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Arsenal want more Local young talent-like Barcelona!

Arsenal are proud of the youth system and rightly so, as it has produced some key players for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is keen for that to continue, and has revealed that he would prefer it if the players coming through were local, ot at least British, as he feels that they would then be more likely to stay at the club.

Wenger is confident that one of the best players ever to come through the Arsenal youth system, Jack Wilshere, will not cause problems with signing a new contract because he is a local lad who has been with the club since he was nine years old.

“He has always been very committed to this club, and I hope he will show that. There is only one way to show it and that is to commit your long term future to the club.

“We have built a team we have a lot of young English players, or British players like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Wilshere. We still have the case of Walcott, Aaron Ramsey. We want them all on long term contracts.

“It is not by coincidence, it is down to the work that we have done that we have more good English players.

“We look first at quality. If the quality is local it is, of course, even better because it gives you more guarantee of stability, because the players who are English who play for Arsenal are more likely to stay for a longer term than foreign players.”

The Spanish giants Barcelona gave an extraordinary example of this at the weekend, when all eleven players on the pitch against Levante were products of their academy at La Masia. Three of the players, Jordi Alba, Gerard Pique and a certain Cesc Fabregas had moved on before returning, but a large proportion of the team was not only Spanish but from the Barcelona area. Iniesta was born closer to Madrid and Messi is Argentinean but it is still remarkable.

Arsenal used to get stick from the media for having too many foreigners in the team, but that has changed dramatically through the years. Of course the players have to be good enough, but it would be great to have more academy and local players in the team, especially if they are like Wilshere. There are a few academy players who are looking like contenders for the first team, such as Frimpong, Eisfeld and Gnabry. Let’s hope there are lots more to come.

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal want more Local young talent-like Barcelona!

  1. Always a gooner

    so we have a bright future …with some more additions ..w.e are going to rock

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  2. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for “In Arsene We Trust”

    Thumbs DOWN for “In Arsene We DON’T Trust”

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  3. Invincibles nice (1)

    Barcalona educate there players from the age of nine also giving them the best training out there, i much prefered when Arsene used to say that he only looks at how talented they are and not there passport, dont get me wrong i would prefer local stars but in England as a hole a Wilshere doesnt come around very often so not much chance of getting a bunch of locally gifted players, with the new training program introduced we might see barca like results in maybe ten years time but untill then i say just get the best with any means necessary

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  4. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP if you think we WILL finish in the Top 4 this season

    Thumbs DOWN if you think we WON’T finish in the Top 4 this season

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  5. BIG O

    Who needs another CDM when we got FRIMPONG!!!!!! #DENCH LEEEEEAAAAVEE ITTTT YHHH?!!! Haha gotta love Arsenal youth

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  6. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner

    IN: Vorm, M’Biwa, Baines, Capoue, Navas and Huntelaar

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  7. BIG O

    @john 3: 16 this is for comments, not a poll. Please stop poluting every articles comments area with your sh!t polls kmt

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  8. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP If you believe in freedom of speech

    Thumbs DOWN If you DON’T believe in freedom of speech

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  9. Gunnerineverylife

    “We have built a team we have a lot of young English players, or British players like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Wilshere. We still have THE CASE OF WALCOTT, Aaron Ramsey. We want them all on LONNG TERM CONTRACTS.”Looks like Wenger has not given up on Walcott,problem is created by Evil Gazidi$.

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  10. villa123

    if we can create players xavi, iniesta, messi etc through our youth academy it will be fantastic. we can pay them high wages.. since we dont have to buy them for 30 or 40 millions. instead we can use this transfer window money for their wages. if i’m nt wrong there are many talented players in our youth academy. i just hope they will play for arsenal and will remain here for long time.

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  11. fabregas

    No more kidding with kids, we are hungry with trophy not with pride of youth system development. Buy prolific striker, DM and a winger. Huntlear, mvilla and reus or gotze plus Bryan from fulham and sell around six of our deadwoods

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  12. beje

    Barca says they create Fabregas but Fab only come from catalonia but we show the world what he has need and what he has to learn. He is properly and of the true Arsenal not entirely Barca but little bit. We need more local players like Wilshere and Gibbs.

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  13. AndrewArsenal

    Really i dont care were the are from as long as they arnt from barcelona. english talent is incredibly overated. you can buy two players of the same quality, one english and one not english and the non english one will be a lot cheaper. arsenal are a club and really shouldn’t spend their resources on getting english talent. dont get me wrong i would love to see arsenal players getting international matches which in my view are more of an honour but arsenal shouldnt go out of there way to promote english talent because compared to the likes of brazilians and germans english players dont have the technibilty and pace of brazilians or the strenght and work ethic of germans.

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    Must say that i hate this new found respect that Arsene and Fergie have for one another, When we were at the top of our game they wouldnt spit on the other if he were on fire, it sickens me when Fergie has a complement for Arsene these days as it comes across very patronising, if we can get back to the top of our game i hope Arsene returns the back handed complements and flares up the old rivalry coz im sick of the Arsene-Pulis or the Arsene-Allardyce poxy rivalry, Come on Arsene were better than this

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  15. Invincibles nice (1)

    @john316, do you not realise that thumbs down for in Arsene we dont trust is a contradiction

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  16. Th14

    Difference is Barcelona actually spend money on world class stars to play alongside youth players, arsenal buy second rate players and play them with youth!

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  17. shahin

    We don’t want more kids anymore
    1- they grow up and leave for better money
    2- they won’t bring us trophies

    So we don’t want them , we want players that take on challenges and come out successfully.

    No more 6 month injuries. We are tired of this policy .

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  18. AidanGooner

    The difference is the quality of Spanish or even just Catalan footballers in recent times totally eclipses those from Britain

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  19. Nickerless Bender

    What a load of bollox. I’m afraid we are fecked if we continue down this path. Everything he says is about tomorrow but never today. You never hear SAF say this shit as he is not a puppet for the manure hierarchy. Fecking hell Arsene, grow some balls and tell us what the bloody hell is happening to OUR club? Because looking at it at the moment it looks like we are backing a business ideal and not a Fecking football team.

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  20. Oguntuase Amos

    Mr John 3:16!, your nickname is an antithesis of what you stand for. I think you lack decency and decorum freedom of speech or not. If you claim you are right, then you are suffering from a form of psychosis because your contribution was irrelevant and off point. You are the part of that stench that is polluting Arsenal fans. Wenger is a pragmatic manager who does not believe you have to break a bank because you want to win something. If all other managers have been as honest as Wenger, they will groom players rather than poaching players groomed by others with heavy transfer fees and unreasonable wages. There would less mercinery of players earning up to £300,000 per week in a country where the Prime Minister cannot earn that in 2months and in a world infested with poverty will somebody spent more than £1b within 4 years on a past time called football club where many in their host countries are dying of hunger. Wenger is a sane manager in the midst of others with perverted values and he had saved Arsenal from being plunged into debt. Please remember that it was Reddnapp that signed the obituary of Portsmouth with his reckless purchases. I believe and support Wenger to develop local British talents and add few foreigners for cross fertilisation of ideas. Barca was for many years under the shadow of RM but they kept going developing the players and developing a unique system and brand of football, now they are reaping the fruits while RM is busy squandering money here and there and gradually losing her identity with excruciating debt. What Barca forgot to do along is financial autonomy which Arsenal has included in its own philosophy and this is why it is a bit difficult for the club to win something because the cycle must not be broken if results are to be got. The cycle is about being completed, the starting point is the sponsorship deal. Now things would change gradually and Arsenal will bounce back into prominence. Some clubs that postponed the evil days will lick their wound starting from next season. Let us support the manager through encouragement and offer of practicable advice. He himself is unhappy for not winning trophies but he has to defend the club’s policy and show commitments to her objectives and overall goal as a demonstration of his loyalty. Arsenal’s way is the best. Self sustenance and not charity makes a business to survive and thrives in perpetuity.

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  21. Oguntuase Amos

    Th14, you are not accurate. How many world class players had succeeded with Barca? They ended up not fitting in very well. The case of our Henry and Hleb even Ibramovic are good examples.

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  22. JustJoy

    English or British players are always ovrblown with wages and prices.. Have THE English won any Under 23 fifa COMPETITION, OR European YOUTH championship No, cos the players are.. Buy CLASS..

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  23. RT

    IN: ISCO (with the help of former teammate Santi himself)AND ANOTHER ACTUAL STRIKER NO GERVINHO

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  24. Invincibles nice (1)

    Cant believe people thumbed down fat chance to emulating Barca, there isnt another team on the planet who have created what Barca have done, there isnt even another Messi on the planet or another midfield on the planet who can boast home grown players with the attributes of Iniesta Xavi Fabregas Pedro Busquets and so many other promising players, it is a great ideal but these types might never be seen again growing up together with so many top top pros, to think that in there previous game they fielded eleven former youth team players is just incredible

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  25. Th14

    Oguntuase Amos, these players done quite well wouldn’t u say?

    Danni alves, David villa, Samuel eto, alex is Sanchez, cesc fabregas, ronaldinho, rivaldo, ronaldo mate the list goes on and on

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