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Arsenal v Stoke review – Goal shy Gunners get vital win

After the recent struggles to score at home and with Arsenal´s massive pre-season optimism having evaporated after a slow and goal shy start to the season, we needed a fast start at home to Stoke today. And we certainly got it and should have been in front inside three minutes, but Alexis Sanchez saw his header tipped on to the post and Walcott made a real hash of the follow up.

Half an hour later it was looking like Wenger´s decision to replace Giroud with Walcott was looking a bad one as the speedy Englishman had missed another great chance and was not causing the Stoke defence many problems, although he had made a few good runs down the channels.

Alexis, Cazorla, Ozil and Ramsey were playing well and creating some chances, especially the Chilean who looked on fire, but as the half wore on the pressure to score was building. So thankfully Theo redeemed himself with a great run, deft control and a nice finish as he latched on to a brilliant long ball from Ozil. Coquelin deserves credit as well as it was his tackle on a Stoke forward high up the pitch that caught the visitors up the pitch and gave us the space.

Arsenal were dominant almost throughout the game, although Stoke did make more chances in the second half, but with just over five minutes to go we were still just one goal ahead. Giroud had replaced Walcott and had then missed a great chance with his first touch and the questions about our scoring power were looming large, but Cazorla then provided a great ball and the French striker showed his aerial ability to head a second and seal the win.

It was not vintage Arsenal but it was a lot better and with both centre forwards scoring and Alexis looking super sharp again, things are looking up.

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89 thoughts on “Arsenal v Stoke review – Goal shy Gunners get vital win


    I said before the game, no maTter how tough Stoke may be, we’ve got the COckPower to halt them. #FrancisCoquelin

      1. ranger

        Wenger is our main striker. He knows what is good for club and we fans don’t know.15 chances in full game and we scored only 2.

          1. ranger

            yes i am happy with win but if stoke scored 1 goal before 82th minute and game end with same scoreline then who is responsible for this fault after creating so many chances. This is premier league and here goal difference also matter.

            1. johnsouttar

              Another way to look at it is we overwhelmed Stoke, are up there at 2nd, Spurs and Chelsea are in the bottom 5 and we have a CL match this week. Make hay while the sun shines.

              1. seancali

                Great goal by giroud. Happy his little jink is over. We need our strikers on was a good day cuz both giroud and Theo scored. We are being questioned for our lack of goal scoring upfront. Today both of our strikers scored. We are second. Chelsea lost. Not a bad week at all.I will take that

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      ARSENAL LINE-UP: bellerin, gabriel, kos, monreal, carzola, Le coq, ozil, ramsey, walcott, sanchez:

      ARSENAL SUB: giroud, Ox, arteta, chambers, gibbs, debuchy, OWN GOAL!

      1. SoOpa AeoN

        @muff……… There was a time i thought Artaunovic got scared of gabo……. Looked like he saw a Leopard in front of our defence!

      1. Luko Bratzi

        Couldn’t agree more Onesman, maybe Charlie might give him a thumbs up for once. To think we would have spent $20 million on a chance that may improve on him. Some people have no idea on player ability. World class performance Coq. CB

  2. juhislihis

    Still 5 points behind City. We should’ve scored 5-6 today. Stoke has never been worse than they were today. I’m happy for 3 points but not happy for the performance.

    1. Mesut O-chill

      yeah because not only do we have to worry about winning, we also need to worry about goal differentials

      1. juhislihis

        Well if the leaders currently have scored 11, conceded 0, got 15 points out of 15 points meanwhile we have the most amount of shots in the league with the second worst conversion ratio, we are in trouble.

      1. juhislihis

        Luck? Did you see Navas’ miss? It was worse then Torres’ miss few seasons back.. 11 goals scored, 0 conceded is not luck!

    2. sevenitti

      I think the team played good, lineup considered. I hate to compare us to Barcelona, but why can’t (Sanchez and) Walcott be more like Messi and Neymar – playing like strikers from the wings. Walcott is a good goalscorer, but more or less only when he’s running with the ball facing the goal. His goal in this match is what Walcott is best at.

      As for Giroud – he should focus more on first touch shooting. Brilliant target man with his headers, but he scores goals one really cannot expect him to score, as well as missing 100% sitters.

  3. Mesut O-chill

    don’t think Debuchy will ever get his position back, Bellerin outstanding again. Same goes with Coquelin, Santi, Koscielny, Gabriel, and Nacho then Cech when needed. Honestly our defense has been really reliable so far.

      1. muffdiver

        which is gonna be vital considering finishing off teams is an issue for us.

        1 – 0 to the arsenal….im back in the eighties?

        georgie graham is that you?

    1. Mesut O-chill

      even I have to admit Ozil had a terrible game, but he did get that beautiful assist. And a beautiful assist that was.

    1. GoonerTRON

      In seriousness though I think our best finisher is Sanchez, would love to see him upfront with Walcott on the right and Ox on the Left, Ozil and Caz behind him, with Big Coq holding the midfield.

      1. Tidan2

        Not based on his games so far he isn’t; he has had more shots on goal than any other Arsenal player and is yet to score.

        1. muffdiver

          theo is such an i dont mean jim carrey in batman forever.

          he cant do basic cf requirements , but can pull off one of the most difficult traits of those last defender runs

          giroud for me is our first choice

          1. juhislihis

            Yeah, don’t know what to make of it.

            The goal Theo scored today, Giroud could’ve not done it. The goal Giroud scored today, Theo could’ve not done.

            Fellaini starting as striker for United, LOL. Hoof hoof

    1. Mesut O-chill

      can’t believe people were calling for Coquelin’s head after that West Ham game. He’s been so solid for us and was solid for us again today.

      1. sevenitti

        I can only speak for myself, but I criticised Coq for showing signs of trying to be a more offensive player than what his successful recipe dictates him to, which made him not save our ass like he’s usually doing.

  4. Lethal Prince 9

    Oh By The Way, Watford introducing themselves to the Premier League with a win with 10-men over Swansea…

  5. Bolly from Borehamwood

    So still sh1t but 2nd in the league. Hope the haters choke on that, especially when they see who scored!

    1. YingYang69

      Must say that the way city fixtures are spaced out is not looking too good for rest of us, we have che and then leic away and then utd match. These next three matches will give us a better idea of if we can put it up to city. If we can do the business against che well then I will have optimism on a city Arsenal fight out.

    2. GoonerLad

      People should remember winning ugly and getting results without luck is a sign of title winning quality

  6. Jim A

    Please let our best goal scorers work together. Theo Olivier and Alexis.
    Ramsey had a great opportunity and fell down with no one around him.

  7. fred cowardly

    A win is a win. I’m always happy with a win no matter the score line.

    Now we won’t have a Home game until October
    All Away matches
    1. Zagreb
    2. Chelsea
    3. Spuds
    4. Leicester

    We must beat Zagreb. We should not go to Munich behind in our group. Zagreb won’t be easy either

  8. NIKK

    Lots of pace movements and intensity today…kept the Stoke defence and midfield busy and penned in in their own half for most of the game. Well played Theo…hope Wenger sticks with him for few games!

    1. ziol

      u r right on z 1st point and alexiis is gaining his form.but wtf?….can’t u just enjoy z win for a moment.?!

  9. vince

    how long is aguero out? rooney out for the mancs. that is a problem for them! we must capitalize. chelsea look shambolic.

    1. ziol

      i like chlsea now. they r looking great. don’t even feel bad abt them like i used to. especially costa and his martial arts.

  10. Bosco

    great performance by the gunners and frustrated at the same time with the chances we’ve created a WC striker would have scored a hat trick.

  11. fred cowardly

    Giroud has . Goals so far.
    He is on the path to at least 20 PL goals, hopefully
    He has the ability to do it (barring injury)

    Walcott has finally got his first goal of many this season. Hopefully, Alexis will find the net too soon.

    Barring injuries, we have a chance to do well this season despite of Wenger’s poor summer transfer decisions

  12. mark

    Our main CF and stand in CF both scored, we won and it was a clean sheet.

    I don’t care what City did, we can only affect our own results.

    Good day all round.

  13. HA559

    If our finishing is the same next week, I don’t think we will win. Certainly we won’t have 29 shots.

    Sanchez needs to play upfront.

  14. Big Gun

    Ramsey was poor today. Ozil, although he had a decent game, needs to learn to hit the ball. He is much too placid in front of goal. Nice to see both Theo and Giroud score, but let’s be honest, if it was Rooney or Aguero up front they would have ended the game with a hatrick. Other teams will not be as poor as Stoke were today but big ups to our defense inc Coquelin…their positioning and marking was superb.

    1. GoonerLad

      Stoke weren’t poor, we were just more hungry. Whenever we win ugly most fans are quick to say the other team let us win instead of asking themselves whether we won because of the quality our midfield provides.

  15. the coach

    I really hate seeing arsenal fans hailing watcot. Because they criticise the hell outta him without giving him a chance. He clearly can’t be at his best every game.but I surely know that Walcott will bring goals.we got 2 diff strikers and its clear today that the goal walcot score girod can’t do it and same the other way. Walcot look s sharp and determine. he keeps running on and on so he cud av some tru ballz from the midfield. I know this guy gona give us goals all u haters just watch n pls Wenger y r you benching ox dat guy looks like the saviour this year.

    1. GoonerLad

      “Why didn’t Wenger go for Pedro ??” “We need a midfielder like Matic.” “Arsenal should’ve bought Fabregas” Arsenal fans stop caring about other teams and focus on the players OUR CLUB has.

  16. Charlie Nick

    On the bright side…we’re making more chances than any other team, defence looking good. Looks like general confidence is back, hopefully goals will come.
    I think we should have held onto Chuba, especially as Welbeck injured.

  17. kia_SA

    I’ve always thought that 2-0 is a dangerous score line, because players can sometimes get complacent. All it takes is one goal, the opposition get their tail up and press, which has happened to us often! I am just glad that our defensive side of the game has improved so much that this has been negated as such. Not so much when there are injuries, like when we played L/pool, so happy we came away with a draw!

    COYG! G4L:)

  18. muda

    That pass by king of assist after a wonderful tackle by Le Rock, a sprinting and composed finished by Run, theo run________3points__3 Clean sheets in a row?? CECH__again. I hail you our back 4. #COYG our season is up and running.

  19. fullmetalalc

    Overall, it was a good game for us today. Defensively we looked solid and created a ton of chances. But the problem of scoring still remains. Both Giroud and Walcott missed quite a few sitters. But in their defense, Stoke’s goalkeeper had quite an exceptional game.

    Our next three PL games are away to Chelsea, little Tots and Leicester. The first two will give us a clear indication of where we stand in the league. Our conversion needs a lot of work. But based on current form of Chelsea and Spurs, these two seem like winnable fixtures. These matches are the litmus test for Wenger’s persistent talk of “Team Cohesion”.

  20. Alusine

    Let’s goooooooo the GUNNERS Wenger bout to get Mourinho fired next week cuz he’ll beat him so bad next week i can’t wait to see that happen

    1. dennis4ever

      36 million? No chance! Wenger will never pay that money, instead he will wait for more 5 years to finally decide to contact Martial’s agent!

  21. fullmetalalc

    I must say the way that kid Martial beat those defenders, opened his body up and slotted in that goal so calmly had an uncanny resemblance to the days when Thiery Henry used to score those kind of goals for fun with us. Nice start for the kid given the negativity surrounding his price tag.

    1. GoonerLad

      If he ends up being like Thierry I will be sad and ask myself why Wenger never showed any interest in him. United didn’t deserve RVP and they don’t deserve an Henry :'(

      1. fullmetalalc

        Well Wenger would never pay that amount of money for a youngster even if he saw Thiery Henry level potential in him. He actually criticized Man Utd for signing him and used that as an example of how quality was not available in the market. If he proves to be even half as good as Henry was , I for one will be very sad. Its just one game and one goal but boy was that impressive.

  22. dennis4ever

    Our strikers need 50 chances to score a goal. It shows how hard our midfielders are working just for them to score!! I think all we could do is support our midfielders to create as many chances as they can and wait until next transfer window!! Fingers crossed Wenger had learned a lesson from the last one!!!!

  23. Gigi2

    We won.
    Giroud and theo scored.
    Kept a clean sheet.
    Chelsea lost.
    Pool lost.
    Wenger out!!!
    Hahaha a a haha
    I for one enjoy a win and will get mad when the time comes to get mad…right now it’s happy hour

  24. Gigi2

    It’s funny all these “ifs” comments.
    Back when a game was lost and all positive thinkers came with the ifs.. we got slammed because oh yeah with all those ifs we win the league.
    Now we win a game and ifs are used to check al the possible scenarios where w could have lost….

    Half empty glass*

  25. Aussie Jack

    No smart comments from me. Walcott? (oh, dear!) Giroud (Mr. Nearly). Welbeck (???????)
    Wenger prays to a different God than me.

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