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Arsenal v Wigan Player Ratings (Bendtner stars at last!)

One of our Guest Posters, AFC Chazza, was at the Wigan match last night, and wants to give his Player Ratings to see if fellow Gooners agree with his comments. Over to you Chazza…

Arsenal Player Ratings v Wigan

Szczesny: 6.5- solid performance from the current number 2. Not really challenged, but handled the few Wigan half chances well.

Eboue: 6- looked dodgy in the opening minutes vs. Moses, but after Moses was injured there was no threat from the right, and so Eboue had little to do. Didn’t see a lot of him in the opposition half however.

Koscielny: 6.5- No chances created by Wigan, par a few corners, which were all well cleared. However missed another good chance with a header. Also some good passes out of defence.

Djourou: 7- same as his defensive partner, without the easy missed header.

Gibbs: 8- another good performance. Good in defence and good at attacking with a few good passes and crosses. Didn’t stop working the entire match. Surely will over take Clichy soon?

Theo: 7.5- Mixed performance. Good work rate. Good passes and runs, but his shooting was bad. However good build up play earned him a good match.

Denilson: 8- Alongside Wilshere ran the midfield. Great passing and an excellent tackle against a Wigan counter attack.

Wilshere: 7.5- Ran the midfield with Den. Both stayed deep, with Wilshere being the more advanced of the two.

Vela: 5.5- so many sitters missed! Feel sorry for the lad- he needs to be played more but he wont be missing so many good chances like he did. However an inch perfect cross for Bendtner saved some dignity for the little Mexican.

RVP: 7- Still quite quiet to what we normally see, but starting to see his form return. A few dangerous runs showed us what we’ve been missing forever so long.

Bendtner: 8 (MAN OF MATCH)- Excellent work rate with a goal (arguably two) to round it all off. Finished off Vela’s cross, and constantly closed down opposition defenders.


Nasri (Wilshere): 7- Yet another good(but short) performance of which the only way Wigan could stop him was to hack him down

Eastmond (RVP): N/A Didn’t see much of him

J.E.T (Bendtner): N/A

Closing Comments: With a great win for West Ham (4-0 vs. man utd) we must surely be the favorites to win the cup now! Only Arsenal, WestHam, Villa/Birmingham and Ipswich/WestBrom left in so we really have no excuse to not win it. If we are being picky avoid Villa but we’ve shown we can do them over at their own turf!

A good, comfortable performance by Arsenal, finishing just 2-0- which there should have been A LOT more goals (7-0 would have been fair on Wigan) if it wasn’t for terrible finishing by Vela and three dodgy no penalty calls by the ref. Don’t want to speak to soon, but looks like the Carling Cup is coming to North London!

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25 thoughts on “Arsenal v Wigan Player Ratings (Bendtner stars at last!)

  1. vijay

    Bendtner(8) over Vela(5.5)?
    Gibbs(8) over Djourou(7)?
    Denilson(8) over Wilshere(7.5)?

    OK. I’m now going to watch the match again and get beck to you and heaven help you if this is a wind-up.

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  2. GD


    I am very happy with the win at snowy Emirates.
    But, Vela deserves 7 instead of 5.5 (he was influential on the game though not scored), Eboue & Denilson should be 5.5 and B52 not be man of the match.
    And ,in my opinion,Szczesny,Vela, Gibbs (over Clichy or by being left wing midfielder to minimize pressure on Clichy)and Djourou should get chance in the PL games.
    Also Wallcot should be a front striker with Chamak instead of midfielder to fulfill weak sides of Chamak/B52.

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  3. Red

    Bendtner 8? Man of the Match? OMG did u really watch the game?
    and Denilson 8? er…
    in this rating, the only one i agree is Gibbs. he performed quite well.

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  4. Sg gunner

    Dude! Were u even watching the game? Worst ratings ever! I’m thinking that he watched the Manu game =]

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  5. SoCal_Gun

    “Don’t want to speak to soon, but looks like the Carling Cup is coming to North London!”


    They have no excuse in this one now that Le Boss has said he wants to win it

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  6. lanesra

    Congrats – to make Bendy MOTM is the best football joke ever. Maybe you’re a relative of Denilson? Don’t publish your ratings until you’ve learned about playing footie… Maybe you listened on the radio… I can’t believe you actually watched the game!

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  7. Eddie

    I was at the Game Tuesday nite, and

    That was the worst set of ratings I have ever seen
    Bendtner besides his goal was crap 6 because he scored, vela with 2 good missed chances was at least a 7 he played well theo was Shocking ‘4’ two center halves were 7.5/8 Denilson was 6.5 weak in the tackle, he made 1 good tackle!!!! jack was a 7 Keeper was a 7 played well with not much to do but his handling was great RVP was a 6.5 a couple of nice touches

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  8. Matt H

    Vela doesn’t deserve a 5.5 if Bendtner has got an 8. He may have scored the second goal, but he was also missing sitters all night. We should have scored with the first challenge of the evening. Vela was always threatening, and i felt sorry for him at points. He caused the opposition defense all sorts of problems, and i think with more game time he would have been able to add at least one goal to his tally with the chances that he had. I’d rate our strikers as; Van Persie 7.5 because he was not at full fitness, but he also proved what he can bring to the team with a lot of creativity and finding space for others to move forward, Bendner 7 because he scored the goal, Vela 7 because he was dangerous throughout, but had trouble with his final ball, and Theo 7, was dangerous with his pace, but hasn’t built up consistency with his finishing as of yet.

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  9. critic

    oh!!! so all u guys want that all the other just give us open goal so that we can stroll towards wembley and end our 5 year trophy drought???
    Sorry guys, it’s not easy as is it sounds and don’t make it difficult on the team by assuming cc is coming to north london. That will put extra pressure on lads. Yes we are favorite but this is sports anything can happen.

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  10. Stoker16

    So glad to see a good raiting for denilson! Doesnt get the raitings he desurvs. Great player

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  11. luke

    i cant believe everyone is getting excited about the carling cup! am i the only arsenal supporter who really wouldnt care if we won this!!!!

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  12. Clarke

    I guess you’ve watched the match without your thick glasses on, mate, Denilson was as useless as ever, and your MOTM Bendtner’s first touch reminded me of his first matches at the club. His work rate is OK, not excellent though, and his positioning is good as ever, as this – besides his height and headig ability – is nearly the reason he isn’t a championship player. I’m quite sure though that JET will surpass him, as he same the same presence, but combined with a great technique, which – to be honest – the Dane clearly lacks.
    But back to the match, i don’t think there was any MOTD match here. To be honest, Wigan always seemed to be satisfied with a narrow defeat, which made our team playing without any ambition. This match was already over when started, and was the most boring one i’ve seen in a long time.
    I’m a little worried about Wilshere, as doesn’t fulfill his potential about being an influental chance-creator in the team. He works hard, passes confidently, and makes some forward runs, but I feel he’s got much more inside him – a Cesc if you like, who could make inch-perfect 50-yard through balls to our strikers. Actually, I haven’t seen something like that in a ong time (Touré was a real specialist in those, too bad he selled his soul).

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  13. Reuben

    Bendtner was lazy all match. His work rate was terrible. He barely put vela’s cross in the back of the net. Walcott was hopeless, he didn’t do anything. Vela on the other hand was immense. Yes, he didn’t score but his play-making skills were awesome.

    He put Theo and Nasri through on goal and they should have converted, he assisted Bendtner’s goal. Covered for Gibbs, came deep collected the ball, took runs and distributed the ball. I don’t care if he doesn’t score if he performs like he did then I’m happy. Vela was far better than Bendtner and Walcott.

    He was Arsenal’s best player after RVP, who was man of the match.

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  14. vijay

    OK. I’ve now watched the match again and although I don’t get to see the whole pitch I can safely say your ratings are little short of incredulous.

    To sum up.

    Bendtner … 7. Nothing more, nothing less. It was Vela’s pass that made the second goal more than Bendtner’s footballing brain. B52 was lumbering rather than hardworking and looked positively lazy at times.

    Vela … 8. How you can give him 5.5 is beyond me. Sure he missed one clear cut chance and maybe a couple of half chances, but his overall display was brilliant. Really nice to see.

    Gibbs … 7. Hardly the finished article. Defensively needs to shape up.

    Djourou and Koscielny … 7.5. Collectively. Thanks in part to Denilson’s display they had quite a lot to do and we ended up with a clean sheet. Real progress.

    Denilson and Wilshere … a generous 7. Neither was at their best.

    To sum up. Vela was the best player on the pitch last night with Djourou and RVP also good. Not so good were Theo and Eboue. But all-in-all a decent team performance from our second-string first team.

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  15. Swagger

    Bendtner…MotM..LMAO! Vela-5.5(wtf!). Gibbs-8(HAHA!) where did this come from? Worst ratings ever!

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  16. Jim.

    Problem with some of you guys above is that you only watch the goals therefore you do not see how many easy chances vela misses, how many times denilson breaks up the play your just nobs.

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  17. digger

    BENTNER YES!!!! golden boot next year – the boy is a huge talent and if AW can just keep him fit and his mouth shut then we have a match winner!!

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  18. Matteo

    Personally thought the review was spot on, glad to know other people watch the game and not just the goals

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