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Arsenal wave goodbye to Deadwood

Wenger confirms that Park, Squillaci and Bendtner are on their way out of Arsenal! By KJ

We’ve finally got some confirmation from Wenger on certain players to depart from Arsenal this summer. He’s highlighted that Chu-Young Park, Sebastian Squillaci and Niklas Bendtner are all on their way out of the Emirates.

Here are the quotes:

“Bendtner, Squillaci and Park will be on their way to go somewhere”

This is some amazing news and it is finally looking positive on an Arsenal front. With the deadwood being sold, we now have the licence to get new players into the squad (potentially Cazorla and Sahin).

Now, let’s have a quick summary on those 3 players confirmed to depart:

Squillaci: This man was nothing short of an astronomical disaster. He was a decent defender in Spain but the Premier League is a different beast and this beast just absolutely destroyed him. He couldn’t cope at all and was embarrassed constantly by average strikers. He was a train wreck in this league and it’s good riddance.

Park: He only had a year with the Gunners that involved just 5 appearances. I was very surprised that Wenger never actually used him, even when we were winning. When playing the likes of Blackburn and being 7-1 up, he still didn’t feel it was necessary to try Park Chu-Young. I felt he had potential, but Wenger knows things we don’t know and clearly deemed him not good enough.

Bendtner: He is a quality striker but has an attitude problem. He thinks he’s better than he actually is and hence he expects guaranteed football at Arsenal. That isn’t the case and now is looking to move so he can secure that for himself.

It’s great that Wenger is moving on the deadwood and potentially freeing up £150k on wages alone and most likely making £10 million from the sales of those 3 players. Good times as an Arsenal fan.

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal wave goodbye to Deadwood

  1. Gooner Cape Town

    Where are they off to anyone? About time now just AA and we can get the squad sorted with newcomers.

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  2. richie

    Please dont play with my emotions! this is too good to be true!! lol

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  3. SeansterB

    Good to see some movement finally.

    Squillaci….my guess is he has gone for very little and we have probably had to buy him out a portion of his wages for the coming season. He was nothing short of terrible and was on ridiculous wages so good to see him gone. Bartley to take his squad place.

    Park….too be honest didn’t really see him play and when we did he seemed ok. He was bought for cover for RVP so as RVP didn’t get injured he never played. Perhaps could have been given another season but i guess we will get ok money for him now £3-4m as opposed to next year and get him off the wages bill

    Bendtner…decent enough player but not a top 4 club player and his attitude stinks. We will get decent money for him.

    That little lot should free up £10m which, plus £4m for Vela and some smaller deals plus the money saved on wages that should just about get us Carzola…which i am guessing was the aim of the sales

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  4. MohGunner

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  5. Emery


    Really no need for racist comments mate

    For me we dont need another CB either, the likes of Bartley and Miguel seem decent enough 4/5th choices

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  6. gunnersheart

    Marouane Chamakh & Johan Djourou are also part of the deadwood arsenal needs to offload before the season starts…please wenger make us proud for this season…we need to sign santi cazorla and nuri shnin…and backup with the goal keeper by signing butland…i don’t see julius coming to arsenal because Wojciech Szczesny will not make the number 1 keeper if he comes.

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  7. craig2500

    Lets wait until they go before we rejoice, Looks like Giroud and Podolski won’t start first game and knowing our luck Bendtner and Park will start against Sunderland 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  8. femyl

    Chamakh should follow suite. The more dead woods out the more space for quality players to fill in. As for Arshavin, if he can improved on his work ethic i think he can be important for the team; i say Wenger should see how he fared till january, if the situation still remain the same by that time then he should have himself to blame if Wenger decided to sell him.

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  9. Nick

    While I do feel bad for what Park had to endure last season (everyone still scratching their heads on that transfer) It’s definitely best for him to move on. He scored a goal this weekend in the olympics.

    Bendtner & Squid, goodbye and good riddance!

    Please say these are/will all be permanent moves not just loans!!!! We need the money and roster spots to bring in Sahin, Cazorla, M’Vila, etc.

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  10. sam

    i think MohGunner used the N word on djourou in a gangster( street) way, not racist.
    chill out people

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  11. Uche eze

    So so happy seen dis guy off our books d are noting bt liabilities, dough i can’t say much about park bt squl dat guy is a bad luck i don’t think we worn any notch with him on d pitch

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  12. realist

    10m for those 3 and we should get another 20m for fabianski djourou arshavin and chamakh. that frees up 7 spaces give 1 to lansbury and buy 6 players 2 defenders 1 dm 1 cm 1am and 1 striker.

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  13. PAT N1

    They aint going nowhere, they are on big wages and long contract’s, because some french fool said they were good prospect’s for the future, only the quality players leave Arsenal.

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  14. georgybooi

    personally I think park should be given a chance as I have a high regard for south korean players, nevertheless it is very exciting and promising to hear this news! fuck spurs

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  15. realist

    Pat n1

    err almunia traore hoyte senderos silvestre theres a whole defence that have left in the last couple of years

    sure fabregas left but we made an absolute mint out of the deal. nasri left cos he wnted money that he wasnt worth so ee doubled our outlay on him. rvp wants out brcause he has bern unable to win anythi.g since he has been in the team according to him. in truth he wants more than he is worth. i love the way the club are dealing with things this summer. first we get rid of some players that arent good enough almunia benayoun hoyte murphy ozyakup vela botelho and loan out denilson. then we sign 2 strikers who were amongst the top scorers in europe last season. now as well as looking likely to hold rvp and walcott to their contracts we are off loading squillaci bendtner and park and possibly arshavin and chamakh. at the same time vermaelen and koscielny have committed their futures to arsenal.

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  16. OZGooner

    I think the treatment of Park is unfair and unlike the ethos of Arsenal. He was stolen from Lille’s hands in the last minute and worse of all, he was not given any chance to play at all. Maybe he is not good enough, but how can we say this without actually giving him a fair chance.

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  17. elvi

    who says park is dead wood? he has no even play 15mins football at leauge.
    r u mad mate.

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