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Arsenal vs. Blackburn review Lady Luck Deserts Gunners

Arsene Wenger made seven changes but still fielded a strong Arsenal team as he looked to get into the last eight of the FA cup at the expense of championship side Blackburn Rovers. Vermaelen and Koscielny must have no injury concerns because they both started, with Coquelin brought in at right back.

The midfield trio of Arteta, Diaby and Rosicky was picked to give a good blend of defensive, passing and defensive qualities, while Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain started either side of Giroud. Chamberlain started on the right, and he was bright and keen to take his chance, linking up well early on with Rosicky. He needs to work on his corners, though, a number of early ones failing to beat the first man.

The midfield was looking good and controlling possession and winning corners, without troubling Kean in the Blackburn goal. After 22 minutes, Gervinho completely skinned two Rovers players in the box but failed to find a team mate. Arteta did the same soon after, but the resulting corner was headed on target by Diaby, bringing a reflex save from Kean. The pressure was building and it seemed to be just a matter of time. The breakthrough should have come just before halftime. Rosicky’s perfect pass put Gervinho one on one and he beat the keeper with his effort but it went just passed the post.

All of the players who had come in were playing okay, though, so Wenger did not feel the need to make any changes. The Ox kept giving the Rovers left back the runaround in the second half, but his final ball was wayward. As the game reached the hour mark still goalless, you could feel the crowd starting to get nervous, while Blackburn were starting to become a little more adventurous.

Wenger then seemed about to make a triple change, but thought twice after seeing Rosicky hit the bar and Gervinho nearly got clear on goal. He did make the changes, though, with Wilshere, Cazorla and Walcott coming on. Unbelievably, and completely against the run of play Blackburn fluked a goal from a complete miss kick by Kazim-Richards.

When Wilshere found Walcott with a good cross, the keeper was lucky that the ball went straight at him. Giroud hit a clean volley right at the end, but it hit a Rovers defender in the back of the head which he knew nothing about. The fine margins in football all went against the Gunners today. We may not have been clinical in the final third, but we should never have lost that game.

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53 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Blackburn review Lady Luck Deserts Gunners

  1. JADON


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  2. The Messenger

    Let’s send out our frustration against Bayern. It’s doing us no good just to complain and complain. Personally, I don’t have a complaint. I think we played fine defensive and possession wise. We just needed to execute. I think we had 16 corners and about 10 crosses. Only hitting the end of 3 of them. Not good odds. “If Blackburn can get an upset, we can get one against Bayern”. COYG

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  3. Gazabomb

    Why the f..k he didn’t play the strog team first is crazy, I’m no manager, but you want to see your team win and when playing a lower division side at HOME that should go without saying. I know also people will say get behind the team, but when I’m paying a fortune for mine and my sons season tickets I have aright to moan as part of what I spend pays the players

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  4. wils

    Same old arsenal. This team scares no one anymore, chambo should step up his game if he wants to keep wearing that shirt, diaby should have been sub instead of rosicky.. Change is needed ASAP. Don’t know if its the manager or the board anymore

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  5. Frank

    8 years of nothing. We have been inconsistent all year and can’t even beat teams that we should be taking to the cleaners. Wenger and half the squad have to go if we want to win anything next year.

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  6. VP

    Even Man Utd fans are feeling sorry for us nowadays. How has it come to this? Oh well… at least we’ll have the best profit and loss account at the year end… and kroenke might even be able to add another few ranches to his portfolio.

    Its not all bad!!

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  7. Shah95

    And They were confident about winning the FA cup?! What crap lies! Piece of shit performance!!!

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  8. Dude New England

    Hope nobody was actually optimistic. The thing about “luck” is that it usually comes to those who train the hardest, and it’s not consistent, Arsenal loosing at key moments has been consistent . Is there anything more depressing than being an Arsenal fan?

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  9. Greg

    We were very flat today not to mention wasteful! Gervinho missed a good chance to put us ahead he continues to be dissappointing! I have been saying this for a while now we lack a clinical finisher in situations like what took place against blackburn! Its sad because we shouldnt be losing at home !

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  10. Dr. David Banner

    Couldn’t get on here for a while to front my frustration but just two words come to mind: summer overhaul

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  11. Agor 77

    Come on people, it was just a bad day at the office. On any other occasion that game would have ended in our favour convincingly. We need to get behind the team till the summer at least before going off the deep end.

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  12. Joe

    Its was not wengers fault. The team he put out should have swept past blackburn, infact it was a slightly stronger team then i was expecting especially at the back. Midfield of Arteta diaby and rosisky should have breezed past blackburn. The players actually played fairly well but there was a lack of tempo in the final third.

    When Wenger got santi, jack and theo to get changed the team that was on the pitch suddenly up the anti and we hit the bar and nearly got through 1on1 in the space of two minuets because they knew they may be taken of, this shows the lack of urgency from the players in the entire game because in 2 minuets they produced more then they had in 45 minuets. The goal was a fluke and our final ball just could not fall to one of our players.

    The most disappointing thing is were out of the only realistic chance at silverwhere again. Also i have not seen a team all season that are so incompetent at crossing the football we need to seriously work on that because at the moment only Monreal out of all our wide players can consistently put in a good delivery.

    Top4 looks like our main aim now, lets not underestimate how massive it will be to make it into the top4. We’ve finally been able to spend some money in the transfer market without having to sell to balance the books. We’ve all ready made some big bids that would have broken our transfer fee (Jovetic). Wenger and Ivan have both stated that money is now there to be spent without having to balance finances with players going the other way. So this summer we may see our most rewarding transfer window yet with some real talent coming into our starting 11 + Squad but we have to get into the CL otherwise no body will want to come and we could so easily end up like liverpool a massive club that dropped out the top4 for one year and can’t get back into it because they cant attract the players to get them back there.

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  13. jojo

    I dont even care tbh, as much i wanted to believe we would win it we wouldnt of won it anyways..

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  14. Darren

    I don’t blame Wenger for having confidence in the players. Arsenal had waaaay too many chances to put that game to rest and they didn’t. In the end we paid the ultimate price. At times while looking at that sloppy play it felt like I wanted to throw up. Absolutely terrible. It was almost like Arsenal was looking to concede a goal so they would start playing better. Once they did concede though, I suppose there still wasn’t enough time for them to score. I’m disappointed, yet, I have this strong feeling that we’re gonna beat Bayern both legs. Gunner For Life!!!

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  15. browntown

    hugely dissapointing no one attacked the ball in the box, the ammount of times the ball trickled along blackburns six yard box without a f**king dickiebird even attempting to swing a leg. At no point was i convinced we were going to score we did wake up a bit after we conceeded but why can we not just play from the start or even just let opponents score in the first minute so we might be able to scrape a goal or so. another thing the determination that Blackburn sshowed was good but for ten years no one in an arsenal shirt has shown any determination, grit or will to win. Dare i say stoke have an average team its pure want to win the ball, clear the ball and nick a goal. our players always are happy enough watching minutes, games and season pass them by. also dont get this twisted thinking am a moaning c**t if we lost all are games showing effort i would be happy instead the players get riches for substandard performances and effort! hoping more than expecting againest bayern then again probs win the first leg to get our collective hopes up then sh*te all over them!

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  16. KC

    How could our players have come out flat?!!!

    We haven’t won a trophy in 8 years. This was the only realistic shot at any trophy this year, but we still came out flat. There was not urgency, especially in the final third. It was plodding and lacked creativiy of movement and thought. Can’t beleive this team. Can’t beleve Wenger can’t fire them up for such an important match.


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  17. craig2500

    We had over 15 corners, we wasted all but one which was saved and the only one which hit an Arsenal head. Thats not luck or players thats bad training, with Giroud in the team and tall defenders we should be doing better. Plus Gervinho wasted the one chance we had to score which cost us, Blackburn can score with one chance but our spam headed striker needs 254 chances a game.

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  18. The Dom

    To be honest I think all the monkeys(AKBs) that support the cretin known as Arsene Wenger or as he is ironically called,”Le Prof”,deserve all this misery.
    The fact that some of you imbeciles can type and post a comment on this site shows that you have a little bit of gray-matter in that half-empty shell you call a skull.
    How on Earth in this modern day and age have you allowed yourselves to be robbed in broad-day?How long is it going to take you before you realise a rebllion is the only cure to this cancer?….I really hope Bayern thrush us by a large margin so that this manager can finnally be sacked.

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  19. D.Bergkamp

    that’s what you get with gerv the swerve trying to finish off Rosicky’s creativity.

    Ros was the best player out there, why the manager takes the piss with him? I just don’t understand, but a lot of respect for him to keep going and not getting cheesed off.
    At least wenger should learn from him.

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  20. bob

    It was not the players fault, it was Wenger 100%…most of the players he put out their have hardly played this season or have just come back from injury. We have NO CHANCE of wining the CL, so the FA Cup should have been the priority, or at the least, shown more respect, he should not have made 7 changes, maybe 4, but know more……it is time for Wenger TO GO

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  21. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal actually did well… apart from the finishing and a fluke goal….

    26 shots 12 on target, 16 corners, 54% possession…

    is Europol investigating this match??….the odds for a Blackburn win is just too good….

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  22. jackie

    As Kevin Kilbane said, start with your strongest team, put the game to bed ASAP, and then rest your key players. The team got what they deserved.

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  23. D.Bergkamp

    another thing is we have not a player, who poaches, always having the eye of where the ball could be or how he can react the quickest, like chicarito of manU.

    So many of these chances jus go by…………..

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  24. bob

    Even this website which is not even human, was so pissed off, that it crashed after the game.

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  25. Gigi

    Wengershould not have played gervinho, he should have started tJack, he didnt take the game as it was imo, and i am a wnger fan!

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  26. waiyuen leong

    The fans are puzzled despite excellent game against Blackburn, Arsenal lost to Blackburn 1-0. The attacking midfield players still don’t click with strikers in running position when moving forward in assist. Arsenal players lumped up together in the penalty area giving the defenders to closely defend. The wingers are not fast enough to push the ball up or penetrate into their defence.Arsenal played very well when three benched players moved into the field.

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  27. ripple

    Wenger’s subs, although looking like an impressive lot, were the beginning of the end.

    Wenger subs put 2 center midfielders on while taking off the 1 player who had created opportunities (Rosicky).

    This created the same failed tactic which had caused Arsenal to struggle offensively in recent games (no wide play left).

    Arsenal already were controlling the midfield so Wenger puts in TWO players to accomplish what was already being accomplished. Should have sent in the guy who has been scoring and assisting – Podolski

    I have been screaming about this for a month now and Wenger is Frickin stubborn he insists on using failed tactics. Stubborn Idiot.

    This is not about one game – it is about seasons of managing by stubbornness and ego – not by intelligence.

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  28. Wenger Not Indispensable

    It’s about time we let it go what Wenger achieved in the past and look to the future. This marriage has got to end one day anyway, let us make it happen now. This summer’s must be the last for him. Please join ‘Wenger is not indispensable’ campaign.

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  29. Wenger Not Indispensable

    It’s about time we let it go what Wenger achieved in the past and look to the future. This marriage has got to end one day anyway, let us make it happen now. This summer’s must be the last for him. Please join ‘Wenger is not indispensable’ campaign

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  30. ripple

    Podolski has played in 1 of past 5 games and that is the only game Arsenal have scored with ease – imagine that. Not just because Poldi is a good player with many goals and assists to his credit – but also because the tactic works. Poldi is willing and able to interact with the LB to create a left sided attack.

    The wide play stretches the defense and creates central opportunities and openings. This is tactics for beginners. The proof is in the pudding – look at the results.

    But Nooooooooo….. Wenger is to smart to do something simple that works. What an a@#^^^$@#$#

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  31. Jeff

    It’s nothing to do with luck.

    Santi didn’t press long ball

    Coq didn’t win header

    Walcott didn’t track runner

    Koscielny went to ball instead of cutting the angle to the front post while staying central. First rule of defending is you force the guy wide and stay with the guy closest to middle of the goal. The keeper saved near post shot so he did his job sort of… But the ball fell to the guy kos left to chase the ball for no reason.

    It’s really annoying. Why sub all 3 at the same time when Blackburn couldn’t get into our half? It’s not like we got hammered. We were creating a ton just couldn’t get on the end of any passers but we were behind their defense all day. That’s why there were 20 corners!!

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  32. snakeoil

    @arsenal man: you are probably right about Arsenal’s chances with Bayern.

    I am not totally willing to surrender because Wenger may actually pick a team that works together. It is not a secret.

    But the fact that Wenger did not use Ramsey in this one game where it actually makes some sense suggests that he is saving him for Bayern. The thought of that makes me cringe and ashamed.

    For the first time ever, I cannot defend Wenger or Arsenal because there is no defense for this kind of ineptness.

    Wenger picked this entire squad and he defended this squad and he picked the starters and the subs and he selected the formation. It is all him. It can’t be that all these players are now suddenly terrible and can’t win an easy game.

    The one common factor in all these failures is Wenger (and the Arsenal management as a whole)

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  33. Gigi

    I dont wish for bayern to thrash us so wengeer can besacked , i love the team more than i am hating wenger right now, but he did make the wrong call, amd with 4th place not entirely depending on us,he should really bethinking now of how to emulate chelseas run last season… us ucl one, u r our only hope

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  34. ripple


    thank you for your perceptive comments. at least you were aware of what was happening on the pitch even if Wenger was not.

    it seems so obvious. but a massive ego is a stubborn thing to penetrate.

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  35. snakeoil

    @Dude New England,

    You are right. Bad luck is an excuse here.

    The golfer, Lee Trevino, who had an unorthadox golf swing, was often accused of “just being lucky” for his many successes.

    His response was always, “Perhaps, but the more I practice, the luckier I get.”

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  36. summerbreez

    I thought we would win the match but that long ball killed our chance we will have to win the champion league now as we have nothing to lose

    16 corners with nothing 21 attacks with nothing we have got the strengths of moving the ball but not the finishing because we get into a crowded box there is no sense of a surprised attack they knew we were attacking so all had time to organize and defend we are not using corners to our benefit there seem to be a misunderstanding between players

    But bayern is a different team if Arsenal dont employ a solution it could get very embarrassing

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  37. AFC_Gooner

    If someone failed their driving test 8 times in a row, that person is doing something wrong and is probably never going to pass. Arsenal are regularly failing tests and really need to study harder.
    The main problem is that none of the team have won any honours in England. This means we haven’t got any natural leaders to inspire the youngsters to go out and win. This is why the FA cup is becoming important for us to win and why it’s so embarrassing to go out to lower division teams

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  38. Nkosazana

    @ ripple: man you are right about stupid sub Wenger did! I screamed for the same issue, why put two midfielders while we have controlled the game in that area to accumulate over 70% possession? The only sub needed their was Chambo to be replaced by Podoski who is more clinical finisher than Giroud. Rosick Was great, Gervinho was also impressive in finding spaces than our lazy striker Giroud. Regarded as the best on air unbelievably touched ball only once in 16 conners!!

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  39. haqster

    is poldi injured atm? cuz, any right minded coach would have substituted him in at half time for that serial heartbreaker gerv.
    beautiful footie is all well n good, BUT, for f*** sake wenger, train these kids on how to score from a bleeding corner. ONE shot on target from over a dozen corners isnt unlucky or cute, its downright criminal, esp when their defence was nothing special.
    credit where credit is due, rosicky was outstanding, best gunner on the pitch by a country mile

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  40. Indian gooner

    My dad is not a big football fan…sometimes he watches but only manu…cuz he loves the intensity of their play…yesterday he was watching blackburn game with me…he got fed up in first half and went asleep on the couch…and told me that this team is no good…they are juz playing for the sake of playing there is nobody in the team who wants to win…i feld really bad at that moment but after the match i realised what piss poor performance was that from our forwards especially

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  41. Me

    Lady Wenger must also leave us now.

    This is what he says post-match: “It’s very painful and very disappointing” and I’m thinking “you mean the result or the fact that fans saw through you and stopped you from hiking ticket prices?”-I mean it took bloody Man City rebellion to protest for OUR ticket prices. We (Arsenal fans) are “yes” people. Never say no, never protest, never voice disappointment except a 2 second chorus of “boooo” which is happening too often now.

    Ian Poulter on twitter:”Utter c**p Wenger that’s your lot you have to go, take a bow you’ve done an amazing job over the years but enough is enough”

    “Why do you have the most expensive season ticket in the premiership and have to watch that pile off. Management sort it out”

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  42. davidrusa

    Any observer who saw this game would not blame Wenger for the loss except that some players don’t know why they are on the pitch anymore. Perhaps it’s time for Gervinho to go on loan also because he is fast becoming another Arshavin if nothing is done about his plight! Oxlade is still a young man who needs to come on as a substitute. His brilliance of last season is now gone. I think the problem with the team of yesterday is that they hardly looked people who had been training together as a team. Secondly, they looked like people who were not under any pressure to win the game. They were so casual and did not make any serious attempts on goal inspite of their dominance in ball possession. Indeed Giroud became anonymous because nobody gave him any serious balls. Perhaps at the end of the season all players should be assessed and those found to be unequal to the task should be released to go. The news of David Moyes coming to replace Wenger would not excite any serious gunner. What has he ever won? If Arsenal wants Wenger out then it is wise to get a proven winner like Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelloti, Fabio Capello etc. How can you be aiming to get trophies and then you go for a manager who has not been winning trophies himself? Would that be logical? I have no problem with David Moyes but he is not that kind of manager who will give Arsenal instant success! Let us have foresight much as some people may think Wenger is no longer the right man! Let’s look beyond England for Wenger’s successor.

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  43. papercutz

    I think there is gonna be a war between the fans and the management of arsenal if we don’t make Champions League football! We will know at the end of the season whether we pick up our guns and shoot kroenke in his vagina!

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