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Arsenal will keep winning says Walcott

Theo Walcott had a great game for Arsenal and he was not alone. Theo stated after the game that the Gunners have confidence flowing through them and are ready to push on and climb the table. We are now only five points behind Chelsea who were the early season pace setters, so it shows what is possible.

Unlike after the last international break, Arsenal actually looked much improved today. Podolski had his best game for a while, Cazorla was back to his old creative self and Giroud gets better and better. Walcott was probably as good as any of them and he believes that Arsenal can put the recent bad form behind them.

“We showed people how good we are. It’ll give us tremendous spirit, we’ve got a lot of players back to fitness and everybody’s very confident.

“If we show that courage and ambition every game we will climb up the table.”

The combination between Walcott and Giroud is looking really dangerous now, and people have forgotten about the doubts over the French striker’s ability. His goal today was a chance that he would probably have missed at the start of the season, but he has stuck to his task, proving that he has the right attitude as well as the talent.

“People were saying things about Olivier at the start but he just needed time.”

Walcott does not sound like a player who is getting ready to leave the club, he seems completely focused on doing well with Arsenal and being a part of future success.

“I’ve just wanted to play. Hopefully I’m showing people what I can do now.”

I’m convinced Theo, but I’m not in charge of contracts at Arsenal. If he keeps on scoring and setting up goals, it will be very hard to let him go. Arsenal travel to Aston Villa next week with a spring in their step. Hopefully, we have had our bad run and just need to keep up the pressure on the teams above us. If we are still in touch at the end of the year, maybe Wenger will spend some money and really go for the title.

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal will keep winning says Walcott

  1. k

    There were many great performances today:
    Walcott, Giroud and Cazorla stood out for me. Walcott attacked the defence and caused Tottenham problems. Giroud got into great positions and got the goal he deserved. Cazorla was absolutely outstanding today, man of the match performance and got a goal to top it off.

    The only thing that worried me was the clear lack of depth. Our subs were Ramsey and Santos. What would we have done if we was unable to turn it around? Would they be able to? I highly doubt it. A backup left back, a CDM, and a winger with a good cross is needed.

    Chamberlain also looked good in the short time we saw him. Looking forward to seeing him in action more this season

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  2. craig2500

    We cant keep giving away games before they start, Spurs were crap today and may have been harder without the sending off. Still not convinced we are ok and should start screaming with joy but am happy with todays result. Lets see what team turns up next week.

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  3. OhToBeAGooner

    My wishes when the transfer window ends :
    1. Walcott signs a new contract
    2. Henry to come back and aid Arsenal

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  4. jamaican goonerr

    If they play wwith the same intensity as they did today no doubt! Gettinng gibbs back wud be a plus as well

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  5. Jon

    I won’t complain at all in January window if our ONLY signing is WALCOTT!
    Another signing would be good too though!

    Giroud, Wishere, Walcott, Cazorla AND Koscielny were all top class today.

    Brilliant day to be a gooner!

    Please give Theo what he needs and deserves Arsenal

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  6. Cradders

    Wilshere has been given NOWHERE near enough praise for his quality 70 mins on the pitch and if he had played the full 90 then he could have even got MOTM

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  7. tiger

    Consistency: Welcome to your new home, Walcott.
    We need and have to keep Walcott. I down’t want to see Walcott in Liverpool shirt baginf 20t goals.

    Board: 100k is too much.
    Wenger is pretty much stuck between a rock and hard place.
    Fans: Sign him.

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  8. TrueGunnersStickTogether

    OMG one of the greatest games i have seen this year we were literally destroying them each time they didn’t stand a chance what a great performance from Giroud this is why you dont give up on players yet because that showed his quality what can i say about Cazorla you are my second favourite player you give arsenal the best chance of winning each time for that i think we might have a chance of coming 2nd or first if we played like we did against the spurs this is the only chapter one theres 12 more coming and all say arsenal is and always will be the champions

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  9. Richard

    I actually saw some of AWs tactics today. he put on Ramsey and Santos to slow the game down, go backwards, sideways but at no cost go forewards

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  10. Kevin Williams

    Theo is a great player liked him when we got him from Southampton love him now don’t let Man U get him to play with van pursie we don’t need them to get are bested players stop that

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  11. leo

    how about keeping theo & signong raheem sterling he is an arsenal supporter as well +

    Edinson Cavani’s agent Claudio Annellucci confirm Arsenal and lfc are talking with the 25 year old striker

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  12. leo

    BREAKING: Emmanuel Adebayor Statistics: Goals: 1 Assists: 5

    BREAKING: Richard Branson planning on sponsoring Spurs. But it would be weird if it said Virgin on a teams shirt who got Fu*ked today

    Arsene Wenger has now won 1110 Premier League points at Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur have 1103.

    i tried to change my facebook password to “tottenham’s defense” but it keep saying password is too weak!

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  13. leo

    Who said time travel isn’t possible? 5pur2

    BREAKING: Andre Santos asked for Emmanuel Adebayor ‘s shirt at half-time. Another addition to his Arsenal-traitors wall
    What’s the time? It’s 5 past Lloris

    AVB: We were control from first min to d last; AW: If our opponents are in control from first to last & we win 5-2 then I dont mind too much #epic

    & guys check out the video of sagna ignoring adebayor before the match on youtube #legend

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  14. jimi

    ِArsenal’s priorities in order for the january window should be:
    1. sign Walcott on an improved contract cuse he is worth it.
    2. bring a powerful DM who can also read the game, Diaby is not coming back anytime soon.
    3. try to bring a top class forward, winger or a striker.
    4. look for an experienced goalie. but it’s not so urgent cuse chesny is back and vito is ok as a replacement.
    5. a decent left back altough I believe Santos is good, but it will be too much to ask for.

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  15. green gunner

    Kosielny played excellent today as did sagna. Come on board, you telling me we loose Walcott in Jan and sagna in summer! madness.That right side today was on fire. Don’t tell me Jenkinson is the perfect replacement. Sagna is the best crosser of a ball we have and Walcotts goals and assists speak for themselves.
    So board, don’t chop off the right side of our team like you were chopping up a roast chicken.

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  16. Me-Basil

    I kept my promise and didn’t record the game, and Arsenal won. I’m through the PVR.

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  17. green gunner

    Ha, just seen manure got bet 1-0. This day is getting better and better 🙂

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  18. dein

    great performance from the gunners today,i knew that they will comeback after 1-0 down…..eveen without the red card we would have won as well.the most important thing thing is that we keep our perfomance and be consistant.
    and with chelse and manu losese to day…..our title hopes are no more impossible as a big matches between the top 3 are coming ahead:CHELSEA-CITY,MANU-CITY,CITY-EVERTON,EVERTON-CHELSEA…..IN ADDITION TO THE OTHER ONES.
    we must keep going and with the gibbs ,szesney,rosisky gervinho and diaby all returning soon we will be a real force especially with this giroud form…he is providing our team the physical presence in the penalty area which we have been crying for for years.
    hope wenger get a 2nd choice striker and hopefully a a real defensive midfielder who stand infront our back four.

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  19. Bouba

    Man U just lost at Norwich…
    Our loss does not look so bad now.


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  20. jumper

    i would just like to present some stats:players in order represent

    start/sub(pl) start/sub(cl) start/sub(cc) g/a(pl) g/a(cl) g/a(cc) T
    7/1 3/0 0/0 3/0 2/1 0/0 6
    12/0 4/0 0/0 4/3 0/0 0/0 7
    12/0 4/0 0/0 4/3 2/1 0/0 10
    8/4 2/2 1/1 4/1 1/2 2/1 11
    3/7 1/2 2/0 3/3 1/0 5/2 14

    i know these are only stats and cazorla has played so much better than those stats.but just to bring out the importance of theo walcott to arsenal.all his 5 assists resulted in headed goals one by koscielny and another by giroud in cc and 2 by giroud and one by per in pl.3 of them corners and 2 crosses. he has had the least no. of apperances total 15 among the last 4 and the least no. of starts by far.the 4 other players have had atleast 10 starts each and walcott had a mere 6..if this doesn’t prove his effectiveness and effeciency i don’t know what can.for the so called ARSENAL BOARD MEMBERS IF UR BEST PLAYER ISN’t WOTRTH 100k a week then who is?plz wenger keep this guy

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  21. jumper

    bob i really like ur optimism but plz don’t talk about the title..first we need to win games consistently..then we can talk about trophies

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  22. Gooner_greece

    Walcott is a key player and it is necessary to keep him in the team..given that he stays,we need to make two left back and one midfielder because i dont think that diaby will be ready soon..

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  23. Big Gun

    Spurs were all over us before Adebayor got sent off. I wonder if things might have been different if he didn’t? I mean they completely fell apart! Arsenal were far more direct today, Walcott makes a hell of a difference because he breaks that monotonous side passing we have become accustomed to, by ‘kying noord en fokking voord’ basically meaning in my second language, looking north and f*cking forward! He is direct and that’s what we need. Wilshere I believe was outstanding today, he also moves forward with the ball and Podolski’s goal started with that movement. Cazorla was electric. i have had my doubts about Giroud, but it looks like he has gate crashed the party. Two decent on goal headers and a great sliding shot. He is that aerial threat we have been lacking for some time. Podolski worked hard and had a great game, beautiful cross. Arteta did his thing, held the deep mid and kept a well oiled machine running. Our defense gave them a bit too much room I feel, but with the Polecat back in goals, I felt much safer.

    What a game guys. I shouted so loud the one goal, our security guard came running to the house. Haven’t felt this good about our team in a long time. Let’s keep it up. With United and Chelsea losing today, anything is possible.


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  24. thea

    Today showed 2 things for me.
    Walcott is not a striker. intact he isn’t even close. i watched him all game and i watched podolski too. podolski still has bad habits from when he played as a centre forward last season. good bad habits as they led to the second goal. The presence of thought to quickly change his speed and how quick the turn away from gallas was showed a strikers instinct.

    in the second half theo got a through ball from Ramsey and instead of going clean on goal like a person who has been angling to play as a striker he ran to the wing and allowed Vertonghen catch up with him. 10 mins before that the same play is made for Giroud and he runs with the ball and drags his shot wide.

    Theo is not worth 100k a week. That is reserved for Arsenal’s most consistent performer. he isn’t

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  25. Rasta

    that goal was all oxlade. before that walcott had a good chance and he fluffed it.Any striker with his salt would have tapped that in. its no surprise a midfielder can

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  26. Rasta

    Walcott is a stat sheet stuffer guaranteed. but thats not why people are paid handsomely. The same mentality you people who are using stats to make a case for him is the same liverpool had when deciding to sign Downing and carroll. Downing can cross and has loads of assists. Carroll can head. lets pair them up and let see magic. what happened. Downing went 0 goals 1 debatable assist and carol has scored less than 15 professional goals for liverpool. now liverpool can’t offload them cos they are on big contracts. they had to loan carroll to get him off their books.

    Liverpool are so scarred by this that they couldn’t even buy dempsey for the fear that the might turn out to be a bust. they targeted him because of his goals last season and as tottenham have found out, he wasn’t too good for fulham. fulham made him look good. there is a butterfly effete to all this. What if theo gets injured and when he comes back can’t recapture the form. Arsenal will be unable to sell him. Ala adebayor with city. And Arsenal would be paying 100k for a squad player. And if wenger buckles down to wenger what is stopping Jenkinson for asking for 80 k in 2 years. Think about that.

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  27. Joe

    I dont know why we cant play with that kind of intensity in all our games. We only seem to play with a high tempo against the top teams and when we play with a high tempo teams can’t handle us. If you watch United or city there’s an urgency to score as soon as they kick off and thats why they put games to bed early against the weaker teams. We sit back and play at a slow tempo and make it easy for the opposition then in the second half we realise where running out of time and we go for it.

    All in all itd great too get one over on the spuds especially with a convincing scoreline. Remember what happened after this fixture last year? we went on a 10 game winning streak and if you look at our next 6-8 games the hardest tests are Everton and West brom so were capable of repeating that just have to see what Arsenal team turn up next week.

    Helps that United, Chelsea and Everton all lost today thats 3 points closer also City have to play chelsea and United in the next 8 games so we may be able to close the gap even more before the end of the year.

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  28. Gunner

    Sorry if I am going to offend every one but I just cant get too excited by today’s result!!!!!
    Always cool to win, but after the performances recently its about time?? Unfortunately Arsenal weren’t tested today so cool it please, if Ade stays on that’s a different game my friends be honest! Best thing about it is that everyone else dropped points!
    Theo says they will keep winning? Well we will see? I will acknowledge this performance if they win at Villa and Everton. They need a string of wins in the PL. Walcott and Giroud,s form are encouraging. However, how many times in the past has it looked like Arsenal are about to ‘take off’ and the next thing they have something like 2 wins in 7???? They owe a few wins like this against MU before they can start making promises given the misery they have heaped on us in past MU games
    If Arsenal cant beat 10 men Spurs at home then they have issues.

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  29. Gunner4Lyf

    Love Wilshere’s fire in the belly. True gunner! Future arsenal captain. Don’t lose the faith gooners, we can be the best!!! COYG

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  31. PetePaff

    Yes, it was a very good game, and I’m very happy about it, but, let’s not forget that they were 10 from the 18th minute, and before that they were ahead of us and dominating the game…so guys, enjoy but chill…

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  32. S.H

    @Big Gun

    Yeah well said. How good was it to see our BFG get a goal? I was in hysterics! I’ve got to agree that I too, feel much safer with the Big Pole in goal. I always believed in Giroud though. The guy is relentless. I love his fighting style and courage. He will only get better under Wenger’s tutelage. Don’t forget RVP had 8 years of tutoring and mentoring from the manager. Giroud should be called the French B-52 with his aerial assault. Some might not realise, but on defence, Giroud is strategically placed on the near post of any corner taken to intercept the ball before it gets to the front of goal. The last few games he has been doing this time and time again. He is the reason why our set piece defence has improved. The ball is not allowed to get past Giroud. Not only that, our keeper will always kick in the middle of the park trying to find Giroud . He wins most of these duels. That Cazorla goal was genereated by the keeper passing to Giroud, giroud to Walcott, Walcott to Podolski and Podolski to Cazorla. 4 passes from one end to the other, but it started with Giroud winning the ball in the air. That’s the old efficient Arsenal I miss.

    9pts behind, there’s still a long way to go. Anything can happen. Hey are you Dutch? Pardon my ignorance, language isn’t my greatest strength.

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  33. Kingbong

    I was surprised by the subs..In fact no I wasn’t .. But for me Coquelin should of come on instead of Ramsey and Arshavin instead of Santos.Simples

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  34. Nnamdi Ibe

    Very true and I hope he buys more big names added to d team,I love d spirit in d Arsenal team..go On young Guns,up gooners

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  35. jumper

    @rasta one failure of downing and carrol partnership doesn’t mean it has to happen everytime…yes he fluufed a chance and that’s the only mistake he did..but he was the most pivotal in going forward.i am not saying we only rely on him for goals.i always do agree no player is bigger than the club..but he surely is the best creative force we have and it would be a regrettable mistake to let him go.that doesn’t mean arsenal cannot survive without thing i like about walcott these days he is not hiding in any game

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  36. vickie

    @Rasta: I’ve never read a sensible comment from you. If simple issues are always so difficult for you to understand, then kudos to your wife(if you have one).

    A bit suprised fans ain’t pointing out our keeper’s overconfidence like arrogance exhibited. Shouldn’t he have done better with the first goal and his distributions?

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  37. Invincibles nice (1)

    It were a beautiful day topped off with other results, am glad that we will have a few days off from bombarding fans and there Wengers lost it thoughts, the board better not be bulls**tting us when saying soon enough we can attract and keep top stars with plan almost finalised, Wenger could have truly had a great team if his buys had incentive to stick around so hopefully he will afforded construction of a team of winners find some of the next generation stars who profess to staying a Gooner not coz of the money we pay them but coz of there love for everything Arsenal combined with our trophy hunting status

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  38. arsenal80

    Please keep walcott 100,000 a week isnt that much in todays climate . I expect a man city reserve can get that ,the club gos on every year a bout the profit it makes but they dont give a toss about what the fans want

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    I have one Question I would like to ask Wenger,What would it cost if you were going out to buy someone like Walcott today ,he would probably cost 15-20 mill ,in the summer he will be a free agent to do and arrange his own deal ,If Wenger was as smart as he thinks he is he would give the money Walcott want’s because of the Expired contract , he would be buying a new Player and the benefit would be he would already know what he is getting.I remember when Campell came from Spurs he got the deal he wanted ,we need to compete where we have too.if someone is a free agent and we know he is good let’s do it.

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  40. Goonertron

    Give Walcott more money I’m sick of us selling our players when they get into form. The owners can not sell any good players in January, get rid of the dead wood and give our performing players some of their wages.

    Loving the new game plan that having Giroud is giving us, now we cross any chance we get because of him, start of season we were playing same old Arsenal pass and pass and not giving Giroud any service, now we are playing to his strengths we look dangerous.

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