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Arsenal v Southampton Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Southampton Preview, Line up and Predicted score by KJ

I’m normally pretty excited about the League cup as it gives us an opportunity to play some of the younger players and we usually play well. But with our lack of defenders, I’m deeply concerned with Wenger playing the likes of Chambers only for him to get injured.

Southampton will be coming into this game as favourites on Betfair with the defence I’m hoping Wenger puts out. We can’t afford to risk our players for the League cup and that is completely Wenger’s fault for not bringing in enough defenders. But what’s done is done and we will need to cope.

We should be starting the likes of Diaby and Rosicky who both are known for their ability to turn on the ball and move it forwards. They will need big games if we are to somehow get a result out of the game. They will need to take the pressure off the defence and retain possession in important areas.

Predicted Line up:

Bellerin – Hayden – Ajayi – Coquelin
Flamini – Diaby
Chamberlain- Rosicky – Podolski

It is a hilariously poor line up but I’m sure most Arsenal fans would agree that we need to rest all our players for that important game against Spurs on the weekend. We need to send out a message against Tottenham and therefore have no room for tired legs.

Bellerin will hopefully have a decent game. He was put in at the deep end against Dortmund but Southampton at home might be more his speed.

The likes of Diaby, Chamberlain and Rosicky will be our creative spark. You want to see good movement between them so that we push Southampton defensively.

Campbell will most likely start as a striker and hopefully he can do something decent. He has yet to impress me but this is a great opportunity to do so.

I think we’ll end up losing this one 3 – 1 with that line up. It would take a miracle to win this providing Southampton play a strong team but I’m not completely ruling out a miracle happening.

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal v Southampton Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

    1. Renoosenal

      Campbell Cazorla Oxlade
      Diaby Wilshere
      Gibbs Mertsacker Chambers Bellerin

      Lets not be naive, Southampton will put out a strong side, we should play players that haven’t played much and had a rest, lets go for the win and get our PL players better form for the PL!

    2. Goonerforever

      My team would be
      Bellerin Ajayi Hayden Gibbs
      Diaby Coquelin
      Campbell Akpom Podolski

      This will give us a chance to test our young defenders.
      Ajayi and Hayden are our future CB players to replace Per and Kos.

  1. chimchimgiroud

    I think you’re underestimating that team, poor defence i know but we have a lot of attacking quality and loads of players trying to prove a point so i think you may be surprised

  2. Jonny

    Yes even Wenger isnt dumb enough to play a full line up that bad!
    He always puts in a few veterans like kosc or arteta, for example. I think he will start Welbeck still to keep his progression going. Im assuming Sanogo is injured hence why Kj left him out?

  3. mohawk

    KJ believes his projected lineup is “hilariously poor.” He may have a point defensively. Offensively, however, his lineup is far from weak – includes WC winner and best finisher in the EPL, Little Mozart Czech team captain, standout from WC knockout stage Costa Rica, Ox who is proven already at club and country, and Diaby who has shown he can play with anyone as long as he is healthy.

    Far from weak offensively. But can the defense measure up?

  4. Sumo

    “I think we’ll end up losing this one 3 – 1 with that line up.

    Nice to see KJ have so much faith in our youth and senior players.

    “It would take a miracle to win this providing Southampton play a strong team but I’m not completely ruling out a miracle happening.”

    So Rosciky, Podolski, Flamini, Diaby, Chamberlain, Ospina – all internationalplayers- should quiver and shake at the name of Southampton now?
    I think they too should be praying instead of playing and practising and waiting for miracle then. Eh KJ?

    1. Tas

      for more reason then one i think we probably lose this one it might help with the rest of the season less games=less injuries,
      and also i think some people are forgetting that Southampton are second in the league they wont be a push over and they will go with full squad to our youth.

      1. Sumo

        Know if you must, Wenger will not put out teams to lose on purpose.
        Last year when we played Chelsea in the League Cup, Wenger had more than one reason to put youth and let Chelsea’s B team roll us over.
        Yet Wenger put out a strong squad and when we went 1-0 down, bought in Mesut.

        And I am pretty sure we can win today with that same team KJ did prediction. Bar maybe one-two changes.

        1. Tas

          i suppose playing home could be big facture on the end result hope we win and give our youth much needed game time and some of our senior players to who have been on the bench.

    1. ram

      That’s a sensible point in there mate.. Ramsey must play and we must also throw in quite a competitive team for this game as well.. So i ll go with 4-2-3-1 and for me Bellerin and Hayden must start in place of Chambers & Kosc.. Mert and Gibbo completing the back 4.. Tough to choose between Jack & Diaby along side Ramsey for holding MF role.. then, Roza must be the No.10 and Ox & Santi on either wings with Sanogo as ST.. And obviously Sceza makes way for Ospina.. My line up would be…
      I chose Sanogo because he is our 2nd choice striker as of now and we cant really bench him too much.. I ll go with Santi, bcoz he hadnt played that much yet and i want us to be serious in all competitions… If things are’nt going really well, bring in Sanchez, Wilshere and Welbeck.. I hope we put this game to dust at the earliest.. 2 – 0 to Gunners..

  5. Tony Montana(The Realest)

    this is the only competition we have a good chance of winning bar f.a cup

    with this squad my expectations
    1)Man city/Chelsea
    2)Chelsea/Man city
    4)Liverpool/Man utd

    f.a cup retaining would be a bonus

    our team cracks up in big pressure and in defence we are short in numbers

  6. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

    Well, I am patient enough to wait for the real lineup…am not saying we shouldn’t create our own, no.. Just that am cool with with waiting for the real thing. No offense to KJ and all who will come up with their own lineups, zero offense

    1. Arsenal Fan

      Really keen to learn about what is causing all these injuries!!!!!
      Its a mystery. Is it related to Emirates? Is it related to the new reg’s on grass height…

  7. davidnz

    6.45 am start Wed here.
    So can follow the game
    at a reasonable time 🙂
    Have a feeling Cazorla will start
    saving Ozil for Spurs.
    Diaby starting would be amazing.
    Time for Podolski to strike and surely
    Campbell will get a start.
    Cazorla or Podolski captain.

  8. InWengerImlosingTrust

    I would swap positions of Campbell and Podolski. Podolski is known as a very good finisher. Campbell has only scored about a dozen goals in two seasons so shouldnt be up front. Put him on the wing. Campbell will be very good there.

    1. sollygunner

      definitely see campbell playing better on the wing than up front
      really believe this kid can do some damage
      hope we see him playing
      its getting weird

  9. danito128

    Ospina bellerin chambers hayden coquelin flamini diaby chamberlain rocisky podolski campbell….the team is good enough to see out this one. Then bring on spud our little brother who have been and will continue to be in our shadows forever

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