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Arsenal will make Phil Neville eat his words!

As Arsenal get set to welcome Liverpool to the Emirates in a game that is a certain six-pointer in the race for Champions League football next season, an outrageous statement has been made by the former Manchester United and Everton player Phil Neville, who has claimed that he expects to see both Liverpool and Manchester United to pip Arsenal to the top four.

Neville, on being asked his prediction for the remainder of the campaign, was quoted as saying: “I’m going for an outside bet of Manchester United finishing second and then I’m for City and Liverpool. They (Liverpool) have made it more difficult for themselves with the game last week but potentially they still can (finish in the top four).”

Quite honestly, I find it really interesting that Neville had that to say when the reality of the situation is that if Liverpool lose to Arsenal on Saturday, then their chances of qualifying for Europe’s elite competition will effectively be over. With just seven games to go after the big clash at the Emirates and considering the red-hot form of the Gunners, there is certainly no way for the Reds to make up a nine-point gap.

While I cannot debate the former England international’s statements in regards to Manchester United having a good chance to finish second, I have to say that his comments in regards to Liverpool finishing above Arsenal are proposterous. Now although it may seem like I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, I am extremely confident that Arsenal will beat Liverpool come Saturday, which will establish a comfortable nine-point gap between the two sides and make Phil Neville eat his words.


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12 thoughts on “Arsenal will make Phil Neville eat his words!

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    never heard of Phil Neville but he loves to 2 foot players…but saw a clip of him scoring the winning goal for Utd when he was playing for Everton….

    Utd won that game and went on to win that title that season…

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  2. davidnz

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  3. Champagne Charlie

    It’s actually insulting Phil Neville gets paid for his opinions on football. At least give it to a thick United fan who hasn’t had 20 years raking in the cash.

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    1. vince

      wth is he smoking? not even top 4? COYG, let s make him eat his words

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  4. butters

    THe only Phil Neville got his job is because people confuse him with the greater Gary Neville (still a douchebag in media, but good player)

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  5. Gunoor

    Hahahahaha….Phil who? Hihihihi(my eyes crying in laughter)…..kahkahkah…(rolling on the ground in laughter)….

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  6. Nokia810

    Phil neville has always been the lesser of the two brothers.
    Its like they say ‘runt of the litter’

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    I think Phil Neville must have dreamt a fake dream and he wrongly believed he dreamt correctly. Hence his outburst statement of Liverpool will be out the top four race at the Emirates stadium as they will been soundly beaten by Arsenal on Saturday, Phil Neville had wanted to say, I am sure.

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  8. jonestown1

    PN manages to blur the distinction between an “expert pundit” and a mystic sitting on the end of pier reading tea-leaves. The expert will see and acknowledge:

    1) Arsenal effectively 7 points ahead of 4th position with 8 games to go. Check.
    2) Arsenal the PL form team over the last 10 games. Check.
    3) Arsenal 5 of their remaining 8 games at home. Check.
    4) Arsenal looking fresh with no major injury concerns going in to the “home straight”. Check.
    5) Arsenal have done this successfully for 17 consecutive previous seasons. Check.

    PN: So all this means Arsenal to finish 5th or worse. It could happen of course but a ludicrously daft “expert view” and nothing more than a gut feeling or wishful thinking.

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