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Arsenal v West Ham review – Super 2nd half gives Gunners vital win

Boy did Arsenal need this win against West Ham at the Emirates, and not just for the three points which look like putting our team right back in the mix for the top four Premier League places. Just as important for Arsene Wenger, the fans and the players was the lift that a decent performance and some good goals have given us at a pretty low point.

It was not a complete performance from Arsenal by any means, especially in the first half which was pretty much what we have had to endure from our team of late. THere was not much cut and thrust or much to shout about but at least we stood up and matched the visitors.

After the break things were much better, something that you have to give Arsene Wenger some credit for and after the opening goal curled in by a much improved Mesut Ozil before the hour mark, you could see the whole side settle and start to enjoy their football for the first time in a long time.

Alexis Sanchez was at the heart of everything as usual but those around him looked sharper as well and 10 minutes after the first Theo Walcott produced a nice run and finish in the box from Ozil’s cross after a great flick from the Chilean found him.

The scoring was completed by Giroud who came off the bench and scored the best goal of the night with a great curled effort, although we shgould have had more but the referee turned down two penalties for fouls on Monreal which replays showed should have been given.

With Man City currently losing at Chelsea the Gunners have moved up to fifth and are right on the tails of Pep Guardiola’s team. Another Wenger trophy anyone?


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30 thoughts on “Arsenal v West Ham review – Super 2nd half gives Gunners vital win

  1. davidnz

    3 goals.
    3 points.
    3 more years for Arsene Wenger

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  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Excellent second half
    Happy Ozil scored
    Wish Alexis had scored though
    Want him to get 20 gold

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  3. gotanidea

    Arsenal always plays well if there is no heavy pressure from their opponent, unlike the previous matches against the other big teams. Nevertheless, this is a good win that hopefully will make Arsenal staffs and players happy again. I can see the effect of the heavy criticisms and protests from the fans on their faces. No Arsenal players seemed happy on the field.

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  4. Ronny331

    Happy for us annoyed about spurs, grr that is character building stuff scoring 3 away in about 5 minutes and without kane. God I despise spurs!

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Nine fixtures remaining, 13 points behind with one game in hand. Not to mention about 13 goals in difference. And you still think about Spuds?
      We’ll lucky enough if we can surpass L’pool and ManShit. Another “Wenger Trophy” that’s the best we can get this season.

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    1. Luko Bratzi

      So was Granit Xhaka did not give a bad pass as all except Bellerin. Let’s hope it’s the same midfield in next game we need consistency now. Oxy is a great Sub does more in the 20 minutes than he does in 70. Next season if he is still there should be his breakthrough. It’s certinaly about time. We need a right back and left back as Gibbs and Bellerin are not good enough. CB

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  5. Greg

    Wow! Seeing arsenal with a clean sheet today just one word to describe it “priceless “!

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  6. tweety

    after the improvement against city (result only) the second half today fills me optimistic for the wenger cup (top four) and maybe another fa cup win. gooner = forever

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  7. Wayne Barker

    So Wenger in then.

    At least Chelsea didn’t lose or else we will be seeing 5 to 10 articles on how we can win the title

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  8. Robin Vanpayslip

    Give the guy a mega contract – we are not fighting relegation!

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  9. ras911

    Feels like most of us aren’t that happy about this win. I’m glad we won and we played well for the first time in ages but i still have mixed feelings because of the Wenger saga..COYG

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  10. lucia

    Difference in this game was elneny boy can press with purpose. Won the ball made good forward passes. I don’t want to see coquelin start a match again. Finally ozil decided to show up. Hate him all you want but in terms of putting away goals give me giroud over welbeck everyday. Welbeck was awful today. Shout out to Gabriel and mustafi who were solid and our ever reliable monreal .coyg

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    1. gmv8

      Agreed – Elneny was a no brainer, I don’t know why it didn’t happen before. Bellerin still looked awful – not just his haircut, he seems to still be well below where he was at the beginning of the season, but both Õzil and Walcott seemed to play with purpose and aggression. Ok, so WHU don’t park the bus, but we were always moving forward, not sideways which was refreshing.

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  11. braaf

    So many great performances tonight. Xhaka and Elneny should start more often cos they were a great partnership tonight. Ozil showed his class tonight and Mustafi and Gabriel were solid in defence. Martin Atkinson showing his class again tonight. 3 penalties not awarded.

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    1. lcebox

      Been waiting for someone to say that 3 dam penos 2 you could maybe have an excuse but the 3rd one when i seen the replay from behind the goal with the ref standing looking at it i cont know thank god it was 3-0 at the time and not 0-0 ….
      Blind as a bat dam ref.

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  12. Vlad

    Clean sheet is definitely most welcomed. We don’t get a lot of those in recent weeks, or even months. But what we can count on is Konstantin with another post tomorrow on how poor we were tonight (even though he didn’t watch the game), and why Wenger should leave.

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    1. Midkemma

      Martinez done really well today, looked solid and made that very good save, had a swerve on it and could have been tricky but he made it look simple. Also held the ball well when he had to and distribution was calm and controlled.

      Was nice for him to have a clean sheet, I hope to see him given more chances and see if he can force Wenger to consider him as a contender next season.

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  13. jamaicanarsenal

    we are happy but the underlining problem still remains we need two good winger who can dribble on make pin point crosses Inside the Box against quality team we will struggle Wolcott lack technical qualityl an dribbling skills. Sanchez number ten position he dictate the game with quality wingers a good center forward we don’t need ozil elneny an ahaka with William carvalho new left back five new players on we are good

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  14. Arsenality

    The win will help raise morale of the team,I wish we can improve and win the remaining matches the sort the rest later on.COYG

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  15. Skills1000

    Wenger should leave. Even if we had won by 22:0. We should be putting a call thru to Enrique to replace Wenger at the end of the season. The guy has managed a team of superstars. Wenger must go at the end of the season. A major change is needed. look at Leicester for instance. Anyone who feels Wenger deserves another contract does not love the club.

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    1. gmv8

      People go on about feeling embarrassed by the protests etc, but if there weren’t any protests, about the results, about recruitment etc., would anything change?

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  16. khangunners

    Good result finally. 3 points were crucial on to palace now. Giroud as a sub is good but when he starts he is not so good. I think sanchez should go back on top we need him to win that top scorer boot. We hve tough fixtures coming from here on out so lets be prepared for a bumby ride:
    Man u
    Very tough run in to the end of the season.

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