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Arsenal v QPR Player Ratings – Sanchez MOTM despite penalty miss

Wojciech Szczesny 6.5
The Pole didn’t have a lot to do but coped well when needed. No chance with the penalty

Mathieu Debuchy 7
Reasonably solid in attack and defence. Harshly treated in the penalty claim

Per Mertesacker 6.5
Looked more comfortable than in recent games, but still lacks the leadership qualities of Koscielny

Nacho Monreal 7
Filled in well despite his lack of experience in the position

Kieran Gibbs 7.5
Our best defender and very productive in his attacking mode. one of our most consistent players

Mathieu Flamini 7
Stood up well under pressure at the end. He will need to keep this form in the coming week

Tomas Rosicky 7.5
An excellent performance from the veteran. Why oh why has he not been used before in our hour of need?

Alexis Sánchez 8.5 MOTM
The Chilean could have been downhearted after his disappointing penalty miss but was soon back to his normal self. His goal and excellent assist for Rosicky makes him a shoe-in for MOTM. He never stops working and he doesn’t look like he needs a rest ever, but it would be prudent to give him a day off sometime.

Santi Cazorla 7
His usual polished performance. His biggest mistake was letting Alexis take the penalty!

Danny Welbeck 6
Not a bad performance but we need him to step up with some goals soon while Giroud is banned. I’m not confident he’ll manage it though…

Olivier Giroud 4
Needs anger management lessons as he has now given the team a big headache this coming week. He could have cost us the points today

Calum Chambers 6
Only on for 7 minutes but did what was needed at the time

Francis Coquelin 3
Came on just long enough to get booked!

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal v QPR Player Ratings – Sanchez MOTM despite penalty miss

    1. KickAssFan

      Greetings to the House of Rahman!!! Sir, do you still have goat skin for sale? I even wish to buy 2 gallons cow’ fresh milk.

      1. SoOpa AeoN

        sometimes i don’t remember we have subs named poldi and rosicky and sometimes i don’t remember what substitution means until the 80th minute…..Dammit! Look what you’ve done 2 me WENGER

  1. Am a Gooner u bitches!!!

    poor ratings….
    giroud red card means game time for theo/podolski//campbell/tomas..

    1. atid

      Think u will find girouds absence will mean game time for 1 player not 4 and that player will most likely be sanogo

  2. KickAssFan

    Lemme say the bloody truth: guys like Welbeck are not meant to play for very big clubs like Arsenal. Welbeck is just good enof for small clubs like Sunderland. See, I like the guy but I’m afraid it seems he’s got a fish’ brain.

  3. Greg

    Alexis sanchez is just a top class player! Motm is well deserved by him, great performance once again, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve for arsenal, when he is on the pitch! Coyg!

  4. KickAssFan

    I really do wish to see Flamini conducting a choir someday. Damn it, the guys surely does know how to shout and clap.

  5. Greg

    With giroud out after getting that red, theo, “prince podolski” and joel campbell should play a part in the westham game at upton park!

  6. Onochie

    Flamini does his best to ginger the other players,that’s how he does it,he needs to be consistent especially in the next two games. Per should make sure he frustrates Andy Caroll. Let’s forget the fact that QPR were really poor today and not go ahead of ourselves.

  7. Greg

    Thomas rosicky should get some credit after that great display from him, nice goal also! Hope wenger gives “little mozart more games now and starts him again against west ham tomorrow! Coyg!

    1. KickAssFan

      Listen, I’ve always said players should never be “benched” due to their age. Irrespective of how old a player is, you should play him if he still can do the basics on the pitch.

      I really love Rozza, many folks do. Even my younger bro who’s a freakish MUFC fan is very much in love with the guy. Rosicky is one of the best midfielders in the world (in my opinion).

      Even at 40, I’d pick Rozza over Jerk Wheelchair.

        1. KickAssFan

          It’s one thing for people to hype you, it’s entirely another for you to hype yourself. Wilshere is one damn pompous, arrogant and unnecessarily proud Brit brat.

          I really LOVED Jack. He used to be very good, but pride set in and everything got kaput. When he’s criticised by legendary ex-players and told to “up” his game, he comes out and says rubbish. Even goes as far as confronting them personally (the power of cigarettes!!!) He thinks he’s above criticism. Most annoying of all was when he said he’s back to his best, and that in fact, he does thing he’s better than he’s ever been. That was bad, dude—-and he spoils our game whenever on the pitch.

  8. juhislihis

    Odd when ageing Mert (30), Arteta (32) and Flamini (30) get worse but Rosicky (34) plays like it’s still his first season, 8 years ago!

    What a player.. But anyways, how about for the next game, a front 3 of:

    Podolski – Welbeck – Sanchez or
    Podolski – Sanchez – Walcott?

    1. junweiseah

      Poldi-Welbeck-Sanchez would be great vs. west ham, I don’t think Walcott is fit enough yet so maybe wenger can give him around 20 minutes of game time.

      1. KickAssFan

        Welbeck upfront (like we have choice). But I actually do think it should be:


        1. junweiseah

          If theo’s fit then yes, sanchez-welbeck-theo. Hope the ox is fit as well, we need as many players back as possible


    Rosicky and Cazorla were amazing in midfield, when we went down to 10 men they just stood up and led the team. Cazorla was just skinning players, the way he was getting out of tight area surrounded by 4 or more QPR players was good, and he was more disciplined, he sat there with Flamini and always got the ball to Rosicky who got us attacking..

    Rosicky was at link between midfield and attack, got the ball from Flamini and Cazorla and strung into action..

    Sanchez was amazing, he just looked possessed in that second half when we were down to 10 men, he looks so good as an attacking midfielder.. But he is all round talented, can play across the front line..

    It might be because of QPR being poor but I liked how we played when we went to 10 men.

    ROSICKY got tired and had to be replaced and thats why we could not keep the ball after..

    1. YingYang69

      It helped that qpr stood off us and did not play a pressing game. Against wham i hope our lads know how to play air hockey.

      If we do play poldi on the left we wiill need to defend allot of crosses coming in from whams right side players. I dont know which is worse… for our best chances to not fall to poldi or having to deal with aimed crosses towards carroll and co.

    1. Trudeau

      With our injuries I have to agree with you. But with Kos, Arteta, Ramsey, Theo and Ozil I’d be pretty confident for tomorrow. Let’s hope that at least Kocielny and Walcott are ready.

      1. YingYang69

        @rvpayslip. Superior at defending with ten men or two banks… yes, superior at actually playing with the ball… no.

    2. junweiseah

      Adrian over Szczesny? Carroll over Giroud??? On paper, we are definitely the better team. But that being said, quality on paper counts for nuts on matchday, the team who wants it more will win it.

      1. YingYang69

        When i see che keeper and others we play against coming out to simply catch the ball it makes me realise just how inept we are in this department. Even yesterday a really long and really high ball came over from Debuchys side of pitch reaching all the way over to gibbs and a qpr player… for the life of me i dont know why Sczcez didnt just take two steps and collect it. This is probably the biggest example of why we concede so many set pieces.

        It doesnt matter how good at shot stopping Sczcez can get because if he cant simply take pressure off our defenders by catching balls that he is or he should be favourite to gather, well then what good is he.

        P Cech is a must. If we dont try our best to sign him i can only imagine that Wenger is not serious on improving our team

        Our goalkeeping coach should be pulling his hair out when blasting sczcez and he should be telling Wenger how to solve some set piece fiasco by getting in a keeper who knows his job. Offer Cech a five year contract and wages from 100 grand to 150 grand a week whatever it takes to sign him.

  10. MDOwn

    coquelin did better tha 3. plus his booking was one for the team as Monreal and Mertesacker were backing away. He should probably get a 6. Iv’e been impressed with his Cameos.

  11. arsenalkid1970

    Don’t think OG is to much of a problem not playing. He has played hard from his comeback so the rest will do him good. iPod is a far better player in that position so there you go sorted. Remember last season iPod & TW were brill together. That should be the plan. A S should have a rest simple or he will pick up a bad hamstring problem just like he did at Barcelona. It’s not the team you no it’s AW not putting the right players in the park. We have all the young players but he still won’t trust them ? So why are they at our great club. Arsenal should go all out and get kloop as AW number 2 for the next 2 years. Nothing to be ashamed of as this game has moved on so much in the last 18 months. Then when this happens and KLOOP is the manager you do it again and it keep the manager thinking all the time. I hope AW buys this January I do and I hope it’s in place now all done. Or all we will here is so called arsenal fans slagging AW off but most important the do it to the players

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