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Arsenal vs. West Ham review 5 star Arsenal hammer the Hammers

Arsenal needed to start better than the last two games, and Ramsey and Podolski showed that the Arsenal team was fired up. The German chased down a lost cause and Ramsey flew into a full blooded challenge in the first few minutes. Collison should have been booked for a bad challenge on Wilshere, but the referee was lenient on both occasions.

The front players were starting to link up well and cause West Ham problems, and Wilshere and Walcott nearly fashioned an opening goal after 13 minutes. Podolski then went on a powerful driving run but couldn’t find Walcott. West Ham, as expected, were looking dangerous from set pieces and Arsenal conceded another goal from a corner when Giroud’s clearing header fell to an unmarked Collison on the edge of the area and he fired it in.

Arsenal were behind again, but they were playing much better than in recent games, and Podolski levelled the scores soon after with a thunderbolt. Arsenal got better as the half wore on and had West Ham chasing shadows. A brilliant move nearly led to a perfect goal but the ball feel to Podolski’s wrong foot and he could not quite stretch enough to score. All square at halftime.

Arsenal ran riot in the second half, and showed just how good they can be. Sam Allardyce had spoken about Arsenal’s strikers in the build up to the game and probably wishes he had kept his big mouth shut. Giroud put the Gunners ahead minutes after the restart, closely followed by more from Walcott, Cazorla and another from the Frenchman.

Santos came on for Podolski with 20 minutes left and the German had been simply awesome, his best game for Arsenal by far. Giroud didn’t get chance to complete his hat-trick as he was replaced by the Ox. There was an 11 minute delay as Danny Potts received medical treatment on the pitch, so it was no surprise that the game lost impetus afterwards.

A great win and a timely confidence boost ahead of the FA cup tie at Brighton.

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276 thoughts on “Arsenal vs. West Ham review 5 star Arsenal hammer the Hammers

  1. gassman

    good result today guys…..something cross my mind today when i saw vela against Barcelona this past weekend…..i wondered why wenger sold him but kept chamacck (i dont even know how to spell his name), the squid and djorou. i was wenger number one supporter but i just think he lost the plot.i still think he is a good coach. he just need a new place of scenery..

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  2. johnverdal

    prince poldi was outstanding. he needs to play more centrally and also be our first choice penalty taker.

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  3. johnverdal

    wilshere and podolski are world class players at arsenal.
    we just need a big defensive mid filder who can defend properly and take the pressure from wilshere.

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  4. gassman

    i dont want us to get to happy after this game just look at the table…..i just hope we qualify for the champions league next year…..since thats all we do now

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  5. johnverdal

    swansea defender ashley williams is linked with arsenal. he will be available at the end of the season for 8 m.

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  6. johnverdal

    we are still 4 points behind spuds. spuds v arsenal game at whl could be the game of the season.

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  7. EdenoftheEast

    Its nice to be able to say that all our summer signings were a HIT!!
    Those 12 mins at the start of the second half was a treat. I can see us playing that way against most opposition(And not just for 12 mins) if we have a ‘tireless defensive midfielder’ in there.
    Mertesacker needs to be stronger in his challenges and clearing.

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  8. SerbiaGooner

    We scored more than City (2nd). We conceded less than United (1st). And somehow we are in 6th… This squad has a lot of potential, but we still miss a couple of things to be a top team again. All we need is one class defense-minded player (possibly a dm/cd, someone who can play both), and one top striker. C’mon Wenger, bring some quality! Don’t use this win as a excuse not to spend!

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  9. Goonertron

    Mint game, Ramsey was great in the holding role worth Wiltshire, Podolski on fire again.

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  10. Invincibles nice (1)

    Thats the Poldi.

    If only we closed teams down like that all season, forcing them into rushed passes… instead of allowing them to reach fourty yards out with numerous passes in mind.

    Had to laugh at big Sams attempt at mind games ie mentioning the huge loss of rvp etc, i thought it rich coming from a manager and team circling the toilet bowl playing mind games with a giant of a club.

    The only prob i had with the game were Wenger taking off Giroud… who were on a hatrick that if scored would have giving him an even greater boost in confidence. On top of that i believe he should have rested one of Wilshere, Cazorla or both.

    Must give a mention to Ramsey who had a very fine game indeed.

    Come on you Gunners!!

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  11. caribgooner

    There are 2 sets of fans here…those who think Ramsey is Messi after one game like that high Jamaicangooner fella and those who see Ramsey for who he is….a pretender….look at the game again you blind s**kers…Ramsey was average…

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  12. love_arsenal

    yes. i m happy for gooners. better performance and the result. we mustn’t get carried away.

    my point of view,
    . diame service is not necessarily.
    . podolski is superb and he can do better if he learn how to kick the ball with both legs.
    . ramsey improves. very few back passes but more diagonal ones plus good moves.

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  13. Neil


    Just seen the Hazard incident. The only thing wrong with it is that he didn’t kick the ball ‘boy’ harder…and in the face.

    I hate the Chavs…but what was that moron doing, lying on the ball and rolling around after Hazard kicked THE BALL from under his fat guts? I believe he’s 17 (bit old for a ball boy?) and boasted on twitter about wasting time if he got the chance to do so.

    If it was my team I would want a replay (red card given and no chance of comeback).

    Seeing as it’s the Chavs I’ll just laugh.

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  14. S.H

    Haven’t seen the game yet, but when I checked results I wasn’t surprised. I initially picked a 4-1 scoreline and had full confidence our boys would shine. Poldi seemed like he had a fabulous game with a goal and 2 assists. I am glad to hear that Ramsey also played well. It’s got to be positive for him and Arsenal if he continues to play consistently like this.

    Giroud finished well, which is also good to see. Judging from the highlights, it looked like we could have scored another 2 goals on top of the final result. Lets support our team, because a week where we don’t have to read Adam Kemp’s/Admin’s BS is a good week for Arsenal!

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  15. johnverdal

    wanyama is linked with man utd now. they will offer 10 m for him. wenger wake up and sign wanyama before that red nose old man signs him.

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  16. bob

    Wenger will see who he can get in on the cheap on the last day of the window and if he gets no one, he gets no one, after all, after todays performance the team is just fine. In Wenger’s mind anyway.

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  17. Mark Simpson

    Its hard to believe anything you read regards transfers! Earlier i read that M Villa is signed and of to Russia. Now i read on arsenal news. net that we are now n for him..Wenger please put us all out of our misery and sign someone!!!

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    Why are some people upset, i read a comment up there that said what a performance… (it was) but still people thumbed it down

    It were an excellent performance and allot like the Arsenal of old, the thumbs down must have been those idiots who do hope for the Arsenal to lose games, just so Arsene gets sacked… instead of supporting our team whilst hoping for us to improve

    I know we should have had the same purpose slash guile throughout our last two games… but you cant hide the fact of hurrendous officiating… which surely did cost us

    Let us hope we kick on from this… and this an example of whats to come… some good signings together with our team bedding in and we just might have something to build upon

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  19. S.H

    And for people believing these so-called reliable sources on twitter, wake up to yourself. People just want attention or more viewers. I couldn’t give a stuff about ArsenalGeoff or whoever because all they say is just speculative BS. The window hasn’t closed yet. In fact, this week should be the most exciting time for Arsenal fans as Wenger looks to closing a couple of deals. 7 days guys. Be patient, we will get some new players.

    And if you’re one of those people who hoped Arsenal would lose to West Ham or Chelsea last week so Wenger would buy players, you should be ashamed to call yourselves Arsenal fans! When Wenger does buy withing the next 7 days, wouldn’t you people be glad we won against West Ham? Remember, support your team through thick and thin, that’s what it’s all about being a true fan!

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  20. JS Gooner

    The big question is why? Why can Arsenal score four goals in eleven minutes in one game yet be so desperately poor in another? Granted, West Ham may not be the strongest side and yes, Podolski and Ox were back, but if we had played like that the whole season we could genuinely be challenging for the top spot.

    I just hope we can hold on to this mentality and fast-paced high tempo play. With a couple of signings now and more in the summer (without losing anyone important), perhaps our luck could change.

    Good match today, more of the same please Arsenal.

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  21. Hafiz Rahman

    Wenger already mentioned in that hes trying very hard to bring in 2 players….

    so relax boys….dont believe in the media or any other speculations…..

    7 days to the count down…something may or may not happen

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  22. Mark Simpson

    totally agree with you @SH of course its par for the course for a football supporter to complain about the manager and how the team is playing but some of the s##t that i read on here i wonder if there are just a load of spurs fans on here trying to wind us all.. The boys did great tonight and we shoul be singing their praises.

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  23. Hafiz Rahman



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  24. dilla

    WOW Hazard is a piece of sh*t!! Damn good footballer, but what kind of player kicks a ball boy? Not even Stoke players would do that!

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    yeah its completed and Zaha will move at the end of season to man utd….

    next season we’ll have Campbell, Ryo back as well….

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  26. Hafiz Rahman

    Gnabry, Walcott, Ox, Campbell and Ryo….full of speedy wingers!!!!!

    next season the team will gel and understand each other better too..

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  27. david

    Next week you guys will be very dissapointed when Wenger and his team can’t give the same perfomance. Don’t raise your hopes.

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  28. haqster

    so refreshing to see arsenal play as well they can do. west ham’s tomkins had a good day or we’d have smashed ’em for 3 more easily. my only concern was wenger deciding not to sub cazorla. the dude would surely appreciate some rest. COYG:D

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  29. lovelyboi

    idk, not so happy if three next games just like old times, win, then lose, win with big score, then draw… then loose.. what the f**k then? oh and what about window transfer? is there any f**kingreal-true news from arsenal?anyone?

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  30. ethiogunner

    It is a good game the team needs 3 new world class signings- a HM, fast winger and a forward

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  31. yoloarsenal

    arsenal should hijack Akinfenwa from northa,pton his Girouds final form and say hello to everymatch hattrick of his

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  32. Gooner Cape Town

    Diame on or only 20 minutes. Did anyone see him play and how was he? Think Wenger looking elsewhere as we need a DM who stays back and doesn’t attack often.
    Capoue anyone?

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  33. jibber

    great result, now keep it up and catch up to spuds!

    Giroud needs to keep his head up more and improve his final ball, as well as his passes. His 2 goals were both from great assists with Giroud himself getting in a good position. but with a better finish, he might have got himself a hat trick.

    Ramsey on the other hand is starting to look like Carrick.
    definitely not the best going forward, but seems be level headed enough to keep the ball circulating. Then again, in order for him to improve, he needs more game which means a loan.

    Throughout the game he’s still passing sideways and backwards mostly. The rare chance he decide to pass forward, his decision making hinders him and gets read by the opponent. But since he slows down the play, it gives our players a little bit of time to recover, which in turn is still a good thing. Overall, this guy is suffering from confidence issues and desperately needs a loan out.

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  34. Hafiz Rahman

    yeah i agree… a season loan to a smaller club in the league will help his confidence, leadership and etc….

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  35. V

    Those who says Giroud final ball is lacking seriously needs to watch all of his 30+ appearances for arsenal, if every can have a perfect final ball then the team is unbeatable, come on mate, look at his one touch passing over the defensive wall now is like a trademark, yes his finishing might be lacking but that can be improved; eg- Walcott.

    Look at his final balls for Podolski today, Wilshere against Swansea, Gibbs against Swansea, Podlski against Montpellier, the pass against West ham away for Walcott, Podolski goal against Montpellier home. For me as a striker, new to EPL, first year with AFC is pretty good.

    Especially those chip through passes is just like bergkamp passes though you can’t compare him with bergkamp but you need to give credit to the guy, first year with 11 goals and 8-9 assist and with 1/3 of the season to go (about 20 games to go) that tally should go up to 16-17 goals with 12-13 assist, give the guy some credit,

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  36. Wil

    it has emerged Rennes have confirmed there has been a new offer Continue reading Have Arsenal made late dash for M’Vila, as agent confirms English bid!

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  37. J London

    Well done on the win, about time. Shame we had to concede AGAIN!!! and first before we woke up. Which Arsenal will turn up at the next game?

    This season is a Jeckyll and Hyde one.

    However, this win does make me fearful that we won’t add to the squad.

    Remember, Frimpong, Ryo and Campbell will be like “new signings.”

    Alarming when you realise the best players at the moment are the new signings, it does make you wonder why we don’t add some more and get rid of the consistently poor.

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  38. sku

    Ramsey looked good I think it is fair to acknowledge that and encourge the player and he can only get better wih more games in the midfield.In his defense I have noticed that even when he is having a bad game he always plays one or two killer through balls (sign of a quality player mark my words).

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  39. sku

    @V I agree with your observation of Giroud great touches to assist other players in the box I think that is why some people feel he plays better with someone in the box. I would encourage the wide players to get into th box as often as possible and I think we will score more like that.

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  40. Wengy Pls

    Arsenal should ditch the possession, Barca-lite type of football and utilize it’s speed to become more of a countering team. I think the team does so much better when it plays stout defense and then counters quickly with Cazorla and Wilshere acting as the playmakers who feed the killer ball to Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, and potentially AOC. I don’t think our passing is crisp enough to play possession football (few teams do it properly outside of Barca and Bayern) plus our players aren’t the best at creating in tight spaces, so I don’t think that style suits us best.

    Also, I don’t think Giroud can be a featured striker (not a good finisher unless it’s from close range) but he’s got LOTS of talent as a playmaker. Those final balls he played today were brilliant and he’s been doing it all season. If we ever go to a 4-4-2, he would be a GREAT second striker feeding balls to Podolski.

    Speaking of which, Podolski was fantastic today. If he and Cazorla can play as on form as they were today as consistently as Jack Wilshere does, we can easily be a T4 side even with this current squad, especially if Giroud keeps chipping in goals and assists. This squad’s biggest issue is really consistency and that’s where buying 2-3 reinforcements to rotate players and avoid fatigue, injuries, and add competition will do wonders for this group.

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  41. Shiva

    Not sure Why Giroud gets the stick. He has scored 11 with 9 assists in 31 matches for us. It is decent first season stats for a new signing. He will only get better!

    What a performance by Podolski!

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  42. Goonertron

    People want Arsene to go?
    Look at the 3 signings he made this season, all scoring and assisting each other last night and he has converted Walcott into a decent little striker.

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  43. Big Gun

    Great performance, why do we always have to be a goal down before our players get going? Anyway, I wish we could play like that every game. But let’s remember, we are supposed be thrashing teams like West Ham, we should accept nothing less. So yes let’s celebrate but not get too casual as we still have a major hill to climb to get 4th place.

    I took the liberty of watching Ramsey closely this game seeing I am one of his biggest critics. I admit overall he had a fair game but did nothing special. Here are his stats

    Passes forward – 19
    Passes sideways and backwards – 26
    Miss passes – 8
    Fouls – 1
    Successful tackles – 3
    Shots – 0

    Nothing prolific. The problem with Ramsey is he cannot tackle. We need a strong DM in this position, as West Ham hardly put any pressure on our back four.

    Also Giroud still has a lot to prove, especially against the bigger clubs where we need him the most. He played well yesterday and I take my hat off to him, but one good game in six doesn’t make him a good striker. We need consistency.

    Wilshere again was absolutely brilliant. Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski also had a really good game. Sagna looked far more enthusiastic than what he has been for a while. Our back four had little to do. I am worried about our organization against set pieces. Per Mertesacker is our tallest player, yet fails to jump and beat other players. There was one or two instances where he didn’t jump at all. I feel against a more physical aerial team like Stoke we would have been punished. Wenger really needs to work on that.

    Otherwise it was a joy to watch Arsenal last night and I hope we can keep playing the fluid and dynamic football we all witnessed last night. Swans knocking out Chelski too HA!

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  44. Ochy 'SQ' D' Canon

    5pur2 are you watching.. We coming for you.. Hope Wenger doesn’t get deluded by that.
    Add a versatile defender, a Defensive midfielder to release Arteta & Wilshere upfront, and a World Class Striker. Fired up Cannons..COYG..!!

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  45. nikhil

    Olivier Giroud has got 8 goals in 13 starts in the Premier League. 31 matches (19+12 sub) 11 goals and 10 assists.” Just read this on twitter. Not bad for a footballer deemed a “flop”

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  46. Frank x

    Today we put on a great performance but when it comes to top teams we chicken out. Giroud scored. Thats good but don’t look at his stats. It doesn’t give the picture.He sucks at good teams and is never consistent. Last time he scored was at newcastle, ie last month. We definitely need a class forward not good but class. And very good and strong DM. Ramsey first started sloppy and got better for the first time. But when we are clicking i think no team, no fuckin united or madrid can keep up with us, cause we can be that dangerous with our free flow. 😀

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  47. haqster

    i think our issue with giroud is that he isnt our big match savior. not yet anyways, but, i can definately see it happening in the distant future.
    we still need another striker, someone that scores when the rest of the team is having a lazy/clumsy/hapless day.
    on a side note, i’m letting myself get excited abt a possible turn of form from gervinho. hope against reason lol

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  48. Big Gun

    @nikhil And that total should have been a lot more considering the number of sitters he has missed. If RvP was in his shoes that number would read something like 20. I hope he improves though!

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  49. TVR

    Ramsey made 123 passes – 95% were
    accurate and 53% were forward passes.
    Haters? Where are you? 🙂
    One complete match in his natural
    position and there you go, he’s back!

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  50. Gooner Cape Town

    @Wil : Confirmed on Rennes website last night M Vila off to Russia.
    Also, good to get a win but, we should be destroying sides like this week in and week out. Still need those 2-3 signings this week.

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  51. Pablo the Gun

    On Ramsey, I can’t help feel that he really tries his heart out when ever he’s on the field. He also has been constantly been played out of position, super sub etc etc, and you never hear him complaining to the media that his preferred role is an advanced central midfielder.

    I’d rather have loyalty and effort on the field.

    Lastly something that I think people have missed is that in Man City targeting our players specifically might also have been to weaken us so that they could take our place as main opposition to Man Utd? Kill two birds with one stone.

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  52. Big Gun

    @TVR Are you saying Ramsey’s natural position is DM? Because that’s where he played last night and was hardly tested in defense. Anyone can string together that many passes when the players are a few meters away with no pressure. Seriously I monitored Ramsey closely and all his passes were just short passes to players close by. He did last night what Arteta normally does, except West Ham were no attacking threat so he had it easy! Seriously man, if we were playing United, City, Chelsea or anyone of the top teams they would have dribbled circles around Ramsey. It’s like saying Sczcesny was absolutely brilliant last night because he only let in one goal. Think about it.

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  53. will share

    Ramsey is coming alright,Giroud good game,gervinho needs to bring his national team form with him.1 or 2 new players and let support our boys

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  54. Nash Yusoff

    so, giroud should be a second choice striker right? as a back up for a world class striker which i hope we will sign soon.

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  55. Daniel

    he shoots with his left, he shoots with his riiiiight. Santi Cazorla, gives keepers a fright!

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  56. Arsenal1Again

    @ Gassman

    Vela was sold because he refused to do what he was told by Wenger. He refused lian moves to Premiership clubs and was equally disruptive at the club until he got his prefered loan to the Spanish league, then he was after a permanent move to Spain and did what he could to to force the move. You should already know this so should others. As for Chamakh, he was told last Summer he can talk to other clubs and none wanted him or he’s winding down his contract to leave on a free while on a high wage. Djourou has failed on all fronts and is on a long contract which he will wind down since no other club will pay him that.

    Right, back to Bob’s excellent article. We simply played the way we should have been playing all season. Even after their goal, I was confident we would Hammer the Hammers in the 2nd half and so it was no surprise. I enjoyed watching us seem to be back, but as mentioned, still very angry we have not played like this from the start. I know that having players in their right positions for a change had a lot to do with it. I knew Ramsey was that good in the middle and I have waited a long time for both Jack to return from injury and Rambo before him to see them together in the middle TOGETHER. At last I have and it was the result I expected.

    Now watch “Le Professeur” put Ramsey in every position other than the middle and do ‘t be surprised to see Cazorla on the wing again or Walcott as a striker. All proven fails.

    It’s the constant playing of players out of position that limits our performance. A clued up Manager would notice this and though the Hammers’ game spelt this out, it will still continue to be when Arteta returns.

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  57. Base Billy

    Sorry guys, but be FAIR! RAMSEY was pure class last night, end of.

    Ok, he has had a pasting on here when he has played badly, or average, but to try and say he did’nt play well or had it easy last night is just unfair and totally untrue. There are no easy games in the Prem.

    Get behind the kid and at least be fair in your assesment of his game. He is Young, British, clearly cares about Arsenal, tries his heart out, is committed to the club with no drama or drawn out soap opera re; his contract,clearly has lots of ability and is sure to improve.

    He was quality last night AND YOU HATERS KNOW IT.

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  58. CE9

    I have to say it was an exelent match! And for the first time this season, Ramsey look great! good passing and presence!

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