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Arsenal will need to pay only £9m for Nani – Should we?

There have been some rumours linking Arsenal with a possible move for the Manchester United and Portugal winger Nani. No official moves have been made, and maybe Arsene Wenger has gone off the idea or maybe he is keeping his targets as secret as possible. If he is still interested in Nani, however, there is some good news for the Frenchman today.

According to the Daily Star, United are willing to sell the 26-year old, and they are only looking for around £8.5 million, which seems like quite a bargain to me. The report claims that the Turkish champions Galatasaray are also interested in the out of favour winger, and have already made one bid for him.

“We offered €7 million but they didn’t accept,” said the Turkish club’s chairman Unal Aysal. “We can’t give more than this.”

“They want 10 million euros. Because of this he is not on our transfer list anymore.”

Now I know that Nani has not had the best of seasons at Old Trafford, but the previous season he was a major player for them, scoring 10 goals and making 40 appearances. He should be just hitting his prime and he has certainly got talent. He has also got something that Arsenal sorely missed last season, an accurate cross.

Nani will be desperate for regular game time at a big club, with the Rio 2014 world cup on his mind. He clearly had some issues with the Alex Ferguson style of management, but we know that Arsene Wenger is very different and tends to earn the respect of his players. What do you think, Gooners, is Nani worth the risk?

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121 thoughts on “Arsenal will need to pay only £9m for Nani – Should we?

  1. French

    I wouldn’t complain in the least bit if we signed nani for that bargain. Move podolski to the middle where he wants to play and should play, let nani give the width we desperately need on the left flank. Nani isn’t the only solution but I think that’s a problem currently overlooked with our desperation for a striker and DM. Poldi bangs home goals, play him through the middle,. we need width to link up with kieran or nacho on the left.

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  2. jibber

    the current arsenal team is build around cazorla and arteta’s partnership.
    it’s not until recently cazorla got moved to the left and have rosicky playing. that being said, i think we do need an extra left winger.

    nani for 9m sounds nice, and i don’t actually think we need to sell girvinho just yet.

    while nani and girvinho rn’t like for like players, they both have a similar attitude on field: greedy.

    and it’s that kinda of greediness that leads them to lose the ball while dribbling into the box.

    if the 2 of them are in the same team, i suspect that it could bring out a positive side to at least 1 of them, given that both sees each other’s mistakes in each other’s play, and would strive to do better for the same 1st team spot.

    i also agree that ManU’s wingers are all trained to play like beckham and giggs, which really never worked for nani. he’s the type that dribbles into defense, makes a mess out of the defense and create chances.

    this could be a gd deal, but i don’t think it’s a likely one.

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  3. John

    The whole Nani story bores me. He should have been a make-weight as part of the RVP rip off when we sold ourselves short to man Utd.

    I think Rooney in an Arsenal shirt would ave more cache and piss off Man Utd much more than us getting Nani with variable form. Remember we only got Sylvestre when it suited Utd.

    We can send £10m more effectively.

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  4. Moses

    He has talent, but he lacks consistency. At his best, he’s a game changer and actually an excellent finisher.

    Can you buy better than that for 8m? He’s the type of player you could buy, if he works out then great, if not, you could probably still sell him for 8m to the next team who wanna take a gamble on his talent.

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  5. kleef

    We should sign him. He is the best winger in the premier by a long chalk.

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  6. 123456789

    mate where have you being smoking ?..keep bendtner and sell giroud? man which planet are you from?

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  7. Josh

    End of the day were are not a top 2 club anymore so I don’t know why some of you silly fans are complaining about the nani link and asking for us to get fabregas and Lewandoski. We’ve got a lot of building up to do before a player like Lewandoski would even consider joint us.

    Just because nani has been out of favour that doesn’t deny the fact that he is a very good winger who can score a goal out of nothing with either foot and also more importantly beat two players and deliver a pin point cross. We don’t dont have even ONE out and out winger in our first team all of our (wingers) want to play striker.

    Being dropped doesn’t mean you aren’t a good player look at Casillas. Also moving from a big club to a big club isn’t a bad thing look at robben or even jerome and Kevin prince boateng in the premiership they were average borderline poor poor players moved on to respective clubs and they are now both very good players that I would take at arsenal anyway now.

    5 realistic signings we should aim to get which could still put us in with a decent title and challenge and a definite F.A Cup chance would be







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  8. willpower

    Whu crossed that ball that Rooney scored(overhead kick) I hv neva seen sum1 gud as Nani on e break nd a gud accurate crosser o e ball well decent signin Nani z beta dan ol our wingers dats a fact Walcott can’t even cross a ball

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  9. Your mum's Carlton Palmer

    F**** Nani.

    We need 3-4 players…..
    GK: Cesar
    DM: Strootman or Capoue or Wanyama
    FWD: Benteke

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  10. Yung Alejandro

    who remembers his performance in the FA cup against chelsea?
    LOL no thanks

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  11. Kia

    One of the main reasons why we have been trophyless for so long, and have struggled to finish in top 4 for the past few seasons is due to lack of consistency. Nani will only make this worse…

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  12. Adam Rosicky Jallah

    sign him coz he s da top playr evr,he cn suit wel wt ma team Arsenal….

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  13. blondin

    signing valdez,cesc,el-sharaavy,villa,nani,cb and rb,and selling about 8 players should be within 70 mln pounds

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  14. Abraham miracle

    well to me nani is a good and luvely skilled player just as ronaldo,so if i were 2 be wenger i will go 4 him.
    What man u are requesting is just a small amount,it will be of great pleasure and joy 2 see nani play in arsenal.

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