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Arsenal were poor but Spurs were pure pants!!

Cheer up Arsenal – Tottenham’s troubles are worse! by Sam P.

If there is anything guaranteed to cheer up your average Gooner after an Arsenal performance and result that was, let’s say, not quite as good as we might have hoped, it is for our north London rivals to put on a show that is even worse.

Just like last season when the spuds fluffed it so badly at the end that they not only missed the chance to catch Leicester City but gave us an unlikely St. Totteringham’s day to celebrate by getting hammered by already relegated Newcastle on the final day.

Of course it did not make up for Arsenal’s title challenge going wrong, but it did make us, or me at least, feel a whole lot better about life going into the summer. Now the good old spuds are at it again, dropping the ball in a most entertaining fashion on their return to the Champions League.

I must admit that this week I was struggling to find my usually optimistic outlook about everything Arsenal. We just do not seem to have any oomph about us and were very lucky to beat Southampton and take a point off PSG. Hopefully the likes of Ozil and Sanchez will start to really fly against Hull at the weekend but in the meantime we can all laugh at Spurs.

Oh the looks on their fans’ faces last night as they limped to a home defeat by Monaco (remember the pleasure they took in our loss to the same club) on a night that was supposed to be a landmark one for them at Wembley. Never mind lads, at least you managed to cheer up the neighbours! COYG.

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal were poor but Spurs were pure pants!!

  1. Uzi Ozil

    The media would literally chew Arsenal if they lost to Feyenord in an Europa Cup game. #just saying Congrats to their manager Van Bronkhost, Once a gunner…

  2. Wilshegz

    Spurs failure shouldn’t give us a ‘cheer up’.. as a matter of fact, I dnt derive pleasure in trolling Spurs,
    it’s United,Chelsea, City we should see as our rivals not Spurs-that are same as Everton or WestHam in class n ambition.
    ..we should care less about Spuds

    1. Arsenal007

      I agree with you.
      Agreed that we have rivalry with Tottenham, they should by no means be a yardstick for us. We should be rivaling the likes of Man City, Chelsea, and Man Utd.

    2. atid

      Obviously u are not from North London.

      When u have grown up around that vermin, been to school with them, worked with them, even had them as cousins, you will understand what the rivalry is all about. It cuts deeper than the results on the pitch.

    3. Big G

      Are you a Spurs fan in disguise? There is no way on this planet that us Arsenal fans should care less about beating Spurs, they are and always will be bitter rivals to Arsenal. Last season should tell you that when we were lucky to finish abouve them in the league or have you developed some brain deficiency that means you cannot remember. If Spurs had finished above us I can guarantee their fans would have been singing about it every day since and for the rest of this season ramming it down our throats and making our lives a misery.

  3. Fatboy Gooney

    Hahaha ? I was wondering when someone would mention the Spuds lol ?
    I’m not at all surprised they lost! Because they are only used to turning up for Spursday night! Euro-pooh league games.?

  4. Wilshegz

    on the plus side, United lost tonight to Feye-f**king-nord.
    I’m not ruling out them intentionally trying to get eliminated so they can avoid injuries, fatigue, jetlag and focus on the EPL title.

    meanwhile since they ain’t in d Knockout stage they MUST still play 5more games.

    1. TH14-TW14

      There’s nothing like intentionally loosing blah blah blah. Mourinho has a whole squad of players who get no games including last seasons outfield player of year Martial and likes of Schneiderlin, Mata, Depay, Herrera etc. Man U hasn’t been great in the last 3 games starting from the narrow win at Hull City. Besides the goals he’s scored Ibra’s work rate isn’t great. Don’t even start on Pogba. The guy literally jugs around the pitch. If Arsenal had been the team with the run of results no one would come up with silly excuses of wanting to lose intentionally. No need contriving excuses for Man U, the ain’t as good as the media has been trying to make them look (at least for now)

      1. Wilshegz

        Leicester did it in the FaCup last season,Suarez’s Livepool side, SAF’s United when they got relegated to Europa. I’m not creating xcuse for any1 I’m talking about the possibility.
        even average EPL sides have complained about Europa and it’s timing, siting their EPL position as the priority cos Europa’s pay doesn’t justify the stress and risks involved.
        it gets worse for title-contenders. u can’t just always look at things as it appears, there could be a bigger picture.

    2. dragunov762mm

      Mou got trophies anywhere his stand, that’s his specialties. Mou dumped by the same club twice that was incident, he brought the title year before.
      Mou lost to inferior Feyenord side at second tier European competition was intentional? I remembered this clown celebrated League Cup like he never won anything before. I’m sure he appreciate second tier European competition much higher then you thought.

  5. Vlad

    Are we really that desperate that we find pleasure in our neighbor’s failures? Why do we always pay attention to what other clubs do? Let’s keep focus on ours and whatever everyone else does is their business. I’ll be cheering Chelsea’s, Utd’s, Spurs’ losses when we, ourselves, win something meaningful. Otherwise, we just look pathetic.

    1. jonm

      The number of places available to PL teams in the CL is dependant on how well PL teams do in the competition. So PL teams doing badly is not good for us long term, unless they are playing against us.

  6. Wilshegz

    I feel EPL should have 5 teams (I dnt mean the one Europa league win gets u)
    City,United,Arsenal,Chelsea,Liverpool these 5teams are in the ‘Big Clubs Class’ and from time to time Spurs snick in.

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