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Arsenal v Stoke review – Gunners win again after penalty setback

Arsene Wenger had warned the Arsenal players about complacency in the build up to this game and I think the message had got through as we were focused from the first whistle. Stoke, however, came to the Emirates in good frm so it was just as well as they started well and created a few decent chances early on.

It looked like the Gunners had weathered the storm and were dominating the ball and creating chances ourselves, and our attack looked better once Bellerin came on as Gabriel had to move inside to replace the injury hit Mustafi, when we had the setback of a contentious penalty awarded for a foul on Joe Allen by Granit Xhaka. The Stoke player seemed to have l;ost the ball and the collision looked accidental but Xhaka’s elbow was high and Charlie Adam put the Potters ahead from the spot.

They were not ahead at the break though, even though they did have another good chance just before we equalised through Theo Walcott who finished well at the near post a Bellerin cross set up by a fantastic Aelxis through ball. That would have made Wenger’s team talk a lot easier and five minutes after the restart the turnaround was complete.

Ozil scored with a deftly dinked header over the Stoke keeper after he was found unmarked by a lofted pass by the Ox. THat knocked a lot of the stuffing out of the visitors and the rest was gone when Alex Iwobi scored just a few minutes after replacing Chamberlain, latching on to a loose ball after more great work from Sanchez.


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45 thoughts on “Arsenal v Stoke review – Gunners win again after penalty setback

  1. Juhi McLovin

    That fat mustard head Mason really targeted Xhaka today. I saw 3 non-existent fouls called.

    Anyways, I would go on and say MOTM was Walcott, although we had 3 different goal scorers with 3 different assist makers.

    Oh and credit to Wenger today! His subs were SPOT ON!

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    1. Luko Bratzi

      Me it was Cocqulen man of match, but Walcott best game so far defended well and some good touches. To be fair All played well and Oxy is getting better with his confidence. CB

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  2. John Legend

    Another win. Anyhow it came, happy Gunners all over.
    It must be a record to concede penalties in three consecutive home games.

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  3. gmv8

    When we play like this, we are an absolute joy to watch, no passing sideways and back, and slowing the game down, but always looking to go forward. Noticed the tempo of the game slowed a bit when Alexis went off, we NEED this man, not only for his skill, but the way his enthusiasm inspires everyone else.

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    1. G-Rude

      Yes but we also need to rest him so he doesnt burn out…. dont we?

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      1. gmv8

        Hmmm… not sure he was subbed today to rest him, more likely to protect him from Charlie Adam, why do refs never spot Adam doing these things? That was an automatic red card.

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  4. Uzi Ozil

    Stoke have got some tall players. Cech made some good saves..

    Delighted to get a win against stoke. They drew manu and Man city already..

    Xhaka have a new name.. His name is Shoot. Lol. The fans always scream shoot when he is with the ball.

    Good sub Wenger. Iwobi scored the winner. Ox had a good game too.

    Not out best performance but we played like champions. Love the three goals scored by different players.. Love the resilance too. May this continue.

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  5. chinaka1

    Great team performance…great goals from walcott,Ozil and Iwobi.
    Hope mustafi’s injury is not long term.
    Top of the league!

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  6. Ks-Gunner

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  7. sAMa

    Good performance today I’m glad Arsenal are playing with this tempo.I’m glad with the win.
    OT: Where are all the regular comenters on this site or did admin ban everyone?

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    1. G-Rude

      If you notice that the people who commented on here the most were the people that wanted Wenger sacked if we lost just one game. Now we are up at the top they are not trolling any more. Would you prefer those back or happy Arsenal fans? Even if there are less of them?

      SWhen we lose we have a lot more WENGEROUT numptys….

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  8. Break-on-through

    Yeah I agree McLovin, Walcott man of the match for me. He looked the most dangerous in the first half, and he put himself about in trying to win us back the ball. It was a good professional performance, nothing spectacular, but enough to get the man of the match if you ask me.

    Someone spoke of Cech and pennos. I have to admit, I have no confidence in Cech when it comes to this area of expertise. He always guesses, but seems always the wrong way. I feel Ospina would make a much better go of it, he could wait until the final moments relying on his quick reflexes. Unless it’s a perfectly hit penalty I think Ospina’s reflexes would have saved at least one out of our last five penalties against.

    I love how we looked so professional after going a goal down. I was worried the crowd and players would get a bit restless the longer the half went on. Perfect timing from Theo, looks like he missed Bellerin.

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    1. jt

      and to think chelsea won the champions league on penalties, realistically though we cant sub in ospina everytime we concede a pen but I agree

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      1. G-Rude

        Cech won Chelsea the Champions League with his penalty saves.. Why cnt hedothesame for Arsenal?
        Mind you Ospina was awesome in the Copa America, but they didnt win it did they?

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        1. G-Rude

          Err didnt Chelsea LOSE the Champions League on penalties? To Man united? But that wasn’t Cech’s fault, it was John Terry’s.

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    2. RSH

      Agree about Cech’s penalty saving ability. It’s 99% of the time a goal, and they aren’t even good pens that get past him. Besides for that though I have no other complaints about Cech. Ospina has been good this season, but he’s mistake prone and Cech rarely is.

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      1. Admin

        Have you ever tried saving a penalty against a professional striker? You either get lucky or you don’t. End of… Most goalkeepers don’t and it is no reflection on their ability only their luck.

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      2. G-Rude

        You cannot judge any goalkeeper on penalties that is ridiculous!
        There are stats. Howe many shots on goal. How Many saves. How many saves per game. Saves per shot? How many goals conceded etc.
        Penalties are basically a 50/50 chance for the keeper, but 90/10 per cent for the striker. Totally irrelevant to ability.
        Imagine buyng a striker coz he scored 30 goals in season, but 25 of them were penalties?

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  9. gotanidea

    Today the team performance is pretty good. Coquelin and the defenders were excellent today. Bellerin looked energetic after the long rest, and he made a crucial assist too. Chamberlain was powerful, showed very good ball control and movements. He must have learned from Sanchez. Ozil’s finishing was sublime. Sanchez couldn’t do much and did not go deep as usual, but still managed to create key passes. Walcott defended well and scored a crucial goal. I hope they keep fighting like this.

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  10. Kos-tafi

    There is nothing more to say. Brilliant team performance. Xhacoq is one for the future. Hope ma guy mustaphi is not injured for long. Iwobi…he’s done well. Bring on everton n city.

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  11. NY_Gunner

    22 mins in and Leicester City are hammering Man City 3-0….OUCH

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    1. citrenoogeht

      I seriously didn’t see that one coming. Judging on the forms the two teams were in, I thought it was going to be a Man City massacre!

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    2. Admin

      Our only tough game (REALLY tough game!) this month is against Man City. Surely we should be feeling confident? At least we are not playing Leicester lol

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      1. G-Rude

        There is only one really consistent team at the moment. Us
        And maybe Chelsea but only since they lost to US!

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  12. RSH

    Who is this freaking co-commentator (for those watching in English)?? He has been bashing Arsenal crowd for past five minutes for a “moan” on an Iwobi chance. That wasn’t a moan, when players are close to creating goal scoring chances it was a reaction to almost getting a third. I seriously hate how the media is full of United and Liverpool fans it’s so annoying, and they don’t even hide their bias!

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    1. MellowHype

      Yeah i know what you mean, that was Glenn Hoddle (ex spuds player) so no surprise there, hes the most bias commentator when it comes to Arsenal matches

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Yet, he played for Monaco under Wenger…Matter of fact, it was Wenger who brought him there. Go figure.

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        1. MellowHype

          Obviously his north London ties run deeper than ‘I played under Wenger once’ to be honest.

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      2. G-Rude

        And Merson has a big chip on his shoulder about Wenger.
        Coz he put him into rehab and saved his career and his life… What a twat!

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        1. Juhi McLovin

          Remember when Bellerin was supposedly out until New Year’s..

          Fingers crossed. And don’t forget, we have Gabriel and Holding, who both can thrive as long as Koscielny stays fit!

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    1. G-Rude

      Out for three weeks minimum, which could mean two months in Wenger speak.
      But this season we have good cover in every single position so no need to worry. In fact Mertesackers coming back at the right Time.
      Just like Jenkinson came back at the right time for Bellerin, and Giroud xame back when Petrez got injured.
      We have the depth and the quality.
      Believe it!

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  13. Wilshegz

    Unlucky Xhaka..
    Sad about Mustafi’s knock but Gabriel can do well in his stead for the next 3weeks
    n also sad about not keeping a Cleansheet, it’s been a while we kept one.
    Good part is we got a 3points (after the scare)
    City lost.
    win next 2games n go at least 7points clear of City.
    chelsea the main threat left.

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  14. Wilshegz

    lest I forget,its great to have Bellerin back, his offensiveness makes Walcott move into the box n score more

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  15. Arsenal_Girl

    I would have been happy with any win but a two goal difference was awesome because it has put us at the top for 24 hours at least.

    Its also great to have Bellerin back. Gabriel has done a good job but we need bellerin big time. Xhaka has made the loss of Cazorla bearable. We need Xhaka and Coquelin to remain healthy because I am still not solid on Ramsey and Eleney yet.

    All in all a Wonderful day
    Hopefully West Brom can do something special at Stamford Bridge tomorrow and we can stay at the Top

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  16. G-Rude

    Bloody brilliant win lads. Its us and Chelsea and our game at Stamford Bridge will be crusial. I cant see either of us losing up til then. The rest are also rans.

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    1. G-Rude

      What! FIVE thumbs down? Why. Do you not see Chelsea as our only rival? The rest are too inconsistent.

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  17. tissiam

    i hope that charlie adam gets punished for his stamp on alexis for our third goal,he really is a dirty player last season he did the same to giroud!!

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