Arsenal vs. Reading Player ratings and review

Arsenal player ratings by NS

Reading turned up with a new manager and new hope. After 11 minutes, it was clear that their hope was over. Arsenal dominated from the first whistle and never looked back. We were in second gear and never in trouble. Many gooners (including this one) wanted to see Rosicky given more game time. Before this game he’d played under an hour of Premier League football. He started and was probably our least effective player in a forward position. I believe this was due simply to the lack of game time.

Arsenal dominated possession from the first minute and Reading looked the doomed team they are. At halftime, with the score only 1-0, I was a little worried that we may regret not converting our superiority into goals.

However, that was quickly dispelled as goals from Cazorla, Giroud and a penalty from Arteta put Reading to the sword. The good news at full time was that Chelsea had lost. Sadly, Spurs held on to win at Swansea. The even better news is that Chelsea play the Spuds soon. They both can’t collect 3 points.

Overall, a good day’s work.


Fabianski: 6 Almost unemployed for most of the game. His positional play and distribution was again very good. The only thing he had to do was save the one effort Reading had. He didn’t. Hence the score.

Sagna: 6 In for the in form Jenkinson. Didn’t offer more than Jenks in my opinion:

Koscielny: 7 Had the striker in his pocket. Could have smoked a cigar and had a sit down.

Mertersacker: 7 Seems to enjoy playing alongside Kos. Solid.

Monreal: 6 Solid overall but went to sleep for Reading’s goal.

Arteta: 7.5 I thought he was very good today. Good on the ball and good winning it back. Nice penalty too.

Ramsey: 7 The much maligned one had a decent game. Seems to be gaining confidence. Lord knows, Arsene has been patient.

Rosicky: 5 Ineffective for long periods. He did improve in the second half. Needs game time.

Forehead: 7.5 I told you he will prove you wrong! A goal and two assists. Not bad. Always positive, but frustrating at times. The fact he makes these intelligent runs and creates openings seems lost on many. I just wish he would score from a bullet header. If he connects fully with one…he’ll break the net with that forehead of his.

Santi: 8 MOM Always a threat. Drifted across the line and Reading had no idea how to stop it. Lovely finish for the goal.

Giroud: 5.5 He scored and finished well. Aside from that he was really poor. If he had not scored I would have given him a 4.


Gibbs: 5
Poldi: 5
Ox: 6.5

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99 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Reading Player ratings and review

  1. leo

    Stoke fans calling for Pulis to leave in the Summer lol MUSIC TO MY EARS

    obviously they are all been suffering from neck strain watching those long balls played with their basketball players lol

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  2. Shah93

    Ramsey and Cazorla really made this game happen in the midfield, great game by both! Good win for Arsenal, can’t wait for Wilshere to come back

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  3. crmv

    Wow i was really impresed with The game that gervinho played, lets hope he can mantain that confidence, santi again MOTM, and arsenal player or the year!!. Lets go for that champions spot!

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  4. leo

    end of long ball rugby/basketball/football bye bye pulis & martin o ‘neill

    good game for us but we should convert our chances in2 goals hope the top doesn’t come down to goal diff we shpuld have won 10-1 just saw bayern beat hamburg 9-2 crazy times

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  5. Nick

    I’m glad Ramsey is finally rediscovering his form. He’s looked really strong lately. If Foreghead can string together a run for the Reston the season he will earn some respect from me. Santi as always is brilliant.

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  6. Aldo

    everyone keep mentioning the chelsea-spud match, forgetting that arsenal still needs 3 points that week to benefit from the fixture. Keep the boat steady Arsene!

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  7. leo

    The club has a contract with Adidas & yet Tony Pulis still manages to dress like every P.E. teacher there has ever been

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  8. crhymes

    I do not agree with your Rosicky rating. But it was a nice gamme afterall. Good spirit good mentality nice result.

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  9. Igwe 1

    Who cares if we missed a million chance.. 3pts was d top priority, d icing on d cake was d saints victory over chevs, swansea realy dnt av notin at stake, i wish we stil have dem again dis season.

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  10. haywill

    gervinho should sharpen his finishing touches and he will be lionel messi :D :D

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  11. NIcky

    Giroud had a really good game to me, he was passing the ball and putting people in, holding the ball up on the edge of their box and letting the team make runs off of him, he did some amazing skills and link up with santi today, very harsh rating, and he scored the decisive goal. I honestly thought today I couldn’t see how walcott could have done any better than him

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  12. Tom

    Forehead played well today! Hopefully this is the start of his career at arsenal

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  13. James

    Lol At forehead. You’re crazy. Yea he could have sores a couple today, he’s a really frustrating player to watch but he had a good game today.

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  14. Rhino845

    We won 4-1 and all you did was make pointless critisisms. Fabianski did make a save, Giroud did play well, but was not set up enough, Rosicky played well too. Im not gonna lie your a fool.

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  15. Kjacko

    Gerv was MOM in my opinion. He also needs the aproval alot more than Santi.

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  16. John Hannon

    Even if he scored a hat trick I still think Gervinho is USELESS and hope Wenger gets rid of him at seasons end.

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  17. alerg

    5.5 for Giroud? Did you even watch the game? His link up play was superb and took his chance well. Also Gervinho got a goal and 2 assists so how can you give only 7.5?

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  18. Marley magic

    Great result COYG!!!!!!!

    “Aussie gunner for life and the next”

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  19. @OnlyOneIceFM

    Yer Rosicky played more like an attack minded CM… I think he would do well in CM and leave santi in his spot, drop the ox n forhead on the wings with the PODinator in CF and were set for Goals galore! Everyone looks scared when the PODinator starts running at the defence! When he misses a chance, he glances at the keeper n says “ILL BE BACK!” Lol! All the team needs is a little tweaking and we’d ease thru d rest of the season! Some GOOD replacements and were back in the run for the title next season! This season has been one of my most embarrasing as an arsenal fan! That I cannot lie about! Anyway WIN WIN WIN From here! Finally lady luck is on our side!

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  20. JimmyV

    I think it’s time to make Jenkinson the first right back. The new substitute must be Janmaat. He’s showing some huge skills in the Eredivisie and for Holland under Van Gaal. He’s 23 Years old.(I follow the Eredivisie)

    Sagna is old, thinks about leaving and is uninspired.
    Jenkinson is the future. Actually, whole Arsenal is the future if you’re honest with players like Wilshere, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Koscielny etcetera

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  21. Th14

    Don’t change a winning team, szensny, vermalaen and Wilshere need to fight for there places, since all of them have been out of the team we’ve looked so much better.

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  22. Sir Jones

    I love this site but some of the people that are allowed to post are simply stupid. Giroud and Rosicky both played well, but Giroud played even better. You don’t seem to understand that he is an out and out striker and for him to come play for a team like Arsenal is very difficult. Despite his size he is agile and is always making the right runs. I think all the other players would agree that he plays well with his back to goal, always laying off balls and taking marks with him. get off the his back he doing well.

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  23. ams

    Nothing to say….
    But I really hope that poldi will stay…
    He look rusted… :(

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  24. ks-gunner

    seriously never im my life i havent seen such a stupid rating….very biased deff a fan boy perspective from the admin who calls him self bob….

    ADMIN COMMENT – Jeez You criticize but you cant even work out that the post was written by NS – NOT Bob, NOT Admin Open your eyes!

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  25. Goonertron

    I think he deserves to be called by his real name for that great performance, not the best finisher but damn if he wasn’t a threat with his pace and dribbling today, a goal and 2 assists, was a great performance.

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  26. elkieno

    This is the type of game that Ramsey did really well at, but you forgot his rating?
    Forehead was great, cazorla as always, Giroud made that goal look easy. Rocky should have just scored that goal instead if trying to square it, anyway live and learn. Was desperate for spurs to drop points, but chelsea dropping then will do.
    UTD are walking away with it but no excitement to be had, it’s all at relegation level
    And fourth….
    We can do this even nick 3rd!!

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  27. green gunner

    I think a 6 for fabianski is a bit harsh. He could do nothing for the goal.

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  28. 300

    Dude dont do ratings ever again. How can you give oxlade 6.5 when all he did was get a penalty for us. max ox deserves is 5.5 cause he was a sub and didnt exactly make a huge on the game. giroud actually deserves a 7.5 because he linked up really well with carzola and gervinho. every one-two was with giroud. I hate narrow minded and biased ratings. If they performed well, give them the right rating.

    Anyway… This game was brilliant! This is actually the best passing game i’ve seen from arsenal so far this season. really we should’ve beaten them 7-1 cause of the amount of chances we had but either way, it was a wonderful performance and we need to keep going and fight for forth spot

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  29. gunsmith

    rosisky rating is far to low!!!!

    he linked the defence with attack..
    he was a driving force
    brilliant little dribbles and passes!
    he really speeds our game up,
    yes he didnt score or provide an assist
    but he worked very well with cazorla good partnerhsip
    and as is always the case when he plays we our so much more

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  30. gunsmith

    wow the commentator hated gervino how many times he slagged him off, gervino needs to work on his finishing and shooting his passings not even that bad tbh.. and his dribbling his got to be the best on the ball

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  31. Gooner

    LOL at everyone calling gervinho forehead seriously I know he has big forehead but comon Lmao

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  32. Eminmo

    Was at the game, great relaxed atmosphere as Arsenal destroyed a pretty sh*te Reading team (who seem to have no threat without Roberts). Gervinho was 50/50 on his decision making, but I’m glad he scored. Bosscielny was a boss.

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  33. gunsmith

    this ratings our awful admin should be embarrassed!

    im no giroud fan but he deserved a 6 not a 5,5 yes it was a easy goal to score but it was a goal none the less, aside from that he was very average seems out of place in this side, not quite the quality we need

    fabianksi 7 there is no way he could of saved that it was monreals fault, you cant mark a keeper down for that

    kos 7 was never really beaten made a very good slide tackle

    mert 7 didnt make one mistake

    sagna 6.5-7 made no mistakes provided the long ball up to
    gervino for the counter attack goal

    monreal 6 was caught napping aside from that he put in a shift

    arteta 7.5 fair score he made some very good passes today, was alot more attacking which is nice to see, penalty lovely

    gervino 8 simple fact is he may of squandered a few chances with poor finishing but he was involved in all of the goals and the lions share of the attacking throughout the match, his decision making has vastly improved as has his confidence his positioning awarness was brilliant as was his dribbling and i liked the fact he was very hardworking tracking back and helping defend, he also scored which helps! his obviously a much better winger then a striker, his alot less selfish than walcott, better passer to

    i am by no means a ramsey fan but 7 almost a 7.5 was solid as he has been lately but more than that he showed potential of having a creative tricky imaginative side to his game, he tried a few little dinks into the box and a few tricks here and there they didnt always come of so he gets a 7, but still there may be more to this boy then just being a nice hardworking lad

    rosiscky 7.5 not gonna lie im a fan of lil mozart, he speeds up our play, his a great lil tricky players with good dribbling skills and very good short pass and vision, his aggressive and his like santi’s right hand man, they work very well together as there both tricky imaginative players, the passes between them was breath taking, he was also very good at keeping possesion never saw him tackled or mess up a pass, SIMPLE FACT is with him on the team it takes the strain of cazorla

    Santi cazorla amazing game 8.5-9, beautiful goal beautiful passing beautiful dribbling to think this guy has only been here for a season is phenomenal now our top scorer for good reason he has it all!

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  34. Greg

    Gervinho came good today lets hope he maintains this form till the end of the season! Santi was brillant our main ace in the midfield overall great team performance!

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  35. Joe

    Im sorry but how have you possibly given giroud a 5.5? His link up play and hold up play today was top class especially with cazorla. We saw some of the old Arsenal today with swift passing and midfielders always moving around into space and not the lethargic Arsenal where no one wants to make the effort to make runs and create space for others.

    When the midfield and wingers play like that then i think giroud is the perfect striker because his link up play is fantastic with his back to goal when he has actually got movement around him. When the midfields static and has no movement its hard for him because he hasn’t the acceleration or tight ball control to retain the ball.

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  36. Jimmy Saville

    gervinho isnt good enough compare him to a hazaed mata gotze hes end product is woeful against reading is the best you’ll see from him

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  37. Tobias

    would love a line up looking something like this next season:


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  38. warren

    why do arsenal fans hate giroud he cant even get a good rating i actually think if messi played for arsenal and did not score for 2 games all arsenal fans will just start saying he is shit 16 goals in a season is great

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  39. syed

    Tobias you’re mad. There’s no stability and how you gonna play without full backs when they are key to the way arsenal play? Get real please.


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  40. Tobias

    jenkinson amorebieta koscielny monreal
    strootman wilsher
    cazorla jovitec podolski

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  41. Gunnerineverylife

    Awful ratings,awful article,the writer did not watch the match.

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  42. danny boy

    No boys the team next season should read more like this none of you say gotze the guys amazing.As for you syed the defence needs grightening up simple as that

    Tell me what you think …..thanks

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  43. Gunnerineverylife

    Sunderland sacked O’Neil?With 8 games left?suicidal,lol.Reading down,Sunderland down,complete that with Stoke and I’ll be a very happy man.

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  44. Tobias


    hummels is most likely moving to barcalona in the summer and your also saying that dortmund are going to sell us three of there top players?? not a chance tbh would rather reus over lewendoski and isco over goetz

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  45. Tobias


    sunderland dont like playing top level football lol

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  46. danny boy

    tobias u fecker lol hold my hands up just sad had not really seen muslara play but going on what you and my brother sad i decided you were both right so chill brother.Also i really wonder how much maybe you have seen gotze play we should morgage the emirates to sign him lol.And when i tpy with the front mam thats more just new days and new ideas.tobis seriously dow gotze is the man never would us or any other gooner think about fabregas or nasri the tramp again.reus is super class dow i watch loads of german football

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  47. danny boy

    tobias u fecker lol hold my hands up just sad had not really seen muslara play but going on what you and my brother sad i decided you were both right so chill brother.Also i really wonder how much maybe you have seen gotze play we should morgage the emirates to sign him lol.And when i tpy with the front mam thats more just new days and new ideas.tobis seriously dow gotze is the man never would us or any other gooner think about fabregas or nasri the tramp again.reus is super class dow i watch loads of german football…over to you mate

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  48. danny boy

    And for them selling 3 players to us ok cool but go all out for 2 of em hummels and gotze.And up front villa benzima and if there was a god lol you no id love cavarni

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  49. AJ

    Gervinho-One goal to assists- 7.5
    Ramsey- F ALL- 7

    Real fair ratings.

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  50. gooner11

    podolski is severely out of form and desperately needs some game time……… and even though gervinho scored i still think he is to indecisive on the ball and should be played as a sub

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  51. atnenag

    I think it was great game for arsenal in this season. as I think only thomas should be substetuted with Jack for best 11 in this team. if Gervino sharpens his finishing, it was good push, turabling defensise and soon. theo should work hard to gain his place! really nice game to me & hope to all arsenal fans as well as football lovers!

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    We were good coz we faced a team that’s really bad n low on confidence. To me there nothing magical about arsenal

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  53. Gunnerineverylife

    @AJ according to you Ramsey did F all?are you sure you watched the match yesterday?

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  54. adon

    gervinho is very goood play him as main winger and next game pls play podolski as CF AW

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  55. Marvin

    Fabianski…. 7/10….good position
    Sagna…. 6/10….Jenkinson is much better
    Merte…. 7/10….good commander
    Koscielny…. 7.5/10….quick reaction
    Monreal…. 5/10….slow, maybe need a rest
    Arteta…. 6.7/10….hold the tempo well
    Ramsey…. 7/10….was very responsible
    Rosicky…. 6.7/10….quick efficient passes
    Gervinho…. 8.5/10….was the most dangerous player
    Cazorla…. 8/10….efficient, should work his corners
    Giroud…. 7/10….good target man and good left foot

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  56. Gunnerineverylife

    Walcott has what Gervinho lacks and Gervinho has what Walcott lacks.If we combine them we will get Thierry Henry,makes me wonder how good the King was.I think Walcott should play in the left sometime,it will make him look up before crossing or passing as it is his opposite side,you cant just pass using your instinct on the opposite side.He also cuts inside very well,his 2 goals against Newcastle were Henry-esque.

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  57. Saffat

    Getting tired of Bob’s negativity. Pointless criticisms and unfair ratings. Yes we still somewhat lack in the finishing department and we need to defend crosses, but you’re being overly harsh. Can anybody regent the last tine there was an article that wasn’t posted by Bob?

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  58. always a gooner

    atleast from now on lets stop calling Gervinho as forhead ..please this is a kind request from die hard arsenal fan

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  59. Peter

    Gervinho is man of the match.. Stop the preferential treatment, santi was good bt gervinho was man of d match.. Check other sites aswel, check and other ratings

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  60. Sizindan Gooner

    Gervinho has scored two goals in two matches,supplied two assists to beat da royals yet people still wanna slate him.Calling him forehead is totally uncalled for,what more can human being do?From Gervinho and Ramsey you guys nw have a thing against Giroud who i think played exceptional well under all circumstances,why do u love having a go @ players that are trying their best?

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  61. Fabalien

    Don’t get carried away, what will happen if we lose the next game ? Will you still be supportive of Ramsey and Gervinho ? Wenger out ! Cavani in.

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  62. Raghav

    Yes Gervinho scored and assisted 2 goals, yet he was rather bad. Deserved a score in the region of 5-6. Extremely wasteful and sloppy, and lets face it, the assists were assists in name only. The first was a great finish by Cazorla and the second a decent shot by Giroud.

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  63. sKeeza

    Great result for confidence and the next game! But let’s not forget this was reading 2nd from bottom who haven’t one in last 5! It’s the Everton match that’s our clincher along side the utd match
    But hopefully they will have won the title by the time they come to the emirates.

    Spuds have and Chelsea both have a lot of games in quick succession this can only be good news for us as the potential for burn out, suspensions or injuries will be high for them both and they still have to play each other.

    We have to keep our heads down and tails up, and more importantly get behind every single player until the final kick of the season!

    If we make top four I’m sure you’ll some big transfer activity in the summer and a serious challenge for honours next season COYG!

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  64. ferro

    Wouldnt it be amazing if todays news on Lewendowski Goetze and Lars were to come true… definitely an enhancement.

    Cant see any truth to it except maybe a Goetze bid. Sure how would we afford to buy the versatile winger (isco/jovetic) the goalkeeper and proper cb that we are in need of… unless player sales could get us the fourty five to fifty mil or more that we could need. (Doubt it)

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  65. Dawit solomon

    I don’t agree with the ratings. Were u watching spuds game? Giroud had an impressive match Rosicky had a good game. I would not give less than 6 to any player based on yesterday’s game. I was very impressed with Gervinho but he needs to the pass the ball before he is closed down.
    Off topic why is wenger leaving podolski on the bench ?

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  66. John

    Glad Ramsey had another good game and his confidence is coming back. Hopefully everyone who has been on his back will start giving the lad the support he deserves…… Like a true Arsenal midfielder, he will run through brick walls for us. Needs to be remembered that his promising career was almost destroyed by a horrific tackle/ leg break. With Santi buzzing, Rosicky back on form and Jack on his way back we will be feared. . . . . . Still need a big name defensive midfielder in the transfer window tho.

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  67. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    How can yo give giroud 5.5 he did what a striker is supposed to do hold up the ball and pass it on, he put in good crosses, had shots which were blocked like most of the team and was involved in build up play across the whole final third and scored a goal.

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  68. arsenalfan4life

    Oh I am sick of all this now. A result against one of the poorest teams in the league who are in a right Royal mess, excuse the pun and we all think everything is hunky dory. Yesterdays game still showed us that we lack some world class goalscorers which is going to cost us a lot of money in the summer. Giroud is a waste of space. He was a terrible buy. If Gervinho and Ramsey put in some more good performances then I will believe they have a future at Arsenal but I doubt that will happen. They will fail against better teams. Also we still looked shaky at the back. The Reading goal was diabolical defending. In 5 years Wenger has faced the same problem with his defence. He is a moron when it comes to building a solid defence. It irritates the hell out of me.

    Also I have been very disappointed with Gervinho and still think we should ship him out and if anyone offers say 7 million we should take the money and run. However I want people to stop calling him forehead. It is disrespectful as much as I hate him as a player. It is defammation of character to compare him to that of the end of a mans genitalia. You guys calling him that are sick, twisted and perverted and need to have a long hard look in the mirror. If you call people names like that you will reap every dirty seed you sow, mark my words. God will hold each and every one of you accountable.

    Anyways, I thought Cazorla was outstanding but again he has gone missing in the big games. Where was he when we played a superb team in Spurs, where was he against Chelsea and City. Cazorla needs to show us that he can do it against the big teams. I personally thought Rosicky was the stand out player. The guy is amazing and I think he needs to start the remaining games. The touch and turn and drive from him had me foaming at the mouth. What a talent. I hate to put a downer on things but he is such a good player but is like 32 now. His speed and stamina will start to wane. He has just been unlucky with injuries but that is just our luck that he is getting old in football terms just as he is starting to get over his injuries. Anyways, Wenger th old fool I bet is already planning to either buy an expensive teenager for the future or buy a mediocre experienced player. If you saw comments regarding Jovetic, who is been urged to join a big club than Arsenal, that is what we face . Arsenal need to buy world class players but we are such a joke whether we are in the champions league or not we are still thought of as a small club and not in the same league as Utd, City, Chelsea and Spurs. I doubt we will get players like jovetic who won’t want to come to us. We still however need to show our intent and spend huge. This summer is the defining moment of that stubborn Wenger. Lets hope he does the right thing instead of pocketing 7 and a half million a year for failure.

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  69. arsenalfan4life

    Also another thing that annoys me with you lot is you are making us come across as some of the most fickle fans in the world. You lot and you know who you are, have been critizing player like Gervinho and Ramsey. They put in a couple of decent performances and now you think they are worthy of wearing the Arsenal Jersey. NEWSFLASHHHH!!!!!!!. Where were they when we lost to lower league opposition. Well Gervinho was not getting in the team because he was a laughing stock on the pitch and Ramsey was terrible. Suddenly this team is showing a bit of passion just because Wenger is calling their bluff by saying they are playing for their futures. It is Wengers fault we have players like Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin and the like on huge amounts of wages that we cant get rid of. It is his fault for making some of the worse buys such as Santos and Squillaci in Premier League history. Wenger needs to fire his scouts. You have spurs buying players like Vertongen and Holty and Dembele who look world class and we are buying piss poor players. Even pundits and neutrals are agreeing that Spurs have a stronger squad than us and played better football. Arsenal have been devoid of ideas all season. I blame Wenger for all of this. He has packed our team with central midfielders instead of getting a world class forward instead of that donkey Giroud. He should have got some quick pacey out and out wingers who can cross the ball. He should have got a defensive midfielder and a world class centre back. He is at fault. You lot know how many mistakes Wenger has made yet some of you are back to supporting him after one good performance. It is not good enough and Wenger thinks he has got out of trouble. I cannot believe how foolish you lot are and yet I get abuse from my own fans for saying what should be said. It is not right!!!!

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  70. John-Legend

    My MoTM is Forehead. He, IMO won the game for us with his decisive moves and positioning.
    Santi was a threat and troubled The Royals all over the pitch.
    Ramsey is improving a lot.
    Kos-Mert is very much okay for us and well balanced too.
    The Ox is coming back too.
    Giroud can be really frustrating at times. His link-up play is his greatest asset.

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  71. arsenalfan4life

    In response to Marvin who gave his player ratings, I agree with you on them for this match but lets go with the whole season shall we to put things in perspective.

    Fabianski…. 8/10 – Has not done much wrong but still played against poor opposition who has not put much pressure on his goal. We all know he is prone to mistakes but lets get real Lloris is a much better goalkeeper.
    Sagna…. 3/10 – Has been poor since his comeback from injuries. His head has been somewhere else and he had a decent performance but again it was against a team that were woeful in attack but still managed to score against us. Sagna has had a poor season.
    Merte…. 2/10 – Slow, clumsy and prone to mistakes. Was good yesterday but he is not good enough for this league. He has been at fault for quite a few goals. He is a walking disaster. Compare him to Vertongnen and Mertasacker is a joke.
    Koscielny…. 8/10 – One of our better defenders. Quick and reads the game well. I would keep him for next season.
    Monreal…. 5/10 – Has made an alright start and is much better than that awful player Santos who is the worst left back I have ever seen. Still needs to work on his positioning and the goal he gave away was awful defending but has potential. I would keep him for next season.
    Arteta…. 5/10 – Good passer but too slow and has been the reason our attacks have been slow. He is getting on a bit as well and if you compare him to someone like Dembele from Spurs, he is no match. We could do much better. We use to have players liek Fabregas and Nasri in midefield and it is quite amusing that now we have Arteta. He is overated and is a decent player but not to our standard. He needs to be shipped next year.
    Ramsey…. 2/10… – All season he has been a poor player. His passing has been shocking. Someone made a point, that he cannot pass, cannot shoot, cannot cross, cannot tackle, cannot head, and is slow and gives the ball away too many times and does flicks in his own box. Yesterdays game again I am repeating myself was against a terrible side. Ramsey has been one of the worst players of the season. I would sell in the summer.
    Rosicky…. 9/10… – Rosicky is an awesome player and one of the best in the squad. Quick, skillful and purposeful. I love Rosicky and he is what Arsenal is about even though and I will stress this he only has a season or two left and will most likely get injured again. He needs to start every remaining game.
    Gervinho…. 1/10 – Clumsy and poor decision making. He had a good game yesterday even though he missed a hatful of chances. Hispassing still is not great and his decision making and final ball has been some of the worst I have seen this season. He is a confidence player but we need players that will breed confidence from good performances. He is not a winner. I would sell in the summer.
    Cazorla…. 8/10… – A very good player. He is skillful, can score and has all the attributes of a top class player. However he has yet to show it against the big clubs. Wenger got lucky because Malaga were going through financial trouble. Trust me that Cazorla would not be at Arsenal but for that and we would have been left with Ramsey. Scary thought. Cazorla has had a good season but I still expect more from him especially in the big games.
    Giroud…. 2/10… – No speed, is not the greatest finisher and his first touch is not great. People call him Chamackh mark 2 and I agree. He has cost us points with his finishing and going from an Arsenal legend like Van Persie to Giroud has been embarrassing. Utd fans have been laughing at us. Giroud needs to be kicked out of Arsenal next season but considering his wages, he will be here for years.

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  72. arsenalfan4life

    Out of the 11 players against reading. The only ones I would keep are monreal, Koscielny, Rosicky, Cazorla. The rest I would sell.

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  73. arsenalfan4life

    I am on my easter holidays and I am just so depressed. I am going to stick on my invincibles DVD where we had the likes of Ashley Cole, Silva, Lungberg, Pires, Henry, Viera, Bergkamp who were winners. 8 years without a trophy and watching Man Utd run away with the league does not make for a good Easter. Bet you we lose against West Brom away.

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  74. davidrusa

    That self-styled arsenalfan4life must be any of the following: Actually a fan of another hostile club probably Tottenham; a perpetual drunk who doesn’t even watch football matches; someone with a vendetta which can’t be easily explained. Why do I say this? Most of his writings are negative to the extreme. Back to Bob, I wonder what has happened lately! When the team was doing badly he was one of the few voices of reason. What has happened now? Is it extreme zeal, too much expectation or outright lack of objectivity? There is no Arsenal player who deserves less than 6.5. What wrong did Giroud and Rosicky and Gervinho do? Is it because they are not Britons? Stop this undue bias and return to rational thinking as you were doing previously! This website should be promoting the team not denigrating it persistently even when no wrong is committed!

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  75. arsenalfan4life


    Do not ever call me a Spurs fan. I am sick and tired of these insults. All I get on this board is abuse when I am trying to help the club. You lot are fickle. I saw the reaction after the spurs defeat when many of you lot were calling for Wengers head and calling many of the players useless. Open your eyes. Also do not ever call me a drunk. I do not touch the stuff and that is libel to call me that. I am a born again orthodox baptised Christian. Have you heard the saying he who is without sin cast the first stone. You are arrogant, narcisstic, dogmatic, selfish and self centred individual. I know myself better than you know myself and I am not and never will be a spurs fan. Sort yourself out and stop creating mess and confusion and gossiping behind peoples back about me to other fans on here. You will reap what you sow if you do that and calling me a Spurs fan is a bold face lie from hells pit. You will bust hell open with those lies right there. Don’t go boxing with God alright because he does not tolerate you lying on a Christian like that. You are bearing false witness against thy neighbour. You need to go and seek prayer immediately. What is wrong with you!!!!!

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  76. arsenalfan4life


    I feel very hurt and the abusive nature and the lies you are spreading about me. Let me educate you sonny Jim as I have more knowledge, wisdom and life experience than you. Have you heard of the Lambs Book of Life. Well it is a book that grants individuals passage way to heaven. Those that are good and do not sin will have their names jotted in this book and those that don’t will have booked their one way train ticket to the pit. Just because your name is in this book, God can blot it out just like that. You need to choose. You name calling and character bashing does not go down well. Don’t ever come at me the way you are doing again okay. I am 60 years old and deserve respect. I have been an Arsenal fan for 40 years okay, how long have you been? Sort yourself out and think before you speak. My football knowledge is second to none and I have been a part time referee so I know the game inside out. You should learn from someone like me instead of running your mouth all the time. I could have been a football analyst if I wanted to and this site would make good use of my post match reports if they wanted to!!!

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  77. vyash

    we rlinked with german

    we r serious this time

    next year we will compete for the title

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  78. benji

    to who ever posted this article. your ratings are a joke. no debate. for a start, sagna is still one of the best right backs around. and if you could not see that the likes of rosicky and giroud had good games then dont have the ability to write the report on the game. the midfield was controled and dangerous, dominating like the arsenal of old. sagna and monreal getting involved while gervinho was positive all game. off the ball they all worked hard closing down and protecting the defence. i no that im late to this article but your ratings have offended me, i had to reply.

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  79. haqster

    we rocked the team that man u had to beat with a lucky deflection. there have been many instances for disappointment with our team this season. however, yesterday was a great watch and credit should be given when its due. COYG:)

    p.s @ arsenalfan4life, ur coming across as a bit of a troll, point to note if thats not ur intention.

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