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Arsenal v West Brom review – Lacazette at the double!!

Well I suppose you could say that, in one way, Arsenal did what they needed to do in the first half. We started well and went in to the break with a goal scored and a clean sheet. That was far from being the whole story, though, as the Gunners rode some luck and the visitors will feel they should have taken at least one of their chances.

A possible penalty from them after a Mustafi sliding tackle was not given as Rodriguez shot and hit the post and Livermore fluffed the rebound. Arsenal dominated for a while after that and took the lead after 20 minutes with a poacher’s finish from Lacazette to pounce when an Alexis Sanchez free kick came back off the bar.

Monreal had a decent shout for a penalty after a great long run into the box and that was not our only good piece of play. Ramsey, Lacazette and Alexis were looking sharp and linking well, the full backs were getting forward and involved and the midfield pair of Xhaka and Elney were helping.

Too many sloppy passes, though, and some errors creeping in gave West Brom plenty of hope, while Sanchez looked set to argue himself a second yellow just before half-time, so there was a lot to do for Arsenal and we needed to improve.

Without really being at our best, the Gunners were better after the break, controlling the game and denying them the same space, while being more precise and penetrating with our forward passing. It took a penalty decision to give us clear daylight on the scoreboard though, Lacazette beating Foster after Nyom bundled Ramsey over.

The summer signing almost completed his hat-trick minutes later, Alexis finding him with a great long diagonal but his finish could not match the fabulous first touch. With 20 minutes left we looked well in control and when Giroud and Ozil came on 10 minutes later a third goal seemed inevitable as they looked sharp and full of ideas, but it was not to be.

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52 thoughts on “Arsenal v West Brom review – Lacazette at the double!!

  1. gotanidea

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    1. Adam Criniti

      Ramsey and Xhaka were predictably woeful in
      midfield and as dynamic as Sanchez can be @ times his giving away of the ball by overplaying
      is getting old in a hurry.

      Hey Mustafi quit F#%%^G sliding in the PB, fortunately both Madley and JR were both idiots
      on that obvious penalty

      NACHO by far the MOTM

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    2. kev

      Elneny must start over Xhaka from now on.I don’t know why people say he’s nothing special.He’s really good, n defending and is usually everywhere.I just pray he isn’t benched.He’s far better than Xhaka.

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  2. GunnerUp

    Loved the effort & determination from monreal and Elneny.
    Xhaka has been weak, he needs to be dropped, shudnt have come back on at 45
    50m striker and the way we playing is not conducive to his style. Not bringing him into the game like we should.

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    1. kev

      I don’t get the hate towards Elneny.He’s a defensive midfielder but I feel people assume him to be a box to box player.He’s really good in 1v1’s which is something many people have not observed.He’s better than Xhaka imo.I just pray he keeps starting.

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      1. Nothing changed

        Agreed, have been saying this for a long time. He is most complete DM. Xhaka is a good passer but that is the least important aspect for a DM. He lacks closing speed, positioning and tackling IMO.

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  3. Uzi Ozil

    Glad Lacazette scored the goals…..But I knew Wenger would sub Him. Why? At least He came on the 81st min this time.

    Sanchez, below par performance.

    Didn’t start the game well…..Rodriquez was so honest.

    Monreal Man of the match for me

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    1. Ted

      Some site praised Alexis claiming he was superb and said Elneny was bang average today, I am wondering wat game they watched.
      It was annoying to watch Alexis give away the ball that many times. Besides a few moments of brilliance, Alexis was frustrating to watch.

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  4. ozil10

    Lucky win today… West Brom were denied a clear penalty & monreal’s clearance off the goal line was the turning point… It could have been 2-1 to West Brom at half time.. Nevertheless another clean sheet & 3 pts.. So no complaints

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    1. Verstellung

      Don’t think it was a penalty. Imho
      The German did a great job trying not to foul him. He is pulling his leg away to avoid such. WB got up immediatly and hit the post. If he thought he was fouled, he certainly didn’t show it.
      Ref was right there and apparently agreed.

      Again, JMHO

      Go Gunners!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Pratham

    Not the most clinical performance. But three points is what matters. Lacazette scored a brace but still doesn’t look sharp enough. Hopefully that will come as he gets more minutes.

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    1. gotanidea

      Agree, they played badly in the first half. Passed awkwardly, like they have never trained how to pass before.

      If Wenger and his staffs cannot address this issue before the next match, this is going to be a big problem. It reflects the low confidence level in the manager and his staffs.

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  6. Lupe

    Good win, average performance. We are closer to the top of the table now so thats postive. To be honest though, the crucial decisions went against wba, they should have had a penalty and i am not to sure about ours. We need to improve our perfomances to have a chance in the top four.

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    1. gotanidea

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    2. Joseph Saleh Australian Gooner from S.A

      You guys have to remember this W.B.A side under Tony Pulis are no push overs. They went toe to toe with Man Chitty a week ago and where very unlucky to loose that game, and look at what Pep’s Man Chitty have been doing to teams this season. 5-0 Pool, 6-0 Palace and I can’t remember the other team they smashed so WBA are a very decent side who will finish inside or just outside the European places on the table. I think we did very well beating them 2-0 with playing great ourselves . Mustafi decision was the right one . Ref was right there and made the correct call .

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  7. Ganja

    We need more urgency in our play, it’s time we start putting teams away instead of slowing down after we score our first goal. We’re a great team but it just seems like we’re missing something.

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    1. gotanidea

      Arsenal are missing better system and more skillful players. They cannot dictate the tempo without those two things.

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      1. Ganja

        I agree, maybe the system would work with better players. For the most part it was boring even though we scored twice and won.

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  8. John0711

    Some empty seats tonight

    3 points I’m not sure this formation suits some of the players, I would like to see a Top CM come in Chaka isn’t good enough I’m sorry but he isn’t.

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    1. gotanidea

      Many fans were clamoring for Xhaka because of his physicalities before he came, like when they were raving about Moussa Sissoko before he joined Tottenham. I agree Arsenal need more skillful midfielder than Xhaka, but he could be good if supported by a good defensive midfielder behind him.

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      1. Joseph Saleh Australian Gooner from S.A

        I would like to see Kolasinac deployed as a defensive central midfielder. I think he has everything to succeed in that position. At least until Wenger can correct his mistake off not buying one in the transfer window . So from now till January I want to see a back 3 off
        Mustafi – Kos – Chambers/Holding
        And next line to be
        Bellerin – Ramsey – Kolasinac – Monreal .

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  9. Ronny

    Kolasinac would be my choice for the back of a shirt!
    I knows it’s just arsenal but how well did gibbons play?
    I still find it strange that we sold ox for 35m and gibbs for 7m.
    Wenger talks about how clever he was converting him to a lb from a winger. I know he wanted guaranteed gamete me but I still think he could do a job on the left wing as a squad player.
    He always did well getting forward, was quick and could deliver a cross well.
    Where else can you get a pacey sqaud left winger for 7m?
    Maybe I’m just being sentimentall though as I always liked him and we do now have nielson and others coming in.

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  10. arsenal4life

    Glorious victory.
    A point off top 6th currently
    held by weak Watford.
    A point off Liverpool and Spurs after
    losses to Liverpool and Stoke.
    The EPL really is rubbish this season.
    After the win over Brighton next week Arsenal could go 3rd.
    Playing the”B” team in the weak Europa league
    means Arsenal has a fresh “A” team for all EPL games
    unlike other top sides who must play many of their top
    players 2 games a week.
    The last 2 EPL winners had no European football.
    Arsenall are now clear favourite to win the League

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  11. OxInTheBox

    real armature stuff from ramsey, sanchez and xhaka. our midfield is a mid table level. we just can’t impose ourselves on a game. not getting 2 top midfielders this summer was insane from wenger, the old fool really thinks ramsey is an iniesta. unless we’ll have big breakthroughs from whilsher and maitland-niels, we are going to pay dearly for that.

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  12. Coldzero

    Sanchez was rubbish just like he has been for us every game he has played this season.

    People should stop blowing smoke up his backside and put him in the reserves. He is going to do nothing for us and going through the motions.

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    1. Abel

      Yes, rubbish whose freekick do you think Lacazette scored a rebound off?
      Who teed up Ramsey for the one on one he missed after rounding the keeper?

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  13. Ganja

    If Alexis’ doesn’t score his constant turnovers just become more unbearable. Selfish player who hurts the team more if he doesn’t score. Refuses to make the easy pass to an open teammate but chooses to overdue it. I’m sure fans would love to hang me though for saying the truth about their beloved player. World Class player or not we play better as a team without him.

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  14. waal2waal

    I see 2 – 0 is a perfect win we had some luck but visitors deserved what they got (zilch). We are getting some form and have managed a clean sheet. how we did i don’t really care right now we were victorious and for now it’s all that matters – the only way is up -> > > c.o.y.g.

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  15. Godswill

    Arsenals fans as we are. When can we be happy?
    We won yet some still criticize over top.

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      1. Leynal

        Lupe…if you don’t like winning without wining go join Spurs supporters where they invest so much without result…(zero trophies in the last several seasons’ – go compare that to Arsenals)

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  16. royalman

    Am so happy we won, some r here with there negativity again after winning game, officiating favour us today and so? Against stoke city our clean goal was denied. That’s football for u, luck is part of football, what matters is 3points. We r moving upward. Elneny n moreal great game. I pray welbek come back on tym, Sanchez should be benched, selfis football from him. Laca brace , another positive.

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    1. JJPawn

      You do realize that it was Sanchez’s effort that led to Lacazette’s goal.
      It is a team game, right?

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  17. Ronny

    I think we should criticise all games even if we are amazing. But I’d use the word analyse.
    It’s arrogant to think we can’t improve there is always something that could be improved on however small.

    What we should remember though instead of fifa winging we should have bought reus, neymar, Messi…..etc. what did we used to sing? 1-0 to the arsenal!
    First and foremost 3 points are 3 points.
    The fact we won should be used as a confidence builder and then we analyse to improve even more.
    Closed loop continuous improvement.

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  18. Kachope patrick

    Almost 70% of the comments here are portraying arsenal as a bad team having won a game. I saw the invisibles during their days, they couldn’t just walk around teams. In fact they even registered draws you couldn’t expect. So we need to enjoy every won match

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