Arsenal v Reading Preview, Prediction and Line Up

Arsenal vs Reading preview, match line up and score prediction by KJ

It’s been a long two weeks since the Arsenal last played and it was probably the worst time to get the international break. Arsenal were back to winning ways with back to back wins against Bayern Munich and Swansea. Tottenham were faltering, losing three games on the bounce bringing them to only 4 points above Arsenal with an extra game already played.

However, this is probably the easiest game for Arsenal to build upon in this crucial part of the season.
Reading have struggled throughout the season and are odds on to be relegated. However, they’ve sacked former Arsenal player, Brian McDermott for former Southampton manager, Nigel Adkins. This could prove difficult for the Gunners as there is no doubt Reading’s players will be raring to go and prove to their new manager that they can still stay in the Premier league.

We are quite clearly going to have the majority of the possession. We are statistically the best possession team in the league and are playing against the worst possession team in the league. However, we could see two banks of four for the majority of the match and hence our passing needs to be top notch to break down Reading as they sit holding on for the draw.

Line up:
Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
Arteta – Ramsey
Chamberlain – Cazorla – Podolski

The defence pretty much picks itself at the moment. Wenger confirmed that Sagna should be fit for the match but I’ll be absolutely livid if he gets picked ahead of the Corporal. Sagna hasn’t justified his place at all this season and Jenkinson is playing some of the best football in his (albeit short) career.

Wilshere will still be out for two weeks and Diaby has unfortunately had a major setback meaning Ramsey is the only logical option to partner Arteta. This is a perfectly fine move as Ramsey has been in some fine form and is finding his feet in an Arsenal shirt again.

Walcott was injured on international duties and I personally want to see Chamberlain to replace him. He was very good against Swansea and he‘ll be even more devastating against a defensively poor Reading side. Arguments could be made about Gervinho starting but I think he’d be more effective in the final 20 minutes against tired legs.
Most are predicting an Arsenal rampage but I feel we’ll play a lot more conserved and Reading will be right up for this. My prediction is a close fought 2 – 0 to the Arsenal.

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal v Reading Preview, Prediction and Line Up

  1. planner

    ramsey should not start, rosicky and coquelin are better than him, if ramsey is a player in tottenham or everton am sure he will hardly make the bench but here in arsenal he is a star by wenger. he is never serious on the ball he should not start if we really need a win.

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  2. LP

    Podolski up front please! if there is a game to do it……it is this one!

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    Totally agree with comments already written. Ramsey has had too many chances and failed. One of the best midfield players is constantly overlooked by AW. Rosicky must be picked today

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  4. SL

    As wenger is known for experimenting, I would like to see Lukas play up front. He deserves a chance at the very least.


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  5. Segun






    Thumbs me down but I think Gervinho deserves a starting spot!

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  6. Jarryd

    This is a must win game. The defenders of previous games should not be changed. Another clean sheet would do wonders for the lads confidence. I would advise starting Ramsey, the lad has something to prove and his form had undeniably risen from what we have seen previously. Obviously Arsene will start Giroud as striker, I’d like to see podolski back at left wing, if not I’d be picking Gervinho (he has the ability, just needs more confidence which ultimately comes from game time). For the right wing I think this is a given, Alex oxlade needs to start. Cazorla in his magical CAM role. Arteta seems to be the only real option we have for CDM even though we have coquelin, I prefer the experience of the spaniard.

    Somehow I don’t think this will be an easy win, but I feel there will be goals, my prediction is 3-1 to arsenal. This is our chance to put real pressure on spurs and chelsea. With a win tonight plus the game in hand, I’m sure we will rightfully claim back our top 4 position.

    I’d also like to see rosicky get some game time, for god sakes, he changes games with his cutting through balls and vision. So hopefully, tonight little Mozart, will show why he deserves to have a first team spot (if Arsene gives him the chance). Get fired up gunners! With the last couple of positive performances maybe we are finally on the right track to getting some silverware. Aussie gunner for life!! COYG

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  7. Mekx

    5-0 or 1-0 if its a win ill take it. Icing on the cake would be a spuds and Chelsea loss

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  8. LeProf knows more than you

    This is a key game… I can see the Spuds dropping points against Swansea. This is our chance and hopefully we can take it.

    The international break came at a bad time for us as we were building some good momentum.

    I’m going for 2-1 today.

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  9. alaka edward

    I don’t care who plays today as long as we bag the 3 point. I’m predicting 3-1… Scorers: Santi,Giroud and Koscieny. Rosicky keep calm and watch wenger ruin his first love(ramsey) life by over playing him like he did to Cesc and Wilshere…

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  10. chamberlain

    jenko koscielnly vermalen monreal
    arteta rosisky
    ox cazorla gervinho

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  11. Matty

    I’ve lost patience with Giroud to be honest, therefore the Pod should start upfront. I just don’t like the way when Giroud misses he always does that wry smile, it just pisses me off. He’s not good enough, I read that poldi is under threat of being sold, that’s bang out of order! Giroud should be under threat! Poldi’s been playing out of position.

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  12. Gunners12

    I agree with the line-up but I think it will end 3-1 for the gunners!

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  13. kunal

    how hard is it to strt Poldi as a central striker he is d best striker v hve strt him nd play Mr Forehead on d left get giroud in d lst 15 mins

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  14. Naumaan


    It’s far to soon, he on played yesterday and would be tired! However I do think he needs to be promoted as he is a beast!


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  15. John-Legend

    A win is just fine. 7-5 or 1-0. If the team show resilience and determination, its all that is needed.

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  16. abhishek

    jenk mert kos monreal
    arteta coquelin
    ox rosicky cazorla

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  17. LeProf knows more than you

    @ Matty

    I’m surprised that you don’t rate Giroud. At least he puts it in every week. If the rest of the players showed as much commitment as he does, maybe we’d be in a better position.

    Podolski hasn’t been playing out of position… He’s played there for most of his career. His problem is that he fades out of games which is why he keeps getting substituted. He needs to have more of an impact.

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  18. Fabalien

    Whether you play upfront or on the left,right doesn’t matter, if you’re a good player youcan make a difference. Podolsky has never impressed since he started with Arsenal, too inconsistent.

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  19. AJ

    I know the authors affinity for ramsey, but I think Rosicky should start in his place today.

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  20. lumia

    I still can give giroud a chances.. But Ramsey..?? How many days weeks years..?? Pfff

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  21. prawnd



    Arteta ——— Coquelin

    Ox ———— Podolski ——— Gervinho

    —- Giroud —-

    I believe electric pace on the wings with crosses for Oli & cut backs for Poldis rocket left foot will be in good order for this game.. Something different which just might work.. More directness & solidity . Could be a cue to get Gervinho , Poldi & Giroud back on form & scoring goals again

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  22. ik davids

    Personally I think its high time the gooners show some maturity especially wenger. If u guys can remember vividly well by this time last season the gooners where battling 4 4th place, to me I think this has become a tradition for a team without purpose and ambition to win titles. Its so obvious that wengers ideology is no longer effective, its either we look for a new coach or better still start spending big.” It is better to win trophies and not qualify for champions league than qualifying for champions league without winning anything” ……..

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  23. ik davids

    My starting eleven for todays encounter with reading will be. Hfabianski. Sagna. Verme. Per mert. Monreal. Arteta. Rosisky. Carzola. Ox. Podolski. Giroud. . With this squad the gooners can manage a victory against the Royals.

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  24. mo

    Diaby getting is injured is not good but it may be a blessing for all u die hard fans wenger may have no choice but to Buy a recognised D.M now, and have Coquelin as a more then worthy back up(i hope he plays today instead of the rubbish ramsey) Cant see it happening though Wenger is too stubborn he has given him a contract extension and no way will play coqeulin in front of him even though its clear for all to see who is better.

    Team for Today Hopefully,
    FAB, Jenk,Mert,Kosc,Nacho,Coq,Rosicky,Carzola,Pod,Giroud,Ox.

    No doubt the Average Arteta will play though instead of Rosicky aswell What a Joke

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  25. true goon

    Please no Ramsey,Coquelin’s much better,but doesn’t get picked cos he’s not British.

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  26. Saffat

    Don’t agree with they lineup Wenger has put out today. Coquelin should be starting. Jenkinson is benched for some reason and why would they put Cazorla on the wings when you have Podolski and an in form OX on the bench? I hope this works out or I’ll be pissed.

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