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Arsenal v Liverpool – Expect a crazy, attacking, exciting game!

Earlier this season Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0 at Anfield in strange circumstances concerning The Ox, but last year’s game at the Emirates was crazier with the visitors running out 4-3 winners in the end. The Reds keeper in that game was Simon Mignolet and he thinks we are in for another rollercoaster ride this time around. He told “It’s always an exciting fixture. Last year was a crazy game. I think it’s two sides who like to play football and like to attack, so it will be a nice challenge for us.

“[We want] to create chances like we always do but at the same time make sure that with the guys they have in their squad and the quality they’ve got [that we can] stop them. That will be the biggest challenge.

“We can definitely use [last year’s win]. Not only [do our forwards have] individual quality but also they are so quick in the counter-attack.

“When we win the ball back, if we can feed them very early, then they can run at the defence.

“I think that’s always difficult to defend when you have to run back toward your own goal. With the speed they’ve got, it’s never easy.”

Both sides will be bombing down the pitch to catch out the suspect defences who both leak goals, but Arsenal’s strikers will have to make sure they find their scoring boots before they leave the dressing room. Wenger has already said that he has no idea what team Klopp will pick as he changes it in every game, and Mignolet thinks this rotation is good for Liverpool as it keeps the players on their toes.

“I think the squad is always ready.” he continued. “Every individual wants to play the game and then it’s up to the manager to make the decision who he’s going to play in that particular game.

“Everybody’s training hard to make sure they know their job and what is demanded when they have to step on the pitch. I think everybody’s focused on that.”

It will be interesting to see which players and which tactics will be used, but there is one thing that is sure; Both teams will be trying hard to score more than the other team!

Could be an interesting evening…..


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11 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool – Expect a crazy, attacking, exciting game!

  1. Mitch Connor

    I expect Salah to score. He has been a bigger scorer than Firmino or sturridge
    I expect us to score too but have no idea who. I dont even know if Lacazette will start. Wenger has started matches with both Lacazette AND Giroud on the bench. I think he played Iwobi instead. That was a huge mistake.

    Thats Wenger’s other problem. He doesnt sign the right players and also doesnt always start the right players (ie not starting Lacazette) or depends too much on versatility. ie playing a LB as a CB or LB as lwb or he used to play Ozil on the left.

    We lost the first match 4-0. I will be satisfied with a draw and VERY happy with a win.

    1. Jib

      Well said. But anything less than a win today won’t do. I can see Chelsea and United grinding out wins for the rest of the season. That leaves one spot for three teams. Considering Liverpool pipped us last season by a single point and Spurs are getting Wanyama back, getting that steal back in the mid, we absolutely have to win.

  2. kev

    Arsenal will win or lose today’s game based on formation and lineup.If the right defence and midfield is picked for today we’d beat Liverpool easily.I hope the likes of Monreal,Xhaka and Mustafi don’t start.I also hooe he goes with a four back and starts the likes of Chambers,Kolasinac and Maitland Niles.

  3. gotanidea

    I think Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere, Welbeck and other expiring contract rebels would be motivated to show their capabilities in front of Klopp, if they play tonight. I expect a good fight from Arsenal players as well, but it will easily dim off if the defenders make a blunder again or if Wenger cannot give them a good strategy.

    The only Arsenal player that I expect to make crazy dribbles in the field is Sanchez. Whereas Liverpool have three amazing dribblers that can tear Arsenal defense apart, Mane, Salah and Chamberlain.

    1. kev

      Coutinho is the real problem for me in that Liverpool team.He can destroy midfield strategies.That’s why I worry when I see us with no DMF.Years back(14/15) I remember Coquelin back pocketing Coutinho yet it’s likely Wenger will bench him for no reason.That guy has so much potential if only he’s used wisely.He has the abilityto mark players out of a game and intercept many passes.I know many of you will call me stupid and say he’s average but imagine if Coquelin was used in a very defensive sense.Being brilliant tactically is all about producing the best system with the players you have and clearly that’s not what’s happening.I already lose hope when I see Kolasinac and Bellerin at WB whsn clearly it doesn’t suit them.WB’s are so important in a 3 back but clearly we’ve ignored that.

  4. Me

    Arsenal need to win this game to have any chance of a top four finish.
    So for that reason they will lose.
    Simply because they have no spine to win.
    Its the same crap every year.
    Time for a change.

  5. Robin Vanpayslip

    It’s not really going to be exciting for them get smashed of the park. Excellent for us gooners though.

  6. Avenger

    30′ minutes in the first half not a shot against
    Liverpool goal yet how they want to win the game
    just tell me

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