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Arsenal v Everton review – Well deserved but narrow win puts Gunners TOP

Arsenal started the game well and showed no sign of the complacency that has often reared it’s head when the Gunners are on a good run. For the first 20 minutes we were dominating the game with some slick passing and movement, although there were not too many clear cut chances.

Everton came back after that and started to have more of the ball and use it well. Arsenal still continued to probe though, with Ozil and Alexis looking like they could break the solid defence at some point and it was the German that finally did create the opening we needed, with a perfect cross from the right. Giroud had made a great run and came up with a deft header to beat Howard.

We were in dreamland just a minute or so later and it was another peach of a cross, this time a free kick from the right by Cazorla, and Koscielny made it his – and powered another header past the Everton keeper. After that we looked in control and defended well but were undone just before the break when a wicked deflection gave Cech no chance from Barkley’s shot.

Arsenal wobbled a bit for the next few minutes and were glad to hear the whistle. From a dominant position we had a lot of work to do and having Coquelin on a slightly harsh booking meaning that the French midfielder had to be careful did not help. At least the pouring rain had eased up a bit.

Arsenal came back out full of intent and really took the game to the visitors. Howard had to save from Alexis and Giroud as Chamberlain really came into the game and Ozil and Cazorla pulled the strings. The third goal was proving elusive though and with Everton looking dangerous on the counter, the result was definitely in the balance.

When Giroud’s brilliant shot crashed back off the bar it seemed as though luck was not on our side today as we should have been comfortably home and dry. With just over 10 minutes left and after some dodgy decisions, Lukaku should have punished us but his header skidded off the bar.

After that let off Wenger brought Flamini on to shore things up and he was needed as Everton sensed an unlikely point and pushed hard. The Arsenal defence is a tough nut to crack these days though and with Cech brilliantly denying Deulofeu we managed to hold on. Flamini should have sealed it before then but put a point blank header straight at Howard. Ozil shaved the post as well and we really could have had a hatfull of goals.

The win is what mattered though and we got what we deserved.

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98 thoughts on “Arsenal v Everton review – Well deserved but narrow win puts Gunners TOP

    1. Trick

      Cech is a world class, but Gabriel is real beast in the back .3 point in bag top on the table..I can sleep happily ……ooh where did Morounho finish his game today?


    2. seancali

      Giroud was brilliant… He should have bagged a brace. Unlucky not to get a second.giroud was well involved in most of our attacks. I think Wenger now knows for sure that giroud offers more than Theo.great game by ozil…lovely cross to pick up giroud.

      1. Goonermick

        Nah it doesn’t necessarily imply that Giroud offers “more” than Walcott. Each for a different kind of game. That said, good performance by Giroud!

    3. vish

      A good goalkeeper can indeed be the difference. Defenders can sometimes screw up but then it’s upto the last man. And our last man is not a man but a beast.
      Cech will win us the title. He has already saved us so many points.

    1. tatgooner

      an ugly win is okay but i prefer it
      by more decent margin
      a shout out to cech for point blank saves but i dont really like it when goalkeepers carry us

          1. admin

            You are the fourth person to complain about him today. So, tatgooner, you ARE the weakest link…Goodbye!

      1. almostawinner

        tat: we have every reason to be mentally tired. the difference between not winning PL and winning may come down to those few occasions where when we were tired, cech saved our a** and i’d just like to say:


        1. bhagalpuri

          what the —- why u all are thanking mourinho that man would not give us poison let alone cech he made it crystal clear that if it was upto him he wouldn’t have allowed cech to come to us if we all want to thank someone then first thank cech (because he chose us for whatever may be the reason) then Wenger for persuading him and last but not the least Mr Roman he sanctioned cech move not that jose

      2. juhislihis


        I’d prefer to wake up next to a Megan Fox lookalike rather than the usual bushpigs but I take it nevertheless. Ain’t no shame in that.

      3. NY_Gunner

        You got a good point there dude. We were very sloppy at times. We should have just calmed down and let them chase the equalizer. But we kept bombing forward, leaving ourselves exposed at the back. A better team would have punished us for that.
        Happy for the 3 points all the same though. As well as the OG circus act when Ozil hit him in the head with the ball…

  1. juhislihis

    Hard fought win, Özil, Giroud, Coq and Cazorla were tremendous today! I don’t even have to mention our defence since they are nowadays always fantastic! Especially Cech, he would’ve deserved another clean sheet tonight, thanks JOSE for him!

    The slide tackle by Gabriel at the end, LOVED IT. Especially his reaction to it, what a warrior. Özil topping the assists chart!

    Please listen baby, TOP OF THE TABLE.

  2. andyarsenal05

    Good play by the team. Could have scored more but well we can say luck isn’t enitrely on our side for this game. Btw had to mention. Good tackle by Giroud to start the attack that lead to the free kick.

    1. juhislihis

      Giroud and Özil was close to score. Finally Özil decided to shoot and it was a cannon. But his through passes today were outrageous..

      1. almostawinner

        i loved that ozil had a full throated shot (not pass) today. his confidence is growing and he was helping ALL over the field today.

        sanchez needs a rest.

  3. Goonsquad8

    Good game we played well we were a little lax defensively and our shape wasn’t perfect towards the end but I think that’s fatigue more than anything.

    We were so much better than everton such a gulf in class between us but I’m sure martinez is gonna say some bull sh–t how they deserved something from the game.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      Martinez is a fraud. He is a pretender that thinks he deserves to manage a big team. Let’s not forget he got Wigan relegated and ran to Everton and his first taste of euro football led to him almost turning Everton into Wigan.

  4. SoOpa AeoN

    all those beautiful misses should have been Icing to our cake!……………… But a win is marvelous any day

    1. juhislihis


      Did you see today how Cazorla gave slide tackles, similar to Coquelin’s? Le Coq has very distinguished way to slide tackle. At first it seems he’s coming on with a flying foot a la Flamini but kind of lowers it at the end and I saw Santi do the same to that diving, cheating Barca reject.

      Brought a wide smile on my face!

      1. Goonsquad8

        Ya I did notice it is awesome to see. Coq’s tenacity and tavkling abilities are rubbing off on cazorla, and cazorla’s technical qualities are rubbing off on Le coq!

  5. Gooner 1993

    I love they way gabriel played i know the goal came of him but it wasnt hes fault koscielny was awsome as always ozil is at the top of hes game and giroud had a awsome game hes hold up play was so goodb

  6. BabyPlease

    Listen, A win is a win is a win Baby Please

    Awesome day. Jenkison helps West Ham beat Chelsea, we beat Everton and get to number 1

    To make this a perfect weekend, Manure must beat Man Shitty And we will be number 1 for more than 1 day

  7. DKR.Gunner

    But nervy second half but deserved that win, I think coq had a solid game. Well done lads! Top of the table where we belong!

  8. John Legend

    Nervous end, good win.
    Let us enjoy this till we play next.

    Who do we suupport tomorrow? Citeh or Manure?

      1. almostawinner

        but then MANC would be #1 : they would have same points as us, and better GD.
        ideally i’d like to give them 0 points both if that were possible.

        1. pnk.gooner

          Yes,but rather than win a battle I want to win the war. Finishing top at May would be easier if both drop points.

  9. DKR.Gunner

    Bit nervy second half but deserved that win, I think coq had a solid game. Well done lads! Top of the table where we belong!

  10. Gooner 1993

    I love they way gabriel played i know the goal came of him but it wasnt hes fault koscielny was awsome as always ozil is at the top of hes game and giroud had a awsome game hes hold up play was so good

  11. Jim A

    Everton has some very good players. That was a tough W on a soggy pitch. Glad io see Ozil looking for Giroud with a great over the top ball and also Giroud doing the same for Ozil with a one two that he hit the post on.
    Cech unbelievable save and after watching Chelsea earlier I believe he will go home tonight and say that he made a great decision.

  12. Charlie Nick

    Top of the league….could get used to that…

    BTW, let’s all laugh at Jose…
    let’s all laugh at Jose…
    hahahaha….etc, etc

      1. Charlie Nick

        Oh come on…..
        If you can’t laugh at a cheating, slimy little weasel, what’s life all about ?

  13. Uzi Ozil

    Giroud loves scoring against everton, what an assist from ozil.. And delighted Kos scored from a set piece. Great assist from Santi… We kill teams in minutes. That CECH save at the end was the match winner. Top Top goal Keeper……In Another new, The sky is blue, Whoooops! Hahahaha…..

  14. gooner100

    Great week for all gooners. Annihilated Utd, Bayern and…erm Watford, and now a well fought win to go top of the league. Looking good AFC!!! Early days, but this just might be our season!!!

  15. bhagalpuri

    good fought win we are 1#
    we were tired and it was obvious
    unlucky day as 2 goals came off post
    Everton were lucky to score
    expect more of these games in the season.

  16. HA559

    We should’ve won by more than 1 goal. Next week we have to defend better against Swansea, they’ll take those chances Everton didn’t today especially since it’s at their stadium.

  17. BabyPlease

    Listen Baby Please

    We were living dangerously at 2-1 the whole 2nd half. Anything could have happened. We need to convert more of our chances into goals.

    Cech, our defense and Coquelin did an excellent job though

  18. SoOpa AeoN

    mehn!……… do u beat the Best team in the world, then go on to beat one of the most troublesome team in the EPL in a space of 5days……. With None of goonsters feeling Jaded?…… MechanicaL…… Epic!

    1. waslim

      It did not feel that way for me. Though Everton showed brilliance during some parts of the game, i was more comfortable and optimistic we were going to win this, even before the start. I was on tenterhooks before and during the Bayern game until the 2nd goal.

  19. DKR.Gunner

    Bit nervy second half but deserved that win, I think coq had a solid game n giroud made that ball stick! Brilliant performance. Well done lads! Top of the table where we belong!

  20. bazooka

    If it were wenger, chelsea’s season might still be able to be saved. Too bad it’s the maureen handling chelsea. And this reminds me of a certain someone that calls Wenger a specialist in failure;)

  21. Raoh

    Özil=effortless. Really on top of his game, through ball/over the top and the way he dribbles away from push & challenges beautiful to watch could’ve had a pair of goals!Giroud’s confidence seems to be in full flow. Cech will save us more than 15 points if he continues to make those saves…well done guys!On to the next one

  22. Greg

    With our victory and being on top of the league, damn how i wish, i could see the expression on mourinho’s face! How ya like us now! Mourinho!!!! Coyg!

  23. Timack

    Fantastic game for our gunners eventuell though werden coule score more. Three precious points and top of the table. Ox need to stop loosing the ball easily IT was not Gabriel’s fault. G5 what a player we have! Awesome defender! COYG! !!

  24. BabyPlease

    Listen Baby Please

    WE WIN, go to #1 and Mourinho sulks after being sent to the back of the stands as Chelsea loses to Jenkison and West Ham

    One Hell of a day
    Come on United, make it a Hell of a weekend

    1. GoonerLad

      The fact that we kept clean sheets against United, Watford and Bayern goes to prove that the Chelsea loss was a fluke and the fault of the referee, and today we were unlucky as o.g didn’t seem to be on our side this time :p

  25. Uzi Ozil

    Mourinho is definitely not the happy one right about now. He looks lost and lonely. The world is against Him, His team and some players are against (He talks thrash of some of his players to the media). Even EVA is against Him. He has never been in this kinda situation. I’m delighted at this. Don’t you just love taking a dig at Mourinho? Lol

    Hoping for a draw in tomorrows derby but if they should be a winner, then Manu can win with a lone goal but a draw will be FANTASTIC! Arsenal all the way!

  26. Tyno

    “He is a top class player, honestly. Rather than talking about him I would rather watch him again.”

    Wenger on Özil #AFCvEFC

  27. makatelli

    Ozil the Magician was my man of the match, fantastic vision accompanied with pin point passes equals the best CAM in the prem!


    Now this is the Ozil I would like to see more of.. He gets my MOTM today, absolutely magnificent today..

  29. MarkArs

    Özil is like a swan. Glides magnificently across the midfield but in his head wheels are turning cogs at a fast pace till the ta-da light goes off. That’s when the left foot connects to the ball and the footballing world is amazed.

  30. vinie2000


  31. Avi

    Graet win for the Gooners. Would have loved to see walcot come in for about 15-10mins(but didn’t happen). Everton came out in the latter part of the game. Their defence kept a high line which is perfect for wally’s game. Great play by giroud,ozil,cech,coq and d rest they did well.

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