intelligent thought shows us beyond doubt , that this is the cure , painful in the short term though it certainly will be.

  6. Ignasi

    Can’t see us scoring 2 goals.

    Probably a 1 – 1, or given Palace are unbeaten in like 12 games. Palace to win 1 – 0?

    1. Waal2waal

      how about them scoring an own goal and us scoring= 2 – 0 possibly even 3 – 0. One fact is palace must know they won’t be leaving emirates with 3pts. wake up and seek counselling for believing differently.

      1. Ignasi

        I wish! But Arsenal have been trash in 2018 and Palace have been excellent.

        I can’t see us scoring many if Iwobi and Welbeck are behind Lacazette (e.g. 1 – 1; 0 -1)

        If Ramsey and Ozil start in their place we should just about have enough to win (e.g. 2 – 1; 1 – 0)

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