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Arsenal vs. Swansea review Arsenal hit a new low

Arsenal made a few changes to the team, with Jenkinson coming in for the injured Sagna and Vermaelen replacing the injured Koscielny. Gibbs continued at left back, while Giroud dropped to the bench and Gervinho came in. Wenger had said that the French striker needed a rest but it was Podolski who took his position with Gervinho on the left.

Arsenal started slowly again and Swansea looked like the home team. Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere were struggling to control the game and the chances started to come for Laudrup’s team. Some good goalkeeping from Szczesny and a couple of great captain’s challenges from Vermaelen kept the scores level, but there was little happening at the other end. It was 25 minutes before we even fashioned a chance.

Arsenal did come more and more into the game as the half wore on, but Gervinho was having one of those days where nothing seems to work. He did, however, get our best chance just before the break. If only it had been Giroud in the box. Gervinho should have scored but his header was not even close.

Wenger could not have been happy and must have had a few words, because Arsenal actually looked like they wanted it at the start of the second half. There was much more drive and urgency. The pressure continued to build on Swansea for 15 minutes but Arsenal nearly went behind when Rangell was allowed to run at the box and shoot but Szczesny saved.

Wenger knew we needed a win, and turned to Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain in place of Gervinho and Podolski. In the space of a few minutes, Giroud nearly won a penalty and Cazorla had a great shot saved. Walcott’s corners were generally poor and surely Cazorla would be better off taking them.

Rosicky made his long awaited comeback in place of Wilshere with just over 10 minutes left and got straight into the action. It was Szczesny to the rescue again with five minutes left, and Vermaelen put a header straight at the Swansea keeper at the other end. Swanse then split the Arsenal defence and Szczesny had no chance against Michu’s cool finish. He then made it 2-0 before the end.

Arsenal hit a new low and drop behind West Ham, Swansea and Stoke City. It must be Ramsey’s fault. The pressure increases on Wenger and the board as we are just not even close to being good enough.

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378 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. Swansea review Arsenal hit a new low

  1. leo

    Rafael has a nightmare so Fergie subs him off after half an hour. Meanwhile Wenger takes 72 minutes to take off Gervinho. Sums it up in fact i no longer hate rvo he clearly love the club & didn’t want to see them go down or humiliated he told wenger to splash the cash he didn’t reading 3- manure 4 rvp scored now i know why you left

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  2. Kick Wenger Out Campaign

    as the name says,I almost cried so di my brother in china a medical student and fanatic arsenal fan.

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  3. leo

    the truth is arsenal never replaced several players right from the invincibles virea,gilberto,bergkamp,cashley,lehamann,henry the rot started like a tooth decay long ago it takes time to feel the pain & now we are feeling it solution you fill up the cavity or extract it (i am not a dentist just a patient who had exp) spend money or wenger sorry i think ur time is up

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  4. vyash

    useless to critize wenger
    its the fault of the board
    look at chelsea
    i am proud to be a gunner

    USElees fan fan must stop supporting arsenal

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  5. Simon

    What is happening to our club? Is something wrong with the players, or manager? AW can’t seem to motivate us anymore, you never know which Arsenal will turn up. 🙁

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  6. j

    If the club doesnt buy this january quality players, Im afraid to say Arsenal as a club is going down. Its still in wengers and the boards hands. Enough playing around. Just buy some good players and change the wage structure. This isnt football from 10 years ago anymore. Time to move with the times

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  7. Theman

    We’re not calling for AW’s head for nothing the facts are out there and the one on top of all is HE’S BEEN FIGURED OUT, THE PATTERN OF PLAY FOR HIS TEAM CAN BE GOOGLED teams now enjoy playing arsenal and now the sad fact about arsenal is that ANY TEAM ON IT’S DAY CAN BEAT ARSENAL

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  8. Salvage

    What happened in the Reading vs Manu match, is part of the huge difference(In fact a gulf) between Wenger and Ferguson. Wenger would have left Rafael on even while he was obviously struggling and with a yellow card hanging over his head, till maybe the 79th minute and by then, it would have been too late and Rafael would have gotten a second yellow.

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  9. Adam

    I don’t dislike wenger and I really hope he turns it around but things are going from bad to worse. theres no confidence in the team, seems to be no real motivation. What happend to the arsenal that went 1-0 in almost every game just to make it more interesting then come back to win at a canter….. Seriously miss the bergkamp, Henry, over mars era. These lot don’t seem to have any real clue how to destroy a team with their passing and finishing!

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  10. ban10

    i am big wenger fan and i support him a lot but there is always even for the greatest to know that his time is up and time to move on.
    he should step down respectfully instead getting sacked by the assh*** board.
    arsenal needs something new and wenger is getting old.

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  11. vanlev

    is it wenger that wont spend or the board who wont… fans need to no that… wud make things lot more clearer

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  12. Segun

    Wow! Didn’t see this coming (Notice the sarcasm?).
    Anyway, I think Arsené Wenger’s time is up. It’s obvious the man’s out of ideas. Don’t you think the squad is good enough to win small teams like stoke, sunderland, norwich and co?
    Wenger ain’t got a plan B when it’s needed. We seriously need a change of management cos I don’t see us winning anything with Wenger in charge.

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  13. jibber

    This is just more of Wenger’s bad gamble on injury prone players kicking in. We have no bench to rotate and sub our midfield, which is the most important thing. Our game is very midfield dependent. Strangely, we only have 1 dependable, experienced atking midfielder and 1 defensive midfielder. everyone else is either too young(coquelin, wilshere) too injury prone(rosicky, diaby) or just don’t fit in(ramsey).
    The fluency in arsenal is all gone from fatigue, and we’re desperate in getting some real reliable rotation.

    we don’t have to go in major debt if we start buying, just QUICKLY restructure salary by actually selling/loaning more players that don’t fit. Release some if it that’s what it’s required.
    A squad of 30, but often up to 4(rosicky, diaby, gibbs, sagna) r on the treatment table, another 4-5 deadwood(squillaci,chamakh, santos,arshavin, djourou) , and then a around 6 r inexperienced young prospects(ox, wilshere, ramsey, coquelin, gnabry, eisfeld), what u have left? yea, about 15.
    simply doesn’t work.

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  14. king

    10th in the league is not good enough. we havnt bee a big club for years now. its time for wenger to

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  15. goonercrouchy

    Comparing us when we were best to us now:

    Henry v Giroud 10-7
    Pires v Gervinho 10-6
    Bergkamp v Walcott 10-7
    Vieria v Diaby 10-6
    Campbell v Metresacker 10-7
    Cole v Gibbs 10-6
    Lehmann v Szcesny 9-7
    Ljungberg v The Ox 10-7
    Gilberto Silva v Ramsey 10-5
    Keown v Vermaelen 10-7
    Lauren v Sagna 9-7

    Best: 108 Current: 72

    Current crop are nowhere near good enough. Nowhere near.

    Say no more

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  16. leo

    Merson: “Why would Guardiola join Arsenal? He wouldn’t join in a month of Sundays. Why would he want to do that?”
    Merson: “Not 1 player in this current Arsenal XI would get in the team 7 or 8 years ago. Something has got to change.”

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  17. Jon

    Wenger’s comments after the game, well at least he finally admitted we were not good enough.
    Also Reading – Man U 3:4 what is going on? Some crazy games this year.

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  18. ERG

    I posted the exact sam post as you earlier!
    the idiots gave it thumbs down!
    You cant expect miracles from a squad like ours!!
    we can still get in the top 4 easy but this team lacks the quality and class.
    Every manager sais the same thing if you dont have quality player you wont win anything!
    Do people think Fergi could manage scotland into a major tournament with the dross he has to pick from?????
    Wenger has to shop young or blist because of our wage structure and transfer fees.

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  19. kay123

    No other manager has even had a chance to prove he is better than wenger for years, so how can people say wenger is the best

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  20. leo

    Hill-Wood: “I’m sure Tottenham won’t even pose a problem for us this season.” dellude board or should i say go home you are drunk

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  21. Zack gunner

    Kemp…ur article please…would love to hear from u….

    (ADMIN COMMENT – In about half an hour……)

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  22. leo

    everyone says Usmanov has a dark past.what about Kroenke?? his owned teams never wins anything

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  23. abel

    U say wenger’s tactical error cost us? You are all wrong….wenger dosent have any tactics….pls boycott the next match i beg u!

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  24. leo

    the fact is our mf combination with cazorla arteta & wilshere isn’t working we need a powerhouse like fellaini a quick mf like fabregas or even a fit rosciky who can make those splitting passes who can play through the middle

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  25. mo

    read this i think u might be agree too.
    i think is gazidis that wants arsene winger to stay cause arsene winger doznt spend lots of money so gazidis is happy that he dont lose money and and winger keep our team in champion league and gazidis taking the money for him self he doznt care abt arsenal cause arsene winger makes the team qualify for champion league so gazadis thinks that the fans are happy cause we came 3rd or 4th in the table and qualified. for me the only way we will get arsenal back is to get rid off gazidis then maybe winger.

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  26. gazlar

    I bet the board are loving this. Keep an obvious past it Wenger in to screw things up, knowing that the fans will take it for a few more years while they milk the club dry., then sell up to usanov when we hit rock bottom and the money has been pilfered.

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  27. stantheman

    The board OWNS this club and we are just the customers. They aren’t going anywhere, because this is a good business for them. The responsibility for this team is entirely down to AW, he is the manager and he approves the transfers and selects the team.

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  28. uyguyguyguyguyg

    who blames or hates the likes of RVP for leaving now?
    We have a good enough team to beat teams like Norwich or Swansea, yet Wenger cant get the best out of this team, same crap week in week out, no plan B, no real tactics and hes the highest paid manager in the game. there are plenty of good managers out there who can achieve top four and still aim for silverware.Loved the guy once but now its time for a change. Cant believe there are still fans that will support him and the old excuse that our club cant match the finances of man shitty etc. we’ve at least got enough to beat teams like swansea but Wenger hasnt made the most of his transfers, hes the one who bought the dead wood we have now at the club, its his fault wages go to these average players not the boards.

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  29. Uche Edochie

    Okay guys. I am done ranting. I feel better now because after much thought, i realise that this is actually a good thing. Think about the implications of our decline in the long term. Wenger and the board have believed for ages that they are able to turn water into wine by doing the minimum. Wenger has never known arsenal without champions league qualification. Now here is why we need to fall out of the top four this season. That will be the final kick up the azz that the arsenal board needs. Dont be fooled when they tell you that they have put away enough funds just incase they dont qualify. If they really didnt care, they wouldnt be threatening our players with a pay cut. Now if wenger miraculously turns this team around yet again to have us in fourth place before the january window opens, believe me when i say that we will be buying no one. At best, we will loan henry which does not solve our problems. Henry is good for morale but nothing more. He is not the player he used to be and our problem lies more with the inability to create. Henry can no longer take the ball from the middle of the park, get through six players and score. So for the long term success of this club, we need to fail now. People like wenger and gazidiz never learn and are too arrogant to think their titanic will never sink.

    Wow. I said it and now i feel better. Cheer up guys. This can only mean that two or three quality players just might arrive in january afterall.

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  30. ned


    it is so obvious that we have too many average players anyone who thinks otherwise ask how many of our players would play for either manchester clubs

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  31. First Lady

    Tears flowed into from eyes into my pint today mates, this is not the team i supported as a little girl. things must change

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  32. artillery1

    I wish i could change Club as Rvp 🙁
    i copied this comment but it hit my HEART :'(
    it makes me cry!

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  33. sadgooner

    i think some of the players don’t understand what it means to wear red white of arsenal, what it means to have that cannon on your chest…no fight, no passion, losing is not the issue but the losing attitude is an issue which should be attended…

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  34. FG

    @fdfg: Im watching Dortmund vs bayern right now and either of these teams will absolutely destroy us!

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  35. mathew

    Such a sad day today to see Arsenal behind Stoke (what?) in the standing. Why Carzorla still playing? Give him a break but then again who is there to replace him? That is the issue now. We need 2 first team to compete if not be ready to have this kind of results. We got lucky last season. But this season all other teams improved tremendously in terms of quality. What happened to OUR QUALITY?

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  36. ERG

    What amazes me is our squad on papoer didnt look strong when the season started so why the suprise!
    I posted could fergie make scotland good if he was their manager!
    no one will reply as the answer is a resounding NO!!
    If Wengers hands our tied how can we blame the man does he set our wage cap!!??
    or sign off on transfers guarantee he has no say about if Walcott is sold.
    Iv bin involved with pro clubs from the age off 8 to 19 im now 27.
    And played against current prem players and football league players.
    The elitist fans wind me up on here!!
    I dont go week in week out as i play footy on saturdays i try to go every 3 or 4 games im on the season ticket waiting list whih is a mile long!
    The ticket prices are a joke but what good would sacking Wenger do?
    do fans think that a new manager will receive a blank cheque??
    Man utd would take only wilshere Cazorla and sagna maybe but his age would mean no probably so 2 players!!

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  37. Jarlath

    I travelled for 6 hours to watch arsenal and before the game I went around the stadium , to the museum I read about the history and I’m only 14 and I thought wow what a club 2 hours later and I watch that bag of shit an I guarantee not one of them players would make the invincibles team i mean what has happened to this club were completely mediocre and it’s so sad to see Wenger has lost it and since after champions league final 2006 it’s just been downhill last year was awful and if it wasn’t for RVP we would be mid table and it shows this year I hate RVP for leaving but I understand why he did it Wenger needs to go and so does the board

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  38. DCC

    Just got home from the Emirates …… Disgraceful … I can’t see how we move forward with this squad in its current format ….

    As for Gervinho … It’s like watching Bambi on ice ….

    Some prat on here compared him to Pires …. Really

    Then I read we are thinking about Stuart Downing !!!!


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  39. Bouba

    We can debate as much and as long as we want… The fact is Wenger is finished.
    I can see the same patterns he had at Monaco.
    He got fired and went in hiding in Japan.


    Unless we do a season like Chelsea! Meaning we go and win the CL… But we all know it would be in the domain of a mega huge miracle.

    We suck so much it is almost painful to watch. There is no heart, no direction, no guidance and no spirit. This team has no coach and no manager. Basically this team has been left on his own.

    Would you blame Walcott and Sagna from leaving?
    Better leave now before the ship goes down.



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  40. Jon

    Just wondering. Anybody who goes to our games. Has the stadium been full every game in the past month or so. Or have you guys seen the attendance decline a bit?

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  41. Paul

    It is so hurting…Deeply hurting.. I think I like the fact that we lost today and probably some games more before january so that Wenger will be able to buy players. There’s no more compatibilty in this team anymore.. Swansea has no big name.. Michu was bought for just 2million.. No more ideas.. What a big shame! Arsenal need M’villa.. Wenger should go on resess.. What a shame today?!!!

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  42. badare

    It’s disgrace for the paying fans to watch that kind of performance, and it has been the same story since this league has started. Anyone who thinks Wenger has got what it takes to put a winning team together again is deluded. it’s not that doesn’t care, the man no longer has a clue on what he wants from his; he just send them out on the pitch and sits on his arse throwing his arms left and right.
    this is what he has to say after the game ” away from home, we are quite consistent and our results are positive” that my friend is mental: of the 8 premier league games we played away from home, we managed to win only two games and he comes out with statement like this.
    giving him transfer budget now to buy another dross will deepen us into this mess. suck him now, get the board of this club

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  43. Simon

    Why cant AW get the best out of his players? Ultimately this is the managers fault surely? Sometimes the players look like they dont give a stuff.
    Sadly we should be beating the likes of Swansea at home, they were a much better team.
    Very unhappy Gooner tonight 🙁 Not sure whether Wenger going will change anything (though when we do badly he looks ill and seems to think its still 2004-2008), sack the greedy board too.

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  44. leo

    @ned did you foree the result of arsenal vs swansea a week ago or r u some kind of sidekick like paul th octpus di*k

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  45. ned


    I fully hear what your saying to a point but i do feel wenger has to take a portion of the blame even if his hands are tied. In fairness his selection is questionable at times and dose not make changes quick enough

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  46. ERG

    Wengers ideology is good basiclly hes bin so good at just telling his players to go out and attack no tactics involved its like saying we have better individuals then the opposition so really how much tactcal nous is needed!??
    Not much.
    Look at Barcelona do you think they worry about the opposition!!?? no they play there own game in my opinion their down fall last season was this to Chelsea the great pep guardiola was out tacticd by di matteo.
    Basiclly i was involved in a team which won our youth league 10 years ago our manager didnt have to set us up tacticly and give tedious amounts of information because he knew we had better individuals then the oppostion like barce do easy to manage.
    Now we have a mediocre side and Wenger still insists on us playing and not really focusin on the other team regardless off weather they have better players.
    This is his biggest weakness but also his strongest asset aswell if we had the A list stars this philosophy would result in us winning trophys 100%
    Look at Benitez so negative even with the talent he has at Chelsea he will F that with his constant attention to detail and tactics!!!
    look at Harry Redknapp arm on the shoulder bit off confidence does wanders he would make Chelsea good.
    Our wage structure makes our players feel way to comfortable at Arsenal you can be crap but dont worry you will get almost as much as the superstar players lovely! il have some that!!! lol
    But seriously sacking Wenger i dont see better replacments if i am correct that his hands our tied.

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  47. realisticgooner

    We r so shit! U gooners make me laugh wiv ur pointless protest!! And yet u still go to games and line the pockets ov stan kroanke and peter hillwood and gazides! Stop complaining if u aint gonna make a change! ive stoped goin to games! The bottom line is we r not good enough and wenger aint the problam! He is a world class manager who needs world class players! His tactics r great we aint got players to exacute them!…..simple as that…

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  48. Stubby gooner

    We’re a business for making money for the shareholders and NOTHING ELSE. They dont care how the club is doing as long as their cash cow is making them a mint!!!

    Why do we have an american business man in charge who has no interest in football? Having worked for american owners, I can guarantee that the only thing that interest Kroenke is the money he is making out of the deal. If he could make £50million with struggles as opposed to £5million with a team that does the Quadruple, hew would take the £50 million every time. I’m not saying that a club has to be run at a loss but in football, if money making is the ONLY god, it will hurt in the long run and that is what is happening now!

    Also, Wenger has lost the plot he was never a great football strategist, he relied on great players doing what they do. If he had to play with players at the same skill level as every other team he would finish mid table or lower…. Wait a minute!

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  49. Arsenal1Again

    Hey goonercrouchy, how come Lehmann got 9? He played EVERY game of the Invincible season, lol. And you rate Gibbs way too low and Sagna is a better right back than what Lauren was (Good player but really he was a right winger if you remember).

    We got sucker punched at the end with two quick goals. It happens. Just ask AC Milan about that Fabregas goal. We might be 10th but I am not worried. The gap between 10th and 3rd is JUST FIVE POINTS.

    JUST FIVE POINTS. People need to get a backbone and stop with these knee jerk reactions to sack Wenger every time we we have a poor result. All the other teams have bad results too from time to time.

    In 30 days from now the transfer window opens and we have money to spend.

    Crap results like today ensures it IS spent.

    If Giroud scored twice today, and then a once in each of the December games, there would be no hitman coming to Arsenal in January.

    No team top of the Premiership at Christmas has gone on to win the League.

    Look at the fixture list and that of everyone else, look at the points of everyone else, look at Arsenal’s bank balance for January … then have a reality check and smoke a cigar. There’s nothing to be worried about.

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  50. ablindman785

    i am sorry to say i saw this coming.
    put a bet on us going down 2-0 and Michu scoring, could see it coming a mile off.
    not happy we lost, happy im £’s in, guess this is how the board feels lol.

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  51. ran

    Fck Liverpool, if we continue like this we wont even get into the Europa league,we will be a mid table side finishing lower than the likes of swansea, who were fcking promoted just last season! Sooon, this will happen:

    No top players willl join us, cause we cant even get into the Europa league.

    All our best players such as giroud, podolski, cazprla, sczesny, wilshere, will leace for better clubs. We will ve fced to promote inexperienced yuth, or buy pow class players. we might go the way of Leeds, dropping to league 1. If we cpntinue to havve a shit mentality until thae, we will never ecover….

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  52. Bob2

    Hafiz Rahman has gone quiet. I wonder if he is in here under a different name. He and the Akb gang are hopefully waking up from their deluded REM to the real nightmare that is unfolding before us. Bring back John Hawley and Martin Hayes cant do any worse than Gervinho and Ramsey.

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  53. GUNNER

    I’m desperate to watch Arsenal these days. Even if we win, we seem struggle so hard winning something.

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  54. Doc

    I have a problem with gazidis all I can see is the financial focus and yes it is good we have a good financially run club but were the most expensive club to watch and im not happy with quarter of million a week going on a few players who give about 20 minutes a week maximum. Quarter million for 20 minutes and fighting about 5/10 thousand a week with our top goal scorer.

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  55. Doc

    Did anyone read gazidis last pay cut around 24% bonus that enabled him to recieve 2 million is that right. Meaning he is on approx 8 milion a year and got a 24% bonus of approx two million. somebody correct me please that im wrong

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  56. VanClark

    Arsene Wenger = Harvey Dent
    “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

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  57. Always a gooner

    wengershould have selected this squad
    jenk mert verm gibbs
    wilshere coquelin arteta
    santi walcott padolski

    1st half 4231
    second half
    jenk mert verm gibbs
    santi(rosicky80thmin) wilshere(ramsey85th min) arteta poldi(ox 55th min)
    giroud walcott

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  58. prince

    A man that refuses to learn from his past mistakes doesn`t deserve to succeed.Arsenal,objectively speaking does not deserve a champions league spot next year cos we have refused to learn from the failures of the past.The problem is more with the way we play than with the quality of our players.It is more with the manager than with the players.

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  59. jason

    i would love to see guardiola come but honestly i would like to see moyes come and given some cash. what he does with no money is exceptional…..what he could do with 40-50 mill

    wenger to director of football

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  60. Josh

    I was at the game today and saw the players like gervinho,podolski, walcott and even chamberlain were so poor it is unreaal. these are all players that are internationals. Gervinho is not a striker and can barely play on the wing. We have one striker – Giroud. When he finally came on we started playing. You cannot win a game without a striker unless you are spain in which case they have players like xavi,iniesta,fabregas,pedro,jesus navas. Wenger has to man up and go to the board and explain this otherwise we will end up a mid table club for good.

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  61. tyno

    Hei gunnaz! Tell me which manager compares with wenger in loyalty, then let’s sign him. He is Arséne and we are Arsenal – what a perfect match! Who thinks Wenger is happy seeing Arsenal lose? COYG. We shall survive. In God we trust. Arséne we trust.

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