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Arsenal were unlucky and the referee was wrong

Arsenal made it hard for themselves last night against a team that never wins in the game in the Champions League Group Stages, but Arsene Wenger reckons that the result was skewed by poor refereeing, including the first goal and Giroud’s sending off. My friends from Bet4Rate and other gambling sites are not at all happy as they made Arsenal a certain banker in their football predictions!

But Wenger thinks that things could have easily been different. The manager said: “It’s difficult because we had a lot of the ball and we had early chances. We were a bit unlucky tonight. I believe the first goal was offside and then afterwards the sending off was very harsh. We have to look at ourselves as well because the second goal killed our game. We are good enough to defend corners like that well.

“Apart from that we had a lot of the ball when it was 10 against 11. They were committed, they defended well and sometimes I felt that they stopped us from gaining an advantage without being punished by the referee, especially on counter-attacks where we had to play 10 against 11 in one half. We were not at our best but neither was the referee tonight.”

But Wenger did admit that Giroud’s first yellow was valid, but he completely disagrees with the vital second one. “The first yellow card was Giroud’s fault because he protested, even if there was no foul against him. After that he should have not protested to the referee. His second yellow card was completely unlucky to touch the guy. I do not understand the referee.

“I don’t think he saw the guy. It was completely accidental. It happened and I think at that moment it was not a second yellow. It has to be a foul on purpose and it was not on purpose. The referee should have given several yellows tonight based on that.”

Whatever we think about Wenger’s team selection or tactics, surely we have to agree with him that the referee was at fault for the sending off. Maybe Arsene should have swapped Walcott for Giroud when he knew there was a danger of a second yellow?

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69 thoughts on “Arsenal were unlucky and the referee was wrong

  1. muffdiver

    referee was a joke.
    but i wont defend wenger not buying reinforcements to be able to rest players with quality.
    like i said he has no more excuses
    i just hope ppl on here calm down by friday. we need to be behind our lads for chelsea saturday.

    im taking pelters at work cos of yesterday. pratt co worker came in wearing a modric t-shirt- very original pal

    1. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz)

      I had a very strong feeling Giroud was gonna see RED.

      Honestly, it was quite funny that we played better upfront when he left.

      I do not mean to exaggerate but I think Benik Afobe was and is better than Giroud.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Yeah! so did everyone else,
        apart from wenger, of course.
        An early yellow card for descent is normally followed by a sending off!… In most cases.

      2. galaxygooner

        Delusion of the highest order
        Ref or no ref , we were crap and already down 1-0.
        Wenger never takes responsibility that

        1 He has too many injury prone player

        2 His New England project has failed. Only Walcott has something or anything useful . The rest are bang average players whose absences are rarely felt

        3 the problem is the failure to buy .

        4 giroud = szczeny = liability

        Same for Arteta , Wilshere , mertesacker,

    2. Budd

      But he said it himself that what he envisioned was not right. Yes, this is Wenger admitting he didn’t got it right so we can put this one aside :

      You know that when you don’t win the game you have to look at yourself and think, ‘I didn’t get it right’. I personally don’t believe that the players who came in had a bad game. It just didn’t work. We know we have to do that again. We were maybe a bit unlucky and maybe lacked cohesion or some competition in some situations. I have to analyse that. It’s very difficult to give you a definite answer straight after the game.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        That’s funny ?!!
        The whole footballing world could analyse that performance straight after the game,
        But Yet again Wenger didn’t see it ?
        he needs to watch the highlights for a week and even then he keeps falling asleep… Yeah Yeah we can bonce back from this….. Rally Cry! !! ????

        1. YingYang69

          That’s actually one of the things I like about Arsene, he never condemns his players in public. I’m sure the players appreciate that too as you often hear an old pro saying how things need to be kept in house.

      2. Champagne Charlie

        Your level of worship is frightening. Every man and his dog can see where it went wrong for us, but 8mil a year Arsene can’t put his finger on it?

        You then offer up his post match garb as evidence of him admitting fault? I genuinely feel sorry for you…

        1. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz)

          LooooooLzzzzz!!! Charlie, where have you??? Don’t tell me busy popping Champagne.

        2. Budd

          What worship do you see here? I am just saying he admits he was wrong. Period. What is funny though is that you blame him for doing a post game analysis while you are doing the same thing. Another case of not seeing the forest because of the trees. Grow up, read some books and leave football management to the able people. Remain a supporter because that’s what asked from you and nothing more.
          Now that I remember I can’t stop laughing. Prior the game against Zagreb none of you lot came in to refute any statement about rotation, game plan etc. The writing was on the wall and you all thought there’s no point bashing the team now before a victory and keep your bashing for after the Chelsea game. Change in plans for all of you. Seriously, what if Arsenal wins at Chelsea?

          1. Champagne Charlie

            Wenger isn’t analysing anything, he specifically said its hard to know exactly what went wrong right after….which it wasn’t at all.

            It’s half a dozen games into the season I never said rotation was necessary. If you want to save a players legs win the game early and take him off with plenty of time to spare. But where’s the rest that coquelin etc got by flying them out and throwing them on cold with 40 mins left? Piss poor management.

            Wenger didn’t admit any fault, you are the one professing this. Oh and save your “grow up and read” speech because I’m extremely confident I’m far better educated and versed than yourself, so let’s leave that alone pumpkin. Stick to football, where you seem keen to eulogise about Wenger in every situation, regardless of the reality.

            1. Budd

              You can’t read, isn’t it? Here, I post it again for your eyes. I even make it bold so that you can read it easily

              [b]You know that when you don’t win the game you have to look at yourself and think, ‘I didn’t get it right’. [/b]

              1. Champagne Charlie

                “I personally don’t believe that the players who came in had a bad game. It just didn’t work…..It’s very difficult to give you a definite answer straight after the game”

                So you didn’t want to include this part of the transcript Budd? The part he believes the opposite of what everyone else could see. The part where he refuses to give a reason.

                No, instead you embolden the part he philosophically talks about managers as a whole being self analytical after a loss. THAT’s your worship coming to the fore. Your attempted condescension merely makes you look an idiot while doing it.

                1. Budd

                  Which part? Because you can read the whole statement above. The bold part is where he admits he is wrong. Like it or not, this is how it is and said.
                  Losing the plot, eh? Calling me names when you’re exposed for what you really are, isn’t it? Go right ahead.

                2. Champagne Charlie

                  Losing the plot? Lol you cannot comprehend a thing can you… I spelled it out for you and still you missed it. You’re lost.

            2. Budd

              You know that when you don’t win the game you have to look at yourself and think, ‘I didn’t get it right’.

              Maybe admin can remove one redundant post. Thanks a bunch.

              1. Robin Vanpayslip

                Don’t worry he has a habit of twisting facts to suit his version of an alternate reality

                Wenger: I was wrong

                Champagne Charlie: Wenger won’t admit he was wrong

  2. Champagne Charlie

    Unbelievable comments.

    About time he located his testes and pointed some fingers in the squad that was “hard to improve” this past summer. Giroud was a complete t1t and put us under unnecessary pressure, and frankly Wenger would be better received if he just put his hands up and said I got things wrong. He would never that though, too much ego so instead calls that unlucky and has a pop at the ref.

    Good grief. We’ve went from genuine optimism in the summer to utter calamity. Hope Klopp is scouting a London home so we can make a nice transition for next season…

    1. muffdiver

      hey its one loss we can turn it around bro!

      but ive heard:
      zagreb are unbeaten in 11 months- they have only 9 other teams in there entire league lol
      there biggest rivals- rijeka an hajduk split double lol

      lets not ignore yesterday an our embarrassing result, but use it as a springboard to destroy chelsea…

      1. Champagne Charlie

        I don’t doubt we’ll qualify. But it’s just tiresome to walk the same walk year after year. 2nd place in the CL group….as usual.

        With the same squad that finished 3rd last year just how do we expect anything different this time around? It gets boring watching the same patterns emerge year on year.

        5 games gone and 2W 2L 1D. It’s nowhere near good enough yet some fans try and justify it by pointing at Chelsea or United or whoever suits as some deflective tactic. As I stated, the summer has well and truly set us up for a carbon copied campaign that isn’t good enough at this point. Highest prices in Europe too….ripoff.

            1. Budd

              Then it is 6 games isn’t it? In your quest to bash everything Arsenal related you forgot the simple math. Wonder why do you still bother. Must be exciting you beyond ears every loss otherwise I don’t see how can one take pleasure in bashing his team.

              1. Champagne Charlie

                I just said I forgot a game because I didn’t attend due to flying… So of the games I’ve attended/seen its 5 you simpleton.

                But you’re right 3W 1D 2L is stellar… Glad you’re here to keep things in context Budd.

                Pleasure in bashing? Must be it…or could be discontent in my team showing terrible management despite commanding some of the best resources in Europe. But again, you’re right I just love to bash Arsenal. It’s why I buy 2 season tickets each year, to watch a team and hope I have something to bash.

                You’re a strange person.

                1. Budd

                  And you are a liar. Buying two season tickets and instead showing your discontent at the Emirates you doing it on an internet blog. Makes one wonder.

                2. Champagne Charlie

                  I’m a liar says Budd? You’re too funny. So because I participate in a blog you think that inhibits my ability to raise my voice at the Emirates… What an oddball

  3. Ks-Gunner

    The Referee was not at fault but Wengers incompetence to fill a decend team in the pitch.

    You cant expect players like Chamberlain and Debuchy and co to perform well if all they have been doing in the last time was warming the bench. By not playing players you simple freez them out. Proper rotation is not known to us.

    Do i now addres my anger and put the blame on the players who dont know better. Or to the main man who should know better?

    I wonder if Wenger saw that we played with 10 players better then with having Giroud up front? Wenger is a serial loser and has made history in a negative way once again. WENGER OUT.

    1. Champagne Charlie

      Don’t see how that’s much of a silver lining. Just means numpties can now say he’s scored 12 in his last 11 starts to make out he’s some elite ST.

      We know Theo is who we want on the end of a through ball, but he’s pony at everything else a top should do no matter how many he notches against subpar opposition.

      1. DaveJay

        So having your maligned striker building confidence is a not something to be happy about? I’m sure you would have preferred me to come in here and whine in my corn flakes like most of the babies on this site. There is already more than enough tears without me adding to it.

  4. 007

    An fella called Jay fifth (just another angry Arsenal fan like most of us) says

    “Wenger can’t inspire a team. He’s too old, has lost his testosterone due to old age his couching style is far too relaxed. Imagine Mourinhio, Ferguson even Guardiola. They would not tolerate complacency at all, and under their management, the players know if they mess around, their career is over. They will be benched or traded. But at Arsenal, the players have no fear of consequence. When they fk up, Wenger is like a passive parent who struggles to discipline his kids. The fans here who somehow think that all players care about winning are a joke. In most professional sports, they actually don’t care about that, they care about their job its about their own career. Understand they care about getting paid. Now its the great couches and managers that manage to keep players either caring about the game itself rather than the pay check or at least manage KPI’s to ensure players perform if their goal is money. But Arsene doesn’t do that. If you track back to the Invincible days, Wenger never did this either. It was the English core of the team that had huge pride in the club and a respect and love of football that grew in the team, Arsene didn’t do this. Now that core is gone. Believe it or not, the club is full of players who care only about getting paid. If you don’t care about winning, you put in the minimum performance you can to get in the team. If you struggle to make the team or you are kind of over playing football, you just claim injuries all the time and you in essence have a 80k per week income to not even have to train with the team. Score! The truth is Arsene himself doesn’t care about winning, so how can the players also have that hunger? Honestly lets fk off Arsene, get Pep who might leave Bayern and move forward into a new era.”

    I tend to agree with most of his points.

    Back to the topic at hand, Arsenal don’t even have enough good players to field one great team, and they rested 6 of them? We cant blame the ref for our short comings, yes it was a harsh 2nd yellow but OG started this by going all out attacking the ref in an away game in Europe, he should have been disciplined and professional enough to know that the ref would be on to him after that (ain’t sure whether he was expecting a call from daddy on the bench or captain good hair I don’t know). Armature stuff from him.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Well said matey, It’s all about Money! And Selfie’s ?
      What is the point in trying to finish 4th if you are not going to take your champions league games seriously,
      So what if we are playing Chelsea, 3 days later!
      It weren’t as if they were in form either,
      Wenger’s team selection has once again cost us!
      He knows that he shouldn’t change a winning team,
      But he goes and fks it up again ?.. why?
      Fk Chelsea, that’s no excuse, they have already lost more games this season than the whole of last season.
      All wenger has done now is unstabled the teams confidence and moral, whilst Chelsea have upped theirs by beating some mickey mouse team from Israel.

      As for Giroud’s second yellow card, don’t forget he made a foul just before that by pulling some player back,
      the ref let him off on that occasion, either way Giroud was destined to get sent off! Yet wenger couldn’t see it coming,
      Nothing new there, he never does, does he? ?

      This is Arsenal….. I want my War!!!
      Grabs wenger zip jacket and kicks it down some manhole
      in Ashbourne Grove ?

      1. 007

        Yeah Giroud was probably rushing for a quick bath and fix his hair while Wenger was probably dozing on the bench while all these incidents were taking place (his an old man you know).

        Of course he had to rest some players for this weekend, but come on not 6 players. Shame on the players he brought on aswell, non of the impressed enough to stake for a place in the first 11, later on the bench IMO.

        1. Fatboy Gooney

          I heard that Giroud spotted some fit croatian bird hanging around the corridor outside the Arsenal dressing room!


  5. goonergaz2000

    Fed up listening to the excuses that comes from wengers mouth.If we can’t beat Zegrab what bloody hope do we have

    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Logic question:


      Is there anyone good enough to replace him?????

      1. fred cowardly

        Walcott, OX, Ozil and Cazorla can all play on the Left. When Welbeck returns he can play on the left.

        Alexis, OX, Walcott, Ramsey can all play on the right

        1. fred cowardly

          But I agree that Wenger should ideally get another dedicated LW.

          I was hoping for at least Draxler but, I’m still shocked that Wenger didn’t even get a striker or DM

          The need for another striker and DM is evident after last night’s performance

          Giroud is a decent striker but not a Top striker

          Arteta has lost a lot. Whenever, Coquelin doesn’t play I will get very nervous

    2. Sam, need a striker

      At least when Coq is playing we have real good DM, but even with all our so called strikers free of injury no one can deliver … Actually I have hopes in Welbeck but unfortunately he is the one to be out till Jan …

  6. Gunner

    No use using the Ref as an excuse when we lost the game before it started with AW squad line -up..Also having alot of the ball doesn’t equate to goals scored and games won…Roma drew with Barca but guess who had more of the ball….Swansea beat Man U – again guess who had more of the ball…

  7. Ks-Gunner

    Refs always make mistakes but the way a team responses is what counts.

    How would Fergi react to Giroud you must ask yourself?

    Moro gave Wenger a 6:0 to his 1,000th game witht he club. Something to remember. And now Zagreb for the first time beat an english team, and amongst all the other teams in england, it had to be no other besides the mighty Arsenal.

    History books will say that all of this was due of the poor referee decision. Right? Right. 😉 Remeber this, bec others wont forget.

    1. Jim A

      It was definitely a poor decision. Dissent? Really?
      How would Fergie react? How would I react? Get Olivier Theo and Alexis out there and win at the Bridge.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        Fergi would have sold his worst player to a rival team. Then take one of their best players away. ……. Fatality :O

  8. muffdiver

    arsenals next five games:

    man united

    by october 4th wenger will show us what hes made of

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      And the point of champions league qualifications by finishing 4th is?
      That’s right … The Money!
      Because obviously we don’t take the actual competition seriously enough. … do we?

      Every two weeks we hear the same ?
      “We can bounce back from this”
      Rally Cry f##king Rally Cry!!!

    2. Rockylegendliveson

      I don’t have a good feeling in my bones about the next few weeks. With the fragility and weakness of the squad they all look tough games. If we had taken Zagreb seriously we would have gone into the Chelsea game with confidence but its roles reversed now. As many a great manager has said (excluding Wenger) winning is a habit.

      Wenger 1st Manager to lose 50 champions league games – Congratulations what an achievement

  9. Jim A

    That was a dangerous play. OG does one of the things he is supposed to do and he is undercut from a player who backs into the challenge and tries to upend him. It worked he almost killed him going over the top of the defender.
    Liverpool taken down in the box, Stoke City taken down in the box. No wonder he is upset. Excuses? No poor refereeing.
    Dissent? You have got to be kidding me. I see dissent over 100 times every weekend.

  10. Uzi Ozil

    Flimsy Excuses…….Lets hope we defeat Chelsea but I wont raise my hopes just yet. Most times, When Arsenal have tough away games. We end up losing one, drawing one and winning the other one. We just cant handle pressure…..Defeat to Dinamo hurts big time but i am not surprise.

  11. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz)

    Once again, some guys here never learn. Before the game, some folks were like “Dynamo is no big deal”. Well, what do you think now??? Can just stop underrating teams? Doesn’t help.

    1. 007

      KickAssFan its one thing for us the fans plus the neutrals to underestimate our opponents than for our players and the clueless Frenchie to do the same.

      Seriously Wenger and his players look so lost and disinterested at times. Its as though they feel the name Arsenal and its history will win the game before a ball is kicked. Always goofing around and taking selfies during training and on plan.

      1. KickAssFan___ (For Peace To Reign, Join The AKBz)

        Lol! But the way things are at the moment, Arsene shud know no game should be taken for granted becuz fans are not happy that he got no one, and our opponents think we are not worth fearing.

        1. 007

          Arsene does not care about fans feelings mate, his made that clear already. We have become a joke of a club now, every opponent want to face us and know exactly how to frustrate us.



    shit happens

    But what’s the point of qualifying without aiming to win the trophy.

    The team can’t win the UCL and they board know it.

    so yesterday’s result wasn’t bad after all. we ain’t winning UCL. so no need qualifying

    what about Europa trophy???

    we can’t win it toooo


    if a miracle happens we can come fourth in europa champs.

    For the fans emotion to be on the safe side, being the bottom in the group is great. No cloud nine expectations.

    I’m looking forward to breathing fresh air



  13. blondin

    we can argue all day long about yellow cards,but first goal was 100% offside,and UEFA must impose fines to refs for that after watching replays.

  14. 007

    Well atleast the young guns won yesterday Zagreb. Showing what there seniors should have done with a 2nill win. Guess those scoring lessons from TH14 are helping.

  15. Rockylegendliveson

    Come on guys the offside call was marginal, wrong, but they often stand. The defeat lays squarely at Wenger’s feet. Failure to get the right players in. The selection dropping 4 of the 6 defensive players. Ferguson played the same six in every game if they weren’t injured. Sure rotate the attackers but keep the spine solid. Czech, Coquelin not playing in Champions League game seriously?

    Giroud looks unsettled to me. He is being booed playing for France and he was surplus to requirements over the summer at Arsenal. His mind and body is not in Arsenal at this time. Wenger should realise this (given he claims to be a Psychology Guru).

    Arteta well, short of match fitness and well short of pace. I just don’t see the value of giving him a contract extension. This was our Schneiderlein alternative?

    Oxlade Chamberlain, no excuses, was downright poor at fault for the first goal. Did nothing on the ball either. Is he still young? He was rubbish for England and doing the same for Arsenal. Wellington Silva absolutely looking the business in the Championship. Poor Campbell not getting any game time. Surely better options than Ox at the moment.

    No one can tell me that Wenger is getting the best out of the Arsenal team at the moment or is he building a squad to challenge on any serious front. Could someone come in now and do a better job, the answer is unequivocally yes.


    Typical Wenger blame everyone but himself. The Referee, the wind was against us, it was raining down our end of the pitch, the other boy’s would not give us the ball and so on.
    Man up Wenger You and You alone messed up. Wenger out.

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