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Arsenal WILL climb the table in December vows Wenger

We were hoping that Arsenal were going to go on a good run following the moraleboosting victories over Tottenham and Montpellier, but two draws, albeit in away games, has caused that run to slow to a crawl. Arsene Wenger has told us not to worry, though, as he is confident that Arsenal will be ebtter from now on and will be in a better position by the end of the year.

“At the momoent, the two Manchester sides (are top). They have not been spectacular but efficient, and they have made the most of the chances they have created.

“For example, Manchester United have lost three games and have lost in the Champions league as well. It is exactly what we have done but they took more points and had less draws than we did. That has been the difference until now.

“We will come back. Now we have six games, four at home, and if we do well in this block, we have a chance to come back. But of course it is vital for us to do well in these games.”

Arsenal are expected to buy at least two good players in January, but we do not want to be miles off the pace when they arrive. We also face some tough fixtures in January, including Man City and Liverpool at home, Chelsea away and a potential of two games in each of the cup competitions.

It is vital for Arsenal to get on a roll now, with no more injuries, please. A good win against Swansea at the Emirates tomorrow would be a perfect start. I also think we should rest some players for the trip to Athens, assuming that Schalke will not slip up at home to Montpellier.

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20 thoughts on “Arsenal WILL climb the table in December vows Wenger

  1. Gunners

    I wouldn’t hold my breath. Beating any team is a struggle for us right now so don’t be surprised if we draw some of these games. We are lethargic and lack creativity at the moment. If we sort this out we have a chance.

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  2. Dan

    Can’t trust this man anymore. Especially now i’ve seen his wages. He’s on the same money as Fergie for christ sake, and he doesn’t care that we’re not winning trophies as long as he keeps his job.

    With the amount of money he earns a year we could buy Huntelaar.

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  3. Princely

    Whatever the case maybe just get these players on their feet and win the remaining six games are winnable games.
    Then by january transfer look at the weak areas and strengthen 3players wil be gud and a dmf should be included.

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  4. leo

    yes yes yes Schalke are eyeing up a swoop for Bendtner if Huntelaar joins Arsenal in the January transfer window acc to media excellent news ac

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    I disagree with Wenger. As long as he continues with his present romance with Ramsey and playing him in experimental positions, we will not win any match at home or away.

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  6. Tareeq Saley

    I’d want Eisfeld on the bench rather than Ramsey, they again.. I’d also want Obama and Jacob Zuma to become permanent janitors of my toilet… I guess we just can’t have some things in life

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  7. Invincibles nice (1)

    Wouldnt mind having a few Ray Parlour types on our bench who could come on and do a fine job wether we need to take a lead or wether we need to hold on to one, very under rated player who played his heart out for our shirt and one of the most versitile players around, these are the types of player you need in reserves, never bitches never complains about benching just works twice as hard to gain contention, a true team player were our Romford Pele

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  8. villa123

    ur vow or watever you say won’t make any difference in the field. concentrate on ur team instead of saying all dis uselesss things

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  9. Adebisi Ayo

    How many times have I heard Wenger,saying sth like this.Pls am tired of all these empty words that do not carry weight.Let him back his words with actions.Clear the deadwoods,good tactical formation,buy players that are good enough 2 win trophies.

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  10. mohawk35

    The only way Arsenal will climb the table is if Wenger changes his pattern of spite and denial.

    Wenger is the one who starts Ramsey even though it is clear to nearly everyone that Ramsey is a liability.

    Wenger is the one who has refused to rest Cazorla

    Wenger is the one who keeps putting in defensive subs when Arsenal needs a goal to win.

    Wenger is the one who makes decisions to spite his critics rather than based on a desire to win.

    Wenger is the one who quits working the summer transfer market when he does not have the needed depth on his team.

    Wenger may be right – Arsenal may climb the table. But only if Wenger buries his ego and begins to coach again.

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  11. ripple

    at this point I don’t watch with an eye for Arsenal “climbing the table.” i just want to see Arsenal playing Arsenal-Style football again. after that, winning will surely take care of itself.

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  12. Invincibles nice (1)

    Maybe a little unfair on Ramsey being used as everyones scapegoat, last time i looked it were a team game, yes Ramsey hasnt been playing great football by anyones standards but earlier in the season the defending has been the culprit for goals against and our strikers couldnt outscore, the early draws against stoke and sund were again the strikers who couldnt score, in CL and ful game it were our def that let two goal leads slip and deserving alot of blame towards most losses is Santos who is ****** but there were also alot of individual errors from TV5 Kos and Manny then alot of missed chances with Oli also there have been in some games a dire need for some creativity from our hole midf right through to our strikers, i just believe the critisism deserves to be bandid about and in no way is Ramsey the main culprit especially considering hes fourth choice and his sometimes lack of consentration levels are nowhere near as glaring as some others have been, the lack of consentration some might argue could be put down to the majority of “supporters” using himself as the scapegoat unfairly

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Abebisi, What!! back his words like he did last season when everyone and his dog thought it an impossibility to gain fourth never mind third, when he and Wilshere garanteed we would catch spu but almost every AFC or playstation fan new best in that ie Wenger doesnt know what hes doing LOL! phwheh

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Dude, he vowed that the Arsenal are not willing to sell, but they put themselves in the shop window, there is huge difference.

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  15. Gunner

    I think it is fair to say that the previous 14 league results demonstrate that this team is capable of one thing over all. Inconsistency!

    So I am interested to see how Wenger intends to make this surge in results just happen.

    Have to sort out the winger situation fast????? The team needs one for the left and one for the right? Walcott could solve the right side problem. Jervinho the left side issue. Only if they work much harder and concentrate better. As for AOC, LP etc, they dont seem good enough

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  16. Dan

    We need Hunter to come for bout 6/8m remember only has 5 months left on contract come next window only thing is I don’t see him coming til next season why would he come to arsenal and be cup tied for champs league when he can play for schalke in the last 16. I want him to come to move us up the table

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