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Arsenal will give absolutely everything tonight in Greece Ozil Giroud

Our best chance…..

It may sound like a cliche, but it also a also a common rallying call from the Arsenal manager ahead of our most important games. Arsene Wenger has already made it clear that the target is very simple, and now he just have to galvanize the players into performing to the very best of their ability.

We all know what is needed, and although we are all confident, the bookies do not seem to believe that Arsenal can pull it off and the Gunners are priced at a massive 3.50 (5/2) to win by two goals. I am determined to follow Wenger’s advice to believe in the team and will be looking at the best sports betting sites to see if i can get an even better price than 5/2, although Wenger admits that the team must be totally focused on the job in hand.

Le Prof said in the Mirror: “We play against a side who will be motivated, but we face that every week [in the Premier League]. At the moment they are qualified, but let us not forget they can lose what they have and that can create a fear factor.

“Of course, we have a history where we have positive results. We have won everywhere in Europe, we know we can do it, so the best way is to go through with a top quality performance and that is what we must focus on.

“It is very important (for us to go through). There is nothing more to say because we want to do well in Europe.

Olympiakos is a good side, but we want to do it and want to achieve it. The team will be highly focused to do it because it is a big significance for us.

“We just want to give absolutely everything to qualify.

“If you want to jump over a hurdle, you don’t think what you will miss. You just do all you can to get over it. If you fall down, you have to get up, but you must do all you can to get over it.”

It is a hurdle, and a very big hurdle, as Joel Campbell highlighted earlier, but we also know that Arsenal can win games like this when we go in with the right balance of confidence and talent. We have the ingredients, now we just need to get jumping!

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal will give absolutely everything tonight in Greece

  1. Timack

    “People may disagree with me, but this is the only EPL team that has any decent chance of beating Bayern/Barcelona this year. Come on you gunners! ”
    That’s a phrase wrote by a manchester utd fan on in on Olympiacos Arsenal Preview and it was classified TOP COMMENT. it made me smile cuz 1. that’s a honest fan who knows football 2. he’s freaking right just. the players just need to believe it and play like lions.

    Anyway buzzing for a win by 2 goals margin tonight? Arsenal all the way 3 0. COYG

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      hehe we best do………. Cuz so far , our Un-19 is utter sh*t……….lil wonder why we are looking at others academy to poach…. Like being linked to ben chillwell of leicester academy……tiz a pity!

  2. Ivan Gazidis

    If we lose tonight, it’ll be time to clean house.

    #SellOff #NoNeedForEuropaLeague #WarChest

  3. AR19

    Common guys…talking time is over now…tonight is a very big night for us…

    yesterday manu was crashed out of the ucl…and the whole world was mocking them on every social networking site…

    We just can’t afford thursday night football especially with our injury crisis…

    So it is my request to all the fellow gooners to get united and get behind the team…

    Plz guys no negativity tonight…we just can’t afford to crashed out from UCL…

    So tonight no complains about team,any player or manager…just get behind our beloved club…And let show the world that why we gooners are so special and best fans amongst all


    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Isn’t that word a swear word….you know … the ‘S’ word..
      “Special” ? Ooops… I said it. .. sorry admin ?

      Special one ? … Specialist in failure ? Ooops!

      The Europa league will have some Big teams In the knock out stage, this year… Chelsea’s next!

      Olympiakos 2 Arsenal 4 … Motm J. Campbell.
      ( it’s okay… you can keep the shirt ?)

  4. WOS

    myy prediction for the match
    Ramsey to score and walcott to score of the bench in last 10 min
    Ozil and monreal will have the assists
    Cech will save us many times
    Giroud will miss so many chances

  5. juhislihis

    Okay educate me again:

    We lost 2-3 so tonight we need to score at least 3? What if we win 2-3 as well?

    1. Roe-hahn

      If two teams have equal points and tied on head-to -head then the next criteria is goal difference.So if it ends 3-2 in our favour today,we still go through because of our superior goal differnce.

  6. Ronny331

    Re’ the title, I should bloody hope so! If the idea of going out of the CL isn’t motivation then nothing is.
    Tonight could well be about Ozil and Ramsey and I hope Theo has his jet boots fueled up 🙂

  7. Ronny331

    My prediction for tonight is that I haven’t got a clue, (I never have).
    Depends on which team turns up, if we get the first goal and if Mertesacker is again adequately protected/supported.

  8. mohawk

    I keep reading about this “2 goal margin” Arsenal need to advance.

    In fact the ONLY 2 goal margin they need is if the scoreline is 2-0. If the scoreline is higher then Arsenal only need to win by 1 goal: With a 3-2 scoreline Arsenal have the best goal differential tie breaker. With a scoreline of 4-3 or higher, Arsenal will have the most aways goals.

    So in the end the most important things is to score goals. A defensive, low scoring game is the real danger.

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