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Arsenal were brilliant – but where have they been?

Arsenal finally give supporters a performance to be proud of! by Konstantin Mitov

I admit, I did not expect this. We played easily our best game since we beat Tottenham 2:0. This was the last time I saw this team press like we did against Milan! We had a purpose on the pitch.

You could see the formation and the team moving as one, trying to defend as one, from Welbeck to Ospina and it turns out we can actually defend, when the whole team does it! We had our usual scares, but frankly it felt comfortable.

Once we scored, it was all us. And I have to say going forward we were dangerous. We were looking for the through balls and even Xhaka tried to play forward rather than his usual sideways pass.

We were solid on the ball and off it too. I still cannot believe how small we made the pitch for Milan! We had literally every player pressing and we made Milan suffer. This looked like Arsenal football club and the fans of course responded to the team’s performance!

Now I am fully aware of what people will say about me for saying this, but we need to keep it real. This is one good game in a run of many poor games in a row and you gotta ask questions as to why we suddenly decided to play, but we slept through most away games, as well as the Carabao cup final?

Is it the fact that people started calling for Wenger’s head, that he actually realized that he’s gotta do something about this? I saw him on the touchline giving instructions and it wasn’t because were 2:0 down, we were actually in the game!

Compare this to Wenger rotting on the bench like he was at Brighton. This has happened before so many times. We sometimes just go out angry and willing to show the world we’re good enough, but then again it’s just one game.

Remember our 2:0 win at City? Our 2:0 win at Bayern as well as Monaco? Our “heroic” top 4 saves, as well as FA cups that have been just enough to hide the real problems. Don’t get me wrong as I am very happy with the win tonight, it’s just that you don’t know which Arsenal you’ll get against Watford at the weekend.

For me the manager still has to go and he still has to go sooner rather than later, but this victory has bought him breathing space. As long as we are in the Europa League, Wenger will continue to be immortal, and if we win it by a miracle, because; let’s be real, this isn’t Milan’s greatest team, then Arsene is 100% here next season and this won’t take us forward, even though it will give us Champions league.

Performances like this have too many times just overshadowed numerous problems and defeats that are just treated like nothing because we played good one time. So while we should be happy with the result, we cannot overlook a second consecutive season of massive failure, because we’ve not even won the tie yet.

Peace and Love Arsenal fans!


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39 thoughts on “Arsenal were brilliant – but where have they been?

  1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Great effort at the San Siro by Arsenal. Now for the second leg at the Emirates, with a 2 goal away advantage. The only concerns for me were that AC Milan had too many opportunities within our penalty area (Ospina could have conceded a penalty) and Welbeck, although hard working, loses it in front of goal. If Lacazette is unavailable, either Ramsey or Nketiah should be given an opportunity as centre forward.

  2. Arsene Out

    A great win at Milan. If it means that Wenger will stay i would have preferred to have lost 5-0 to be honest. My hope is that this win does not cover the cracks, hell not cracks but massive holes that Wenger has created in this team.

  3. Ken 1945

    I just had to come back for this one:
    Konstantine, everyone knows your views regarding Wenger, so why go over the same old dirge yet again?
    Tonights performance is what we should be talking about and what a great performance the players gave us.
    But no, once again the negatives roll on out.Wenger out, mid table team, didn’t press us enough blah blah blah.
    This Milan team hadn’t been beaten in 2018 and had not conceded a goal in that time.
    Arsenal just broke both those records in some style, despite the predictions from our own fans. It is only half time, but it feels good.
    YES it’s only one performance, YES it doesn’t make up for what’s gone on this season, YES the fanbase is still divided, but let’s just enjoy a fantastic win PERIOD!!
    SUE, you can hold your head up high again at home, at least until our next game!
    By the way, nobody has mentioned Dortmunds result and what that might mean to us and Abe if the second legs are a repeat of the first.
    Only negative were the two injuries, fingers crossed their not too bad.
    Sorry to those that criticise me and my views, but just had to come on and thank the players for at last turning up and giving us something to feel good about.
    This time next week, it could be that the only place to go and watch european competition football is the Emirates.

    1. Gunner22

      Arsenal won because they were not playing in England and no negativity following them like the fake plastic support booing their own.players, manger, board, owner and who knows next! I said arsene is experienced to turn it around and our season will be saved, lets applaud him while he is in our midst and have a stand named after him and give him a standing ovation.

      1. rusky

        Arsenal fans just know how to criticism and no support to the player………

    2. Sue

      Ken, I was very happy with the result, thought we played well. Glad you enjoyed it too! Nice to see you back on here, maybe have a rethink? 😊

    3. Craig

      Sorry but I agree with konstantine . We got to keep it real or enjoy another season like this one. It’s the bigger picture. Milan never pressed our defence. Watch again. They sat off and gave us time on the ball. Would have been different story with pressing team. Let’s see how we feel after weekend before we praise to much

  4. Aussie Jack

    The fringe players now have to step up especially the young brigade, they have the confidence of youth.

  5. mark

    Great win, just hope we don’t lose 3-0 in the return leg…or do I.?

    Hope is what hurts the most.

    Wenger out.

  6. Hector

    the fact we turned up shows that we have the quality but what we lack is a good manager, we seem to lack motivation sometimes which shows that the manager can’t motivate the players, that’s the reason we have been inconsistent

    wenger should leave at the end of the season no matter what happens, even if we win the Europa league

  7. Phil

    Sat in hotel bar in Milan and feeling pretty confused and not a little angry.Why?Simple.We come to the San Siro and put on a polished performance full of determination and a team spirit very rarely seen this season.Angry for the following reasons

    Stoke City
    Nottingham Forest
    If we had performed away from home in these games like we did tonight then we would be 3rd in the Premiership just 2points behind Manure and most likely in the FA Cup Quarter Finals.

    West Ham
    Tonight’s performance in these games added to the previous would have us in 2nd place (just) 12 points behind Citeh.
    So just like last season,and many seasons prior to that one,we all of a sudden turn on the switch at the seasons run in and look the side we should be.
    How can we not blame Wenger for this.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Well done Phil for being there, also the 2000 Arsenal fans. Have a safe journey back.

    2. Sue

      Could hear lots of singing from the gooner fans Phil, was brilliant! Glad they put on a great show for all 2000 of you!
      Our results have been frustrating, I agree

    3. Ken 1945

      Congratulations to our away and the team did us proud.
      Agree with all you have said including your Wenger statement.
      However, shouldn’t we also blame the players for not turning up at the games you highlighted?
      It doesn’t matter what (if anything) the manager/coach says, once they are on the pitch it’s the players that count isn’t it?
      I’m just basking in the great feeling of a well deserved win, have a safe journey home all you true gooners.

      1. Sue

        I’m basking too! I’m going on Sunday, so another performance like that will go down very well.
        Still got snow Ken?

          1. Ken 1945

            Lots of snow up in scotland still, but I am planning to leave Saturday at 9.00p.m. just to make sure!!
            Just hope the players perform again, because it’s always a long drive home when we lose!!

  8. adi

    Too late to look at the past, a win regardless is of consequences is just good for the players. Wenger will get sacked, but the board are letting him finish the season as respect.

    1. Gunner22

      Wenger is leaving after completing the 18-19 season, Fact! Can confirm with kev or resource

  9. O'Blck

    Great performance by the boys. Keep it going and hope we win the Europa league.
    But still, I want Wenger out.

  10. Avenger

    I am not getting carried away for today victory
    I am happy for Arsenal fans and for the Club but I can see
    Wenger smile all the way to the bank

  11. CorporateMan

    I want a change at Arsenal, but not for Wenger to be disgraced out. Wishing the team lost 5-0 just so the manager would be sacked is idiotic, to say the least. I pray we win the Europa league and get back into the CL and the man can be honorably sent off in June.

  12. Innit

    Im NOT hoping that we lose just to get rid of Wenger. I want Wenger out but I will never wish the team i support to lose

    If we can win this tournament it means a Trophy AND Champions League football next season. It will save our season

    Wenger has another year on his contract anyway. They won’t fire him this summer even if we get eliminated

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Agree with CorperateMan and Innit, How can you hope we get beat and call yourself an Arsenal fan, whatever the circumstances.

        1. pires

          Thé idiots who abuse thé manager and the players calling themselves “fans “are a disgrâce.

          1. Cliff

            @Pires it is uncouth to call other people idiots because they voice their opinion.It is common sense that what is happening at arsenal football club is horrible and simply unacceptable.No one feels this pain more than the fans,so please let these people voice their concerns and also be careful when pointing your finger coz you may be that idiot yourself.

            1. Ken 1945

              I agree with you completely, but why haven’t you voiced this opinion when those that support the club, despite the awful season we are having, get called out?
              I’ll name just a few of the labels given : AKB’s dinasours, old farts, living in the past, braindead, not modern fans etc. etc.
              If we really want a constructive, sensible debate then let’s ask everyone on this site to respect each other.
              After all, we are supposed to be Arsenal Football Club supporters aren’t we?

              1. pires

                Apologise Cliff but to make thé atmosphère of YOUR club so poisonous isn’t a good way of supporting thé club

              2. Kenny Rolfe

                AKB, Dinosaur is not so bad Ken, but fully agree with you when some people wish him harm or dead even. No place for comments like that.

  13. James

    You can’t read anything into this result. Milan were terrible. No pace, no midfield, no press and powder puff up front. I was shocked.

  14. dboy

    Not impressed at all. Seems like AW knows how to save his own skin. Did it with FA cup last season and got a two year extension. When some of us warned people what we should expect this season, they were too naive to believe it. Well there you have it . Wenger should leave asap. He sits on the touchline all season and when sees that he is on his way out he starts reacting. Arsenal need a proactive manager not a reactive one, who is only interested in himself.

  15. David Rusa

    I get amused when some people try to downplay the win. There was nothing wrong with Milan, only that Arsenal played better. Our players are not substandard at all. We have a lot of quality players; only they lack motivation and spirit. That is the main reason why I agree with those who criticise Wenger for his laissez-faire, attitude when our team is playing. If the manager was motivating the team there would have been a difference. I therefore feel Wenger should be punished for his loss of enthusiasm and taking fans for granted.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      I agree with you David and I’m often out my seat shouting at Bould and Wenger to get off their backsides and show some passion, but surprisingly bods and tourists around me look at me as if I’m mad.

      1. Ken 1945

        I completely agree, that’s why I was so shocked when Wenger had a go at Zhaka.
        Wish he would do more of it though.
        As for Bould, where has the “got no hair” player gone?

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