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Arsenal v Tottenham – Wenger promises to attack the Spuds

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comThis will be Arsene Wenger’s 50th game in charge against Spurs, and the Gunners have only lost 7 of those, but if you check the Tottenham v Arsenal betting odds you will see that Mauriccio Pochettino’s side are hot favourites to frustrate Arsenal’s run of 3 wins in a row, but Wenger has other ideas.

While Arsene Wenger is certainly aware of how Arsenal fans feel about a North London Derby, and it will certainly make this season a little less painful if we can beat the Tottenham at White Hart Lane, but Le Prof says it doesn’t really matter who our opponents are, we simply need to win.

He said today in his pre-match conference: “We know it means a lot not only to our fans, but to us as well. We play for our future and we play to continue our run. We have clarity – we know what is needed from us until the end of the season.

“On that front, it’s quite simple to prepare. We will not sit back, we’ll try to go forward and win the game, because that’s what is wanted on our side.

“The only advantage in our position is we don’t need to calculate. We just need to give everything and to win our games.”

There is no doubt that Spurs were also on a great winning run before being abruptly stopped in their tracks by Chelsea last week, but Wenger seems to think that the Gunners have shaken off their previous bad run of form and are now ready to fight on. He said: “The [last few weeks] have been very important, first of all because they tested our capacity to respond to a crisis of results,”

“The mental test was of course important.

“Also we got positive results where we needed to fight and deliver something special under very difficult circumstances, like the semi-final of the cup against Man City. That rebuilt some belief and reassured everybody that we have the mental strength to do it.

“I think we have shown persistence, tenacity and a desire to win and keep going at any cost. You could see what it means to the squad when we scored [against Leicester]. These qualities will of course be very important.”

A few weeks ago, I would have agreed that Arsenal had no chance in this game, but with our new-found confidence, and Spurs defeat to Chelsea, I’m feeling much more confident that we can keep up Wenger’s great record against Spurs.

As Wenger said, we simply have to win!


14 thoughts on “Arsenal v Tottenham – Wenger promises to attack the Spuds

  1. Break-on-through

    Be smart Wenger, Chelsea allowed Tott to have the ball at times and kept a great shape defending well, then put their chances away. Don’t play into their hands. Attack alright but you only need three or four to do that for the most part.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      So what is then … A trot? ? ? of course it’s a Run, surely you were joking, right? ?

      1. I elect Vanpayslip presidential MC

        Haha Wenger desperate for that contract. Nowadays 3 wins = something special

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Check this out:

    Pochettino was told about St. Totteringham’s Day, an annual celebration for Arsenal fans of the day when Spurs cannot mathematically finish above their rivals in the table.

    “For me, [abolishing St. Totteringham’s Day] is not a motivation,” he said. “The motivation is to win because it’s a derby and I know what that means. But it’s not a motivation to end that thing. My motivation is to win titles, my motivation is to improve my players every day, try to show we’re better than our opponents. I do not care about that celebration you told me.”

      1. Break-on-through

        Pochettino dreams of Arsene’s actual achievements. Doesn’t matter how long ago, even the cup Arsene has an enviable record. Saying he wants it and getting it is two different things, Arsene has done both.

  3. SoOpa AeoN

    OT: and i hear that Mr. Potato head is after bundesliga new assist king Emil Forsberg..

    FOOTBALL RULE OF THUMB____________
    Don’t go for Assist kings while donkeys Lead your attack

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    With those nut jobs Kim Jong Un and Donald Duck Trump at it with each other, I hope we stay alive for the FA Cup

    Wenger is a self-confessed attacker
    Uiv-V”)L@rally spends little on defHnx 9(ambers and mustafi exceptions)
    tends to spend the least on defensive midfielders, goalkeepers and defenders
    Spends more on attacking central midfielders and forwards (ie alexis, ozil, xhaka)

    Anyway, if we do attack, our defenders better fight for their lives as ericksen, alli, son, Kane are an excellent attack and their defense is not too shabby either

  5. Janssen

    If we attack we will lose. We have to be realistic and be clever. Use their desperation against them and try to hit them on the break which means no Giroud.

  6. Dut samuel

    To day is aday gunners have shown the warrior spirit because never in resent years for spur to finish above Arsenal.I remember last year wilsher saying if spur finish above Arsenal ,he has pay out some money.All players should have wilsher heart
    The wenger made mistake to let him go for loan
    Common gunners,common weapons,

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